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  1. Interestingly, Sigvard's utterances can be seen from quite some distance away, and do not show up in Local chat. (I am therefore going from memory on the following, as cut and paste from logs isn't an option.) "Don't mind me, just hanging out." "I used to be an adventurer like you." "What are you looking at meatbag?"
  2. Fully armored, face down in the chicken pen, grasping an empty bottle of moonshine. (The hens are used to this, and just walk around me.)
  3. This is highly similar to a certain mysterious incident I've dealt with very recently, though that had to do with a brown cow rather than a horse or bull. (She is fine.)
  4. If there were to be a new priest journal, I think it would be more interesting to somehow link the goals to the new holy sites provided by the upcoming expansion. Considering that those are going to be a highly interactive feature, based on what we've been told so far, it seems there'd be enough related activities to foster entries for a new journal. Everything from receiving clues to their locations by way of prayer and meditation, to cleansing them of corruption by way of Exorcism, to attending or holding sermons enhanced by those sites (which charges them with power.) These features of holy sites aren't set in stone, and have not so far been put forward for play testing, but it's sounding like there'd be enough related goals to provide a new journal for priests. Perhaps even a new journal for followers who choose to express their dedication as well.
  5. Was introduced to the game by my grandson, though I did not at first understand that it isn't possible to travel between the northern and southern islands. I ended up putting down roots on Xanadu, and just made an additional character to visit with him and his friends over on Cadence. They spend most of their time wrangling various sorts of creatures toward different purposes, and trying to avoid the drama of Cadence as best they can.
  6. I was in a room with three Sigvards and a giant crab statue when this happened. I shudder to imagine what's happened since..
  7. I am curious about this as well, though I've not personally encountered it, that I know of. If you happen to be near farming fields or trees when they advance in age, during the daytime, you will hear a bit of merry birdsong when that happens. (At night you'll hear the chirping of insects instead.)
  8. Allow the creation of bird houses, using Carpentry and/or Fine Carpentry (or even Masonry/Stone Cutting,) to provide different sorts of birdsong ambience to an area. The variety of birdsong could depend on the material used, which would introduce different sorts of audio character to an area. Castles with the cackling of ravens or hawk calls, farms with the twittering of sparrows and finches, deep woods with the sounds of owls or blackbirds overhead. Maybe even caverns with the chittering of bats, if one provides bat condos for them.
  9. Poor Sigvard! Just let him be restless in peace! ☠️
  10. Also, as mentioned in another thread, scarecrows!
  11. I very much enjoy weather effects in games, even when they're.. inconvenient. (The deadly whiteout blizzards in the Forochel region of LOTRO come to mind.) So far as how those sorts of things have an effect on practical play experience, some balance naturally has to be struck. For example, some people would enjoy the challenge of rain and cold weather having a real impact on crops, others would not. Visually speaking, giving players the option of disabling the visual effects of more extreme weather conditions might be a good idea.
  12. The only real flaw I personally see with uniques is that they are not sufficiently terrifying. If we can't make them the sort of thing which nearly anyone would dread the thought of coming face to face with, there ought to be something which nobody in their right mind would ever want to encounter, and would require a concerted effort by a large group of people to do away with for the common good.
  13. Had this happen a few times as well. Sometimes it goes away when you relog, sometimes it just takes a while for the fence graphics to come back. Interestingly, in a couple cases, I wasn't the only person who witnessed the occurrence.
  14. On behalf of all drunkards of Wurm, thank you!
  15. I've been using a practice doll as a scarecrow in my fields, though that would work better if I could put silly hats on it. 🤠 A proper scarecrow would be nice, especially if there was more than one version which could be made, for the sake of variety. Maybe even allow them to hold our farming equipment for us as containers. (Scarecrow with a rake, scarecrow with a pitchfork, scarecrow with a scythe.)