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  1. [WU] Datamining

    Can attest to this as well given the handful of times I've gotten a 107 or 108 from a blank item on the first cast. Only been back for the better part of two months, and can't recall when I first got around to benediction about a year ago.
  2. The amount of new players dying from this due to having low Alchemy skill. (Or people that don't have any Alchemy) The fact that this could be abused on PVP servers with your characters still remaining in the game. (Skill loss & Equipment loss) The fact that being paralyzed and logged out, but still in game, leading to more mobs finding you. (Skill loss) Same as above. If you are trying to find a spot to deed, you normally will need to travel quite far from any of the starter towns, as the land around them are the first to be grabbed. Some people are already complaining that anacondas are hard to see as it is, and I don't think making them smaller would be any better, especially if they can "poison" or "paralyze" you. Definitely don't have any problems with suggestions, just can be quite difficult if there are going to be adding in new mechanics to the game. Tricky on how to balance them, how to add them in, what would be fair for players, and how it would impact new players. I also really wouldn't mind seeing more Hell Mobs in general as they are a good mix into things, especially adding in Hell Seals, need to club all the seals across the lands until they are eradicated.
  3. That is correct, and we cover the postage on that as well, so you don't need to worry! I'll be able to get on that and have it out tomorrow if that works with you?
  4. Sent off the items, just get in touch with me ingame for the Weapon imping! Thanks for shopping with us again!
  5. I'll make sure to get this sorted next time I'm on, feeling under the weather at the moment so haven't been on much today! Definitely see what we can do for that staff too! Also glad to see you remembered your Loyalty Spoon! Blame that Nordlys fellow who mentioned he wasn't feeling great either, spread it over the internet!!!
  6. It is also an AMD card that he uses, along with Linux as I mentioned. Quite similar though unsure what the exact issue is, but at least not alone in the issue, as unfortunate as it is! Don't have any logs or anything to provide either... So not quite sure how to go about addressing this!
  7. Are you on Linux by any chance? My husband runs on Linux and has the same issue, we were just talking about it today.
  9. Definitely would like to see this being implemented, though if nothing else than having the chimney removed from both Forges&Ovens is A-OK too.
  10. Its just not showing Cadence population for some reason...
  11. Provide constructive comments, +1's and -1's aren't useful, we overlook and ignore them anyways, post why you like or dislike something.
  12. Blood which creates different Imbue Potions depending on the unique. Raw Scale (Dragon) Raw Hide (Hatchling) which is used to make Scale Armor or Drake Armor!
  13. Another shot from the dockside due to the moons being in a good position when I came back home from Indy! Taken during the sporadic Indy Red Dragon public slaying!
  14. These guys continue to put out some great content!
  15. Definitely think making them bigger would help, similar to a BSB even, or just having unlimited space/storage. Need more than the current 100 item limit that is in there coupled with the 2hrs that it takes before they go poof. Or just introduce an incinerator that can get rid of everything no matter the size! Then you can get rid of the enemies of your bodies without any questions that come with it! "When did you see them last?" "So and so said they saw you with them!"
  16. I wouldn't agree that people who are able to play a long time, aren't in need of it, especially with the difficult/time needed to get some of the skills up. (Weaponsmithing as an example.) Which I suppose boils it down to being more of a skill leveling problem than anything else, which is a fundamental game problem rather than sleep powder itself, atleast that is how we see it. My husband and I are long players, as you put it, capable of putting in 12-16 hours due to a fortunate real life situation. We both wouldn't want to play the game without sleep powder though, definitely would be a nightmare! It eases the skill grind needed for quite a lot of things. I can see where you are coming from that Sleep Powder isn't being used for its intended purposes. However, at the end of the day Sleep Powder is available for everyone, whether that person plays for one hour or ten hours. Its more of a time problem than anything. It isn't as if people who are playing for a longer time receive anymore of a benefit from that skill bonus, as it still will only give you one hour. Sleep Powder is more beneficial for a new player than it is a high end player, because that new player will receive more skill ticks than someone on the higher end of the spectrum. Edit: People have been going to Epic/Chaos to level up their skills quickly, which could be seen as a bigger problem than sleep powder itself.
  17. I somewhat understand what you are getting at, but at the same time, just because someone can play more doesn't mean they should be penalized. I don't see how this would help balance things between those that can play for long periods versus those that cannot, at the end of the day the people that can play for longer will get more skill gain, with or without sleep powder/sleep bonus. It might lessen it, but it will still be something to consider. It is just like any of the other MMOs for those that can play/grind longer than those that are unable at the moment. It is just like what is happening in the new servers. People that hold the knowledge of the tips & tricks of the game versus those that are playing for the first time who don't know anything. There really isn't much that can be done simply because Joey is capable of playing for 10-14 hours per day while James can only play for 1-4 hours per day. Similar to the people who have their journal unlocked for the +1hr maximum hour sleep bonus, they would have the extra hour compared to those that don't, even if they were only sleeping in the bed... There is quite a lot to consider when you propose trying to make things more level and equal footing for everyone. An extra hour of sleep bonus is a massive advantage over the people that don't, even if you don't use sleep powder. Wurm by definition is one of those games that rewards those who are able to put a lot of time into the game. Edit: Why is it an issue in your thoughts? Could you elaborate more on why it is a problem currently?
  18. Congratulations to Lagston! [00:52:28] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  19. If this is possible, than definitely would prefer this. Simply stops it from being wasted at all in general which was why Keenan originally implemented it from what his post was saying. Though if this isn't something possible than even simply the five minutes would be better off. Edit: Simply tying your Sleep Bonus Timer to your Action Timer even! - Though hard to implement for Cooking/Fighting which holds no action timer.
  20. Messing around with placement of the banners! Entrance View & Dockside View
  21. Looking for another two Dragon Hotas to complete the looks around the deed, please let me know if you've got one for sale (or even two!) Shoot me a PM on the forums, or ingame (Kain) Thank you kindly!