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  1. Can we get the Valrei mobs back on chaos? Not sure why they were taken out, but always thought it was fun to run in to a Nogump in the middle of a hunting trip. Also, if they aren't going to be brought back, can we at least get moments of inspiration when killing mobs/butchering/burying? If we're gonna continue to turn chaos into a freedom server then might as well get some of the perks of it.
  2. please fix this, annoying to see boars triggering the settlement alarm in the middle of the night
  3. I like giving boat economy a boost. They're fun to build, but aren't worth anything anymore. So here's an idea, instead of the boats taking damage and dealing with decay, we go off of the mooring anchor and winds. If the winds are at gale force, let them move a boat a tiny bit every so often. If the boat is moored while a gale is happening then the moor takes an extra tick or 2 of dmg. Eventually the mooring anchors would break and the boat would be set free to move with strong winds. As more time passes these loose boats may even find their way to the server border at which time they cross to chaos. Makes anchors more important, would add openings to the boat market, also adds some more immersion by seeing boats slowing moving across servers if abandoned, and it would give chaos players new toys to abuse.
  4. I'd strongly agree with this if there Were any hots kingdoms, but there arent and havent been for quite a while
  5. I really happy there will be a dedicated discussion to the PvP changes. This should help most PvPers feel like we're no longer the redheaded stepchild of the community The proposed changes look and sound great to me as of right now.
  6. What the...... is this the one i gave you the other day as a token of our friendship!? Time to find some crabs to lock in your room
  7. Ran into a bug on my Mag priest, on Chaos. Was able to fire a Ballistae while Faithful was still enabled and then was hit with a faith skill loss.
  8. Pretty cool, def gonna be play around with it. The large servers make excel lag a bit when u zoom out all the way, which is a little funny to me. I love looking at the maps and playing with them, this will give me another option.
  9. Beastwolf is a Bum but the set is in snipe protection. As of right now 40 min left
  10. I think there might have been some confusion about what i posted before. I don't know you or anything about you. The comments i made were off of my own experiences and nothing else. What I was trying to say previously is that there is a use for KoS. I like how the mechanic for KoS works and i would keep it as is
  11. -1 I've had a few people molesting my deed, just looking for anything not planted or secured so they could steal it. They would come to the deed almost weekly, but KoS put an end to that. If you get put on KoS you have to manually be placed on the list and more then likely you pissed someone off. Simple solution, if your needing to travel through the deed, would be to go around.
  12. I know Wurm has its fair share of trolls in the population and others that like to play victim, but had heard this from people in a couple different groups and wanted clarification.
  13. I've been hearing stories from multiple people stating that someone was recently banned for terraforming off-deed. What are the details about this if it is true? Some of the stories I've heard involve griefing as the cause and some others that a Wurm Dev didn't like it was so close in proximity to his deed. I do a lot of terraforming off-deed and I would hate to be banned for something i thought i was in the clear. Sorry if there's another post on the topic, was looking for information on this, but didn't see anything.