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  1. Wurm University - Chaos Kingdom

    The link to the website application no worky worky
  2. Sorcery Titles

    Make a drop down menu with a list of the sorcery titles that you've earned or used the appropriate item for. Can be under the /titles window. Ex. if someone a Male character has used the Slime of Uttacha, a White Cherry, and the Black Tome, then they should have the option to pick from "Witch Hunter", "Enchanter", "Necromancer", or "Wizard".
  3. PC Wurms 5th Best Potter

    sadly what you said doesn't come off as a joke.
  4. WTA Rare Ravager Mask

    Polojordan please Thank you!
  5. End of the Year Cleanup Sales!

    please COD the 2 rare frying pans and the 94CoC metal brush, to Polojordan.
  6. WTA Rare Ravager Mask

  7. WTS Rares/supremes, holiday gifts, MM and more

    2s for rare frying pan? if so COD to Polojordan please
  8. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    So im betting we're getting something like a Tackle Box for the christmas gift this year
  9. Wurmiversary 2018

    has anyone else decoded that or are you all assuming kristof is right?
  10. Wood Type Feedback Thread

    I was all excited about this update, having the wood type actually matter in the way things look..... but not so much after reading this. The different wood types having a unique texture is whats important, not the coloring or shading. By changing the color shading your only taking the color that was already there and making it a darker or lighter brown tint. Anyone willing to spend the time can dye their wood furnishing's with a lighter/darker brown tint to it, so i dont see a big advantage in having changed this. It may just be me but I don't think that's what people were expecting with this update.
  11. yeah just had to bash a 3x1 tile bridge... took days to do it. Was not able to use a catapult on any of it.
  12. Champion hell scorpions

    hell scorps cant get conditions like champion or greenish, etc. They just come in plain ol hell scorpion form just like hell hounds
  13. Wurmian Tournament of Carnage!

    sign me up! middleweight champ here i come!
  14. Massive Firesale for tools

    Rare Large maul iron, 80ql N75FB85C74 - 4s Hachet Iron 5ql 97coc Hachet Iron 5ql 95coc please cod to Hussy