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  1. Spring Cleaning Rare Supremes GIfts

  2. Spring Cleaning Rare Supremes GIfts

  3. We will be adding several market stalls at this great location. For planning and design pls send us a pm if you would be interested in placing a merchant. Thanks
  4. Spring Cleaning Rare Supremes GIfts

    Weekend Bumpers!
  5. Spring Cleaning Rare Supremes GIfts

    Lots still available!
  6. Def more promo/adv Even if you promote WU then give a free premium month in WO some will come and go but thats always the way in this niche game. Run more promo/contest features on the social media sites they currently have. Adding new and fresh content has been great! Lets kill more bugs and once we move to AWS and we can run snoother lets really ramp up the ad campaigns. Happy Wurming
  7. SUPREMES Supreme Fruit Press 94ql w65 c71 Tin Rune of Vynora - offer Supreme Med Rug c-76 78 ql 12s Supreme Unfinished Open Fireplace - offer Supreme Champagne x2 RARES Rare Short Bow 80ql Willow 3s Rare Short Bow 62 ql Walnut 2s Rare Spindle 55ql Oak 1.5s Rare Spindle 69 ql Pine 1.5s Rare Rope Tool Cedar 89ql w81 c76 - 4s Rare Rope Tool Pine 68ql w94 - 3s Rare Rope Tool Cherry 46 ql - 2s Rare Cheese Drill Chestnut 55ql - 2s Rare 90ql Toolbelt - 5s ARMOUR Rare Plate Gaunlet Steel 88 Aosp 88ql - 3s Rare Plate Sabaton Iron 37ql - 2s Rare Plate Gauntlet Steel 39ql - 1.5s Rare Chain Boot Iron 28ql - 1.5s Rare Chain Gauntlet Iron 29ql - 1.5s Rare Elaborate Shoulders (left leather)- 2s Great Helm Seryll 85ql WA 100 + tin rune of vyn - offer Breast Plate Seryll 15ql - offer Misc Rares Rare Practise Dolls x3 2s each Rare Lib Puppet 1.5s Rare Elaborate Shoulders 2s Rare Dark Common Hat 1.5s Rare Black Squire Wool Cap 1.5s Rare Archery Targets x2 3s each Rare Fireplace 2.5s Rare War Arrows x7 Rare Champagne x5 Rare Looms Forges Ovens Kiln (pm for info) Gift/Collectibles/Moon Metal Yule Goats x3 - 1s each Spyglass x4 - 3s each Snow Lanterns x5 1.5s each Troll Mask(leather) - 2s Witches Hat x6 - 1.5s each Valentines Pottery x10 - 1s each Blood x5 (WDH) Addy Lumps 51ql x6 - offer Glimmer Lumps 55ql x4 - offer Fist Bracelet Seryll 75ql Huge Sword Bracelet Seryll 75ql Used Huge Sword Bracelet Seryll 75ql Empire of MR Tall Banners (pnk) 3s Reg Banners 2s Flags 1s JK (pmk) Reg Banners 2s Flags 1s HoTS (pmk) Reg Banners 2s Flags 1s Items will be mailed (101 cast) if possible. Pick up and Delivery also available located at Silver Port Trading U 16 Exodus (right at the south Boat Bridge) Payment via silver or paypal. Always willing to consider offer on these clearout items just send me any request via in game to Snarkin or forum pm. Thanks Happy Wurming.
  8. CLOSE SOLD 90s silver for sale

    90s 1s=1e via paypal Prefer larger transactions or one single. Thanks
  9. Spindle Sent [16:28:18] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks you ")
  10. Spring Cleaning New Items Added
  11. Rare glow issue

    After the patch yesterday my rares seem much duller some can hardly see a glow to the rare or supreme objects and 4 forges seem to have no glow at all. Is there a certain setting that can help improve the glow as it was?
  12. Located on Release and on the community map - Sunset Docks (one of releases older deeds) Great deed fully functional - buildings- pens - enchanted grass - underground docks and a trader! Deed can come with or without deed holder Blacksnith and Kitchen Area set up and stock move in ready! 30 crates of logs - bsbs with cotton - wemp - this and that will remain Deed i believe is 37x43 (approx 35s to lay) Upkeep is just over 3s per month Bank under 4s atm 35+ days upkeep atm If interested in a move in ready trader deed on the coast in a quiet area send me a msg -in game to Snarkin or reply via pm in the forums!
  13. Toon birthdays

    That is why i didnt say every year I said the birthday from the creation date so 1 year RL every 365 days