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  1. [Gypsy corner] High enchanted tools

    Good morning! Will send these as soon as im back from work today. Hope thats fine.
  2. WTA small maul iron with 3 runes

    No, i just threw in a bid after this:
  3. WTA small maul iron with 3 runes

    If it has somewhat decent ql i could offer you a copper coin with 35 crowns for it. Thats 35 copper.
  4. [Gypsy corner] High enchanted tools

    73,64ql trowel, iron - 80botd // 65c 72,04ql trowel, iron - 81botd // 65c 80,35ql rare trowel, iron - 92botd // 4,5s 80,78ql rake, iron - 91woa 91coc // 1,50s 74,56ql shovel, iron - 84botd // 65c 79,29ql pickaxe, iron - 94botd // 1,50s 19,73ql needle, steel - 91coc // 1s All items sent to new owners during the weekend. Thanks guys - and keep wurming!
  5. Rares, Wares, and junk

    Wouldnt have my hopes up. "Last visited: March 20.".
  6. [Gypsy corner] High enchanted tools

    17,13ql needle, steel - 83coc // 50c 6,89ql meditation rug, cotton - 89coc // 60c 100ql whetstone - 82coc // 50c 100ql wild cat pelt - 84coc // 50c These items are sent to the four new owners. Thanks for shopping!
  7. WTA Supreme Large Iron Shield 72.ql

  8. WTA Supreme Large Iron Shield 72.ql

  9. WTA Supreme Large Iron Shield 72.ql

  10. Unique oddities shopee and a few rares your price

    Pls cod the first trowel, with two runes to Nordlys for 5c.
  11. [Gypsy corner] High enchanted tools

    18,27ql grooming brush, oakenwood - 90coc // 1s 2,11ql stone chisel, iron - 86coc // 60c 17,29ql rake, steel - 96coc // 1,25s 5,51ql metal brush, iron - 84coc // 50c 33,64ql mallet, oakenwood - 84coc // 50c All items sent to one very happy buyer ingame. Thanks, and see you soon again.
  12. WTS Rares, Supreme, MM Items

    Rare saw 2s, rare exquisite med rug 3s to Nordlys pls.