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Found 9 results

  1. DRAGON VENTURES Welcome to the Dragon's Ventures, we are located on Harmony at G-10. Prices may vary according to market and demand. Delivery on request for a small fee, there could be delay due to high demand. Dragon Constructions Making you Mansion? Want a Colossus? Got a Huge Bridge in mind or just Lightings, We make it way easier! * Price for per 1000 pcs Planks 2s Wooden Beams 8s Stone Bricks 2s Round Stone Bricks 2s Marble Bricks 4.5s Slate Bricks 4s Sandstone Bricks 4s Pottery Bricks 5s Pottery Shingles 3s Slate Shingles 2s Wood Shingles 2s Colossus Bricks 30ql 3s Colossus Bricks 50ql 4s Colossus Bricks 70ql 5s Mortar 4s Support Beams 70s Exotic Home D├ęcor Decorate you house with the most exotic decoration of the Wurm world Alchemist's Cupboard 1s Tapestry (Any) 50c Turret (Any) 1s Canopy Bed 2s Axe Display 50c Sword Display 50c Rectangular Marble Table 50c Rounded Marble Table 70c Custom furniture order also available! We also build your buildings, bridges & colossus! Post you orders or PM Wrumdragon, Froststorm or Libelle ingame. Showroom
  2. I have 300 support beams to sell 4 silver per 100 or 10 silver for all 300 ( 2 silver savings ). Free Delivery to anywhere on Deliverance or coastal pick up from Lonestar Harbor on Southern Deli ( T-13 ) PM me here or in-game Bachus or Samwithwiki. Also offering coastal cross-server delivery for an additional 50 copper. [new batch]
  3. Wts support beams. 300 in stock for 11s, I will deliver to any coast/ server except PVP server. PM in game: Zpen
  4. Today I had to mine out several tiles in a mine that used to have the floor reinforced. This was a rare event in the past. If the Dev's have to collapse reinforced floor tiles then at least give a warning . Make rotting reinforced tile show maybe . We can not examine the reinforced tiles to see decay, therefore we cant do anything to prevent the collapse. If someone wants to remove the reinforcement of a floor tile it is easily done. Recommend that reinforced tiles prevent collapses on their tile to a much higher degree than they do lately as this is a simple solution. Who gets harmed by reinforced floors not getting collapsed ?
  5. Everything sold. Thanks. Looking to sell a nice bunch of support beams. A must have for any cave dweller Should be enough to get a bigger city started as well All beams are ready in crates waiting to be bought. Price is 4s/100 delivered OR 3s/100 if picked up Buy all at once for 30s including delivery! I will deliver to any coast of any freedom server except Chaos. Also excluding the inner oceans/lakes of Xanadu (sry I just hate delivering there) These are located in D24 Xanadu (coast). PM if interested
  6. I have 300 support beams for sale priced at 4c each. I will probably stock a couple more near future. ATM thats 12s total. PM me ingame at same nick.
  7. I have 200 Support beam for sell on Xanadu Price: 4c for one // 8s for all Deliver: free if near Place: Xanadu 23R PM me in game "Arthpl" [sOLD]
  8. Located in Exodus at Vicus Arboria just west of Esert. Must pick up. Can deliver for a price depending on distance. Currently in stock, won't make more. 7s - 100 finished rafts 7s - 100 unfinished rafts with 1 piece left (will supply the materials) 5s - 50 unfinished support beams with 1 piece left (will supply the materials) PM me ingame or forum.