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  1. Sent. Sorry for the delay, you caught me just as i was sleeping.
  2. All the above sent - thanks a bunch. Welcome back to the game - nice to see people return to this lovely world.
  3. April Events

    I believe this now. Is it starting at midnight - or any spesific time?
  4. Now only need one red dragon blood. Come on peeps, dont leave me hanging with 90 imbue! Send me a pm and im sure we can figure out a very good price.
  5. Lots of tools sent to new owners via ingame PMs over the last couple of days. Thanks guys - enjoy the fresh tools. 25,25ql butchering knife, iron - 82coc // 45c 19,35ql clay shaper, oakenwood - 91coc // 80c 91,17ql fishing pole, willow - 89coc // 60c 39,06ql grooming brush, oakenwood - 81coc // 45c 5,51ql metal brush, iron - 81coc // 45c 8,61ql rake, iron - 86coc // 60c 54,46ql saw, iron - 83coc // 45c 49,42ql sickle, iron - 80coc // 45c 21,22ql stone chisel, iron - 84coc // 45c 10,26ql carving knife, steel - 91coc // 80c 85,54ql saw, iron - 88woa // 60c 80,22ql small anvil, iron - 91woa 75coc // 1s 90,54ql rare butcher knife, iron - 90coc // 3,5s 10,22ql rake, iron - 92coc // 80c
  6. April Events

    I refuse to believe anything today.
  7. You store them in the trophy shelf you get from 50FC ofcourse! Or store them in an empty shelf, that works too.
  8. Did you forget to pm me? Also, does this comment count for march? Really tho - bump for awesomness.
  9. Only need a few more of these bad boys now - ready to pay up some decent coin for the rest i need. Hit me up with a pm with a suitable price for you. Also need the rest of the listed ones, most of the AS and BS ones.