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  1. Hello. Still using old version couse without bridges and mines I cannot work : P Any chances for the update? Great job, anyway.
  2. For example: Currently, I'am reworking some caves near starter town. Almost impossible to remove any reinforcements, couse starter town perimeter is huge, thus cannot drop deed to clear those. Only chance is to cast disintegrate, but so far it seems hopless, couse I already cast it like 50 times and still nothing. And that's just 1 tile that is standing in way of my tunnel. There are plenty more.... Could be something like required min body strength and mining to remove reinforcement + plenty of mining actions.
  3. In my opinion, there should be a way to remove reinforcements in some way. Especially that reinforcing a tile takes just few seconds. Not saying that it should be easy, could be very tedious but should be possible. Casting disintegrate for 100 times or deeding, to remove just one wall is too much.
  4. Epic is also incredibly stable few last years.
  5. On Epic, lately, I also had feeling that fog is much weaker, but one day I logged in and fog was so dense that I almost havn't seen anything through the window.
  6. Great ideas by Mowglia. I hope the devs will look into it.
  7. Maybe something like conjunction of the spheres from Witcher Universe. From time to time, both worlds overlap, thus allowing monsters from the other side to cross to Wurm lands. https://witcher.fandom.com/wiki/Conjunction_of_the_Spheres
  8. Yes, skill transfer alone won't save Epic, but in my opinion it's necessary move to make anything vialable, unless there will be some massive overhaul that gonna attract players, despite isolation from other clusters. I doubt, any serious freedomer gonna invest time on Epic, when he gonna know that skills earned there won't pass back to freedom. At least, if there will be no overhaul, skill transfer will allow anyone to try Epic. If 1% of them would stay, then still better then what we have now.
  9. You talk about no arguments and yet yourself talking about kneejerking, ignorance, bonehead, denial, being isolated instead focusing on your arguments. That's just weak.
  10. There is no need for more arguments. And no panic or "no changes" attitude as you assumed so quickly. It's just existing solution, I believe sufficient to prevent disband of the deed. You are searching rather for solution to prevent disband and overtake of deed.
  11. Yes please. It's quite annoying right now to use any emote.
  12. Like I said, you just add to upkeep. Let's say deed got 10 villagers and the mayor is gone for some reason and it's gonna disband. You can make a brainstorm with other villagers and: - leave the deed, taking all your stuff, towards the setting sun - or collectively pay for 1 month in advance, in hope that he will return - or do nothing, with risk that you probably gonna need to bash through the fences to even try to leave this deed, after disband Let's say villagers choose second option and after another month still no mayor. Just go back to first step. None is forcing anyone to stay. Mayor gets the benefit of everybody's time and money only if you let him too. Mayor is not entitled to anything, it's his deed and you choose to live in it, without any guarantee that he won't dissapear, that he won't bash your house and take your stuff or that he just throw you out of the deed. As for location, it is his as long as he pays for it, BUT normally when deed disbands, there are still houses with permissions left, so none is able to deed area until houses are gone (on pvp you can bash those or catapult). That's mechanics of this game. If players were meant to take over deed, just when upkeep is gone, they would automatically had access to all the houses and things couse of mayor privileges. Not to mention about skipping deed funding cost and cost of all the infrastructure.