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  1. [16:20:47] <Darwin> coming to wurm for combat is like going to call of duty for the farming
  2. [16:40:51] <Darwin> all wurm pvp servers should be random-teleport on login for all characters
  3. oh my god is he dead? If this news is true, all of KJ will come help build it right away ! RIP
  4. [12:35:28] <Darwin> Donald Trump is 74, and he is male. [12:35:41] <Darwin> Little else is known about him.
  5. [12:03:33] <Eyerobot> i mean full contact baseball is fun
  6. put this as the main vid lmao, ima make more meme ones later
  7. look at the Date on the video. if you want (comedic) pvp videos here i make them. PVP is a unique community completely separate from PVE, WAY different style and friend groups.
  8. I have never met a man more passionate about imping than Rinja. THE YEAR WAS 1892 i was just a simple farmer then.... back when times were tough and nobody was around to imp our armor for so cheap. My family had spent every last penny trying to afford simple armor upkeep. the farm was surely to be lost .... BUT THEN A MIGHTY HERO RIDES ON A MAKESTIC WHITE BRONC.... he gazed at me and the romantic tension could cut through steel .... ever since that day I’ve received the cheapest armor imps... and most love. i will always love him. buy his stuff.
  9. I’ve read this 5 times and I don’t get it? What are you asking?