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  1. Was kinda my guess but decided to post in bugs cause there isn't really info on this anywhere.
  2. If not can someone at least explain how or why this shows money but i cant sell? I do not understand. [22:09:42] A heavy lump of dull grey lead. [22:09:15] There are apparently no coins in the coffers at the moment. Economics - Kings coffers: 3 silver, 9 copper and 17 iron (30917 irons).
  3. MY PET BOAT Bergerboat This Boat is unique to me because it was my first impression of Chaos ever. Necro took me to old MR deeds and we found some boats including this boat with a 98.8ql lock made and Owned still by Jberg at the time. I could pick it at the time i was still newish. My first ever boat i lockpicked was right next to it with a .6% chance. The me and necro crashed into an enemy deed after we fell asleep sailing in drake. 5 YEARS LATER I stubble upon it and still owned by jberg who hasn't been there since. Was my first memory on Chaos and I live with it now in my house lol
  4. [14:13:45] <Tamat> Rumours of The venerable hardened Darwin are starting to spread. [14:13:45] <Tamat> Rumours of The venerable hardened Darwin are starting to spread. [14:14:11] <Zethreal> I don't want to know why Darwin is hardened.
  5. Hi Beastwolf

    Any chance you can invite me to your kingdom in Chaos server? Is there any requirement to join it?


    I'm honest with you, I don't think I gonna play there for now, doing mostly to be able to craft staff of a specific kingdom. But never say never, I'm an ok fighter with decent crafting skills and one day I will have a try on some pvp action ;)


    Let me know if the invite is possible and if we can meet.


    Thanks in advance


    1. Beastwolf


      Heyo! We are mostly looking for active players :), new or old. More often than not people will try and join "act" like they are playing and leave so they can farm wagons/banners. Sad we even have to look out for that. You are however welcome to play with us anytime!


      We do tend to kick out people that are obviously not very interested in playing and are on freedom 24/7. We aren't strict, it's just easy to tell when you've done it this long. :)

  6. [16:53:34] You start to cast 'Nolocate' on a necklace. [16:53:35] You stop hiding. also [17:00:36] After you finish sacrificing you will start hiding. Maybe its intended as a joke lol
  7. madnath you won, ill get em to you GANG
  8. ONE DAY FLASH SALE, LEGACY ITEMS Extremely Unique for Collectors (They Are From Chaos Old Old) Starting Bid: 5s Increments: 1s Sniper Protect: 2 hours Buyout: Maybe (Note: Cannot be mailed we will have to meet) Descriptions: Pickaxe Flint/Steel
  9. i like, also add a shared trade chat with all servers