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  1. Guard Tower,7352 Lonestranger 858 (Cedar Cove) And also many thanks for your work!
  2. Guard Tower,7257 (CalebXephrime 402, CX1114 Xephrime Junction)
  3. Guard Tower,6248 Surorin 10 (Rineran Guards)
  4. I would take a black bear helm, lead then. (COD to CalebXephrime plz) Not had any luck to find one the last two events
  5. Guard Tower,5763 Pinadien 18
  6. Guard Tower,6460 Ptresse914 Guard Tower,6146 Prusaczek 890
  7. Oh wow! You won't believe even tho it is a challenging one, I got into the woods with your description and hit it the first time. Many, many, many thanks for your help. I'd would have took forever for this one. I'll owe you one
  8. Oh sorry, that's Xan, the map part is slightly south of lormere