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  1. Would be very useful if at the end of planning phase, when we choose style of a bridge, we could get an info how many bricks/shards/mortar we need for chosen type.
  2. Filthy wagoners. Good that we don't have them on Epic. Amongst other things.
  3. If there only would be an option to remove those hyennas and boars or change their behaviour. Naaaah, better forbid players from spawning.
  4. - Would be nice if we could finally get fences matching height with bridges. - Also some kind of interior ramps to ride/drive between the floors. - Also maybe increase limit of building stories? - Wooden floors with different colors of wood would be nice. - Some kind of fillers between roof and inner house walls (not outer). - Removing requirement to make a door/opening at the bottom floor of the building. - Wider variety of doors, some metal gates for houses.
  5. Especially looks strange when tall banners, braziers and crate racks are visible sooner then walls itself.
  6. I suppose that Epic just need radical actions, and that kind of actions takes time and could make many people mad and argue about merging/transfering/deleting, skill transfers, stuff transfers and probably many other things, thus noone wants to touch it, even with a stick.
  7. Or just make mannequins that would actually be freezed character models, in standing position, with wooden skin texture (like in Skyrim)
  8. Such a brutal day, and it's mine. : ]