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  1. According to others in discord that have received it as well at one time your character must have been a village of the MOrden deed located on Desertion. Mayors and all villagers get the low upkeep warnings.
  2. Happy New Year! Getting caught up on orders all complete to start the yea. 7k glands 4k horns 1k hearts 2k marble bricks 1k slate bricks 2k mortar 1k planks Thanks again and Happy Wurming!
  3. agreed Currently if thats a QOL change life just got worse.
  4. With all the great artwork form wurm and all the players who are capable of great ideas and artwork why not make the freedom wagon more attractive. People seem to think they are blah so poke the community get a redesign contest going submit one piece from wurm team and take some submissions form the community (serious ones not sillyones) let the people vote since they are the ones to use them give away some prizes and make wurm wagons more appealing gogo ! Happy Wurming!
  5. Instead of holding this anchor in ones inventory (they aren't light) once u make a boat attach the anchor same as your would a lock this way your boat always has an anchor on it no need to worry bout you lef tit at home or you leave the boat carrying this heavy thing. Want to moor you boat click on boat moor boat done want to sail away click on boat unmoor sail away done. Want to replace the anchor ( no real need) jsut select anchor repalce jsut liek locks Happy Sailing Happy Wurming
  6. For all those who continual judge and voice the opinion that Retro and wurm need to do more advertising get the word out more it goes without saying all those will of course will Vote to shine a spotlight on wurm right? (whether you agree or disagree it doesnt matter you wanted more exposure for wurm heres your chance to participate)
  7. Since is a non starter of a thread bad PR was resolved after intial post and player didnt redeed anyway its gone way ywa off track and really should be closed instead of bumped by posts.
  8. Another busy week! Thanks for the orders folks! 225 silver sold 10k dirt 4k mortar 2k marble brick 2k slate brick 1k logs 1k stone shards 200 support beams 3k teeth 1k pegs 500 ribbons Misc 1 silver items Happy Wurming!
  9. Awesomely successful, good times great staff fantastic host (Shrimpiie). Priest hit 90 fatih great sermon group! Extra added bonus was this wonderful chair that was there to sit in although sometimes i did end up on Pandy's lap but that was confortable too!
  10. It will be rescheduled and posted to ensure plenty of time to attend
  11. Player found a unique yesterday proceeded with new rules worked well and was effortless no issues no complaints no drama...it likely shouldn't have needed to be clarified but really its just asking people for some common sense and courtesy. Some things need to be in black and white for some. Nice update Enki
  12. Crazy just crazy Annyil great job!