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  1. Sure, but if they are banned they have violated the rules somehow. I would much rather prefer a game without players who are that "hardcore". That said, there are old time players still around.
  2. Did you change anything locally or client side?
  3. If you look at these patch notes, there is a new camera option: New: Added a camera smoothing option to the settings Try it out and give some feedback on how it works - would love to see some clips.
  4. Creating oil and juices using the fruit press gives beverages skill, and coc/woa works on the fruit press.
  5. Youre just misunderstanding a bit. I understand it look a bit messy, and page one should maybe be a bit clearer. Correct me if im wrong, @Samool: - You can create a toon through steam and play on all servers. - You can create a toon through wurm and play on all servers. - If you create a toon through wurm you cannot log in with it through steam, and vice versa. - If you play through steam there will be an own shop for steam players. - If you create a toon through wurm there will be the already known shop methods for players that log in through wurm.
  6. Yes, and under "effectiveness" onthis page:
  7. Ill offer 1.5s each for jule goat and xmas cap. Cod to Nordlys if ok. Thanks.
  8. There is no 99ql item imp in the journal. It could appear as one of the old goals for the "winner" title. There is however a "get 99 in a skill" now.
  9. I went for these two suggestions; - PVP: "Justice". No further explanation needed, its a cool word! - PVE: "Vinland". Cause new land and vikings and exploring and all the cool things!
  10. Take a "day off" or two and sail abit - take a look on the different servers. Im sure youll find a part of land to settle. Seems like there are quite a few places open for settling around.
  11. The production and sound in this is real nice for those interested in such. Also very impressive skills in all rows of the band! Its live and outside in an old temple in Athens.
  12. Send me a pm on Nordlys ingame
  13. Done my deeds! Would be nice to be able to elaborate on the suggestions, either with a short backstory or reason for the name(s).