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  1. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    As the game currently stands, being a priest is another pvp requirement. You don't need to become one, the same as you don't need to be PoI and can go PoK. It's just another arm you have to cut off if you want to be relevant in pvp fights.
  2. New HotA System

    Just an idea, keep all MM that spawns inside of the camp unmovable. When a kingdom wins, any MM inside their 4 battle camps gets teleported to their capital, along with the hota statue -- or wherever the last conquered battle camp was, if you want to promote the idea that they can be intercepted with these goodies. This encourages people to conquer enemy battlecamps that have been held for awhile, and enemies to defend these battle camps. It'd also help keep away certain forms of alt abuse.
  3. [Fixed] Fun with Slots

    You can currently throw empty slots at other creatures. As a result, you get a question mark bag on the ground that can never be moved no matter what you do. [00:20:11] You cannot move that. update: you can move it if it's in a pile
  4. [Fixed] Mine Door bug

    I entered a mine door from the side on a tamed Hellhorse. As a result, I could only stand on top of the mine doors, as well as any other mine doors(including other types), and not enter them. I was able to reproduce it four times in a row reliably with two different mine doors, both metal. Relogging immediately fixed this issue.
  5. sold

  6. sold

    I'm looking to sell off another 40s for 40 euros via paypal. Pm me over the forums or ingame if you're interested. Thank you.
  7. sold

  8. sold

    I'm looking to sell off 40s for 40 euros via paypal. If you're interested just PM me over the forums or ingame. Thank you.
  9. sold

    I'm looking to selling off 50s for 50euros via paypal. Just message me ingame or over the forums if you're interested. Thank you.
  10. Meditation Path Change Proposition

    This could work as a decent stopgap until they can rework meditation properly. +1
  11. If you're interested in joining a kingdom on chaos to PvP in, I suggest the following kingdoms. They're currently the only kingdoms actively recruiting. If you want to contact them ingame, try maximillian/evadaly for pandemonium, and tedzogh/spyte/vomusu for wurm university.
  12. WTS/WTT Red Tome charges - 70s/euro

  13. WTS/WTT Red Tome charges - 70s/euro

  14. WTS/WTT Red Tome charges - 70s/euro