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  1. I would love that, like any more building possibilities...
  2. How would you like to prevent people from using alts? Even if you let people to have only 1 character per account, you won't stop anyone from making another account, bound to another e-mail address. How to distinguish alt from the main? How to distinguish alt from the beginner character? @CecciAs for deed holding, it just should be changed that one character can be a mayor for multiple deeds.
  3. I have heard that once, Smoke from Sol sold for over 3g on Epic, like over 5-8 years ago? It was just a rumor so cannot confirm that. I guess buyer wanted it really bad couse normal prices of it at that time were between 0,5-1,5g.
  4. All good but since the direction of the flow is slightly directed towards vertical axis, it should have a small chance to catapult rider from the saddle, on critical roll.
  5. Yes, that would be great. Especially for limited spaces at the mountains top, where you can finally have a water source.
  6. Would be nice if main Body stat could increase our size, like 1% or 2% per 10 points? So player with 50 body would be 5-10% bigger : )
  7. "No other players are online on Desertion (820 totally in Wurm)." That's reality of almost every day here, for very long time. I bet, uniques of this server (and there are many) treat me as an unique. "Look, it's a human!"
  8. Yes, and reed pen decays, you need to carry ink and book and pages. Really painful. I just want quick access notepad as an UI element.
  9. Would be great, more building possibilities - better.