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  1. the cape spot

    It's about animated cape that follow us and bark and bite things? That's an evil concept.
  2. Concerns about the Modern renderer

    Are there any plans of improving distant terrain? It's a case when you see a building on the spike or tall hill, and building seems to be bigger then ground below it, looking like it's sides flow in the air. All couse mountain/hill is simplified couse of distance. Would be nice if distant terrain matched render distance of buildings and other structures. Also issue when you see tall banners and wagons inside the buildings before building itself show up.
  3. [Bug] Reference to stasis spell

    Couse friend is a kind of food, at least for dragon's, trolls etc.
  4. There were many players that left Epic, and didn't joined Chaos or freedom, just left the game. Many of them does not follow forums anymore. I think that would be nice to give them heads up about incoming changes, by sending them email + forum notifications, so if they decide to join, then gonna have some time before, to prepare like the rest of players. Could be just link to new Elevation poll, so they can vote and read about all the changes planned.
  5. A New Elevation

    Maybe deity, that wins a scenario, should also boost it's kingdom on Elevation in some way? Some sort of combat bonuses, small speed bonus for boats etc.? Many possibilities. This way, people doing missions on home servers, could help those on Elevation, while earning karma/sleep bonus/rewards anyway. Could be even done, that each particular mission completion give some bonus for Ele. This way even if scenario looks bad for one side (looks like no chances to win), players could still "buff" their kingdom on Ele.
  6. Current state of bridges

    Thought that this matter gonna result in discussion of some sort about bugs and improvement, but well. Just gonna post mentioned bugs as a separate bugs in server bugs section, so none will said it wasn't reported.
  7. A New Elevation

    Does Valrei missions will be active on new Elevation?
  8. Back button on crafting recipes window

    +1 Would be very useful
  9. Bidges have ownership data, couse they recognize person who built them, allowing this person only, for a name change. So maybe, at least give us possibility to destroy whole bridge at once, by owner? Like we can do with buildings. So we don't need to bash it tile by tile, couse if you have over 30 tile-long bridge, destroying it take huge amount of time, even if you are deed mayor.
  10. A New Elevation

    Where did I said that I'am happy with current state? Reason is that there were multiple suggestions from some people to reset skills or remove home servers and I'am just answering to that.
  11. Make name change Possible.

    Discussion old as Wurm. And as always people write about reputation etc, while still creating countless alts or accounts and selling/buying accounts is available. Funny.
  12. A New Elevation

    Why anyone should be forced to change their server? Couse some people want to start fresh from vanilla? Most of people that wants resetting Epic skills or removing home servers, are currently playing on Chaos. Why don't you suggest to reset Chaos map, your skills and disconnect it from freedom? Then you can pretend playing vanilla server. I said pretend, couse vanilla it will be only for new noobs, that gonna be soon spanked by old players, who thanks to good knowledge about the game, gonna very fast catch up on skills, deed building etc.
  13. A New Elevation

    You weren't forced, but I understand that you could feel this way. Thing is, that after leaving, you started to praise Chaos and spit of Epic, posting all the time about closing it. Truth is, you all got tricked by the "oh, my skills won't trensfer to Epic so I must play on freedom". I stayed on Epic, skilled here, despite one way skill transfers, and now I should be punished for my dedication? People that left, gonna go back here and vote about faith of home servers???
  14. A New Elevation

    Would be hard to say and investigate who is playing on home servers currently and who just crossed back from Chaos/Freedom earlier, just for vote.