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  1. Please make it so. Another mission with killing 55 crabs. I check all the coastal areas and only found few. Wogic hits hard
  2. You lost stuff on Chaos or on Epic?
  3. Damn, great graphics update. Now, any location looks twice better, especially with tress, that couse many interesting light/shadow effects. Also nights, that used to be just dark dull and boring, now looks great. Next step of improving would be increasing draw distance of objects, including presenting full objects. It is shame to see sometimes bridge or road cut in half, only couse it's on the edge of a draw distance. Also things like tall banners and crate racks visible sooner then building itself.
  4. That is sweet how you both liked each other posts. Anyway, wandering uniques are real problem for deed walls, especially on Epic, where breach in the wall means breach in the defense.
  5. In last scenario, Mag, Libila and Fo landed on the same tile. Libila had few items, and when she moved, Mag fought with her and won. Items dropped on the tile and Libila landed in home location. All, ok. Then Fo managed to move little sooner, before Magranon, and took all the items without any fight. Then I'am staring at this, thinking why I even bothered to put any effort into Mag missions to get him there. I do not know the code, but it is really so hard to change, that Mag and Fo would be hostile against each other on Valrei?
  6. Plus optionally forbidden entering deeds, so players won't wake up with unique in their houses.
  7. As in title. This way uniques cannot be penned by walls/fences but also would stop damaging player deeds. You could still pen them in caves.
  8. No, actually 16th floor is the limit ; ) Overall - great! And, yes, Astarte is the best.
  9. Warden rune. Cost - xxxx marks / x silver Attach a rune to any item or vehicle to prevent it's decay completely, while on a deed. Additionally slow down decay of item/vehicle by 50% while not on a deed.
  10. That could be the main source of the problem. Some people just try a game, make an account fast, go out the newbie area, see some barrels or ther things, then try to take it, etc. They could not even know that they are doing something wrong. Especially if area is opened, they can miss info in event window, about entering a deed. Ofc I do not negate possibility that it's just some player that is stealing from you.
  11. Discard option + increased decay rate outside of deed, couse I bet, that even with discard option, some lazy people gonna left them on the ground anyway.
  12. Despite 100 rifts being doable or not... Today we finished 1 rift. Only two players, it took a lot of time. My reward? 0,26 kg of rare seryll lump. Biggest waste of time I have ever seen. We had similar amounts of participation points.