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  1. So many orders we are finally all caught up and restocked most thing place your orders today!
  2. @Tarathiel It will be cheaper to send via wagoneer. WIll go out shortly Thanks
  3. @Tarathiel Order has been shipped. Happy Wurming
  4. @Tarathiel Will be sent out within the hour! Thanks for the order!
  5. 1 million percent Agree with this would be fantastic to have everything organized!
  6. @Trio Order has been sent! Thanks Happy Wurming ~2023~!
  7. Happy New Year to all! Thank you to all our friends and customers for the continued support. This year we celebrate our 10 year Anniversary with the opening of our new Market and Event area on Release (d10 NW corner Silver Port Trading and Canal), featuring merchants, 4spd horses, drafts bison, Hell Horses and so much more. opening day is coming soon but some merchants are placed for your shopping pleasure, vacant stalls are also available to place your merchants! Happy Wurming 2023!
  8. Trio Order sent via wagoneer: 1k Pottery shingles 2k Planks 1k small nails 100 concrete 100 ribbons
  9. Did clay anytime let me know when its ready i can sail and get it or it can have a toon on xan to accept deliv
  10. Order sent via Xan Wagoneer Small nails: 500Large nails: 500 Planks: 2k Please CoD Oakmyst.