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  1. I agree. Several spots, like the road and the tunnel system is named "Valyrian". I think its a great name that represents the hidden veins and treasures in that mountain area.
  2. n/a

    All i know is that i dont want botd on my staff.
  3. I assume this is due to a "month" of premium is 30 days. Did you check if it adds up with 30 x 12? Someone correct me if im wrong on the 30 days theory please. If youre inactive on a freemium (basic) account for "3 months", it gets deleted. This is infact 90 days (3 x 30), and not 3 actual months.
  4. You can also use a settlement token to see whats north. And regarding wind; the flags do turn in relation to the wind so thats also neat if you dont want to wait until the compass settles. I would call it a feature, rather than a bug.
  5. Need to make room for more, so if you need to build an island or just raise your farm area, take a look. I want to get rid of 100 large crates of dirt (30k total); 300 dirt = 30c (crate swap) 6000 dirt = 5s (crate swap) 12000 dirt = 8,5s (crate swap) 30000 dirt = 17,5s (100 crates included) Can be picked up conveniently close to server border, coastal independence. Delivery can be discussed but will most likely not prioritize to deliver one crate to central Xanadu for example. Reach me on Nordlys ingame or on the forums, or leave a note here if youre interested. ALL SOLD, PLEASE CLOSE.
  6. I pretty much carry everything every tool i could need all the time cause im too lazy to drop stuff. Even have a tent in my inventory at all times. The only thing im not carrying is really materials.
  7. Visited this place today. I gotta say, it looks really amazing! Didnt really need anything, but the merchants there had some interesting stuff, so i left a few coins.
  8. Im pretty sure its from "corbitae", as its a roman ship. And dont think it would be ending with "uh", but rather A (like the a in "Milano" or "party").
  9. Thank you for this, Sol, and t he poor guy that found it. And the penning team. I will come and help you guys out so you dont wipe.