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    Beastwolf looks very surprised as Enki suddenly rips the heart out of his body.

    [21:18:43] <Liquidangel> seals are planning something -- [21:18:52] <Liquidangel> everytime i turn there is one staring at me

    [01:56:16] Fuegan falls asleep in the window with a longbow grumbling 'let the mother##ers come...ill take em all'

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  1. been busy in law school, miss my wurm folk
  2. all thanks to Guest Loganmom lol
  3. i plan to be there to quietly watch everyone from the corner like a creep
  4. If i was a catfish this would 100% be the photo id use
  5. MY BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ONE of the best sellers ive ever met 10/10 Rolf himself buys from him.
  6. I miss you all... so here's my cat
  7. it looks like youre watching me sleep, but i give consent.
  8. WTS Still going to spam this in trade chat but thought I'd bundle it all on a post for fun. The prices some pretty cheap some normal. Supreme pickaxe 17imbue 35s Supreme Tin shovel 77botd (unique GM item) 35s Bag of keeping 75s Valentines 1s each (3x) Yule goat 1.5s Spyglass 2s 4,000 quality worth of gems for 16s come get them 8,500 dirt 5s
  9. It's a beautiful Nogump with a purple light. Starting Bid: 5s Min. increments: 1s Sniper protect: 30mins Buyout: I meannnnn daddy's gotta eat, if it's enough to get me a nice lunch. *Batteries not included see stores for more details*
  10. someone had the time and money- Auction done babes
  11. Starting Bid: 2s Min. increments: 1s Sniper protect: 30mins Buyout: sure I guess *Bag is included* (Not Going to sit and open all the dropdowns nothing is super low quality or anything) Lmao sorry for the flint and steel I left in there.