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  1. Use "kick" on it to turn the lively features on and off would be nice!
  2. Your character will not be deleted as long as you log into the game once within 90 days. Then you would have another 90 days before its marked as "inactive". If a character have had premium atleast once it will never be deleted.
  3. Players that has not been premium will be deleted after 90 days of inactivity. Can this be your issue?
  4. Moved to auctions NFI.
  5. Im fairly sure that Sevens Bay was in the general area (one of the "bays") just north of Pest Harbour, approx location:,1085
  6. All added, fixed and in order. Thanks guys! Happy hunting!
  7. A pickaxe head is 1kg. It was just an offer, and it stands. If not ok, then dont send it.
  8. 2s for that seryll pickaxe? If ok, cod to Nordlys. Thanks.