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  1. Keep those orders coming via forum msg. All orders completed !
  2. So many order completed past few days Thanks folks! Over 2k sprouts 10k planks 15k varied bricks 10k mortar 1k supports 5k Large and small nails. 20k dirt Happy Wurming!
  3. All current orders delivered! Thanks folks ! Happy Wurming.
  4. Todays orders delivered, thanks folks 4k planks 2k shaft 2k large nails 2k small nails 1k stone brick 1k slate brick 1k mortar Happy Wurming!
  5. Great weekend of orders! Thanks for all the business folks. Happy Wurming
  6. All current orders complete Thanks folks. 2000 Small and Large Nails 50k Dirt over 250k veg and meat 10k marble bricks and mortar 1000 support beams 1000 various sprouts A nice welcome to one of our players who has moved to Release and moved into the deed we have previously bought for them its now under construction and looking fantastic. Thanks for your continued support... Happy Wurming!
  7. Thanks for all the orders so many in so little time, good to be back!! Happy New Year to all! Have a great 2022
  8. Ready for the 2022 Season place your orders get ahead of the rush!
  9. Thank you for the orders! Been Busy busy 150k Dirt order 500 Sprouts 2k Mortar 5k bricks Happy Wurming!
  10. Crazy busy week, Thanks for the orders Over 15k in bricks (pottery, slate marble sandstone and rounded) 5k mortar 300 supports 2k sprouts 1500 concrete Happy Wurming!