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  1. Thanks Dictator for the order, now complete Sending out sprouts to you Msplash! Thanks for the order! Happy Wurming
  2. Slammed with large orders and now all caught up and delivered. Thanks so much folks! Happy Wurming!
  3. Thanks for all the recent orders over 300 crates of things delivered in the past 2 weeks!
  4. Busy week thanks for all the orders! Happy Wurming
  5. Thanks for all the orders this week! Happy Wurming
  6. Restocking all your building needs.. feel free to place your large orders while we restock!
  7. Been a whirlwind of sales to wrap of the month: 20k meat 20k/20k vegetables 12k slate bricks 10k mortar 6k sandstone bricks 10k stone bricks 4k marble bricks 1k planks 400 support beams Thanks for all the business!
  8. Thanks Ecrir ! [08:04:36] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  9. To many orders completed to list them all, Thank you to all for the business Happy Wurming!
  10. 2g for 150e via paypal (smaller amts are 1s=.80e) Happy Wurming!
  11. Mentioned in stream and was directed to suggestions so here it is: For new players and existing ones as well When mining i suggest the mining mesage that you can not mine that tile (sideshaft msgs etc) come sooner in the process maybe at 5 hits or 10 especially for new players better to learn earlier then later and not be frustrated by this . With such a change they can save some time and aggravation and move to the nexst tile etc gets things done a bit faster and progress.