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  1. Sending you a weapon to imp, bud. Iron to 93ql (or as high as you can do). Whenever you get the chance, no rush.
  2. Updates are done, custom enchants are delivered, business as usual.
  3. Cod chest to Nordlys pls. Thanks! Also, sry i just needed to get done with it and finally get it.
  4. Congrats Stryken, and thanks to all the bidders. Pm sent to arrange trade.
  5. Pm sent to arrange trade. Thanks to all the bidders.
  6. Did the ones you know with nearly full recipe list try to "expand all"? Ive never crashed either in recipe list except when i did that. Would be quite easy to reproduce (unless there are some bugged .jar files, which i doubt i have). Can try again little later today.