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  1. Nice! +1
  2. Heh, You would be surprised.
  3. There's too many factors to say precisely. Wurm can be very cheap if you play on one character, do not have to pay for deed and can earn silver in many ways like labors, crafting etc. Also could be absurdly expensive if you use few characters and have big deed or two.
  4. Maybe just planting metal sheets on walls like we can plant trellises etc (left/middle/right) We have all models and mechanics, only dev effort is to allow planting for metal sheets. Btw many decor should be plantable that way...
  5. Well, I've played World of Warcraft for 10 years, and in that time NEVER EVER heard about Wurm Online. Just found it couse guys from other forum showed it to me.
  6. Not a chance. Now kids play fast paced games , wich is opposite of everything in Wurm.
  7. Got almost 90 meditation. Had no problem with any decisions or effort from my point of view. But I can see that it could be a problem for a new players, even after months, to jump into pvp fights.
  8. It's not only about effort (in time) for meditation, it's also about forcing people to choose one and only path if they want to participate in pvp.
  9. Yeah, I also do not believe that devs would think "oooh, it's great idea, let's get to work!". It's just an idea to motivate people about other suggestions how we could remove/replace sotg to shorten the pvp requirement.
  10. +1 for first option All pvp servers should have unified mechanics.
  11. Remove SOTG, so it won't force players to choose one meditation path if they want to pvp. Add 3 new armor proficiency skills: - light armors - medium armors - heavy armors Each of those skills would modify DR in given type armor parts. Additionally skill level could affect player speed for each type of armor. Additionally, defensive fighting skill could modify DR, to get replacement of SOTG, without need to grind meditation.
  12. Thought about it, but I don't think it should be that way. They just could do those missions 1/7 or 2/7, so it would required up to 4-5 players.
  13. Aaaaaand? You got more people, Desertion has almost none, Refering to Desertion situation. If we had more people, guess what? We would do those missions. Isn't that brilliant?
  14. On paper it looks good. A community effort to do a mission. Combined work of x (or xx) individual characters. Problem is, when mission requires more players then are active on a server. I guess it checks for loggin in players and sets a number somehow, but problem is that part of those players just log in to maintain deed etc and does not really playing active. It pauses a scenario progress but it gets really annoing when mission expires in 5 days for example. On medium and short scenarios it's almost automatically fail. All the missions should be doable by small group of players. Effort can be huge, but should be doable, Not asking for making anything easier.