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  1. Browsing emotes through the menus is the reason I almost do not use them at all. In most other games you just type emote in text chat.
  2. From www.mmorpg.com: https://www.mmorpg.com/wurm-online/editorials/does-wurm-onlines-new-player-experience-hold-up-2000118972
  3. Would be toggle option for this like with FPS and speed indicators.
  4. Lately, when wow classic were released, also many people couldn't log in on first day. Also there were too few servers, so they quickly needed to add more. Now compare companies and money available. Releases are just like that. As for map size, it is true. I guess you much more easily find lands to settle on old servers.
  5. Doing push-ups while leveling seems like a decent option ; )
  6. I'am very curious, how those in-game maps are done (pictures)? Is it possible to get bigger version of pictures of already existing maps? Those in-game ones, are small and some people would like to have bigger versions to make their own maps. I know that we have map dumps but this version is nicer in my opinion.
  7. Also, option to choose random place to start, after character creation, would slighty lower a lag when servers opens. Couse problem is many players in one place, not many players on server. But I guess, it's little too late to suggest such features, day before the start : P
  8. More options are always good.
  9. Then I guess then it's just opinion vs opinion, not a fact. And I explained why it isn't true P2W shop, couse it requires additional factors like skills.