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  1. Would be nice to have another quality of life update package, containing many small suggestions players made in past few years. Apart from big updates.
  2. As for quick and easy solution, this would be nice, to not stress Devs with additional work. More greener and also maybe little more dense grass on steppe, couse let's face it, current steppe is ugly and look like low-res texture. From Wikipedia, steppe in Mongolia, don't mind the ungeared noob on the horse and noob tents, look at all that green!:
  3. Also Epic home servers on Chaos:
  4. It's not just a bag. It's a symbol of hope. Hope that more important things are working on then just temple model ; )
  5. Hello Few months ago I was doing sort of rework of area around starting town, Glittershore, on Desertion. One of the things was planting oak tree in the middle of the pond, that I have secured with chain sandstone fence. That was in perimeter. Now this fence has some damage that I wanted to repair, but cannot and message says it's illegal. Anything changed?
  6. From what I have heard once, roofs has infinite height of some sort, ofc it isn't visible in game. I guess this infinite height maybe is problematic in caves that has limited height. Not sure tho, just rumors.
  7. Old good "Delete everything except my server" attitude is back! And spoken from the very young server, to remove old servers, what a surprise. Just reminder: Defiance is Epic/Chaos, just few years earlier. But who knows, maybe in few years we gonna have next "fresh" pvp server that could became the only one. Of course after removing old servers that just waste devs time. Much.
  8. People on Defiance are like players of Epic, just few years earlier. And if I remember correctly, Chaos already were empty, few times. It's just currently not on the bottom of sinus function. As much as I would like Epic to be saved, I guess only vialable solution would seem to be one big pvp server, disconnected from freedom. But there's the problem with existing accounts, their skills, items etc, assuming that people would not start from scratch. Not to mention deeds. And Defiance just increases this problem. I know I would not start on new character and dedicate few years to have decent skills. I bet I'am not the only one. It's a niche game of niche games and yet we have so many servers.