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  1. Hey I get casts for aosp, and some weapons from that mate. All works perfect. Nice guy, and fair servise. With hand on heart I can recommend it.
  2. Hello. I like idea for connecting servers but for a condition making diferend currency on them. Like NFI coins can be only used on NFI, and NFI coins. Maybe npc exchange on starter Towns for swap coins + some fees. Maybe someone will be more able to dispel the idea of a different currency on NFI and SFI servers. I believe that could solve the problem of price differences.
  3. +1 for load row boat on caravel, cog and corbida
  4. Hey. Achillis imp for me adamantine 2 hand sword. It takes 20 min after send it from mine mailbox, and have it back. Nice mate offer Profesional servise Highly recommend
  5. Very friendly and Nice Guy. Great service, and fair prices. Highly recomended !
  6. Hey Pls send to Puro witch hat
  7. pls close

    Hey mine locations is NFI, and i see on yours picture location Xandu from SFI...
  8. I get reply on Pm from winner. Auction can be closed
  9. Grants to AnimusReborn. Thank you checking mine auction. To who I have to send halbard?
  10. Last 21h till end. Winer Pls write name to who I have to send that halbard
  11. [15:50:31] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to reach Wistrel in less than ten minutes. happy wurming