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  1. I favor this, even though it's not something I'd personally do. For those of us who are more hobbits than dwarves, some nicer looking wooden floor and wall cladding options for our hallways would also be welcome.
  2. It is possible that there may be a similar, but different, problem involving the Investigate function of Archaeology. Ordinarily, when getting the "nothing specific, but there may have been a deed here" message, I receive a fragment. In the past, it's been a rare or better fragment when moments of inspiration occur during that result. It seems now that shards aren't produced under those circumstances (a moment of inspiration while investigating,) though it may produce a casket. Have gotten one rare and one supreme casket while Investigating, so that part of it seems to be working, but moments of inspiration now seem to preclude obtaining a fragment from the action.
  3. Has no effect on growth of crops inside large planters either. Tested this yesterday, even though the wiki states as much. (I test everything, no matter what the wiki or anyone else tells me.)
  4. I raise a lot of hens/chickens/roosters. I don't know if their feeding habits differ from those of other animals, but I've found that so long as they're in a pen consisting of 25 tiles or less, they will happily swarm whatever food I put on the ground. (They actually stop what they're doing and run to the pile of corn/wheat/etc. at remarkable speed, if they're feeling peckish.) When I've had them in a pen consisting of more than 25 tiles, they do not exhibit this behavior, and will only eat any food on the ground if it happens to be on the tile they're occupying at the time. I've never used pet bowls or troughs with them, as dropping small piles of grain on each tile makes it very easy to find the eggs they lay. (I don't use a dirt pen, they now live on enchanted grass, as they are no longer suspicious of it and will lay eggs on it.)
  5. This is one of the more distorted map clues I've seen, but my two best guesses are it'd be around: https://xanadu.yaga.host/#4755,3313 or https://xanadu.yaga.host/#4798,3193
  6. Yes, the confusion could be resolved by specifying which sort of harvesting is being indicated by the Searching for Clues journal, in the hover description under Search via Farming or Harvesting. "On rare occasions while farming or harvesting from fields you'll have a chance to find a map." The goal itself appears to be triggering appropriately, as nothing in the notes we've been given indicates that rarity roles while forestry harvesting can produce a treasure map. They apparently don't grow on trees.
  7. From what I can tell, the goal seems to be to harvest something from each type of harvesting node (tree, bush, trellis.) So will have to wait until roses come into season to harvest a rose trellis, and then for one of the tree types to become harvestable.
  8. It's also the case that affinities gained from treasure chest booze don't seem to follow the usual affinity rules. As an example, I recently acquired two glass bottles of moonshine from the same treasure chest. When tasted, either of them grant different affinities, and neither of them are the affinities I ordinarily gain from moonshine (when distilled using a normal or rare still.) I have assumed that this is intended, and it does make treasure chest booze more interesting than just finding an extra couple kg of drink in a chest.
  9. In the immortal words of Socrates, "..I drank what?" I love the idea of adding in these sorts of things, though I wouldn't hold my breath. The two sorts of objections I can see arising against this would involve "the market," and a certain resistance to emergent gameplay which seems to be somewhat deeply rooted.
  10. Skunks, with a musk attack causing some very unpleasant effects, including notifying others around the afflicted that they smell extremely bad. Should require tomato juice to remove. It would be outrageously funny to watch people flee from these like they'd never run from a troll. They'd also make an interesting combat pet for anyone brave enough to tame one.
  11. Could you describe your daily meditation routine in more detail, so we could hopefully narrow down what the problem might be? Looking to rule out the usual suspects, such as accidentally meditating on path tiles, not waiting long enough between meditations, not moving far enough from your last meditation spot, etc.
  12. Around a fifth of all recipes use the Baking skill, though I wouldn't be against the addition of more recipes of any variety. Some things, like chocolate covered coffee beans, are conspicuously missing.
  13. I'd thought of something like this, but as an expansion on alchemy, using liquids to treat tiles for selective growth possibilities. A new series of liquids would allow only one type of growth on tiles treated with them. Nothing but grass/nothing but flowers/nothing but trees/nothing but bushes. Would also maintain the same mechanic as transmutation fluids, in that they would require far less on deed and perimeter tiles than in the wild.
  14. A pair of them. A mare named Happypie, who had a son named Jollypepper.
  15. To avoid confusing newer players, the hover description of Create a Meditation Rug (under Basic Training: Tailoring) should be corrected. Hover description states: "Create any style of meditation rug, by using a needle on a square of cotton cloth" A meditation rug cannot be created in this way, just tested to make sure that there is not now an alternative method. Meditation rugs are created by using a floor loom on strings of cotton cloth.