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  1. Hi! I know that normally the staff and the large axe are considered the best weapons for PVE. I'm wondering though if this changes in anyway if you play without enchants (like I do because of "religious" reasons - being an atheist in game) or if enchants or no enchants they stay the same. I'd be grateful for any answer. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey! I'm looking for fellow Romanian (or even better Moldavian) players from the NFI cluster; please PM me if you could use an extra friend in game. Cheers, Octavia
  3. So, is there any consensus what's best weapon(s) setup against serious mobs (uniques, rift mobs, etc)?
  4. Just curious why so many of you seem to prefer huge axe against staff?
  5. Rite of Spring

    Hey guys! If possible please don't rush this one too and give us at least a few days in advance so we can burn through the SB we already have / swap religions. Considering the recent (lib and mag casts) I think that if you could set it like five days from now or something like that it would be best! Thanks and grats for your benediction achievement!
  6. I know that you probably won't comment on that, but I still think it's worth asking. Rumors are that the PR position was far now a paid position and from now on it will be a voluntary one and that's why you're actually leaving. So any chance you can confirm or deny that? Just so we know if to expect someone doing this as a full time job or someone who volunteers her time and cut her some slack.
  7. Throwing my two cents: What about having the loot pool actually have two components: - one share of loot (which should be exactly the amount existing at this moment - so bone, tome and whatever amount of hide or scale is distributed now) should stay on corpse, be lootable and could (and should) be split only among the core group that organized the hunt - another share of loot (containing blood plus 0.01 or 0.02 hide or scale - depending if you are in the "leachers" group [how it is defined in code right now, 70+ FS or 30+ BS or being a priest] or not) should be given to all premium players attending This way the already existing hunting groups would not actually lose anything (they'd still get the exact same reward as now from the first share of loot), while the rest of the people attending (and there would be almost no reasons for the core group not to allow other people to participate too) would still get small amounts of rewards and, maybe more important, be allowed to experiment this part of the game too. At the same time, even with a turnover of 100 or 200 people (which is the most I ever seen even in the early days of NFI), I really doubt that about two extra kilos of hide or scale per dragon would really oversaturate the market (especially now when RMT is no longer a thing, so a fair share of sets will probably naturally leave game as their owners stop playing). Also, I think it should probably be relatively easy to code since it wouldn't involve changing penning, fighting, etc mechanics, just a small adjustment to the loot distribution.
  8. Just to clarify the things, since everyone is somehow right. I (do consider) that I did quit the game and I no longer get actively involved in the game (so this thread can and should be closed), however since I haven't found yet the next game/world in which to immerse myself, for the time being I'm still casually logging in the game, hence why some people might see me on from time to time.
  9. Very wise words, but please note that in my message I intentionally used a lot of "maybe" just because I can't claim that I am necessarily right - I was just offering my perspective and I was trying to raise some questions for everyone to judge on their own and decide if they think there's any reason with them or not. Also, I definitely do not consider that it's anyone's duty or obligation to care about my (or anyone's else) needs. It's just that there's some nice people that actually do care about other people needs and they might not really know what they could do to help and I was just trying to point out that sometime it can be something as simple as smiling, saying hi and asking how their day was. Such simple and easy actions can make a huge difference in someone's else life and can make some people stick around much longer just because of that. I have a game that I've quit years ago, but which I still log on at least once per week, just to chat with friends from that game. Again, that was just my perspective. Feel free to consider it or disregard it. Both are equally fine. I just thought is better to be left here in order to (maybe) raise a question or two, instead of being just another player that quit without anyone knowing why. These being said and done, I think it's time to "quit the forums" too, so I will no longer read or replay to any (eventual) messages. Once again, best of luck to all of you both in game and in real life!
  10. While villages can definitely represent a social group, they're not exactly based on egalitarianism - there is a mayor who pretty much can call all the shots, being the sole owner of the results of the collective work of all villagers, who in turn have pretty much no rights. Hence why I didn't entertain the idea of joining a village, just to risk loosing all my hard work in the eventuality that I get in a conflict with the mayor or he simply goes AWOL. In opposition, an alliance also represent a social group, but built on the egalitarianism system - people can still interact and work towards a common goal, but everyone still retains ownership over its own property and in case of a "break up" everyone gets to keep his or her things. Hence why I think (personal opinion) that alliances are a straight upgrade to villages and that was something that I really looked forward to since day one. Now if you want to blame me for not wanting to join a village (where I would have had no control and no sense of ownership), feel free to do so, but I really didn't feel like turning in someone's else brick making slave.
  11. @Wilczan @CistaCista @Kellen Yes, I did not entertain the idea of joining a village and doing free work for someone's else projects, with the risk that (s)he can always kick me out of village or anything. Wurm resembles enough a second job with its repetitive tasks, that I think it can at least be a second job you do pursuing your own dreams and projects, not someone's else ones. And if you actually bother to read it, my ad was more like looking for a job, not looking to join a village (since I already had a deed of my own) type of ad. I didn't requested anything that a typical villager may request, like a plot of land for building my own house, food, mats, tools or whatever - I even specifically mentioned in my post that I don't need or want any of them. Also I didn't asked to do a specific job that I would entertain, but I was willing to take on any odd tasks that the person might have needed (digging, surface mining, bricks, mortar or concrete making, whatever). So pretty much my add just said "Willing to do any odd tasks you might require for 33c per hour" and I can't honestly see anything wrong with this. Haven't really seen many people offering to work for free and not requiring some form of compensation. Anyway, the idea is that I never complained about not finding a village to join. That was more of a long shot, and other than that I was very happy working on my own deed and financing my game expenses with RL$ (proof being the fact that I had already paid both premium time and upkeep for more than a year ahead). All I wanted was normal human interaction, having people to chat with, not feel like I was playing a single player game in a multiplayer world. Nothing more, nothing less. And, honestly, that's the very first MMORPG where I failed to find this, while in most other ones people were actually happy to have someone to chat with. And that was particularly sad, because otherwise, game mechanics wise, I totally loved WURM.
  12. Hey everyone! I have this message in draft since a good while, but I kept postponing it because I wanted to make sure that I won't change my mind or regret it. Long story short, I decided to quit the game and since I'm a bit of a drama queen I couldn't do it without letting you know and trying to get my last moment in the spotlight (kidding... kinda :P). Now seriously I'm not posting this (only ) for that last moment in the spotlight, but because I consider that in a world where too many quit silently, having someone leave a feedback about why they did it might help others reconsider their actions, especially since the reason I'm quitting is not game mechanics related, but people/community related. I'm a Steam kid, joining the game when the Northern Freedom Isles were launched, and I have to say that for the first couple of months I had tremendous amounts of fun - there was a living world around me and a lot of people to get involved with and work on shared projects (like building a love tile, finding our first horses, hunt for those reluctant furs for our beds or kill that champ troll that kept pestering one of the neighbors). The freedom chat was really lively, I had tens of people on my friends list (both in game and on Discord) with whom I was talking on a daily basis and I even founded a rather large local alliance that grew even behind my expectations, having at the point when I left it (just because I moved out to another area of the map) over 40 villages and 80 people in it all of them in the same general map area. Then things started to go south. And I don't talk here about the people that quit or moved out when Cadence launched a bit later (because both events were more or less expected to happen). I talk about the people that still play, but which pretty much started to mind only their own business and stopped almost entirely being social (at least towards me). The freedom chat is radio silent for the most part of the day. With one or two exceptions people in my friends list never message me unless I message them first (I honestly can't remember when was the last time when someone in my FL checked out on me to just see how my day was). I tried to meet my neighbors - no luck whatsoever. I tried to start another alliance (not local) - not a single answer in more than a month. I tried to join an alliance - again, not a single answer in a week. Ok, maybe I'm not the nicest person out there. Having an autism disorder and a fair share of hardships going through my life is not easy to be one. But I definitely tried to be nice, friendly, social and supportive with everyone around me (well, maybe except two people). And for the most part I honestly think that I managed to. Still, except people trying to recruit me to their villages and people that wanted to sell me something, I end up feeling almost completely alone. And it honestly s***s, up to the point where it end up being one of my worst (if not the worst) experiences and feelings I had in all the MMORPGs that I played before. And that's why I decided to quit the game (that I still love) and where I'm still heavily involved, with both premium and deed upkeep covered for well more than a year from now on. Now, if it's indeed only me and this all happened because of my fault (a fault I'm not aware of, but whatever) then it's all good and you should just ignore this stupid rant of mine. But, if it's not and it's a general thing, that makes other people quit too, then maybe start considering if you can't do something more to support Wurm than buy your premium and coins from shop. Maybe engage with the other players you see around and make them feel welcomed in this world. It may help make other people stick longer. Just my two coppers... Octavia over and out...
  13. Since I dropped from the Path of Love, I can no longer enchant grass; as a result, I also lowered my price from 30s per month to 20s per month (which averages to 67c per day or 33c per hour).
  14. Hey everyone! While I enjoy playing the game in a "single player mode", I definitely don't enjoy playing in a quiet world and, lately, the freedom chat went in almost complete radio silence. And, since my idea to start my own alliance proved to be a failure, I'm currently looking forward into joining one myself, so, if you're recruiting please let me know! Cheers!