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  1. Will be monitoring situation, but so far: - 1 operated constantly at day and night - 2 were off at day and night - when trying to light hem, they go off so fast, that fuelling so quick is very hard, but even when I managed to do this, they went off anyway. On my old deed I got fireplaces (3 or 4) that was also constantly on at days and night, that's why I thought that this is their normal behaviour. Latest news, got night at Wurm and all 3 are on.
  2. Checked the situation and currently, on daytime, all 3 are off... Tried loading -> unloading and nothing changed. Fireplaces go off just a second after light on.
  3. 1. Epic, Desertion. 2. All 3 on deed, in the building. 3. Havn't tried loading/unloading. Just pushed a little to check if there is any difference. Gonna try to to load/unload later today. 4. Havn't played much last few days, so do not know if there are any issues on Desertion.
  4. Today: - login on night in-game: all fireplaces are lit - login o day in-game: first fireplace lit, second and third off Looks like two fireplaces turn off on daytime and not always lit on nightime. Third is fully operating.
  5. Got 3 rare fireplaces 39.8 ql 40.4 ql 27.14 ql First one, works normally, once it been lit, stays lit all the time. Second and third were light on and fueled just after finishing, and stayed lit for about one day. On the next day both went off in the same time. If I try to light them on, they immidiately go off and stay like that on day and night. Tried to light them on many times, and they still go off just after that.
  6. Erupt spell in Mag domain

    I tried to erupt two tiles from mag altar (20-30 quality or so), and had vyn altar like 20 tiles from same spot and got info: "Magranon domain must be the strongest one" Or something like that. Maybe imping Mag altar would help.
  7. Erupt spell in Mag domain

    Building Magranon altar isn't so hard but problem is that Mag domain must be the strongest one, in place where you want to use erupt. Same for mines. If I want to use it on my deed with few 90+ altars of Vynora, then I have a problem. so +1
  8. When you need solid bridge support

    Sky is the limit.
  9. Yeah, looks that ceiling height isn't an issue in this case. Looks like some really weird bug I never occured. Try to apply a ticket ingame, maybe some GM can look closer at this. Only idea that comes to my mind is that maybe there were already fence at this specific border that were bashed, and some bugged invisible leftovers remained. Something like this happens when bashed fence is at the border of the bridge, but it looks like incompleted fence. In your case there are no signs of a visible object.
  10. Check if ceiling height is high enough. If it's too low, you won't be able to build tall fences.
  11. Gold mirror???

    Were suggested many times, that with name change option could be included feature, that displays old name for certain period of time. For example: Wolfman "known as Wilczan"
  12. Uniques Overhaul

    Desertion currently looks like hunting server. Plenty of mobs everywhere, steppes filled with horses, bisons and other things. At least 5 uniques spotted by myself, could be more. And by coming here, you bring all your stats, so only need gear and horses wich some people can provide. If someone on freedom would like to kill unique just for fun, and cannot do it couse of constant penning and private slayings, can easily do it here.
  13. Bridge falling ..

    There are many bridges related bugs that are still not fixed after years. I'am preparing to write some long post about all of this. I love brisges feature but after initial creation and few fixes, this topic seems to be forgotten...
  14. things

    U don no wat he means, yo?