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  1. This mean you want them for that prise?
  2. Hello I want offer rare mask of deception. Starting bid: 20s Increment: 1s Reserve: Noone No buyout Sniper Protection; 30 minutes
  3. Hello I'm looking for : Rift wood Rift crystals Rift stone Pls put you offer here with ql of mats and weight, or ask in game Puro. Thanks you Greetings
  4. Hey. I have 11 frags of that statue. I want offer you them for 50c each. Let me know if you interested and I will cod them (9/10 2/10) Greetings
  5. why is so weird? new gems are crashed Wurm be graphic. no matter that wurm is on java, cant be created on other platform? wurm is an idea, i like this game very much. this game is like no other i play before. Wurm is and aged game, maybe is now start from beginning geting all experience earn on java?