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  1. May I please have a room for Lunea? I'm happy to imp leather, carp, & fine carp items when I'm not busy slapping people with giant fish
  2. Category: Place of Business Eolian on Release, H8 Make your reservation now to stay at Release's one and only all inclusive resort this summer Grab a tropical drink at the Wuffle 'n Faff Tiki Bar, where you too can enjoy the nectar of the gods Make sure to pick up a beach towel and some sunscreen before hitting those waves After a full day of daiquiris and tanning, roast some marshmallows at the glampground Contact Eudoxia or Lunea for reservations, spots are limited and filling up fast! *Management not liable for guest injuries in the event of a dragon attack
  3. Hey Panda, would you be so kind as to put Eolian on the map at X4, Y17 during your next update? Thanks! -Lunea (& Eudoxia)
  4. Meadhalla!

    Untrue, but I will likely need to raid your log stash to do it! Translucent Gaffer:
  5. I'll be there with Lunea (93 Carp, 90 Fine Carp) and would like W204 room if possible please, thanks!
  6. Lunea's test meal result: Cloth tailoring Affinities requested: Carpentry Fine Carpentry Fighting Thanks!
  7. Hi, could you please mail a test meal to Lunea? Thanks!
  8. Hiya, I can do Carpentry (82.54) & Fine Carpentry (77.54) imps with my Lunea character. If there's any single rooms left available, I would appreciate one, thanks!
  9. I don't see how there is a difference between being able to paint a stone house and stone ground tiles. I agree that everything looks a bit too similar. I also really like the idea of marble!
  10. I'm the mayor of A Village now, feel free to message me if you are looking for a village. We're in the middle of remodeling at the moment so we could definitely use people to help gather materials!
  11. [table][tr] [td]GOD: VYN[/td] [td]X LOC: 20x[/td] [td]Y LOC: 30y[/td] [td]Follower: Y[/td] [td]Priest: Almost[/td] [td]Priest Name: Eudoxia[/td] [td]Town Name: A Village[/td] [td]Location: SE of Green Dog[/td] [td]Time Zone: PT (GMT -8)[/td] [td]/tell Eudoxia[/td] [td]Info: I'm the mayor of A Village so I'm on a lot, if I don't respond then I'm afk and I'll get back to you[/td] [/tr][/table]