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  1. I'm looking to sell off several gold. The rate is .95 euro per silver via paypal, or the USD equivalent. You can contact me through the forums/discord, or ingame(although I'll likely be afk.) Thanks.
  2. I'm looking to sell off my account Williamwierd. Currently I'm just taking offers, and I'm not in a particular rush to sell. Will come naked with a sailboat, I can slap on some basic items if need be on request. https://niarja.com/universes/Online/clusters/freedom/skills/Williamwierd Tomes: Smoke of sol, white cherry, red tome, blood of angels, green cherry, giant walnut, green tome, black tome, blue tome, libram of the night, slime of uttacha. Path of knowledge rank 11. Has Enlightened title, champion emeritus, and most every PvP-related title. No warnings, premium time until 27 Mar 2020.
  3. I'm looking to sell off some simple items. DM me over discord or message me over the forums if you're interested in anything. Black scale set with white sleeves, comes with 83ql glimmer helmet(uncasted, around 80ql) - 170s Black scale set, 90ql 80+ Web armour - 180s Bag of Keeping - 100s Wand of the Seas - asking price 200s. Rare bones - 15s ea Supreme forges - 18s ea Rare forges(tons) - 5s ea
  4. 50s sold, 50s remaining.
  5. WTS 1g

    I'm looking to sell off 100s via paypal. Rate is 1s = 1euro, can message me over forums, ingame, or over discord under the same name if you're interested. Thanks
  6. Sold

    I'm looking to sell off 40s via paypal at the rate of 1s-1euro, or the USD equivalent. You can contact me ingame, over the forums, or over discord under the same name. Thanks.
  7. Closed

    Enough has been sold, can close the thread.
  8. wta

    2 coppers
  9. .

    Looks like a duplicate, that works fine