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  1. Valrei map

    Now it does. I saw this bug many times and I'am aware that it gets auto fixed after some time. Despite of it it's bug anyway. Not to mention bugs like displaying things double or displaying wrong number of items etc.
  2. The Screenshots Thread

    Sometimes you just need a solid support for your bridge... Behold! Dirt pillar of Doom! - 9 floors of 300 slope each (2700 slope above ground) - took 1329 crates of dirt (398 700 dirt) - 18x18 tiles on the ground level, 2x2 tiles on the top Yes, it's a green one on the right.
  3. Updates the current pvp community want

    It's about updates that current pvp community wants. Need to remember that there are many hibernated accounts on Epic, accounts of people who left like 2 years ago. They didn't crossed to Chaos (there were no such possibility at that time except buying new account or starting new one) or went freedom. It would be good to consider what those players wanted, to also bring them back, not only current community. To see that, need to go back to posts for 2 years ago, and their suggestions. Not saying that current players want something else. I'am sure that most of suggestions are the same. If Epic has so many good mechanics, that people from Chaos wants, why focusing on moving those mechanics to Chaos? Maybe focus on Epic then or merge everything in some way.
  4. What do you look like

    Outdated, now all cars come to post Soviet Union countries ; )
  5. Just because it sucks so much

    wow, just wow
  6. Sometimes you need to build for example caravel or bed. You type bed, checking parts, but it's parts are also made from other parts, so to check them you need to type another phrase to check materials. Would be much easier to just open another crafting recipe window to check each part. Could be limited to 5 or 10 windows at once.
  7. Allow bridges up to 23 slope per tile

    I've heard that now it's impossible to embark wagon through the floors by using openings, so maybe it's time.
  8. Updates the current pvp community want

    Easy ride is a safety escape to freedom with safety items storage.
  9. Allow bridges up to 23 slope per tile

    From the ground - yes. But if you want to make a ramp from the floor to the 2 floors upper/lower, it's 62 slope, so you need to use 4 bridge tiles. 23 would just gave more flexibility. But it's not the main reason why I would like that change. Main reason is bigger slope difference between both ends at realy long bridges, where every 3 slopes per tile would give much better results. For example, if bridge has 30 tiles, it's additional 90 slope height difference for flat bridge.
  10. Patch Notes 05/JUL/18

    I'am currently operating with digging on very high slopes, and many times, you can almost sit in a dirt pile and still it is "too far". Strange thing is that I cannot reach piles, but you can drop dirt by dragging from inventory to the pile from much greater range, I think up to 2 tiles. Also range for some containers is broken, you can open them from greater range then you can pick up the items, both ranges should be the same.
  11. Allow bridges up to 23 slope per tile

    Bump Isn't it small change in formula calculating bridge max slope from 20 to 23? Anyone from WU modders could check how it looks, please?