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  1. But those patches will be applied to Exodus anyway. I understand that suggestion is about applying patches to the big server first, so people would find bugs quicker, less harm for other servers. I doubt many people would test things on PTR servers.
  2. +1, altough I'am from Epic so what do I know?
  3. Hmm, so I could /flex with achievement of previous owner? "Emperor Beardyman the Lucky"
  4. That's the best WO screenshots collection I have ever seen. Extraordinary and excellent job.
  5. I love winter in Skyrim. I hate winter in Wurm, all is just flat white and dull. Maybe if in winter time, models were changed and not only textures, it could look better. Like more snow on trees, some random piles of snow, grass changed to models that imitate some deep snow etc.
  6. Yeah, had it few times. Got some structures set for alliance access. Some members of the same alliance can pass some not, difference is only that they are from different deeds. Could be rather annoying on pvp server, when you set some area for pass for alliance so they can shelter in some bad situation or just go for sleep etc, but it's not always working.
  7. Yes, please. Currently I need to put crates of the same material (for example firwood) into crate rack to be able to sort them by descriptions (DIRT, BRICKS etc. ).
  8. Wilczan is an old-way slavic name reffering to wolf (wilk means wolf in polish language). I always liked everything wolf related so it was natural choice for my first Wurm character.
  9. As for PVP, if player got showing helmet set to OFF: - Enemy in local -> automatically temporary toggle ON showing a helmet. - Enemy in local -> no enemy in local for 5 minutes -> going back to OFF setting Of course, we are talking about enemy, visible in local tab, not hidden ones. For player with toggle set to ON, nothing changes.
  10. Discarding ore right away is better then making trips between vein and trash heap. The same for archeology fragments, sometimes there are many spread all over the area. When you take few piles (with use of backpacks) you are encoumbered enough to get slower, and then riding back and forth to the trash heap is also very uncomfortale. As for wood scraps, like I said, if wogic allow us to discard whole tree, would be weird to require moving wood scraps to trash heap.
  11. Tasks could be very hard to do, could require long time committment, all would be fine. But I guess would be better if people could achieve those tasks solo, like 99% of the journal entries. There are some ghost servers (on Epic), where you have hard time to gather rift group once, not to mention 100 times. Sometimes time zones goes in the way, couse you need to fit the group in their spare time.