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  1. Instead of worrying about the damn skillgain, focus around PvP. Crashing and lagging was never this bad in PvP. Also I grind on Epic. Romans can back to Chaos. Not like anyone wants to fight 35 accounts while crashing anyways.
  2. My budget is 35s. Let me know what you have.
  3. To me it's a bunch of people implementing things they have no idea how it works.
  4. Not to mention, Fo isn't even on the board at all now? Devs need to figure this crap out... First it was a mission that didn't spawn for over 12 hours, and now we kill another deity, and receive nothing, so it just becomes a waste of time and all the missions we did.
  5. WTB 25s 1 euro per 1s via paypal.
  6. 60 ql 88 coc hammer, 100 ql 86 coc, coc 79 iron lump, 85 coc pelt cod to wimble
  7. I'll give you 30 USD and keep it in the kingdom . Low Ball at its finest.
  8. http://prntscr.com/h65lug Let the screenshot explain itself.
  9. lmao. nice 10 dmg
  10. So if Freedom is harder according to what I understand from these graphs? Why are you bringing a 2x skillgain / timer to Epic? Lmao... I agree with the RNG, but I'm not paying 20 USD every 2 months to play Wurm Unlimited.
  11. Don't like the faster timers. The skillgain wouldn't be bad I guess. But it makes it too easy. Welcome to Wurm Online Unlimited everyone!
  12. I can't seem to join. Says I need to connect to the login server.