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  1. To all norwegians hiding in the mountains, along the lakes, in the woods and on the fields of Wurm (and everywhere else). Happy national day! Eat some pølse med brød and iskrem, and/or just have the best possible day!
  2. Thanks for hosting again, Virus! Count me in, as usual! Will most likely bring myself and a priest of every diety.
  3. Hey, that should be possible. If you take a look at the first page you can see the enchants available. They are also the highest i can spend my time to commit to selling. If it looks good to you, just rename your weapon and send it over - will have it done "soon"
  4. Hey, just a friendly note that your post was number 50.000 in the merchant topic sections. Congrats! Also free bump for Nomads Market!
  5. If you have a shovel and hatchet with some ql and woa/botd left, pls send to my janitor Kunde. Thanks
  6. Im guessing some toons got sold for several golds worth.
  7. Make all uniques much harder. Make spawn timers a bit more random. Add mini-uniques to rifts on last wave that drop something semi-cool, an reduce the spawns of the other mobs to half in last wave.
  8. Id believe that.
  9. You have a job? Oo
  10. Its on all scale pants. It has been reported before, but im on the phone so its a hassle to find the other reports, but they really should be merged. Its also just a model flaw, so it should be fixable, or what @Saroman?
  11. There is a 10 character limit on spawns from eggs.