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  1. Does Wurm on Steam gonna have separate team of GM's or it will be the same crew? You know, in case if someone got stuck in or under the bridge ; ).
  2. Just port all the existing servers to Steam, do not split playerbase more and more.
  3. People are always avoided hardcore grinding games, it's not a new trend. Latest trend was with very simplistic games that carried player on autopilot, and people started to hate it also, searching for more challenge. Best example is wow classic, that is very succesfull right now and is much more grindy then retail version, and expect more effort from player overall.
  4. Worst for Steam version.
  5. Worst case scenario: If Steam version fail, and investors decide to shut it down, how it gonna affect WO version? WO go down too, or will be independent like WU?
  6. Full Steam Ahead

    Why to split playerbase more and more? Create 4 different servers on Steam, with fresh maps: - Fresh PVE - new accounts only - Veteran PVE - new accounts and possibility for existing WO player to transfer here - Fresh PVP - new accounts only - Veteran PVP - new accounts and possibility for existing WO player to transfer here New Steam player, after character creation process, gonna get a warning, that if he choose veteran server, he would be playing alongside with stronger accounts. Important thing. If Steam player, after some time decide that it is too hard for him, he will always have an option to transfer to fresh version of the server. The same should be possible for Steam player that plays on fresh, and decide to try veteran. In this way, you could keep most of the existing playerbase together with the new one.
  7. From what I understand, code of bridges system is kinda magic for the developers, and they do not want to interfere to not mess this up much more. Don't know how it is coded, but maybe there is a possibility to hard code some kind of overlaying rule, thay if something is on the bridge, then never can go/teleport under the bridge? Would stop all those stucking under the bridge situations, when moving or when embarking/disembarking. But I guess it's not so easy?
  8. For some reason they just ignore all Valrei related bugs. All those bugs were reported so many times, mostly without any response from devs. I guess they have no time for this, couse always something else is on the top of to-do list.
  9. Thing is, that when you get some advantage in PVP (being a priest), it should go at a cost of some disadvantage in PVP. In Wurm, you get advantage in PVP at a cost of disadvantage in PVE really. Slower body stats gain doesn't count, couse people mostly priest up strong accounts anyway, and also, after recent pvp changes, I heard that body strength were nerfed in some way? Priests should be removed or should be just specialized units at some PVP costs. - healer - got heals and protective buffs, but after each heal casted, got his normal and magical damage output lowered for certain amount of time - elemental - got range damage dealing spells and damage increasing buffs, but after each dmg spell casted, got his healing abilities lowered dramatically for certain amount of time etc. just a general idea
  10. Shhhh, they do not like to touch bridges code. All the bugs still exist and probably gonna exist for a long time.
  11. My trader on Desertion give me like 1s a month. Deed upkeep is over 8s (1 templar included).
  12. Any info on this? This limitation seems too harsh. Now there need to be 1 tile gap around mine entrance, to build any bridges. I think, that bridges could be alligned to mine door (by bridge side of course) if the mine entrance has already flat bottom and upper borders.
  13. Checked and seems that from over 200 lamps that I have in underground, 36 went to the surface. I just counted missing ones. Lamps that were in underground buildings are untouched. Only those in mine corridors teleported.