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  1. Dont talk to strangers on the internet after midnight, Neville.
  2. Full Steam Ahead

    As long as you sell it like a grindy journey, youll be fine. All the crazy people (including me) with thousands of hours in Wurm proves that as long as you dont think its a linear mmo, the journey is quite ok. Dont sell it like an mmorpg pls. Sell it like a grindy journey with friends.
  3. Full Steam Ahead

    This is indeed a sneaky way of eliminating open account sales, and i like it. Old accounts will be left to die on the old WO servers, new will arise on the Steam WO servers. The majority of people will play through Steam (even if the old WO servers are merged), and i doubt the current way of selling accounts will survive the steam eula. I might be wrong, but i hope im right when it comes to account sales.