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  1. Epic Servers - Become follower at altars? :)

    "Yay, destroy Epic. Chaos experience would be so much better couse of that." "F*** people's deeds and their stuff couse I'am not playing there anymore. " Seriously, two things, for sure. Devs won't make any changes for Epic in nearest future. Devs won't delete this cluster in nearest future .
  2. New Special Christmas Gift

    Bag of Keeping Yeah, I know, of course they won't give us such thing.
  3. Ok, but I tried to ride into walls on other caves, and cannot duplicate this effect. But riding multiple times (let's say 10) into my reinforced walls give 3/10 to 5/10 times happen.
  4. Got 2 deeds with mine ramps to the top. Those ramps has many turns. On each turn, floor is flat. If I ride horse straight to the wall, on turn, in most cases I got disembarked and horse "vanish". If I luckily got horse selected on select bar, I can activate rope and lead it from behind the wall. Horse just walk out of the wall. If not, I need to relog, and after logging in horse is standing on this flat floor. Only unusual thing that come to my mind is that behind those reinforced walls are unnaturally high post valrei slopes (like above 500 or so). In proximity of 1-5 tiles (depends on place and deed). On the image below typical left rurn. Wall where horse could dissappear is hovered.
  5. New Special Christmas Gift

    I propose big bottle of yellow potion - christmas edition. It would be twice bigger and with cherry red wrap around the neck.
  6. +1 This warning would be useful
  7. This! Maybe payments are much higher in some countries, according to wealth, but all players got the same possibilities to earn money in game. MANY possibilities. Another thing is that accounts prices are insanely low, looking how much money those cost, according to how much time and effort were put into them. So player can always invest some cash into buying an account, and it gonna pay off rather quickly couse of high skills and stats.
  8. When, for example, turtles for mission spawns (kill/sac types), you expect to find them on the shores or sandy areas. Reality is, those are spawn randomly all over the server, so turtles on the mountains or in the middle of the forest are pain to find. So spawn should be environmental based for all the creatures.
  9. Allow bridges up to 23 slope per tile

    A least for Epic only? Dead server anyway, let's us have some fun and go more creative with building things...
  10. Winter Effects

    This Make winter great again.
  11. As in title. When you drag cart through the bridge it just dissappear, probably going somwhere under the bridge, thus cannot access it's hold. Sometimes, cart manage to stay on bridge, but still no access to the hold.
  12. Just because it sucks so much

    Forgot to add: As I said, when I open a wagon, and go to the 14th floor, I can still reach mats. But after going far from wagon to fill the bridge, wagon windows closes. When You get back to the opening, and try to reopen wagon, it says that it's too far to do that (altough earlier WOGIC let you to reach from the same distance). So only way is to haul the wagon throug the 14th floor to the top and grab mats from there.