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  1. How do cattle survive on rock?

    Still remember to this day when all my animals started huddling in the corner of my horse pens. Think it was around Easter some years ago
  2. Lockpicking Bug?

    I lockpicked a small chest, and the lock completely disappeared. Did not end up in my inventory or nothing.
  3. Stamina Bug

    Nope just filled. Had full water, full food, 99% nutrition, wasn't climbing, no spells.
  4. [Close] Sold

  5. WTB Tome Charges

    WTB Smoke of Sol, Scroll of Binding, Blood of Angels, Red Tome, Tome of Incineration, Blue Tome. Message me in-game @ Gau or on the forums.
  6. WTS Scroll of Binding charge x2(SOLD)

    I'll take a charge on Gau.
  7. WTS rares and other stuff

    10k bt maul 10s
  8. WTA Supreme Gold Small Maul

  9. Last Post Wins

    that's too easy.
  10. Last Post Wins

    @Fotblets go
  11. lotsa sleep powder

    *sniff sniff* you got the stuff man?
  12. PC Account

    Yes I am. But would never buy a chaos pvp account. And besides I'm looking for more on the crafting side of things unless it's an Epic pvp account. And I did not read the champion part til I realized what account it was. So I'd agree with @platinumteefprice with the -6 body stats.