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Found 16 results

  1. Welcome to The Gnome Depot! We are happy to provide enchanted BoTD items of all types. This page will be updated as new items are crafted, so be sure to check back often! Please respond to this posting with the item you wish and who to CoD it to, or you can message me in game under the name of Volladol. If the quality is not listed, it is will be creation quality. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Libila Enchants Bloodthirst - Free ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BoTD Enchants Contact Volladol for Custom Enchants or to inquire on current stock please. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. You are bidding on 100 of each Herb / Spice that is able to be grown in a planter. Total of 1400 Herbs / Spices. Plant your own with this pack, or spice up your cooking! Starting bid: 5s Buyout: 14s (1c per) Increments: 1s Sniper protection: 1 hour Location - S17 Harmony (Shiloh) Winner picks up - Delivery possible with buyout
  3. Me wonders.. who might be having the biggest setup for harvesting herbs in the game, also on side note.. what do you do with all that spice if not a secret? What I have is casual 30x planter racks in 2 lines of 15, each with 30 planters total of 900 planters. #casual What I plan to do with them? The worst ofc.. Just restocking for hfc(affinity pizzas) 50% of the deal.. rest or majority should eventually go down for beverages grind.. probably don't need too many to 90-99 it. Oh you might want a bit of good laugh, at the moment my gardening is 74, so there's that, I'm a bit lazy to 90/+ it for now --edit
  4. This is mostly based on adding 2 new tools. The Drying Rack :- Made from shafts and nails (fine carp?) The Mortar and Pestle :- Made from rock shards The drying rack is an immovable furniture item with a lot of size restrictions. Players can use this rack to dry various items (though this suggestion only covers its use and effects for healing items). Any "damp" object can be dried, this covers things like herbs, mushrooms, bladders, glands, paws etc but not teeth/horns. Drying halves the weight of components. So dried lovage would weigh 0.025 instead of 0.05. A dried black mushroom would weigh half that of a black mushroom (0.4?). Dried items also decay much much slower (1/10 the speed) To dry an item simply put it in the drying rack (a container) and leave it for a wurm week. The rack can hold up to 100 items but is limited by bulk. No skillgain for doing this. Grinding an ingredient is done by using the mortar and pestle on it. Doing so gives items the suffix "ground" and increases their potency by 1. This will give natural substances exp. Covers made from dried ingredients carry over their preservation bonus (1/5 for 1 dried, 1/10 for both dried). Covers made from ground ingredients apply 25% faster when a bandage is present. tl;dr? More little things we alchemists can do to make higher quality healing items!
  5. Muse's Crops and Materials at Southport (market) U18 Deliverance Southern Freedom Isles (U18 in game map, or on the Deliverance community map - Southport) +plus *NEW COLOUR* Horses at The Mermaid's Cove (horse sanctuary) U17 Deliverance (U17 in game map, or on the Deliverance community map - Mermaid's) For those of you who have asked to see my stock list, here it is. (All items and prices subject to availability and may change without notice) Please PM me in game (Muse) for all items. Thanks How to put together an order of food items for pickup: Forage and Botanise Only Items - Cocoa Beans, Nutmeg, Mushrooms, Eggs... Image updated 07 February 2021 HIGH QL Herbs and Spices - Latest stock image 07 February 2021 HIGH QL Veggies / New and traditional Food Crops - Image updated 07 February 2021 HIGH QL Cereals and Rice (updated 07 February 2021) Berries, Olives, Hops, Fruit and Nuts (New stock 5 Jan 2021) Flowers and other Cooking Ingredients Cotton, Wemp and Reeds BULK Bush and Tree Sprouts and Trellis Seedlings (updated 05Oct2020) 99+ql Woad, 99ql Acorns and Dyes (updated 03September2021) Farm Shop - NEW! Bee Wax, Paper/Papyrus,Milk, NEW! *LOWER Price* Honey, Ale, Maple Sap, Lye and other Liquids in Barrels (updated 07August2020) Dead Things - and NEW! Creepy Things! - Updated 07 February 2021 Recipes to order Empty Containers Wool, Cotton String, Cloth Squares Shipbuilding, Tailoring, Crafted items - Sails - *NEW* CoC Meditation Rugs! Sacrificial (Saccing) Rares and Supremes Metal Ore and Lumps - 99+ql Iron updated 23OCt2020 Bulk Building and Crafting Materials, Ash, Tar, Charcoal and Clay (Partially Updated 09Septenber2020) Archaeology Wood Types - Branches, Shafts, Pegs, Tenons, Arrowshafts and Woodscraps (updated 05Oct2020) Vehicles - Wagons - Boats (updated 22Jan2021) Livestock - *NEW COLOUR* from just 30c! (and original colour) Horses (partially updated 10December2020) The Archaeology RARES Merchant (updated 03October2020) Statue, Statuette and Mask Archaeology Fragments - and NEW! *completed* masks and *ready-to-complete* masks, statuettes and statues! Visit Southport Market! at U18 Deliverance Southport is an active public market with 35+ merchants selling goods ranging from rare items to cheerful bargains - several 'Copper' shops asking just 1c per item! Visiting? Tar and Clay are FREE to dig and take away here at Southport - DIY - help yourself! Epic portal. Mailed Items: Fast 99 cast - extra LARGE Runed Public Mailbox. For your use - TWO *Silent* discreet Public Wagoners - feel free to use them! - just make yourself a wagoner container (or use one of the two at The Mermaid's Cove U17) and you can send goods from your chosen waystone to any player on Deliverance. Look forward to seeing you soon. See pictures in reveal box below! Before you set sail - check Server Status (leaves this page - use browser Back button to return!) ᚛ᚋᚒᚄᚓ᚜ M U S E (in Ogham script)
  6. Allowing more items to be combined such as Cochineals - we all know that for large amounts of red dye you need to create them 1kg at a time and add them together which tends the dye towards grey. Allowing cochineals to be combined means you can make large amounts of dye without them tending towards grey. Herbs - Natural Substances is an absolute pain in the ass at higher levels if you dont have 4 and 5 potency ingredients to mix together such as 1000s of teeth and glands. An alternative would be to grow lovage and rosemary in large quantities. To do this would require one or both to be combineable (so you can enchant them) Leather - allows maintainable enchant for LW These would both be great QoL improvements and also stimulate the sale of herbs in large quantities. Something even a low skill character can do. Any other suggestions and reasons are welcome on this topic.
  7. It would be nice to have either the "plant" or "sow" keybind work on pottery planters for planting herbs and spices in the same fashion they work for trees/bushes/flowers and crops.
  8. At the moment having herbs as fresh doesn't do much (adds a cooking modifier) So here's a thought, increase the healing potency of fresh herbs by 1, compared to their "non-fresh" counterparts. i.e. Fresh Lovage has a potency of 5, regular lovage has a poteny of 4 etc.
  9. I made a recipe but it doesn't work quite right: It makes fresh spices but when I go to put the spice back in the bin it goes in as a new line item without the fresh tag and grouped with other same named spices. When I take the spice out it's not fresh anymore (I didn't expect it to be either). If I again convert it to fresh, it does so. It seems this cycle can go on forever. And every time the stage and ingredient count goes up. I suppose a fresh herb/spice has a stage and ingredient count of 0. Can I make a recipe that would give that?
  10. Greetings, I planted 10 herbs and spices in the new pottery planters today on Xanadu. While I was on the third floor of my building in each case the planter with an herb/spice ended up on the first floor, so I was forced to go downstairs, retrieve the planters, and return upstairs to plant the planters on the floor. Planting the herb/spice in the planter caused the issue: dropped to ground floor. Planting the planter on the ground did not cause the issue. Enjoying the new update, keep up the great work! Alendhor
  11. Don't think this was posted yet, if so disregard... Planted several planters with herbs while they were sitting on the ground. Noticed there was no way to tell what was what by mousing over or examine... purely visual difference. Planted an herb while planter was in inventory and it dropped to my feet, labeled with herb that was planted. Edited to add: When you pick up a planter that is labeled and plant it, the label disappears. Hopefully it's fixed and I can tell with a label what the other 9 herbs are I planted! Alright, scratch this... appears you have to be on same tile as planter to read what is planted.
  12. One of the most recent updates was about how will be able to grow herbs finally!!! YAY! I love that and even spices and I know lots of people are happy about it. Now I saw we are going to be able to plant them in pots. Which is ok and looks cool but would be sweet to have Carpenters or Fine carpenters be able to build wooden raised beds square shape or rectangular etc that we would fill with dirt and plant lots of herbs in one spot. Even maybe have different kinds of size some portable some not. The smaller ones could be brought inside for inside herb growing. Just my 2 cents
  13. With so many herbs and animal byproducts in the game I am rather surprised by the lack of "alchemy" in wurm. This has been brought up in the past but I would like to start anew with combined suggestions from myself and other players on how to bring a feature like alchemy to wurm. Here are a few of my thoughts: Firstly, creating glass (vials, bottles, alembics, and severely off-topic: window panes). Another often suggested feature.Potions could vary from curing player diseases (which could afford to be much more in-depth and dangerous), dousing healing covers/bandages to increase potency, enhanced vision in the dark, and other types of medicines (Or perhaps poisons!) *-*-* This is obviously a very sensitive subject as many potions could affect PvP so please discuss with civility.I am a little hesitant on poisons because I'm not really into the PvP scene but if ~I~ had a say in it, Poisons would act more like a long-term (supposing one survived the fight) debuff in which stats/stam were affected and, depending on the QL/skill of the alchemist that made it, would have to have an antidote prepared by a similarly skilled alchemist; Or deal with it until it dissipates (duration would also depend on skill/QL). Of course if it's long term that means poisons would be pretty useless in PvE. -- My reasoning for the long term is that if poisons were instant/short term damaging then it would become cookie-cutter and that's just bleh. -- Poisons as well as Potions both would have some affect on PvP but it is worth discussing.The ability to turn a single 1kg or less lump into another type of common metal (no glimmer/adama) and keeping it's current quality with either a high failure rate, some sort of cooldown, or tools taking increased damage than usual. Failure to transmute could lower lump QL or lose some of it's weight. While gold holds much less value in wurm than in, say, real life I'm a little lost on how to advance the transmuting in terms of skill. I find it silly to instantly start off transmuting tin to gold, or the classic lead to gold as an upstart alchemist but I also would like for it to be useful from time to time. Also a possibility on Transmuting into alloys BUT this is also a little iffy because of the work that otherwise goes into making alloys from scratch.Tools & Methods would include your typical Pestle & Mortar to make powders and pastes (as Klaa suggested) alembics, retorts, beakers and vials. A simple way (to start with) would be to mix ground herbs/etc with water or boiling water; the result would be either an unknown potion (identified by drinking/eatinf or skill via lore) or a refined ingredient used in a later or final stage of creation. Quality of created items could reflect material and/or tool QL or mixed with skill. Quality would affect power and/or duration. Powder OR paste activated - water rightclicked -> alchemy -> mix. Final outcome dependant on specific herb or animal part mixed. EDIT: Went a bit more in depth as I'm no longer typing from a phone. I'll be back with more, thanks! What are your opinions on alchemy in Wurm? Alchemy doesn't have to be all potions and poisons. We have a world of lesser used materials at our disposal, let's put em to use.
  14. Nothing major, Just adding a type of pot to the game. Plant pot, can plant a sprout, lavander, rose etc... into it and it's purely a vanity item for decoration. or it could be used to plant herbs into, such as Basil, Sassafrass etc... and it'll grow and can be "sprouted/pruned" occasionally to harvest some herbs. could make little herb gardens inside (or near) kitchens. Perhaps we could add that they need regularly watered or the herbs die, to stop people from hoarding thousands of pots.
  15. Lots of food for sale again! Prices are 1s/1k for all crops, and 3s/1k for grapes. 1000 green grapes 18000 corn 7000 potatoes 2000 pumpkins 2000 barley 4500 oats 2000 rye 3000 wheat 5000 strawberries 6000 onions 3500 garlic edit: bumped and updated stocks
  16. We're selling lots of food at Brotopia, x9,y13 on Exodus. Currently not doing deliveries outside the NW area. Current Stocks 2500 Corn @1s/1k 1000 Green Grapes @3s/1k edit: Last stock update for the month -- sold almost everything.