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  1. My plan to save WO

    Wurm 2.0 for president! 3D, modern UI, but the same old atmosphere and grind - I would back that.
  2. Public dethroning of troll king

    Cool beans! Thanks for making it public for good funs.
  3. Rift for 25 Feb

    Oh, hey - I might have time for this one! Thanks, Finndar.
  4. supreme / fantastic item "crafting"

    Im open to (almost) everything new and your proposal is already found in many games, so there should be plenty of inspiration to get out there for such a system to work properly. I dont see why the enchants would transfer though, that doesnt makes sense when youre making a new item.
  5. Rift 16th feb

    Cool, thanks. Dont think i will make it, but good luck to all.
  6. Deed planning contest with guaranteed prizes

    I actually have a screenshot of the OP before you edited it and put in the part about "not having two living houses". I am also ready to post my submission so people can see it fits your set rules before editing them without a notice. The old OP only mentioned "having enough room storage for everything two persons need" - and did not mention at all that you only wanted one living house. As theres nothing in any rules about not having two houses, i cannot see how anyone can be disqualified for that. Not specifying the rules in a contest, like not saying that you only want one living house, and then disqualify any contestants out of the blue is not a good way to do things. May i also mention that you wrote "- size 21x21 at most" in the rules. I made a 21x21 deed for you, but you turned it down because, i quote: "our deed is actually way bigger (think 80x60)". This is not specified in the rules either, but you suddently decided you wanted to change, without saying so first. Oh, and its not because i want the 3 silvers, couldnt care less about those. Its just that im being treated like ###### when i actually took the time to help some random new forum user.
  7. Mini-uniques that spawns more frequently than the uniques we have. They shouldnt be able to be trapped and should be announced as the rifts, and give loot like the rifts loot system. Maybe add a final boss stage to rifts with these?
  8. 69) 13 ql Rare short bow, chestnut 60) 9 ql Rare rope tool, pinewood To Nordlys pls.
  9. Skin Colour Bug?

    To OP: Also these spesific settings can only be found while out of the game, in startup launcher (the settings "gear").
  10. Patch Notes 07/FEB/18

    He is not talking about ql, but amount. Max for wax is 20, regardless of ql of the hive.
  11. The Screenshots Thread

    Please dont dye on me!
  12. From wurmpedia, permissions: Owners of buildings that are not managed by a settlement, or mayors of settlement-managed buildings, may click on the Demolish button to completely destroy that building. This action cannot be undone.
  13. Rift 07 february (CET)

    Yes. The countdown from Finndar is wrong, i see that now. The times in the table should be correct tho. Im sry i didnt see that before. Edit: Seems like Finndars timer was 1hr 30min too early.

    Stone rune of Jackal - 20c. To Nordlys, thanks.
  15. Bugger profanity filter is bugging me

    Oh, but it doesnt get cencored on examine, only when i (or others) write it. E.g if i copy/paste the examine line to someone.