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  1. I was thinking of wanting to see a more modern looking city in wurm since the advent of multi-story. Looks like a great place. Keep it up and update us with screenies!
  2. Will sermons resume next weekend? I would love to join in on the fun.
  3. Tons to do in the village, but its fun being surrounded by social people. Really nice guys too, always willing to help out.
  4. In the middle-west. Our area has so much marble its insane, at least 2 for every 1 iron vein. I have to travel to distant mines to see other ores
  5. Lances would be an interesting addition to the available weaponry. +1
  6. Thanks for the reply Super! Your settlement sounds great but sadly i like to shipbuild when i'm not on big projects so access to the shore is kind of a deal breaker I wish you and your family the best in these rough lands!
  7. EDIT: Found a good place! Thank you everyone for your interest in having me!
  8. I will donate a Cog: 65ql, w/ anchor, 40 rafts included. To be given as a prize at any event.
  9. Does he have prem? How much time? What server? You should highlight the skills that are important.
  10. I do accept barters, Pm me what you have and we can make a trade
  11. Cog with 40 rafts: 8 Silver pick up Amish Paradise Market on celebration. May be willing to travel/deliver on celebration. Cedarwood, 65ql, lock and anchor included.
  12. 82coc iron shield COD garnetstar