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Found 75 results

  1. Sold Please Close

    Looking to sell a rare strange bone 20S or best offer.
  2. WTS rare strange bone [SOLD]

    Looking for 20s, but you can offer. sold for 18s
  3. Supreme strange bone

    WTS Supreme strange bone Starting bid: 60s Buyout: none Min increase: 1s Sniper protection : 30min
  4. WTA Rare Strange Bone

    Rare Strange Bone - Auction Starting bid: 20s Reserve: None Bid increments: 50c Buyout: 25s 2 hour sniper protection [20:04:27] This looks like the collar bone from some animal. These are said to provide luck. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It can not be improved.
  5. WTA Rare strange bone

    WTA Rare strange bone Starting bid: 19 silver Min increase: 0,5 silver Reserve: none Buy out 24s Sniper protection: 1 hour
  6. sold please close

    Customize anything you can carry in your inventory into a rare version of it without risk of failure/destroyed. want a rare drake jacket, your favorite highly enchanted weapon that's seen you through the mobs and wars..use this rare bone to convert it to a better/rare version of it's former self...get yours today 20s
  7. I was hoping to let this run to the end. Auction is over due to a buyout offer that we simply couldn't turn down. Possibly only one of as many as you could count on one hand have been gained in past years.. The Chaos Troll King, slain by The Crusaders on the Day of Wurm, Year 1067. Butchered by the Wizard Chief Xsamuraizx the Maginificent Holiness. [12:54:54] This looks like the collar bone from some animal. These are said to provide luck. This is a fantastic example of the item, with fascinating design details and perfect ideas for functionality. Start Bid: 350E/3.5g Reserve: Hidden 25E/25s Bid Increments 1 Hour Sniper Protection. Private offers accepted, bids will be posted here with the buyer remaining anonymous.
  8. WTT Rare strange bone from Blue Dragon + 70ql, cedar wood Knarr with anchor and lock for Rare Knarr ! Quality, rune or crates do not matter. Anyone interested, PM me or post here! Thanks!
  9. wts Rare Strange bone!

    Looking to sell this bone I dug up! 25s or 25e
  10. Sold, Please Close

    WTS Rare Bone 25s PM here on forums or in-game, name is the same.
  11. You will bid on: Bid increment : Minimum increment of 1s on the bone Minimum of 50c on the skull. Sniper protection : 1 hour Timer : Nota : As usual, auction income will be shared within the deliverance hunting group. *(So for the haters, Odynn only get a share of that money.)
  12. WTS Rare Strange Bone

    Hello, i have for sell Rare strange Bone - 30s
  13. WTS Rare Bone

    Want to sell Rare Strange Bone 25s Open to negotiation.
  14. [SOLD]WTS rare bone

    As title says, rare bone 26s, negotiable (make an offer). Also accepting trade with 0.5kg raw scale.
  15. WTB 5.75kg of Dragon Scale Feel free to send it to me at 65 copper/.01kg in quantities more than .01kg.... and 50 copper if only .01kg. WTB One of each Valrei item for now, as I have none. WTB Fantastic Bones! (only fantastic not interested in supreme or rare) Feel free to msg me about payment arrangements. Generally I prefer silver in game. If you want paypal payments I will require the item in game first before sending payment.
  16. Sold

    Wts blue dragon rare strange bone-25s
  17. WTS Rare White Dragon Hatchling Strange Bone 25s
  18. Rare Strange Bone - SOLD

    Rare Forest Giant Strange Bone [20:30:38] This looks like the collar bone from some animal. These are said to provide luck. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. 30s or best offer, PM Chimerical on the forums or Joelle in-game.
  19. Start Bid: 25s Min Inc: 1s No Reserve No Buyout
  20. - S O L D - I'm offering a Rare Strange Bone: This bone allows you to turn any item in your inventory into a rare version! Can be mailed (buyer pays CoD) or picked up in SE Deliverance (X-41, Y-39). Price: 30s 25s .
  21. WTS rare bone 20e

    Black scale set - 270e or 3g Reserved pending sale Rare tools - 30e or 35s (each) SOLD Rare bone 20e
  22. Rare Strange Bone Auction

    We are auctioning off a rare strange bone: Starting bid: 20s Minimum increment: 1s Buyout: PM me Thanks, and good luck!
  23. plz close

    Got it!
  24. Start bid: 25s Min inc: 1s No Reserve No Buyout
  25. WTB Rare Strange Bone

    Hello, i will buy RARE STRANGE BONE. Please PM to me.