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  1. Hey, pls send the rare lead lumps to Nordlys. Thanks.
  2. I dont know why this is discussed still. Its quite clear that someone just made a map where it says that anyone that dont want their deed on it would have to send a pm to the map editor. To be honest im quite disappointed about that, even tho i particularily dont care. Why is the voice of people who want to know other peoples deeds location stronger than the voice of people who dont want their own deed on the map? I want to know your location, i win. I want to not be on the community map, i loose.
  3. You cannot dispel mailboxes. There is a brilliant suggestion (i may be biased here) regarding this, from a couple of years back.
  4. This "on highway = on map" solution seems to be the best option for everyone imo.
  5. I dont know why you choose to argue with me out of all the people commenting here. I have nothing against being added to the map, i just dont care. Ill disband and move to another place to prevent it if i cared. I just said i cant see a reason for it, other than knowing where to loot.
  6. goblined yet bro?

  7. I know. I still cant see any other real reason for why anyone would need to know where my deed is. I cant see any other reason for me knowing where your deed is either. If need people to know where my deed is, now thats another story. I could just put it on the map.
  8. I just cant see any reason anyone would want to know where my current deed is, except the actual moment it disbands from upkeep so one could go there and loot whatever i left behind. If it was a map of old deeds that people need for treasures or archaeology id understand it. I can see the argument of looking for places to settle, but this would also be countered the moment a deed disbands, but is not removed from the map.
  9. [17:27:09] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to reach Yggdrasil in less than ten minutes.
  10. What an excellent choice! To what name do i send it to?
  11. No worries, was more of a "note to self" and if someone is thinking of merging them. Thanks for submitting!