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  1. just found this post. Is this project still going on?
  2. No this is def different from before. I live on the SW of Melody so i dont know how or if the north is affected. The first few weeks the mobs always spawned sporadically, which I liked and appreciated, but that has stopped.
  3. The change to the creature spawning seems to have only made them spawn more on the side of mountains and it larger clumps.
  4. @devs thank you for adding this fix for the priests! This bug really only benefited veterans who knew of and abused the system
  5. if they change the bee message because of your complaining i might ragequit
  6. @Darklordsare Valrei mobs (Spawn of Uttacha, drakespirits, etc.) going to be enabled on the Steam pvp server?
  7. I think i like most of the changes, only ones that cause concern are the safe zone and raid window time. Also, the no champions on this server.... I'm assuming champions of god and not champion creatures.
  8. YAY then maybe the PMK graphics can get updated
  9. +1. Only request is that they don’t spread very much
  10. my guess is gonna be Liberation or Elusion for the PvE server and Impulse or Turmoil for the PvP server
  11. Void

    That's fine and all, but it doesn't really make sense for an old system and new system to be using same naming convention. Change one or the other, but this way just adds confusion to the players that dont know.