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  1. Full Steam Ahead

    As for incoming pvp server on steam, after pve release, are there any plans before, to fix bugs in valrei map? When Valrei map gonna be fixed to refresh immidiately, after moves, not after some unknown period of time or relogging (not always)? When Valrei map will be fixed to not show double item and show proper item icons and numbers? Currently, people use external maps, that work properly. I guess players gonna expect the same from an in-game map?
  2. I think, that they made something like that for x people missions, like a year ago, but not sure. If so, could just apply the same for the rest of the missions.
  3. So you are able to kill champion forest giant on your own? Yesterday there were 32 people on Epic, MRH + MRE got like 5, so those 27 were divided by JK and BL.
  4. If people leave couse of other reasons then empty servers then we cannot do anything. Bare minimum we can do as a players is just staying and playing.
  5. Back in the days, on technical university, we put our Counter Strike 1.6 server. Common thing that happened, that when you entered it, it was empty. Every day people came in, saw that it is empty and they disconnected. It would take me or other stubborn person, to sit there, for like an hour or two alone, and slowly more people came in. Afternoon it was full of players and others were waiting in a queue to get in. The same analogy is for Epic, or even other more populated servers. Players log in, see that none is there and log out. If some people are stubborn enough to still play, then in future more people will stay. It's just need people to get people : ) If we all gonna say that some server or game at all is dead, and stop playing, then more people will leave. If we gonna try, then more people will stay. Typical avalanche effect.
  6. I would be happy if there at least were implemented centering direction into S, N, W or E while riding. Could be something like clicking with CTRL on compass directions or just keybindings.
  7. Paying in advance is always risky if You afraid of changes, but at an advantage of lower price per month. Wurm is always about preparation before playing. Like someone said in Valrei International topic, preparation of saccables in form of vegetables was simpliest one anyway, amongst other saccables. They mentioned few times that vegetables still will be valid anyway. When Elevation was reset for the first time, dozens of players lost hundreds of hours of work put into deeds and other things. Many months or even years of payed premium. Without refund. What makes You think that You get refund couse of some premmed priest?
  8. I recently had few months brake with Wurm but now I'am back. Why? Couse, despite of all the flaws, there is no other game like Wurm Online.
  9. Even If we get sleep powders mostly, still better than yellow potions. Everything is better than yellow potions.
  10. Some people whine about removing player gods instead of balancing them. How do you think balance would look like? To balance existing priests you would need to nerf some, like Nahjo. So Nahjo priest owners would whine anyway. Unless by balance you guys mean making all other priests as overpowered as Nahjo, but then what's the point of so many gods in pantheon? Gods and priests should be rock/paper/scissors. You got some skills at the cost of others.
  11. Looks like after relogging, vehicle goes back to it's initial position, so maybe it's just client side bug.
  12. Still present. Makes any construction works in multistory buildings very annoying if you use wagon or large cart as a mobile container for building materials.
  13. Altough before placing, objects are marked in green, I cannot place any objects on right side of bar table, despite my position. I get "You cannot reach that spot to place..." info. When I try to place on center or left side of the table all is fine.
  14. That one were made with a spyglass, but without, effect is the same.