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  1. One last thing... since quite a few people pointed that I make a big fuss out of nothing, that it was a honest mistake without any bad intentions behind it, that the devs were not aware of and that as soon as I pointed they out they fixed it ASAP in the first patch. Well, guess what, this was a known issue since more than two years ago and despite the product manager admitting that it was misleading, they didn't bothered to fix it 'till I made a big fuss of it. One has all reasons to wonder why... - It was first reported on August 12th, 2020 in the proper section of forums: - It was acknowledged and added to the list in the same day by Alectrys, who was an official at that time - It was brought back on topic, one year later, on August 28th, 2021: - Then again, almost one more year later, on July 12th and August 7th this year: So, despite that being a misleading information (as the product manager admitted in this very thread) and being a known problem (repeated and acknowledged more than two years ago and re-reported on the proper channels more than once) it was never fixed 'till now. Now sure, you, fanboys, can all blame me for daring to challenge your favorite developer for a "minor inconvenience", but, really, it's just another example of the level of professionalism and respect that they show to their paying customers.
  2. When game mechanics are involved, that is entirely true. When real life currency is involved I have way more rights than that. And God d*** it I'll make sure I'll use them all. I said I won't discuss what's legal or what's illegal, but let the lawyers and legal authorities deal with this and that's exactly what I'll do. I never said that I won't discuss the issue at all. But yeah, probably it's about time to stop doing that too and follow Keenan's advice and let the legal actions follow their course. Over'n'out
  3. Thank you, but I don't need your money (nor anyone's else money). It was not your mistake, there's no reason for you to pay for it. I just want the entity that made said mistake (because, in all honesty, I do think that it was a mistake and not an ill-intention action) to take responsibility for it and make amends to make the things right. And I am sorry, but I don't believe in the "let it slide" or "cut them some slack" mentality. People should be held responsible and accountable for their actions and for their mistakes. It's not even about money in the first place, but about standing up for (what I consider to be) my rights. Also, I'm not requesting this (just) for myself, but for everyone else that might have been affected.
  4. I thought that since you opened the subject and addressed my original message, it was best to just discuss the issue at hand and try to achieve a satisfactory solution for all involved parties via self-mediation, before further escalate this with the legal department. But you are absolutely right, since it actually is a legal issue, that was probably not the right course of action and I shouldn't have attempted to do that, and certainly not via this channel. And for that I apologize and I promise to stop here any public discussion, and restrain myself to the formal / official channels. Once again, sorry for bringing it on a public channel.
  5. The price is actually really fair as it is - there's the two smallest packages at 1.3e/s, the two middle ones at 1.1e/s and the the two big ones at 1e/s. That was not the issue. The issue was that the shop said "1.1e/s" on the 10 silver package and someone fast scanning the options could have easily chosen that option thinking they pay 1.1e/silver. I know I did and after that I felt cheated. So just fixing that red text in the future would be enough. However, I do think that the right thing to do would be to reimburse us the difference in silver coins to match the price per silver you advertised. 12.99 / 1.1 - 10 = ~1.80 silver extra to everyone that purchased said package that was wrongfully advertised. You say it's not wrong. Now I ask you (and anyone else) if I would advertise in game that I sell 10 items at 1.1 silver each and then I'll send the COD with a 13 silver price and the buyer would accept it in good faith, without double checking, would you consider that this is scam or not? Would you consider is fair to reimburse him the difference or you'd consider that nothing wrong happened? Even more so when we talk about a company. I'm quite sure that this is illegal and falls into false advertising practice. Especially if a customer requests the fraudulent transaction to be reversed. I can't be bothered to make a legal complaint, but I think that we all should report this to Steam to at least see what they think about it... if they tolerate such misleading practices on their marketplace...
  6. @Keenan Talking about deceiving tactics (intended or not) any plans to also fix this one (and eventually reimburse us too) where you're actually straight up lying us saying on the 10 silver package that it is ~1.1 eur per silver, when in fact it's ~1.3 euro per silver? I know that I personally fall for that one. And yeah, I could have made the math, but I just trusted that you wouldn't straight up lying about it.
  7. Since Real Life (R) happened, I will not be able to be here when the auction is scheduled to end. However, @SweetSerenadewill send the item to the auction winner on my behalf.
  8. [08:56:17] An unfinished smelting pot that could be hardened by fire. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The clay smelting pot has some flaws that must be fixed with a spatula. If it caries any importance, current QL is around 55, but I'm quite sure that if someone will buy this they will improve it higher before finishing it. I know it's not a very valuable item, but maybe there's someone interested, so trying my hand here. I'm not very familiar with all these auction jazz, so I'll try to keep the things simple. If I make any mistake though please ping me and let me know. Thanks! Starting bid: 1sIncrement : 50cBuyout: NoSniper protection or any other fancy features I don't understand: No
  9. I think that listening to the community is great, so I really, really wanted to like this idea. Unfortunately though, I don't. And that's mainly because I really don't understand the need of yet another site to check and of yet another account to create. Why not just add it as a forum plugin that would use our already existing accounts? Or, even better, why not tie it to our in-game account? I remember you mentioned that you guys are working at an account system... maybe return to that, actually complete it and then use that unified login for everything (shop, forum, suggestions, whatever)? Now don't get me wrong... I do appreciate the intention... I just think the implementation is far from optimal.
  10. Hey everyone, Simple suggestion: when returning to the game, if you was premium all the missing time, allow one a limited time frame to purchase the old monthly skins (and get all the holiday freebies) Reasoning: Nasty things which are out of our control can happen in real life to all of us, which may not allow us to log for long periods of time. And I honestly think that our premium time paid and not being able to take advantage of it a big enough punish by itself. We don't need to miss out on more than this. So what I suggest is that if a player was not logged for a large amount of time (30+ days), they were premium the whole time and they have a high enough marks balance then grant them a limited time window during which to be able to purchase the old monthly skins (and get all the holiday freebies). This doesn't bypass any of the requirements (being premium at the time when the skin was launched, having enough marks, etc) and is not even giving out a chance to postpone indefinitely a purchase. It just gives a chance to not feel left out to people that, due to circumstances that were out of their control, were not able to log in a specific period. Disclaimer: Yeah, that comes from a personal frustration of missing on the teddy bear backpack skin because of RL circumstances that were out of my control. Still I think it's a fair idea for everyone. Cheers!
  11. Hey everyone, Simple suggestion: allow us to purchase the old monthly skins More details: I think it will be better to have them priced at twice their original price, so there's still an incentive to buy them in the month they are released and there can still be some profit margin for people buying them for reselling A few reasons: - I think is waster opportunity to have some amazing assets in game that most people will never see because of scarcity - I think is unfair to people that starter the game later and will miss them - I think is heavily unfair to people that due to RL situations were not able to log in a certain month and will miss them Disclaimer: Yeah, that comes from a personal frustration of missing on the teddy bear backpack skin because of RL circumstances that were out of my control. Still I think it's a fair idea for everyone and I do think having my premium time paid and not being able to take advantage of it a big enough punish by itself. Cheers!
  12. Thank you a lot for organizing this and for sharing with the general population!
  13. I'm with Trash and Borstaskor on this one: the sooner we do it, the sooner the next one starts to recharge. And yeah between caffeine, being a weekend when people naturally play more and having 24 hours to burn remaining SB after the spell was cast, I'd suggest to try to do it as soon as possible.