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  1. No, I haven't changed my playstyle and it is clearly mentioned in my application that I don't want to take part in PVP combat (not even defending the deed), but I only want to be a support character, living entirely behind the front lines. Despite that, I still have a strong attraction towards PVP servers because there you feel like you actions actually matter and serve a greater goal, not only represent mindless grinding. Buildings, walls and even dirt walls actually serve a purpose. Horses die and need to be replaced, while weapons and armors are lost and need to be replaced too. Also, maybe I'm a bit naive here, but I think that on the PVP servers there's a stronger sense of camaraderie, because everyone works for the same goal, while on the PVE servers many times things got reduced to an ego contest - everyone wanting to have the highest skills, the largest deed, the biggest castle, just so they can brag with them. Obviously I don't say that's the case with everyone and I was blessed to meet awesome people (like you) here on Melody, but still, at the end of the day, it's pretty much every man for himself. I hope on the PVP server things are different.
  2. Yes, you are right, that would probably be casted ASAP. Just please let us know what the plans are.
  3. Ritual of the Sun was casted yesterday, so people who switch religion to take advantage of all rites would need at least seven days before they could switch again. My question is if you plan to accommodate us and plan it 7+ days apart, or you intend to cast it ASAP?
  4. I'm sure you'll receive tons of applications, so my chances are slim to none, but since trying PVP was something I somehow wished since day one, I decided to also throw my name in the hat and sent an application. If you want to ask me anything else or schedule a live interview, you can always find me on Discord (Bloodreina#8570).
  5. I have two bundles of 12 sleep powders each. I ask for 24s (2s per powder) per bundle if delivered, or 20s (1.66s per powder) if picked up from K25 on Melody (shore, right on server edge, so easy to sail to).
  6. Having switched to Fo for his cast a few days ago, I'm actually locked for seve days (four remaining) from switching back and I'm sure I'm not the only one in this situation. Also, I imagine there's a fair share of people that can't log so much during week days. That's why I think it's highly recommended to cast the rites sometime around weekend and at least seven days apart from previous rites. Now, of course, it's totally your right to cast it whenever you can/want and it's already nice of you that you announced it. I just say that it would be even nicer if you'd postpone it 'till close to weekend to give the chance to even more of us to enjoy it.
  7. Can you pretty please delay it a bit so those of us that still have a fair share of sleep bonus to have time to burn it down? Plus that, in the light of that announcement, some of us (yours trully included) switched to fo just a few days ago and are now locked on that religion. I think that planning it for the weekend when people have more time to play would be great!
  8. Considering that the time is not very friendly for EU people, could we please get a confirmation which of the humanoids we'll actually fight so we can make a conscious decision if we want to make arrangements so we can attend or not?
  9. Heya friends! I just renewed my premium subscription, so I have three sleep powders that I'd like to sell to finance my deed upkeep. I think the going price is 2s each, so please message me if you're interested - I can probably deliver to external coasts of Melody. Thanks!
  10. Added the Blood of the Forest Giant.
  11. Hi everyone! I participated today at the Black Dragon's slaying on Cadence and at the end of the fight I got 0.01 kilos of scale, while most other people got 0.03. I understand that's because my skills/characteristics are too low and I'm OK with this. I'm just curious what's the threshold for getting full weight, because the thing other mentioned there (25 body strength) is not the one because I have that.
  12. Hey everyone! Reusing this thread to not spam the folder. WTS my WTS Blood of the Black Dragon and of the Forest Giant - only 3s each.
  13. Thank you for your patronage! [02:38:39] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes.
  14. 3s and you got yourself a deal
  15. I'd definitely sell cheaper than that, so make me an offer.