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  1. Some people had a lot of these stashed so maybe to avoid flood: - by alchemy + some moonmetal (yellow potion + 0,5kg glimmersteel etc) or - skill using karma (transmute yellow potion for 1000-3000 karma) Just thinking
  2. My bad then. Was convinced that once when I ried it it says that I need to remove reinforcements on the walls. Must have mistaken something.
  3. For sure, there should be no situation, like now, when we see banners and large braziers wich are inside the building and do not see building itself.
  4. big +1 Want to pass all deed buildings (about 30 or so) to my alt (current deed holder) and currently would need to set all permission again (for my main), in each one of them.
  5. Many people ask why it's needed. EXAMPLE: You want to lower floor in reinforced corridor. To do this you must remove reinforcment form floor AND walls. But when removing from walls you need to make ~ 50 actions + a chance that you gonna remove tile completely wich leads you to have a priest collapsing it WICH is a lot of trouble just for lowering the floor. Especially when you don't have an access to that kind of priest. This is simple as that, and yet over half topic some people wonder why it's needed.
  6. To not increase bsb capacity:
  7. What? How? Where? Remove = destroy = make normal tile
  8. If 1 action for installing reinforcement so also should be 1 action for removing it (at least for mayor)
  9. After alt-tabbing between clients mousover selection (like for example wall or vein) isn't active. You need to move mouse a little to make it active again. Otherwise you cannot perform actions.
  10. All stamina losses are reduced by 30% on lvl 11, starting on 6% from lvl 7.
  11. Leaded animals seems to catch up with us only if we stop. When we start to move they got onto some distance and then follow. Couse of this distance, there's always some chance, that you can stop leading them couse of some corner, when making turns. To prevent that we often stop for a while to get them closer or go for opposite wall to keep them as far as we can from the corner. Maybe we could just shorten distance of leaded animals or make them follow as sooner (as soon as we move, not with delay).
  12. If you have some windows open like chest or wagon/cart/boat etc and loose connection, then after automatic reconnection you got those windows closed. Now when you want to open them again, you have only "close" option, despite those windows are already closed. So you must click "close" and after that you have option to "open". Sometimes it's more bugged and you have both, "close" and "open" options on the list.
  13. Instead of 853. Because you can. Or slightly lower shards volume so we can fit 1000.
  14. bump Make reinforced and pave mine floors as fast as roads