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  1. @AjalaThanks for the offer. I still try to avoid building up a huge ramp there (especially just for a treasure hunt) and especially as long as I don't know the person living up there. They might want to be off road @WulfmaerMany thanks for this information. It is very valuable for me. I noticed the deed there and that it blocks some entrance. However the deed looked rather small and non developed, so I was assuming some newb deed. Its good to know that there is a tunnel!
  2. Hi there, I had a difficult treasure hunt with 5 clues so far. Basically I already know where it is as this clue is not that difficult: Basically it is on top of the high mountain at J17: I really would like avoiding to climb it. On the map it looks like there is an entrance from the south, but it is blocked by a vein and not look like a way up. Now I am looking for some help from someone from the Greymead area that might help in either: 1) point me a way up that mountain 2) Maybe knowing the guy that seems to be living there on top Really any help appreciated to finish this treasure hunt. Maybe someone at Thule knows something?
  3. You're basically having all the same idea. Hankrearden was nearby and helped finding it. It was actually a bit more of the road and south than expected. Many thanks for everyone involved helping here in forum and also freedom
  4. Not sure, if I get you correctly. My best guess of the location would be:,4076 or SE of it. The topology seems to be close, but there are some difference and they location doesn't seem to contain something. Additionally there seems to be more height difference on the treasure map than on the yaga map. As I just have the directional line, it is difficult to estimate where exactly it starts, especially when I cannot trust the topology. I still quite sure the place is right as the sand in the SE and the steppe in the south seems to be perfectly matching.
  5. Hi there, having a difficult map QL74 and hunted down 4 clues already. I got now a new one that was looking initially quite easy as I found a spot that seems to be matching pretty easy. Now I am digging here since 2h overall already and not finding anything. The problem is that it is within a forest with a topology that is not matching exactly. First the map and hint: 1) Basically I am taking 3 ideas to find that place. The easiest one seems to be the crack in the road and finding that height different, follow it a bit and dig arround. This actually looks like this (I am exactly where the curve is): So actually there is a heigh difference and I followed it digging up everything at the right but finding nothing 2) At the top bottom there is a sand area. I can find this also and it seems to be arround 3 fields. Thus I dug up at that distance nearly the road already. Nothing 3) At the bottom there seems to be a steppe. I followed it, tried to right a bit east to it up north. Nothing 4) At the top right there seems to be another topology that is in the forest and seems to be not so obvious. It might indicate that it is more SE than the other approaches might indicate. My basic problem is that the topology from map and reality doesn't seem to match the map very much. E.g. at the top left there seems to be another line crossing the road that doesn't seem to exist. I have the same problem from the south following the road as there seems to be more height differences than actually exist. Any help is highly appreciated as i am about to think I am digging some where completely wrong or misinterpreted something. Can you help before I am packing everything here
  6. Tower Lutanior 570 (3425,4541)
  7. If nothing too bad happens in RL I am happy to participate again as Blacksmith. If there is enough to do maybe also as WS. Would like to reserve also a room for "CalebXephrime".
  8. Got the map from the journal (29ql), three steps in the local region. A map that was working quite nice and I hit the chest the first time, a guard tower that was easy to find and another map that gave me lot of headache.
  9. Dirt was sold. So anyone need to finish some cooking collections?
  10. Hi would like to sell some "unpopular rares" before it goes to the trash. So the collectors beyond shall make me a good offer
  11. Yay, supporting it. The rename and slaying poor scale animals.
  12. If not something bad is happening, I'll be also there to feel the heat of the forges Would also take a room in the hotel.
  13. Ehm, I think the device is not working correctly. Since I saw that strange glow in the forest, I am not just having the feeling that I need to come to your events, but also to slay and eat all trolls around. I think I'll better visit you on the weekend for a recalibration!