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  1. I am looking for someone to take the deed entirely. I will not be returning. Preferably someone who will actually make use of it. Great for new players
  2. Hello all I began my journey on this great server at release, but real life took all my time away i had to give to this game. Today i am offering some active players the opportunity to take this wonderful deed from me, at no cost. Wandermere, Location H10 on Harmony. Amenities: 50x50 Grid On-deed trader Two large farm plots Developed central structures with forges Mine on deed Rage Forge 1 month upkeep I only ask that you love this game. Reply with interest, i will keep this up for 1-2 weeks then give it away or disband depending on interest. Preference will go towards any group looking to forge their own home. I am able to provide additional funding for upkeep (up to a year from my previous in-game earnings) if the individuals in question do not have the capability to pay but continue to be active. You must be premium to accept this offer.
  3. Congrats on the cast. This is worth every penny my friends.
  4. I'd like to order a Huge Axe with 50+ LT (up to 70 power) and imped to 50ql please COD "Ztrack"
  5. Congrats! [18:39:25] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than an hour.
  6. Hey aeradan, you messaged my characters. Apologies, i was feeling ill and resting afk. Feel free to pm me when you are back online, we have plenty of the ropes that you are looking for.
  7. start: 13s increases: 1s sniper protection: 20mins
  8. Not true New priest here and I am doing very well for myself. I know many non hardcore veterans doing well. If we merged servers, we would be out marketed very easily. -1 Also please make the new server 8x8 with harmony in the middle. 8x8 is the best size for new map. Do not decrease density anymore, we don't want a repeat of epic. Please listen to us
  9. New server is a very bad idea please do not release a new server at this time
  10. Own one of the first (If not THE FIRST) 95+ enchanted Tools in the northern islands! Start 15s Increase 1s No Buyout 20 minute sniper protection [19:39:44] Wind of Ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [98]