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  1. It's medieval setting. Glass should be only on a basic level. No fancy glass bridges, stairs etc.
  2. Any chance for fix? Now, there is really high chance of losing almost 25% of the transported materials.
  3. @Mordraug Clearly Wurm PVP should be separated from PVE. All pvp servers merged under one server. Then separated updates for each one or just pvp and pve version on each update. Then the same avatar can jump between clusters but with SEPARATE skill sets, not like now, when you can grind on PVE to get better on PVP.
  4. As far as I remember archery tower does not shoot any single missiles. It's just make AOE damage periodically in some range to all the targets. Range and frequency depends on quality. I suppose it shouldn't be only decorative item on freedom, When placed on deed, should damage all hostile creatures or KOS players in range, even when they are outside of deeded area.
  5. 1) There is a common false knowledge among the pve players that living on Epic is just very dangerous. That's what. 2) You can always gather people, I'am saying that even then it is hard to raid. Example: MR tried to raid Rome keep. It was so well designed and catapulting vs repairing was so inefficient, that it took only few Romes to defend it actively. 3) LOL what? I was refering to Epic. If You refering to Chaos players then maybe. Those are also partially PVE players, so for me that's also a bad seed of this game : ). On Epic reputation is important. When someone goes wild, people can, as a form of punishment, kill him constantly, destroy his deed etc. On PVE you can only avoid him and point the finger at this person, warning other players. He can still live next to you and play without any problems.
  6. This bug is very old and still not fixed. I got my wagon stucked under unfinished bridges MANY times. 99% times when embarking, after finished tile.
  7. Ok Dragged 12 large crates of dirt (300 dirt - 6k volume in each one) from crate rack to the wagon. When arrived at second deed noticed that gor 225 dirt in each of 10 crates and 240 dirt in each of 2 crates. Went back to first deed, dragged another 12 crates into wagon. Just maybe 10-20 tiles after I left deed got the same situation. This time 225 in 8 of 12 crates, 240 in 4. Little angry, couse I need to transport 60 crates from one deed to another and I believe houndreds of crates of other materials in the future. NOTICE: Were transporting massive amounts of crates with dirt from another deed to current and this bug doesn't occured. So maybe it depends on from wich deed it goes? So basically: - transporting dirt from Unitatoville deed to Strongwall deed - bug happened - transporting dirt from Wolfheart to Strongwall - no bug
  8. PVE folks do not really realise that living on Epic home servers, they are almost safe as on PVE. Even living in big deed on Elevation is completely safe. OK. In THEORY big raid could break into your deed, but now, with active defenders and quick wall repairs it's very hard to do. Also, when on PVP server someone grief you or just being very annoying, you can take care of it by yourself. On PVE you can only complain on forums
  9. -1 It would lead to 300 slope rock walls too easily. It would also mess up rock layer under alligned dirt tiles. +1 for better, more sticky concrete
  10. Omg was tired and din't noticed I'am trying to make flatrising on the edge of existing dirtwall instead back it 1 tile from the edge. Topic can be closed.
  11. Hello Making 7x300 slope high pillar. Made first level. The when wanted to make second one on top of it (by flatrising) got info: "Some slope is too steep for your skill level." So I just drop 1 dirt on the bottom to get 299 slope, flatrised and after that buffed lower level back to 300. After level 2 were done, started to make third level. Now got the same problem, but I cannot drop dirt now to lower to 299, couse it gonna land on the bottom. So I guess I must lower it all to 299 and leave it as is? Any other solution? It's just strange mechanic that I can level 300 slope but cannot flatrise on top of it.