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  1. 70s is super low.... anyone else get cracked up at the picture saying "small chest" i always knew beast was a tiny lad
  2. I like Evening's Quote Soooo I saw this picture and though to myself wow thats pretty... new building types or something... then realized nope... we can already do that in game... Beautiful building and Kingdom Flags
  3. Remember the original models for JK MR BL ? before we had armor and clothes showing? I would love an outfit that makes me look like the old Lib or MR. Maybe "costume" that you apply to your "back" slot.... and just instantly reverts me to an MR BL or JK. Dont even worry about animations and all that... this is about going old school i mean if i have to stand on horses to pull it off... i will! 6 smiley faces were slain in the making of this post so people didn't remove my post for trolling because of too many smilies.... (shrimpiee)
  4. And the Winner is... This is amazing I'm liking a lot of these but i would vote for this one
  5. I did Thank you well i think the shrines are pretty cool some of my friends have pushed them hundreds of tiles away to have them on their deeds.
  6. +1 I've heard lots of arguments from both sides and I fully understand why it would get -1 but i'm a carebear Personally i want EVERY kingdom to be displayed in my deeds and i want to be able to make all my own items... therefore i want the ability to make all types.
  7. I believe this was changed because i was finding it near impossible to continue building before with certain wall types as the posts were inside the adjacent finished walls... i liked it better this way but yes a finished floor if causing problems perhaps we can have a taller design perhaps or do posts like before AND the floor together... so no matter which way you prefer its there
  8. 20s
  9. 20s
  10. 7s if you cant handle the fire... don't bid on flint n steel.
  11. 20s
  12. far as the money goes i for one spent about 500 euro last month in shop for silver.... and i'll be buying 3 years worth of prem in the next month or so... and planning on buying 2 montths prem on 5-7 characters from the shop in another month or so and if they put stuff like that in shop ill prolly buy to help support the game if nothing else... maybe i can get a little pet to follow me around? like an ethereal mini kitty cat? wait this isn't wow.... well... either way i plan on spending a good 45-150 euro on the game each month soon. I have to have something to pay new people with afterall and create jobs and fuel and economy since i cant rely on those pesky traders anymore... use to make 50-60s off just a few traders and would spend that on people who couldnt afford prem... strange how that ends and i lack the money in game to cover them and then they quit because they dont have prem :/ well... anywho... i roll with the punches. Whatever they do i'm game. love to move the epic servers to freedom though... I'd redeed my deed and make all new buildings on the land if i had to.
  13. +1 Must load horses for the raids Why wouldn't we take our best steeds into battle with us as we raid enemy servers? Leaving our 5 speed hellies behind and going to enemy server to find whatever we come across doesnt really sounds smart.