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  1. My trader on Desertion give me like 1s a month. Deed upkeep is over 8s (1 templar included).
  2. Any info on this? This limitation seems too harsh. Now there need to be 1 tile gap around mine entrance, to build any bridges. I think, that bridges could be alligned to mine door (by bridge side of course) if the mine entrance has already flat bottom and upper borders.
  3. Checked and seems that from over 200 lamps that I have in underground, 36 went to the surface. I just counted missing ones. Lamps that were in underground buildings are untouched. Only those in mine corridors teleported.
  4. Lamps from underground teleported to the surface ALL OVER THE PLACE. It will be great fun to climb a rock pillar of 2500 slope height looking for MANY lamps (checked underground and there are many gone).
  5. Bravo! Even less reasons to go there if someone plays on Epic. And of course skins also will be available only on freedom.
  6. It's fixed. Thanks. But lamps are bugged, looks like turned off but gave light anyway.
  7. Recently I noticed, that when moving I often select all the things in my area, like floor, walls etc. Tested, and it looks that now, when you release your LMB (couse when walking and looking around we always had LMB pushed) you automatically select thing, that is under the cursor, in moment of release. Noticed that, when I selected my wagon on ground floor, then walked to the second floor, and when I was accidentally releasing LMB, I kept targeting things on my way, thus losing targeted wagon.
  8. So, living on home server, I lost my Stamina of Vibrant Light. How exactly it helps people having fun on Elevation? I always put a lot of time in terraforming and it was very useful for me.
  9. Those merchant contracts should just disappear after crossing like deed papers. It's strange that I need to pass them to another character to be able to portal to Elevation.