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  1. Cool! Ill make sure to bring a toon or 5 to have fun. Congrats on this to the hosts!
  2. To answer your question, if you right click the image -> "open in new tab" you will get a .png url. If you paste that url it will become this: Edit: if the url ends with an image prefix like .png or .jpg it will always show the image.
  3. Id probably spend some more time on Epic if i could get a portion of the skills gained there with me back to Freedom. Right now it kinda feels like a waste, somehow. Much like the OP have spent time getting engaged with Epic, ive spent time getting engaged with Freedom. Everything i do on Freedom boosts my character.
  4. They are juat renamed (and in some cases bigger) versions of their normal counterparts - no other benefits or flaws.
  5. Offer 2s for rare sand, rare plank, rare catseye and 2 rare stone bricks. Cod to Nordlys if ok.
  6. Ive seen these appear aswell, most when i play on lower settings. I see them often when i am embarked on a large cart and hover the mouse back and forth over the cart.
  7. What would you give for my main deed?
  8. I have no idea if its possible, but a /reloadui or /relog, that simply refreshes these things.
  9. I would assume a 2-hand weapon (huge axes are popular) would hit more against a target of that caliber, the same as uniques, than 2 longswords. That said, i miss a fair amount even with fighting in the mid 90's, aggressive 90 and huge axe in the mid 80's, when fighting the warmaster. Also, the new fighting ui is not live yet. Those icons are just place holders as ive understood.