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  1. Bump Basically would be nice to have a new model of window, that would look like portcullis, but without those wheels. Please?
  2. This And after playing Morrowind/Skyrim/Fallout3/NV etc which are single player rpg's with let's say open-sandbox-like world I have searched for sandbox mmos and never saw someone mention Wurm. Got here only couse some polish players on polish mmorpg forum have found it.
  3. Wow. First time I see person that wants to be payed for joining someone's village. Normally, if you join village, you are rather expected to give something (like helping or adding to upkeep) not be payed. Sometimes you do not have any expectations from villagers (I have never asked any of my villagers to give anything).
  4. Not 100% sure but isn't all his videos in german laguage?
  5. 100 repair, still cannot repair shoulder pads. I guess it's alien technology.
  6. I voted for other couse I'am torn here. On the one hand, it would help new players to find a place to settle. Wurm is confusing enough for them. On the other hand, it does not exactly fit Wurm idea of doing things on your own, discovery and not being hold by hand. So, mayyyyyyybe it could be only active for the period of other newbie buffs?
  7. It made a hole in the wall and dropped somwhere below the game world to be found later on the surface, so I guess doesn't matter if there would be a trench around or not. Not to mention that id did double mine entrance vertical: )
  8. Impossible, they got out sooner or later. I even saw holes in the reinforced walls, made by uniques, leading outside the underground into the void, so GM needed to fix them. Many times unique trapped in reinforced mine covered with dirt get out anyway.
  9. I agree. In past 3 years of living here (Desertion) mostly alone, I have so many problems with uniques that I cannot even count it. Maybe uniques should have some kind of mechanic that stops them on the perimeter already. Perimeter should work like a wall for them, so they won't even cross it, not to mention going into the deed.