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  1. Ordered plenty o bulk, twas made and delivered faster than most without hassle. I'll probably order again next time I need bulk.
  2. This seems like it'd get plenty of players to return. Overall this is a nice idea, however items should really be a no-go. The free curve they get makes every item easier to improve compared to freedom, moonmetals are easier to get, and it'd probably just end up crashing the market all around due to a lot of them transferring, or transferring alts, to simply dump their items into the market.
  3. Bump. updated picture with current stock.
  4. Sent. Thanks again
  5. Sent everything out. Thanks alot. Updating picture - I still have another rare mortar and pestle, longbow, and measuring jugs.
  6. Thank you [21:14:20] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  7. I'm looking to sell off some rares. Just message me on the forums, post here, or PM me ingame if I'm on and I'll send it ASAP. Thanks.
  8. Hello. I'm looking to sell off 30s, 1eu/1.1usd per silver via paypal. If you're interested, just send a PM over the forums or /t me ingame if I'm on. Thank you.
  9. I'm looking to sell off a gold coin once again at the rate of 1s-1euro/1.1usd via paypal. If interested, contact me via the forums or ingame. Thank you.
  10. Bump
  11. I'm looking to sell off another 50s. The price is 1s per 1 euro or 1.1 USD via Paypal. Just contact me ingame when I'm on or via the forums. Thank you.
  12. bump
  13. I'm fine with splitting it up fablecrafter. Just whisper me if you're interested. edit: some of it has been sold, currently 1 gold left.
  14. Once more I'm looking to sell off some silver, this time around a larger amount at the rate of 1 euro/1.1 USD per silver. Just contact me ingame or via the forums. Thank you. Edit: Still have one gold left, won't be online ingame most of the day but I'll be on the forums.
  15. Haya. I don't remember this being around last time I sparred with someone, but I recently sparred with a friend in order to damage them so their crafting timers would be higher. We started sparring, they took off their weapon mid-spar, and it ended with me winning. I reselected them as a target out of habit, and it let me "win" a second time. Then a third, and after a few times I managed to wound them once again despite having already won multiple times. This could be continued on and on, and I could continue either wounding them or "winning" 5 minutes later as well. We tested it a second time, with the same results. As far as I know we didn't do anything special to cause these results, so I believe that sparring is simply a bit buggier than usual right now.