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Found 7 results

  1. Welcome to The Gnome Depot! We are happy to provide enchanted BoTD items of all types. This page will be updated as new items are crafted, so be sure to check back often! Please respond to this posting with the item you wish and who to CoD it to, or you can message me in game under the name of Volladol. If the quality is not listed, it is will be creation quality. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Libila Enchants Bloodthirst - Free ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BoTD Enchants Contact Volladol for Custom Enchants or to inquire on current stock please. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. The Burning Market We are situated in Harmony (L23) Contact me in-game for any questions. My name is AncientWaves We specialize in: Compasses Fruits, nuts, olives etc. (75ql+) Active bee hives Compass list (ordered from lowest to highest quality) Settle time = the time it takes for the compass to go from unreadable to readable. When you hover over the compass it will say "2 seconds until readable". Tiles steady = the number of tiles that the compass stays readable when walking (at 17km/h). e.g. You can move 8 tiles and not have the compass unsettle. For settle times and tiles steady please see this excel document: Cost:: #10 - 36.8ql - 2.40s #20 - 40.7ql - 2.69s #30 - 43.2ql - 2.85s #40 - 45.7ql - 3.02s #50 - 46.0ql - 3.10s #60 - 46.5ql - 3.24s #70 - 47.5ql - 3.31s #80 - 47.7ql - 3.32s #90 - 49.4ql - 3.44s #100 - 50.3ql - WoA62 - 4.87s #110 - 51.8ql - 3.63s #120 - 56.9ql - 4.07s #130 - 57.2ql - 1.6dmg - 3.90s #140 - 57.6ql - 4.17s #150 - 57.8ql - 4.21s #160 - 58.8ql - 4.38s #170 - 60.8ql - 4.70s #180 - 62.2ql - 4.96s #190 - 63.1ql - 5.16s #200 - 67.0ql - 5.50s #210 - 67.1ql - 5.51s #220 - 67.5ql - 5.65s Forestry Goods & Services (75ql+) Goods will be produced when in season if stocks are not available Lemons, apples, oranges, cherries, olives, walnuts - 4s per 1000 Red grapes, Raspberries - 6s per 1000 Woodworking Active Bee Hives - 3s We are happy to deliver for bulk/large items for a negotiable fee. If needed, we can offer the crates the items are delivered in (20c).
  3. Sold Items (13% Discount was applied at COD time): SOLD 68ql cherrywood knarr, runed with 7.5% wind 5% vehicle speed for 6s (pickup at E19 on Xanadu) SOLD 93ql rare pickaxe, iron (CoC76, WoA72) for 2.6s SOLD 90ql set of 4 horse shoes (WoA 71-73-73-74) for 2.1s for the set SOLD 75ql left and right stylish shoulder pads, gold for 2s for the pair SOLD 100ql large rat pelt (c94w83) 0.20 weight for 1.4s SOLD 90ql longsword, silver for 90c (blank) SOLD 70ql ring, gold (Nolocate 88 + decent glow) for 80c SOLD 75ql (4 dmg) dragon shoulder pad, steel for 75c SOLD 70ql ring, gold (Nolocate 73 + decent glow) for 60c SOLD 74ql troll mask, leather for 60c SOLD 100ql wild cat pelt (w86) 0.80 weight for 60c SOLD 100ql large rat pelt (w81) 0.20 weight for 60c SOLD 70ql large shield, steel for 50c (blank) SOLD 45ql rare lump, seryll 0.05 weight for 50c (blank) SOLD 100ql large rat pelt (w78) 0.20 weight for 40c SOLD 1x brass compass for 15c (blank; useful for waystone creation)
  4. Feeling lost? The road ahead seems shrouded in uncertainty? Do not despair! We at Exodus Republic will guide the way, with our badass compasses. 78.35 ql 1.44 dmg 91 woa 4s 76.78 ql 0 dmg 93 woa 4s 75.87 ql 0 dmg 95 woa 4s 73.69 ql 0 dmg 98 woa 4s 71.97 ql 0 dmg 98 woa 4s 70.31 ql 0 dmg 88 woa 3.5s 68.51 ql 0 dmg 98 woa 3.5s 67.44 ql 0 dmg 93 woa 3s 67.19 ql 2.02 dmg 98 woa 2.8s Credits: Dameblanche: opening motto Egor, Wocas: needle imping, compass making Drvst: pottery hand-crafting Joeix: oil pressing, woa casting Majqo: food and warmth providing Lawurm: compasses testing with kangaroos on the other side of the planet (they work!) Aldur: cheering everyone: olives gathering
  5. Xanadu Q13 Map location Merchants located Black Forest Bazaar Offering a 10% permanent discount to return customers* 10% bulk order purchase discount on orders over 5 items (stacks with the return discount) *Excluding rares and supremes Bulk purchase discount available *SUPREMES* *RARES* *COMPASSES* *DIOPTRAS* *ENCHANTED TOOLS* *ENCHANTED WEAPONS* *WEAPONS* *TOOLS* *Whetstones* *Special deals* *ARMOUR* *FURNITURE* *JEWELRY SMITHING* *ALTERNATE PAYMENT* As I know not everyone has silver coins ready to pay with I take barter payments for items. Here are some exchange rates. Gems 2c/QL under 10QL 1c/QL over 10QL Sleep powder 1s Seryll lumps 5s Ash 1s/1k Mortar 2.5s/1k Bricks 2.5s/1k Dirt 1s/1k Slate shards 1s/1k Slate shingles 2.5s/1k Concrete 1s/100 Open to other offers All bulk for barter must be delivered and in crates *DELIVERY* Happy to mail any items for cod fee Any delivery wanted for items not mailable is charged at: 1s for Exodus 1s for Deliverance 1s for South west Xanadu 1.5s for West Xanadu 1.5s for South Xanadu 1.5s for Celibration 1.5s for South and east Independance 1.5s for Release 1.5s for Pristine 2s for South east Xanadu 2s for North west Xanadu 2s for North Xanadu 2s for East Xanadu 2s for North east Xanadu 2s for North and west Independance 2.5s for Central Independance 3s for Central Xanadu (Accessible by knarr only) Chaos willing to discuss
  6. #1 QL 80,98 - 6s #2 QL 81,19 - 7s #3 QL 81,20 - 7s #4 QL 81,27 - 7s You will also pay the mail fee (I'm sending from Xanadu). Post item# and the name I should use when mailing it. /Dwain
  7. Some enchanted compasses for sale: 65.52ql (WoA 69) 3 silver 50 copper 64.85ql (WoA 46) 3 silver 25 copper 63.09ql (WoA 66) 3 silver 25 copper 59.14ql (WoA 46) 2 silver 25 copper 55.22ql (WoA 70) 2 silver 10 copper 53.92ql (WoA 61) 1 silver 75 copper. Prices don't include mailing cost (will be shipped out from Indy server).