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  1. That exactly. That was the meaning of my original question too.
  2. Hi everyone, I know this question may not apply to everyone since there are always many people that don't need an end-game destination, but just enjoy the journey, still for those that do have an end-game goal in game, which one it is? What's the point when you think you'll say "Ok, I achieved everything I aimed for and starting now I'll take it easy, switch to maintenance mode and just enjoy what I have." Or, if you want, imagine you still play WURM 5 or 10 years from now on... how you imagine your gameplay will look like at that time? Really curious about your answers since, unlike with themepark games, I imagine here everyone has a (slightly) different end-game goal.
  3. Sounds like an amazing chance to be part of a community; totally love it. Due to RL circumstances I can't really log much (if any) in game nowadays, but if you can save me a spot for when I'll be back I'd absolutely love to be part of this!
  4. ... my two cents .... Unpopular opinion (and also a TLDR): Wurm doesn't need to change. It just needs to be advertised more to the right crowd. Like it or not, Wurm is a niche game and that naturally means a high churn rate. Still, it has is "die hards" that are here since ages, like the game as it is (though oppose most changes) and pour enough money in to keep it afloat since over 15 years. And I'd dare to say that as long as you have such a dedicated core group, it means the game must be doing something right and it certainly has a niche it can address to. If I'd be in charge I wouldn't even think on making drastic changes that would affect the core/identity of the game, just like I wouldn't think on attracting a broader category of players, because this comes with the risk of alienating the existing core group that actually pay the bills and keep the ship afloat. What I would do instead would be to try to better know my (hard core) customers and try to understand exactly what my current niche market is (not the one I intended to attract, but the one I actually end up attracting) then try targeted promotion towards that category of people. For example (and it might be a stupid and slightly offensive example, but I still think it may be relevant): from my anecdotical, personal observations I noticed that many Wurm players (much more than in any other game I've played) are not gamers, or even very tech-savvy people, rather older than younger, generally retired for a reason or other and with a lot of time on their hands. So yeah, if I'd be to advertising Wurm, I honestly think I'd have a better chance targeting communities of recently retired people looking for a new hobby than the mainstream gaming sites. Also, as a person from the spectrum, I can say that Wurm has a lot of mechanics for us, so might even try promoting it specifically to communities of people on the spectrum, rather than to traditional gaming communities where people have a very low attention span and lean more towards ADHD and instant gratification. Also, for example, I think a missed advertising opportunity was when LiF (which was a very similar game with Wurm) closed their MMO servers. If I would have been in Retrograde's shoes at that time I would have organized an advertising campaign targeting those players specifically with a promotion like "Are you an ex LiF player looking for a new home? Here's two free moths of premium from us to check if Wurm can't be that new home for you!". I think the retention rate among those players could have been considerably higher. So, TLDR again: Don't change the game (identity), it's great as it is. Don't try to attract new kind of players. Just try to get your customers as well as possible, then target other people in the exact same niche category.
  5. Hey everyone! I live on the east coast of Melody (K25), but from time to time I like to visit nearby places so I'd love if I could get a safe haven somewhere on the west coast of Cadence (ideally as close to K line as possible so I can easily travel). I would still spend most of the time on my Melody deed so I wouldn't be a full-time villager, but when I'd be around I wouldn't mind helping around.
  6. Hey everyone! I live on the east coast of Melody (K25), but from time to time I like to visit nearby places so I'd love if I could get a safe haven somewhere on the west coast of Harmony (ideally as close to K line as possible so I can easily travel). I would still spend most of the time on my Melody deed so I wouldn't be a full-time villager, but when I'd be around I wouldn't mind helping around.
  7. I used to be a swapper, so I can see both sides of the coin and I think using common sense and finding a middle ground is the way to go. Postponing a cast with one or two days to accommodate the swappers and allow as many people as possible to take advantage of the cast is probably a good thing. But I really think that on NFI things went a bit too far. We had Mag last weekend, Libila this weekend, Mag again next weekend, then Vyn the weekend after that and now they wanna schedule the new Vyn on the weekend after the weekend after that). And they're all ready now, they are just scheduled one week apart so swappers don't miss a single one of them. It's just too much waiting and all these delay only push further away the next casts (because the praying done in this timeframe are practically lost) basically penalizing the non-swappers. To be honest, considering RL circumstances, nowadays I barely have the time or the mood to even log enough to burn the SB that I naturally gain from sleeping, so I personally don't really give a **** how this is done, but since the issue was raised thought on throwing my two coins.
  8. Disbanded: Melody Wyldwood Baldhead 2022-03-03 06:45:41 AM
  9. [09:07:30] The settlement of Merrick Estate has just been disbanded by Dysonmerricks.
  10. As I said, at the moment there are more than 20 tiles distance between my last perimeter tile and the closest perimeter tile of another neighbor. Further more, even someone would be to put a deed / expand their deed so our perimters would touch, I expressly said that I would leave the last tile of the perimeter free so people can pass, so it's not like blocking access, more like them make them take a little detour...
  11. Hi! I do now that I don't own the perimeter, but I still have a few questions about it. My plan is to fence off all my perimeter, except the last perimeter tile (so everyone who would come near the fence could examine the land and see it's on a deed's perimeter. I mention that at this time there are no buildings / fences / highways / guard towers / mines or whatsoever in that area. Also, my last perimeter tile is more than 20 tiles away of the closest neighbors. Now my questions are: 1) Could it be seen as rude/wrong to do it? We talk about a rather large (although not huge) area? 2) Do I have any "legal" protection if someone decides too bash down my walls (as in being seen as griefing or since it's not deeded everything is fair game? 3) How easy it is for someone to bash down (let's say ql 50) stone walls? 4) In your experience how likely it is for someone to do it? 5) Is there anything I can do to improve my chances to protect that land?
  12. Sold to Barnabyjones for 60s as buyout offer. This can be closed.
  13. I got some evaluations: - 11 lumps * 3 silver = 33 silver - 6 bloods * 2 silver = 12 silver - 2 sleep powders * 2 silver = 4 silver - hide - 2 silver - scale - 9 silver So the total evaluation is of about 60 silver. I will probably accept any buyout around that (50-60 silver or large magical chest + 20 silver). Other than that, if said value won't be reached, the package will go to the highest bidder. I wrote this here instead of editing the OP to not give any doubt about what added/edited.