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  1. Actually, everything is floating above the ground and I just exported the deed yesterday. I looked at it closer and my deed is mostly flat but there is an area that is 13 slope lower than the rest. this is the height the deed is set at and everything else is floating above that 13 slope. So trees, hedges, buildings are all in the air. I finally was able to get it to load properly. Not sure why that happened but I guess the old bug is still persisting.
  2. not sure what I am doing wrong but everything is floating?
  3. I have imported my deed map but am planning an expansion along the side of the mountain next to my deed. I figured out how to expand the map but after that i am lost. How do I modify the height map? I went into 3d mode and figured out that I could grab a corner and pull it up or down but I can't tell what the slope is. what do the numbers mean in the box? I have looked for documentation but can't find anything that explains how to work with this. (for some reason it is not letting me post an image. The box i am referring to is the box you see when hovering over a corner marker in 3d mode. It has three rows of three numbers.)
  4. still waiting for offers
  5. I don't see it taking over the dirt market in any way since it would require a second action to make it into gravel. If you are wanting to sell something, it is easier to just dig dirt.
  6. Yes, high ql shards are useful but even after I haul all those to their bsbs there are piles left over that are low ql. It's not the I NEED gravel. I can dig circles around most people and have dirt running out of my ears. I just think it makes sense, is a simple change and a lot of people who terraform would find this useful. (and I do build :p)
  7. +1 here myrtilles grow in the mountains (people call them blueberries but they are actually bilberries)
  8. +1 I just spent a few months filling in some old mines under my deed. There were several places where the game just would not let me get to certain areas to fix them. I sadly had to leave them there. Since I am surface mining over this area I really hope I don't hit the error where I can't surface mine because of these places.
  9. I have a suggestion. I am a terraformer. I spend most of my time doing large projects that involve digging and surface mining. No matter how much dirt I dig up I am always happy to see nice big piles of it as I know it will be put to good use. Even if I didn't need it I know that other people could use it. Damaged? Not a problem, still can be put to use. I have even had dirt stolen from me. It is a good and valuable resource. Now let's talk about rock shards, dirt's unwanted stepsister :P. I do a lot of surface mining. I end up with piles of rock shards. I go through and pick all the high-quality shards, throw them in bsbs and think someday I will make bricks from them. The rest sit and rot while they get in the way. How many have made a mine only to have piles of rock shards there, too low of quality to be of any use. I hate to see a perfectly good resource go to waste. So here is my suggestion. Please let us make rocks into gravel that can be used as fill just like dirt. Then instead of being worthless, they also can be a valuable resource. I can't tell you how many times I have wished this could be so when I am up on the side of some mountain with piles of rocks around me that will go to waste when I wish I could throw them in the hole I am trying to fill.
  10. Looking to sell a rare strange bone 20S or best offer.