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  1. WTS rares and 90+ enchants

    Bump, prices lowered!
  2. Computer Citizens

    Would be nice for WO and WU
  3. This looks like a challenge. Im gonna test it when i get time. Whats the size of the map, and how many players are there?
  4. wta vyn priest

  5. wta crafter char

  6. wta vyn priest

  7. wta crafter char

  8. A serious post about mental illness

    Mental health is a very important issue, and needs all the attention it can get. I dont suffer from any mental health issue, as i know of. But i am glad whenever someone with experience on the topic sheds some light on it. Its kind of hard for someone who is «ok» with everyday life to know the symptoms and clues to look for, and its even worse to find the right things to say when someone approaches with difficulties. Thanks, and congrats, for bringing this up. I imagine it takes more courage than i would have. Keep wurming, keep smiling, keep talking.
  9. Kill a creature. If youre not strong enough to kill anything, i can not imagine why you would need to know. Dont mean to be negative here, but if the server admin dont want to add the mod that lets you check the bank balance by writing «/bankbalance» you would just have to wait.
  10. Question is; why would you need to know the balance?
  11. WTS rares and 90+ enchants

    Sent. Thanks for the purchase, and enjoy the hunting!