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  1. On a PvE standpoint this could screw people that like to explore/mountain climb(myself included). Would be pretty bad when climbing a steep area, while relying on sandwiches for stamina, and getting attacked by a troll. Dont want to open the can of wurms for the pvp aspect.
  2. The link to the website application no worky worky
  3. Make a drop down menu with a list of the sorcery titles that you've earned or used the appropriate item for. Can be under the /titles window. Ex. if someone a Male character has used the Slime of Uttacha, a White Cherry, and the Black Tome, then they should have the option to pick from "Witch Hunter", "Enchanter", "Necromancer", or "Wizard".
  4. sadly what you said doesn't come off as a joke.
  5. Polojordan please Thank you!
  6. please COD the 2 rare frying pans and the 94CoC metal brush, to Polojordan.
  7. 2s for rare frying pan? if so COD to Polojordan please
  8. So im betting we're getting something like a Tackle Box for the christmas gift this year
  9. has anyone else decoded that or are you all assuming kristof is right?
  10. I was all excited about this update, having the wood type actually matter in the way things look..... but not so much after reading this. The different wood types having a unique texture is whats important, not the coloring or shading. By changing the color shading your only taking the color that was already there and making it a darker or lighter brown tint. Anyone willing to spend the time can dye their wood furnishing's with a lighter/darker brown tint to it, so i dont see a big advantage in having changed this. It may just be me but I don't think that's what people were expecting with this update.
  11. yeah just had to bash a 3x1 tile bridge... took days to do it. Was not able to use a catapult on any of it.