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  1. buyout on 11 To williamwierd, please
  2. Buyout to williamwierd
  3. 95,93ql dog pelt - 99coc // 99c to williamwierd please
  4. You accidently sent the lump and mallet for 3c a piece, you can CoD a piece of junk for the remainder
  5. best enchanted items

    string of cloth, cotton 10ql 0dmg 0,20weight COC87 - 90c To williamwierd, please
  6. Marble Shards c86 (75c) to Williamwierd please
  7. 309. file, iron (coc102) ql38 price 3s 2s 307. awl, iron (coc99) ql 2 price 1s40c 1s to williamwierd, please
  8. Whetstone 98 QL 4 dmg 99 CoC - 2.5s to williamwierd, please
  9. Exquisite meditation rug QL_80 CoC_102 6,0s lump, iron QL_90 CoC_95 2,0s Mallet, oakenwood QL_84 CoC_95 2,0s to williamwierd, please
  10. Hello. Again, I'm looking to sell off some silver at the price of 1usd per silver via paypal. PM me via the forums or ingame if you're interested, I can do smaller amounts but the whole sum is preferred. Have a good day.
  11. bump. I'm back now, will be around for quite awhile.
  12. I'm looking to quickly sell off another 20 silver for 20 usd. Just pm me via the forums or ingame and I'll reply to you as soon as I see it. Have a good day.
  13. Seven of the highest ql rift crystals to Williamwierd, please.
  14. best enchanted items

    clay 27ql 0dmg 2,00weight COC82 - 70c lump, steel 16ql 0,96dmg 0,40weight COC85 - 80c rock shards 40ql 0dmg 20,00weight COC76 - 55c needle, iron 14ql COC83 - 70c scissors, iron 12ql COC79 - 60c leather knife, iron 8ql COC88 - 95c spatula, oakenwood 8ql COC82 - 70c It's about time I restock on a few side tools. CoD em all to williamwierd
  15. Bump, for the poor fishes, sleeping with looms and statues.