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  1. I am suffering exactly the same issue. It was working fine for maybe an hour and was going throught the region using a cart. Suddenly the client freezes. When now logging into again, it seems to be working a few seconds, loading the distance terrain and then freezes completly again. Even reproducable across two different operating systems, so I assume it is server side. Other clients seems to be still working fine (even tho lots of lags). //edit: seems to be fixed now.
  2. I can confirm this however as well and noticed this during the sermon. With 2 clients connected, I am required to restart them at least once a day, else they will eat up the full 16 GB of memory. After the client is restarted, they usually both are just arround 6-8 GB.
  3. I have one on my deed, behind a warehouse. Its at 3829 -7364 in T16. Feel free to use it, the staples does have some beds if you had a long travel.
  4. Kantinka and me just killed the 42ql iron vein. Time to move on
  5. Already, many thanks. Flubb got the offer to supply and sending the first crates in a very prompt manner. Many thanks, recommended!
  6. Yes, sorry for my ignorance always expecting there is just life on Xanadu You are right I am searching on that server, so if you send it to "CalenXephrime", I would appreciate
  7. Want to buy 10k of dirt for 5s via wagoneer system on Xana. Please pm offers.
  8. Indeed easy to find from the east with a good paved highway. Arrived at the camp and looking forward for a good fight with you guys!
  9. Sorry, at least I am not able to provide some screen capture at the moment. It is however really easy to reproduce here. Both clients are running in windowed mode in full screen. One on the left monitor, one on the second monitor. As long as I am clicking on the first screen, everything is working as expected. When I now move the mouse over to the second screen and doing a click, the first time, the cursor immediatly jumps to 0/0 position. If I move it arround, it works as expected again. If I go back to the first client again, the whole trouble starts over again. So it looks like when the window is focused, the cursor is set to 0/0. You are also using a second monitor for the two clients? Maybe its troublesome for it that I have different screen resolutions? ( 1920x1080 60.00*+ 59.94 50.00 , 1680x1050 59.88*+ 59.95). Maybe also something related to the desktop environment (even tho not an idea why). But I am using KDE here. Maybe someone else is able to provide a video?
  10. I am also there. Had been a long time until participate at a rift. Really looking forward with having a good fight with you guys
  11. Confirming this as well. It worked fine on Wednesday, but seems to be bugged with the new client yesterday. OS: Fedora 30 GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080 Might be some weird Division by zero stuff. Maybe new launcher having own environment and some issue with . , conversion or something. At least these are the usual reason other games suffers from this kind of issues. Its especially well reproducable with two clients. When switching to the other monitor and clicking first time into a client, the position seems to be set to 0/0.
  12. I would be interested in the 55s if that's still available.
  13. I would be interested in 15 crates of dirt. Send to CalebXephrime (Xanadu)
  14. Xephrime Supplies Our village is located in South Lomere near the big steppes. When we initially settled there, it was pure wilderness and no existing road system. As last stop before the real wild land starts, we setup a small supply shop to give the brave settlers the best chances to survive outside there. These days are gone for sure, but we are still a good place to visit and browse for nice stuff for your village to fair prices. On our deed, you find our personal merchant "Gloria" with a nice sort of different stuff to buy. As we avoid the travelling to the market, we give the prices to our customers and we are sure you find some nice stuff to fair prices. When being nearby, we are worth having a short step by and browse a bit: Most of our stuff does have some small cast on it giving you some COC or WOA extra to prices that are normally charged for blank tools! If you didn't find something interesting for you, don't hesitate to ask and we create it for you to a offer you cannot reject! Bulk Materials Coming soon Ships Coming soon Extra Services We are not just selling stuff, but also having some nice extra services available for our visitors!
  15. I'll be coming also to the event.When not getting lost during the travel, I can do carpentry and blacksmithing to 80. Would be interested in some slave work at the weapon forge to get my skills there up a bit. Please also book me a room