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  1. "Multi story house in Wurm Online" according to AI
  2. Geralt of Rivia https://www.artiffy.com/g/Geralt-of-Rivia-aCBnTePr2r6jpBe3U7QB1g
  3. Veteran is someone who lived through plenty of mistakes and learned from those.
  4. Ahhhh ****, here we go again. There are plenty ways that pvp servers could be changed, merged, exported, preserved or even solution for one big server to consolidate whole pvp community. Over past 5 years there were many, many, many topics and suggestions about that. Thing is, no actions have been made in this direction, despite latest Epic Elevation reset with weird changes suggested by players that left it after few months. Ahhh, yes, also Defiance was spawned for "fresh" experience. I bet there are no major plans to do anything with Epic/Chaos related in near future. So question is not what to do, but if anything is planned to be done.
  5. First were plans for VR in Wurm. Then, skill for making maps, in game, where people used to play without maps, learning their surroundings. Now another tuturial revamp. Couse people love using tutorials. Who make those decisions? Why precious time of small development team is wasted on those things? Like Wurm has no bigger problems.
  6. Besides, saccing signs to get war bonus, is from beginning such a stupid idea, who invented that? No logic, no immersion at all.
  7. Probably gonna be a black sheep, but I do not feel at all the need to have this skill, in game where people used to navigate without maps and generally had server map carved in their heads.
  8. Yeah, I also tried to mend shoulder pads and cannot be done.
  9. It is decorative item but it's just an item. Maybe it's time to allow us repairing those like most items.
  10. Ehhh, I missed black friday sale.
  11. Take into consideration that buying accounts was possible for long time of Wurm existence, thus many people bought accounts with names, that were not created by them. I know, they shouldn't if they do not like those names, right? wink wink And argument about hiding bad actions by changing name. How many times it was suggested that if you hover over new name you gonna see old name.... I guess not enough.
  12. So people that do not feel comfortable with their names, should rather create new character to avoid you feeling unconfortable about your friend list?
  13. Sadly, looks like owners rather open new clusters instead fixing existing one.
  14. I wish there would be an option to set just look of one season permanently. I like spring in Wurm and all it's green.