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  1. Black Hammer at 864,944. Mydreamland is no longer there we have taken over the area.
  2. We have moved to Harmony! You can now find us at R16 All the prices are for pickup, will deliver for an additional fee. Coastal delivery on all 3 maps = 1sc Noncoastal delivery to any map besides cad = 2sc Cadence noncoastal pain-in-the-rear delivery =3sc Inland delivery on all maps via wagon = 4sc CARPENTRY Items will be made with Cedar unless otherwise specified Items will not be improved unless specified 30-35ql = 5cc per 40-45ql = 10cc per 50-55ql = 15cc per Large Crates 25cc Creature Cages 65cc Wagon 3sc (extra 2sc for arch wood if I have to provide, if you have arch wood to use, free w/cod) Beehives These are sold empty 1ql - 2 tile radius - 50cc 10ql - 4 tile radius - 1sc 25ql - 6 tile radius - 1.5sc 50ql - 8 tile radius - 2.5sc I have Active and Noisy 50ql hives available for sale. Active +1sc, Noisy +2sc EQUINE *~COMING SOON~* (YF = Young Foal, AF = Adolescent Foal, YH = Young Horse, AH = Adolescent Horse, MH = Mature Horse, AGH = Aged Horse) (CM = Carry More, FM = Fleeter Movement, LM = Lightning Movement, SL = Strong Legs, SB = Strong Body, SNH = Strong & Healthy, CS = Certain Spark, TB = Tough Bugger, FF = Fight Fiercely, KS = Keen Senses ) HORSES HELL HORSES ENCHANTS *~COMING SOON~* BLACKSMITHING *~COMING SOON~*