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Found 19 results

  1. Summary of events post: Currently collecting named leftovers to mail home, expect all leftovers within 24h. All named items have been collected from the Great Hall and Inn and mailed home! Hello hello and welcome again to the 5th (4th) (3rd) (2nd) (1st) annual Friend-A-Long! This event is brought to you by Dragon Beard Markets, the Elysian Academy Alliance of Pristine, and random donors like you! This years event will be held July 20th to the 25th, same date/time/location as last year! Some of you are new to wurm this year and might be asking what is an "Imp-along" as there generally called? Well basically is a community event where everyone gets together to improve and cast for each other for free! Its basically a week long party, packed with all sorts of fun, games, booze, food, death, death, death, and other random events, Anyone can come, anyone can help imp. Often people just come to grind there skill for free. You don't have to be able to get to maximum quality imp, just do what you can and someone else will finish up the work! The only real restrictions is on channeling skill to help prevent shattered items. Please if you want to contribute please make a post including the skills that your want to work with so we can get a generally idea of skill coverage. All Rooms are filled! The Arena will be wild and infested with all sorts of baddies, its important to give the GM's there chance to kill you, lets face it, you probably hassled one at some point this year, and they have a year of frustration to vent! So be sure to partake of the arena! As I always say, If you didn't die at the imp-along you did it wrong! Keep an eye on this thread for updates and prob some secrets hidden within you might want to note for the event.... Might be worth something When: July 20th - 25th 2022. Where: Pristine, T16, Friendship Bay deed. Map: - In game Map location. Map: - Terrain View. You can also plot to Dragon Beard from any highway, then just follow the highway west a few hundred tiles to the deed. Discord Link: Read the rules, use the reaction role to get the Wurm Online role. This year well be attempting to add some more integration between discord and the event. With trivia related to previous events, interactive Friendalong radio, sermon channel, and some other misc things, im open to idea's for further integration with the event. Deed roles, rights, and allowing villagers. Please treat the entire area as "off deed." Keep that in mind when leaving stuff outside a building. Lead, Take, Drop, Butcher, and Bury will all be enabled deed wide for everyone at the opening of the event. In addition If you would like to take advantage of some pumped up deed bonus's we will be accepting players to join the village again this year, this can also double as a local spawn point if you forget your tent. Loading and Unloading: If you wish to unload something like a creature cage or donations, you will only be able to unload on the west side of the deed, id recommend just behind the Arena, the last row there is offdeed, and will not trouble you for loading/unloading. New things this year: Guest Book: Were adding a guest book this year, it is available in the ground floor of the inn. There will be pens pre-filled with real ink and high q paper for everyone to write a brief story or experience for the book in the ground floor of the Inn, just take a pen from the cart, a paper from the crate, and drop your story in the Large Magic Chest. These stories/memories will be digitized and added to the thread after the event. Turns out this doubles as the "write on paper with ink" journal goal! Please don't take more pens then you need, ink is not infinite and the squids can sense me coming now.... HFC Grinding: Still kind of working out the details to this one, ideally were gonna use the resources from the arena and junk q veggies to offer limited SELF SERVICE pan filling, resources provided, after we flesh out the details on it this year we will likey optimize it a bit more and then add various cages to grind taming on with the stuff produced from HFC cooks. Currently it will be limited to 2x three forge stations with 300 pans for each batch. Only one batch at a time, pan filling is SELF SERVICE, and you are expected to remove your meals when your done and sacrifice/dispose of them. There is currently no signup list etc, so feel free to do another run if no one is waiting for a station. Eatery / Food: The Main food/refreshment area has moved to a more role play friendly area, in the SW corner of the Arena's ground floor. Huge Egg (Drake/Dragon Egg): UPDATE: The drake is dead, it was an escape artist! Other Updates: Limitations on services and details: (read or be openly shamed!) What is expected of you as a patron: (read or be openly shamed!) Common Item Sorting Mistakes and Casting Info Help: How to Contact a Staff Member: Staff members so far this year are: Friendship Campgrounds: (NEW) Friendship Inn and Lounge: (All current rooms are now assigned) The Deed: Sermons: Imping Materials: Blood Mixing: Ship Parking and Imps: Games and Events: (UPDATED) Materials Levels and Needs: (UPDATED! 7/23/22) Material Donations so far in 2022: (UPDATED! 7/23/22) Prizes Donated so far in 2022: (UPDATED! 7/23/22) Leftover Prizes from 2021: General Gratz:
  2. My insanity grows and the hallucinations begin! Scared the living crap out of me when I first saw it!
  3. Forgive if this is a silly suggestion. it strikes me that by Eidolon you should be able to share your hallucination. it would be delightful if this applied to everyone in local, a compromise if it only applied to the group/team u are in. thoughts? ?? Level Skill Path of Insanity Titles 0 15 Uninitiated 1 15 Initiate 2 15 Disturbed 3 15 Crazed 4 15 Deranged 5 15 Sicko 6 20 Mental 7 30 Psycho 8 40 Beast 9 50 Maniac 10 60 Drooling 11 70 Gone 12 80 12th Eidolon 13 90 13th Eidolon 14 90 14th Eidolon 15 90 15th Eidolon 16 90 16th Eidolon another thread, different suggestion:
  4. Decided to do something that I had in the back of my mind for years now. I am going to walk across Xanadu and just live off of the land a bit and have an adventure. I am starting at C 15 and who knows where I will end up or the path I will take. I hope to see some cool things and maybe make a few new friends along the way. If you see me let me know if you need anything done, I will probably be running from trolls. I have tools on me to pay for food with work. Let me know if there is anything I need to see while Im here.
  5. for the last month or so a lot of activity was going on somewhere between Greymead and Rome, as a mountain was climbed, carved and conquered, and a new road emerged. a highway that avoids all the clay on the coast, connect Greymead and Rome, and with that the rest of the highway system. first i heard of this was when Ajala posted some pictures in the highway protection post, and looking at those pictures i had a feeling i knew who was working on that. so i hitched my horses to the cart and rode out, only to find the madness that is an angled road through a mountain i used to ride around. this road is now finished! the following people were the workers during the process : Tich, Keyos, Trooperau, Ajala, Mortommes, Cerber, and myself. its been a mad couple ofweeks, and from my own perspective, since i had to go back to deed from time to time .. everytime i returned more had happened, sometimes when i was on site the next day i logged on the whole landscape had changed again over night. since pictures tell a thousand words, i figured i will take those pictures, add even more words, and ride the damn road for your viewing pleasure :
  6. As the title says, because we all know if SOTG is nerfed we won't continue playing a game whose development staff listens to lazy players who think it's too hard to get or can't get enough friends together (in an MMO lol) to counteract enemy SOTG.
  7. Wicked playground for the mad, Bakery of undead, and neutral ground for curious wurm players. Here in Deathfell we turn sane people insane, dance with the corpses, and sell their souls to Libila! We are now open for recruitment, regardless of whether you wish to be a fighter, crafter, or builder, and to play with us full time or part time. History Deathfell is a Black Legion village. Construction began on 24 June 2014 and the deed was founded on 06 July 2014. Built upon a lot of blood and adrenalin, we pride ourselves for being insane enough to keep going while enemies push us. What do we offer? - Be part of building the village and growing one of the underdog kingdoms of Chaos. - An active alliance that is willing (and happy) to help each other. - Community! We work together, bonding for greater teamwork (or brotherhood). - Be part of our events and evil cultist ceremonies! Stay tuned on this thread for comics! And check this thread for our newsletter! - Supplied gear and tools so you don't have to bring your valuables here. - A chance to experiences the KvK (Kingdom vs Kingdom) side of wurm, with big drama like the Game of Thrones. ps: death by another player only results in 0.01 body, 0.01 body strength, and 0.25 FS lost, no other skills are affected. - Play both in chaos and freedom if you want to, or stay here full time to receive the greatest love hatred of Libila! Some screenshots How do I join? Click the apply button below and don't forget to mention that you wish to join Deathfell! Or contact Nicrolis
  8. In the latest Q&A it was pointed out that because of the large number of complaints received about Shield of the Gone it will most likely be looked at and possibly reworked. However I have not seen any public discussion about what kind of changes they want to Shield of the Gone. So in that regard I am posting this thread to give voice to everyone's opinion on the change. Please keep things civil and related to constructive discussion about what changes you feel would make SotG balanced but not useless. I've included the activated ability option because I've heard many people mention this as an idea when discussing it. But I would like to point out that all other lvl 11 Meditation abilities are passive and I don't feel it would be fair to force Insanity's to be one as well. A reduction in the damage reduction percentage seems to be the best option. Originally I was going to include both 40% and 35% but someone pointed out thats hardly any change at all. I've also included the 'Other' option for new ideas, but if you vote this please post a detailed accounting of what your idea is to help balance Shield of the Gone. When a change to Path of Love was proposed threads like this were a great help in assisting the developers in choosing an option so I urge you to take this seriously. In the interest of fairness I have also included the option for 'No Change' so those that think SotG is not an issue will have a voice. Full Disclosure - I am on Path of Insanity on a PvP server and am only 1 meditation level away from SotG. I am currently voting on 25% because I feel like that would be a fair compromise.
  9. Long time ago I saw here topic about question If hallucination are still visible in wurm or not. Somehow I can't find that topic. But my answer is yes. I saw lava fiend Sickness this weekend. When spawned in front of my eyes, I hitted ESC few times to stop leveling action, in preparation of defence
  10. Did Rolf remove hallucinations? I am Mental on the Path of Insanity and I haven't seen a hallucination in a very long time. If he did I would like them back please
  11. I'm looking for a level 13 Path of Insanity person to advance me. Please pm me here or contact Skren (or Rudie) on Freedom cluster.
  12. Rotten Blood

    Saw my first path of inanity hallucination the other day. Sadly I attempted to take several screenshots of it and wound up glitching my pic out xD Anyways, here it is
  13. This is an honest question I'd really like to get some answers to. My character is a follower of Fo planning to go priest of Fo on the epic server. As such the path of love seems natural for him RP-wise. But it just looks... gimped to me. I looked at insanity and it seems to have in it the workings for an INCREDIBLY powerful Fo priest. Here is my analysis. Please point out if I am wrong or under/overvaluing an ability. All my knowledge comes from the wiki so I could very well be wrong. 1st Ability Refresh vs. Clean Wound. Once every 18 hours you can fully feed someone (including yourself) and give them 99% nutrition. Solid useful ability... though this is pretty much a once a day thing. Clean Wound allows you to clean an infected wound. From the sounds of it an unlimited number of times. I'm assuming that could really come in handy while fighting HoTs players. Not too handy otherwise. And I can always use spells to deal with infected wounds as a Fo priest. I'm going to say Love narrowly wins this one. 2nd Ability Enchant vs. Fill. When I first heard of enchant I thought that ability alone justified the path of love. Now I kind of wonder... what's the point? It makes trees so you can't chop them and it used to make grass so it couldn't be trampled or grazed away but I guess that got nerfed. So I could plant thorn bushes around my place that only Fo priests and those they protect can get through? No enchanted thorns do no damage. I could enchant rare trees and fruit trees I don't want people to cut so I can harvest them for fruits and sprouts... no they can't be harvested or have their sprouts picked... I could use it to protect a tree I assign some RP value to so as long as I look after it, it will never die? No... you can't prune enchanted trees... SO what is the point?!?!?! .......I have no idea. Fill can be used to fill food/water and gives 30-60 nutrition once a day. Kind of useless in my opinion as it's easy to get 30-60 nutrition food for anyone who is this far into the game. That makes both abilities pretty useless. This round is tied. 3rd Ability Love Effect vs. Teleport. Once every 18 hours (so once a day in most cases) I can make all animals within a large radius friendly to me for 3 minutes unless the are tamed / dominated by an enemy player. Marginally useful if this includes trolls and other things that won't already be friendly to my Fo priest after 60 faith. Even then it could be kind of handy if my favor is below 40. Now teleport can be used once every hour to randomly teleport me anywhere on the map. That could be a cliff, lava, middle of the ocean or inside someone's deed. Could also be a perfectly safe and regular location. So I'm surrounded by a superior force of enemy players I have little chance of escaping... even on their home server this spell offers me a chance of survival. On ours... I would have to have extremely bad luck not to. Especially if I have some favor filled gems left. I can heal my wounds and refresh my stamina. This can get me out of most situations other than being locked inside someone's fence, in which case I could use teleport again in another hour. So I say insanity is the CLEAR winner on this one. It's a marginally useful ability one a day or a very useful one, once an hour. 4th Ability Fast Healing vs. Shield of The Gone. Fast healing makes it so all of your wounds heal faster. It even makes medium wounds heal 3 per tick. Not bad, especially if it stacks with the already enhanced healing rate I get as a follower of Fo. Shield of The Gones halves damage and healing received, effectively doubling my health. Also a quite solid ability. But then look at this spell. What's half of infinity? Infinity. If my assumption that this heals you entirely even with shield of the gone is correct... Think about how powerful a Fo pries with Shield of The Gone and a bag full of favor filled gems would be... Correct me if I am wrong on any of this but I am putting down insanity as the clear winner here. Overall While they are fairly close with love even leading a bit at the start, the 2nd to abilities blow love clean out of the water. The insane Fo priest is able to heal his doubled health entirely and teleport away if overwhelmed, while the loving Fo priest just enjoys some buffs to the fast healing and animal protection abilities he already has. Please weigh in with your comments and analysis. Especially if you know more than I do about these paths or Fo priests.
  14. So I posted a suggestion about hallucinations from the path of insanity following you around instead of just standing where you see them here http://forum.wurmonl...llow-you-around. But I decided to make a poll about it and see what kind of responses I get. So we have follow you around or keep them the same. Or as someone suggested in that other thread is have the fight you too and interrupt actions till you kill it off and people would see you fighting nothing.
  15. I would like to be enlightened to level 11 on path of insanity. This requires finding a 13th Eidolon. I am HAPPY to pay for the enlightenment. Skren
  16. When a person who is following the path of insanity is mining, there could be a small chance that a freakish monster spawns behind him to startle him when he or she turns around. After seeing this the player could automatically play a "scream" emote and the monster could then disappear.
  17. Hi Everyone, On Freedom servers, without Libila priests, is there any use for the Path of Insanity path bonus Clean Wounds? I read a mention on the forums of animals that can spread disease but wasn't sure if this really happens or how common it is.
  18. While I was working on moving my deed, again, I had an epiphany. Make teleport (path of insanity) take you to a random tile on any related server. Hence, teleport on a Freedom Isle will take you to a random tile on any of those servers. Epic works the same.