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  1. Religion (cause prayer would be too hard for you). Take that as a challenge either way.
  2. All added. ----- What is the name of the deed at 1358, 352? I would need the coords for the guard tower, and i would need the coords for the start of the road and end of the road and at every turn, when its finished. ----- In which direction? Please just add name and coords in a response here - it would make it easier for both of us. ----- Added, and fixed. Thanks. ----- I need coordinates for both start and end of the canal please.
  3. No, im afraid thats upto the devs. Usually they drop new dumps of the older servers after new years - hopefully we dont have to wait that long for the first dumps of the new servers!
  4. Mist lake...

    Welcome to the hood, glad to see people settle on Indy - hope you find your place here.
  5. Ok, thanks. Wouldnt know if someone edits the coordinates without telling me, haha.
  6. No, i saw the comment. I need coordinates to add something, i dont have the time to go searching for deeds ingame (hope thats understandable).
  7. All the above added, thanks. Please add the correct coordinates for the guard t tower [X, Y] and ill add it.
  8. I have no idea when the map dumps are released. Its up to the devs. Regarding highways, i can add them now. The problem is that i would have to add them again when the devs release official dumps (right now it just the ingame map). The ingame map isnt very detailed and not even correct in all places. If you provide the coordinates i can try to add your highway when its finished.
  9. When its done please. It needs to be between two larger bodies of water and passable by atleast a knarr, sailboat or rowing boat for it to be a canal.
  10. Added the towers now. Added the tower. Added. Thanks! For highways i would need coordinates at start and end, and at every turn. This will be important as we add several highways. I advice dividing the highway up in several stretches for easier translation. Example: Stretch A start: [X, Y] - End [X, Y] Stretch B start: [X, Y] - End [X, Y] Etc. Or example: Highway will go at these coordinates: [X, Y] - [X, Y] - [X, Y] etc. -- For guard towers, i can now add them properly, but make sure you turn on Resources on the left hand side (shortcut R - default is off) of the map. The icons are also scaling so they might be hard to spot. This has to do with the size of the map and to stop cluttering when several points of interests are added.
  11. Another week has passed. All submitted posts are added. I will try to add more frequently than this, but when so many new deeds are getting submitted you gotta give me a bit of slack as i manually have to fill in all deeds and resources (and its kinda more easy to keep track when i add several in one go). It also helps when you post like this: Name [X, Y]. The highways will maybe be a bit delayed. I will try to add in canals as they can be much more valuable to know of when planning a trip. I also encountered a slight issue with guard towers, so that will hopefully be fixed soon(tm). If i forgot some or misplaced some deeds, dont hesitate to nudge me in this thread. I read it several times each day. Thanks all for making this map rich!