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  1. Existing player-god names would perfectly fit any candy-bar line of products.
  2. Like Gary said, remove player gods, give some new spells to default gods. Congratulations
  3. Just make an underground chamber 3x3, all tiles must have flat floor. Center tile will be insanity one. At least it's working for me that way.
  4. I don't know why
  5. +1 for even numbers like 250, 500, 1000 also worth to mention that changinging bsb capacity would also be nice (from 1999 bricks to 2000, from 853 rock shards to 1000 etc)
  6. big +1
  7. +1 ofc on deed only, so you won't get tooltip for "hidden" rock mine doors outside
  8. Like I said, if bridge is connected to the building, you can destroy it completly by removing the building or you need to bash every single tile. If bridge is connected to the ground only, I'am afraid that you need to bash every single tile. Info from the wiki: " Any bridges connected directly to a structure will disappear with the structure. Bridges connecting to the ground in front of a structure will remain. "
  9. I think if bridge is attached to the buildings and you destroy one of them, whole bridge gonna disappear.
  10. and with "texturizer" filter from PS:
  11. But we don't need to adjust reins or horses in wurm. They are going straight like a bullet. Problem is, we cannot adjust direction precisely.
  12. We all know this. Riding vehicle on long road, autorunning. You try to set it to the center of the road, but minimal degree of turning make it difficult to set ideally. So in time, if you do not correct direction, you gonna drive from the road. More precise turning would allow to set direction with better accuracy.