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  1. glad nobody cares about this one still lol
  2. I don’t see a reason why it should be removed at all, especially for players with a lot less play time it helps with hard to get skills such as MED or LP adjust? Maybe. Remove ? No.
  3. please don’t remove meditation or lockpicking for players with much less play time it makes those skills even harder to acquire. Why take that away. Just adjust.
  4. [18:51:28] <Beastwulf> i have 8 fathers [18:52:20] <Viceren> All related. *Banjo starts playing*
  5. sounds like it needs a better workaround for people abusing the wait timer rather than punishing people who arent.
  6. mag dropped me at 15 faith now i have to wait 7 days just to have a god i understand if you swap faiths waiting 7 days but im stuck being godless not able to use mechanics for 7 days. seems off.
  7. [15:19:13] <Spyte> BL looks like roads in Polish or even Ukraine
  8. "limits" pve? pve is the center focus of all wurm lmfao.
  9. if you only live on epic it doesn't have much relevance its very different between chaos/freedom