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  1. You missed the fact, that spamming suggestions so frequently, will just make them vanish faster from everyone's memory.
  2. Ethereal legs Creature won't stuck at corners when being led. ; )
  3. Well, one thing for sure, Wurm could have more variety of monsters.
  4. It's that litte annoying thing every time after we start the game. For years. I remember, that before new UI, there were info that new UI gonna offer such utility (remembering all positions and order in the inventory). Sadly it won't.
  5. Hello Beardyman here. Sadly I cannot make it to this event couse had things in RL at that time. I'am glad you guys liked Epic. I hope, maybe in future, we could get both way skill transfer, so maybe few people decide to play here. Meanwhile, we wait...
  6. Category: Combat and Defense Theme Server: Desertion Deed: Strongwall
  7. Also would be nice if there was a chance for mission items like with digging.
  8. I hate when someone just type "lol" in post instead expand his thoughts, but.... lol
  9. Those were much wider ships then knarr that we see in Wurm. Here, it is basically much longer sailboat with many benches.
  10. Truth to be told, there is no way, knarr could hold 30 large crates. But I guess it is very convenient, and people get used to it for years. Large cargo, good speed, many passangers, shallow bottom. Flaws? What's the point for other ships when we have a knarr?
  11. There is no fresh start in Wurm. Only fresh land rush. Any new players, that would join wiped Epic, would be totally dominated by experienced players sooner or later. In skilling, in crafting, in pvp and on the trade field. We had a sample of this on Defiance. New players should not get false promises about fresh start that will be "fair for all".
  12. I don't want to play on freedom, I want to play on Epic. Allow people to play here by making both way skill transfers, so they don't feel like they just gonna waste time here. If merging with something then with Chaos only, do not convert our lands to freedom.
  13. There are few, me included : ) Truth to be told, I have some work after Steam release, helping some lost souls that tried to start on Epic, but then, after few weeks almost none. And like Skatyna said, most old players moved to freedom on skill transfer period, rest left this game anyway. Both way skill transfer, on fair terms ofc, would allow some people to play here, couse currently, that makes no sense for most players.