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  1. WTB Crafter Account w/ 75+ in weaponsmithing, Preferrably shipbuilding, shield smithing, Chain smithing or leqtherworking. The more the better I pay above the market price
  2. No because the game has lost so many players anywho.
  3. This is like.... Should we help the homeless, or help the rich and wealthy? We give the freedomers more because they already get everything they want and ignore the pvpers because they are not important
  4. You mean when we were raiding with 4 people because 85% of TC quit because of the Sindusk update? Trust me, it was an issue then or you wouldn't have any deeds. And it's on the forums. I come across them accidentally all the time, imagine what I'd find if I actually looked. I veered across Rudie's profile this morning for example. And I'm not going to tell you the bugs because it would be explaining how to do them. Samool has a full inbox of bugs that I have personally reported and sent videos of, I know WU has a bunch that they abuse too, so why don't you report them. And for the new players, when you were new it was much easier I can assure you of that.
  5. I know I can speak for majority of players in mmo games that when they see a game that looks cool, a very select few want to go through a tutorial. They want to jump right in. As a newbie, they won't even know much of how the quality of an items effects the outcome of things. They'll eventually learn if we are able to get them to stick around for awhile.
  6. What other suggestions / issues do you see?
  7. There are all these lists of add this and add this and add this. But adding things is not fixing anything. A lot of these things aren't instant fixes, but that should be top priority over anything. Here's a list of things I find wrong, or useless in Wurm. -Ballista's are quite useless except for decorations? -Trebuchet's shoot way too fast for the amount of damage being dealt. -Revert the PvP priest changes (I have come across way too many individuals that have stopped playing PvP due to the priest changes, and players that force themselves to play through this hoping it will be fixed). -Go off the script, I'm sure the dev's have a list of planned and upcoming things they plan to implement. Throw 90% of those changes away, and figure out what needs to be priority. -Staff need to quit censoring certain things because you don't like what is being said. If it's blatantly derogatory and for no reason, then for sure censor what needs to be censored. -Make an effort to fix the bugs that have been around for years. It's affecting the game and in a negative way. I know players have been reporting them left and right. -We need to find a way to make the game more newbie friendly. It is easy to say it's quite easy to get 70 skill in a specific skill. And it's really not because without a priest you cannot have circle of cunning weapons to grind your skills faster, you have a 50ql sword, trash quality leather armor and basic tools. New accounts need something more. Maybe have certain mobs drop enchanted tools and or weapons. (300 totally in Wurm). -The population is pretty darn low and anyone that has played for some years will tell you it's low, and half of these are probably alts. And if the amount of accounts being sold doesn't say something about the direction this game is headed, I don't know what does.
  8. Question 1: No. Do we take super-newbs: Yes, that's the best part. Do you require players to purchase established accounts: Absolutely not, but there are plenty of accounts we can share with new players wanting to hop right into pvp if they choose to do so. Active Player Count: N/A We have a group of players in all timezones, so you don't be disappointed. Bumpp
  9. ill buy it ffrom you and take it to chaos. give me a price