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  1. I am Emoo's daddy

    He drinks out of a dirty ole' boot. :Rethinking
  2. close

    Made it clear to many of you I will not sell to any you, I appreciate the offer though.
  3. close

    Bump! Still for sale.
  4. close

    Bump! Will let both go for 350 USD. I will let Hellfang go for 250 Euros Will come with a deed on Serenity, but you will be at Strongbox. Both accounts are in that deed with Hellfang as owner. Deed comes with farm land, token house, the moon metal in the bsb's, and all the armor, tools, weapons and rares I have. Hellfang is also a champion of smeagain on Elevation. With 2 lives remaining.
  5. Sold please close

    I'll take it.
  6. WTA Rare Enchanted Horseshoes

    If you accept paypal, assuming 1e / 1s 13euros for set two and 12 euros for set 1
  7. WTB Solid Drake Set or Scale Set

    WTB a Drake Set or Scale Set of one color. PM me VIA Paypal
  8. looking for 95+ Ship building service

    I'll do it for ya
  9. Evicted from Serendipity Bay area

    I like your profile picture. Hereeeeeeee, kitty, kitty kitty kitty, come kitty come kitty comeeee! P.S. Just make your deeds on epic and kill the intruders. Makes it fun and could use some more players.
  10. WTS some rare materials and items

    22c / clay
  11. close

    bumpity bump!
  12. if the rare huge axe is 1s. Cod to hellfang
  13. close

    bump Send me offers. I would 100% let them both go for 400 euros. considering all offers though
  14. close