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  1. wts rare butcher knives... contact Kace in game
  2. wts this lot of rift mats. Make me an offer in game if interested (Kace) as i always seem to not pay attention to forums 4 rift crystals 80ql 42 rift stone shards 68ql 6 rift crystals 65ql 26 rift stone 52ql, 6 rift wood 53ql 27 rift stone 43ql 4 rift crystals 44ql 41 rift stone 29ql 14 rift crystals 32ql 33 rift wood 31ql 13 rift crystal 12ql 62 rift stone 15ql
  3. wts rare tools..... all sold contact Kace in game as i don't pay attention here
  4. wtb drake hide any color or black drake armor pieces (blank, ql doesnt matter) Easiest to contact Kace in game
  5. Want to sell Large Magic Chest 35s delivered [17:58:36] A large chest that prevents non-food decay while having normal decay itself. It can not be repaired or picked up. It is locked with a lock of very good quality. It is made from birchwood. Ql: 40.0, Dam: 0.0. contact Kace
  6. Adamantine Huge Axe Adamantine Huge Axe 81ql Special properties of Adamantine: (60% less dmg taken - 10% more dmg inflicted) Enchants: WoA103, LT95, MS99, CoC98 Runes: A steel rune of Vynora has been attached, so it will reduce damage taken (10%) 70% TOTAL REDUCTION IN DAMAGE TAKEN! Starting bid: 20s Bid Increments: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: 30s
  7. Ended, pls close

    Grats Hulkmccraken!, pm sent in game
  8. WTH person or ppl to mine out high grade ore veins up to 100ql. Can do for cash or share in lumps... Contact Kace in game for details and to negotiate compensation.
  9. Fast, friendly and accurate service. A+
  10. Skinwalker Ranch located at S18 on Independence (or 57y 38x on the Albia map) is looking for laid back, mature, active players who are looking to enjoy the benefits of playing with other like minded individuals in a rapidly expanding village. 54x70 deed..lots of room for growth and building your own home or other buildings you need...four hundred and 20 tiles of farmland...large mine under the entire deed with 2nd mine on another deed nearby. No rules, mandatory work or dues to pay... though common curtesy applies. Accepting players regardless of current skill level. Contact Kace with any questions or stop by for a look, gates are always open.