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  1. Can I have the following please? Trowel - 1QL - BOTD 84 - 1.3s CoD to Gaelin Thanks
  2. Greetings, Do you deliver to Cadence please? I am on the wagoner route. It would quite a big order also.
  3. I have been playing for around one month now and love the game so much that I went and purchased one year of premium. I will sail around and do some exploring since I have been looking for a new home for a while now. I play around 9 hours a day since I am retired from the Armed Forces and so lose myself in Wurm Online. Hopefully some veterans will be joining me in playing Wurm Online as it is a safe place for those of us that suffer from PTSD. Please disregard my request to be considered. The deed is lovely but way to big even for 3 of us.
  4. Large Order: Can you please give me prices if there are none showing? Please mail to Gaelin. Thanks Butcher Knife 80ql - 80 BoTD - 2s 20c Carving Knife 90ql - 72 BoTD - 2s 26c File 90ql - 71 BoTD - 2s 24c Hammer 70ql - 68 BoTD - 1s 4c Oak Mallet 70ql - 84 BoTD - 2s 9c Pelt 100ql - 60 BoTD - 1s 75c Sickle 70ql - 68 BoTD - 1s 4c? Small Anvil (Price?) Stone Chisel 70ql - 71 BoTD - 1s 44c
  5. What price are you looking at selling as well please? Thanks