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  1. Send Afanasyi one set of rainbow flags & banners, please!
  2. bump - stock updated. working on making mortar!
  3. ty for the order. i will get that sent out to you asap.
  4. contact via this thread, ingame, or via discord (Xelexya#3763) available for delivery via the xanadu wagoner only. (crates are free) if I can make/gather a bulk item with my skill (listed below) you can order if I have a slot open! made to order slots Open Open Digging - 90 skill sand / dirt, 0k / 0k in stock - 80c /1k clay, 8k in stock - 1s /1k Masonry - 65 skill mortar, 2k in stock - 2s /1k stone bricks, 2k in stock - 2s /1k Mining - 62 skill Iron Lumps, no stock ~50 QL - 10c /100 Blacksmithing - 47 skill iron small nails, no stock - 10c /100 iron large nails, 400 stock - 10c /100 iron ribbons, no stock - 50c /100
  5. Please COD to Lyve carving knife (steel), BOTD90: 1s 49c saw, BOTD95: 1s 89c
  6. Transaction went smoothly. Thank you very much.