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  1. [11:25:28] <Darwin> no villager has ever stayed in avillage in wurm longer than a month
  2. its not that i dont want to see other titles, but sometimes i want to specifically see their name and not check a box everytime i feel like reading titles or names (also things like champion of vynora etc you cant hide so still have to see a long name if you truly hated it)
  3. Add Insanity Hallucinations that are Guards from disbanded Kingdoms that lasted at least 2+ years doubt it'd be hard to add the images to RNG pick of tower guard from hallucination.
  4. [01:33:06] The net trap has an open seam that must be backstitched with an iron needle to improve. pretty sure you can use any metal now.
  5. Also any other thing such as "fo heals" fo fo fo fo everything comes from fo no matter what.
  6. [13:59:26] You start to pray at the Altar of Three. [14:00:37] You send your prayers to Fo. [14:00:37] You finish your prayer to Vynora. Found this earlier today, it always assumes your Fo even though I'm Vynora. Non essential but ehh something.
  7. [19:33:45] <Waarokku> now we rub your feet for good luck right?
  8. [20:07:07] Beastwolf is now a Champion of Vynora! [20:07:58] <Pandylynn> who ok'd that [20:21:31] <Pandylynn> propaganda!
  9. <Explora> self quarantine is as effective against trolls as corona virus
  10. [22:03:21] <Viremental> Beast the efficenty with these witch hats lmfaoo
  11. only happens to valrei map, normal maps are fine