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  1. Wts Island deed

    waht server
  2. Said he wants 1k euros for it lmao. Before you pay 1k for this account, go look at the @HexDaccount lmao
  3. WTS character

    Hate to see you go man.
  4. WTS Hexd

  5. Close

    doing what? making bricks? There's no PvP. So I don't know what everyone wants to keep. it's not going anywhere
  6. Close

    lol your items aren't worth a damn thing. take a screenshot, it'll last longer.
  7. Close

    sell it to Ligma. He wants it. Offered like 475 or somethin craazy
  8. Close

    Should just give it back to me. for like 100e. 600e for this account, good deal.
  9. WTS Hexd

    wurm will die before you ever sell it.
  10. Returning player - having bad time

    And that’s why the game continues to die. Just IP ban this guy already.
  11. Returning player - having bad time

    Deskjet’s a fruitcake. I’ll give you an account just to kill him with. He has one of the sh*ttiest accounts on Epic for sure, and he probably plays more than anyone lmao. Get you a 40 body str account and that dude will take off running back to his deed. He did that to some other players too, and I killed him for it. He doesn’t understand, he’s a tad bit slow. SORRY THIS HAPPENED TO YOU MY MAN! i wouldn’t suggest joining Ols either. They play right along with Deskjet.
  12. CLOSE

  13. WTB Account

  14. WTB Account