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  1. I never knew there were rewards... and listening to wulfgarr talk about titles and stuff just makes it sound more complicated than i already thought it was. ive not opened my personal goal window since it first came out. all i knew was u got some karma for completing each one... and i thought they were suppose to change and get a new list when finished... so i thought you just kept redoing them for karma... had no idea we got tomes for it. *shrugs*
  2. Amazingly fast delivery of the freshest ingredients ever!!!! it was like every seed was touched by sunlight and harvested with love. one moment i asked for an order... the next moment an angel decked out in pure white was there with a knarr of goods waiting on me... now i'm munching on fresh food all thanks to Stars Hollow yummmmy
  3. Just for the record ... i DO aspire to be in the top 10 list... its my whole reason for existence now and to fill my page with pretty colors next to each skill!!!! i also would still like a page where i can manipulate the page... reorder the skills how i want or completely hide them so i can make a page of current skills i want to work on or something thats pretty and neat or just display to people the ones i want rather than all of em.
  4. ENEMY KINGDOM LOCKPICKING PERMISSIONS!!!! HELP HELP HELP!!!! Please you Must help me! Recently I was the victim of a heinous crime! I had a Wagon full of COOKIES! We were having a party for the departure of some JKE that went Rome and I had baked an Entire wagon full of cookies to celebrate. A BlackLighter came in the night though and broke into ma Wagon of CooKies! He turned it into HIS wagon and it was locked shut... The next morning the entire server of Serenity came to eat my cookies... probably thousands of people attended... and it was Locked Shut! Now this wagon was on our deed... and while I was pretty sure we had lockpicking permissions... it said it would be illegal to try... Thats not even my issue though... Let's say I have a templar and i'm not able to just attack my templar unprovoked... or let's say i can't find the templar... its in a locked area or the deed too big... whatever... for whatever reason I can't break laws on the deed... maybe im just a do gooder... Anywho... If my mayor was away on a trip and couldn't change permissions or was on another server or taking a hiatus... Then essentially the deed is protecting the Enemy Kingdom Black Lighter's property... from me reclaiming it... make no mistake... when he came... it was MY wagon... and OUR cookies... but now the wagon belongs to him and is locked with a fantastic lock right in front of my nose... we can smell the goodness...but we can't even attempt to lockpick... A while back i had a wonderful villager named Zennie... She was a victim of the old Gbelcik... he broke in and lockpicked every one of her bsbs... fsbs... carts... wagons... the works... and put 99 ql locks on EVERYTHING.... ;/ she ended up having to move because she couldn't access any of her belongings. ;( That 1 hour of raiding completely shut her months of play down... not only did we have very few people with the skill or ability to make high ql lockpicks to even try picking... but can you imagine if her own deed told her she wasn't allowed to try even? ;( I propose that Enemy Owned Wagons and Carts and Boats and the like... NOT be protected by our own kingdom laws. If I'm JK... my JK guards and templars should NOT be protecting Rakki while he is BL. Thank you... We eventually got into the wagon and all that was left were cookie crumbs. ;(
  5. while you guys decide 5 6 or 7 people on whatever side im counting like 7 oak trees on serenity... Is there any way we can get the Crusader Images from Chaos over to the Elevation side? I love the look of those tents... not so crazy about purple and yellow rome stuff hopefully after the 2nd there will be lots of people joining in battles on both clusters. †
  6. Some Epic Things

    the rest of what i said was how easy it was to get moonmetal even on freedom.... 7 rifts you can have full suits fully imped up if that is what you want to focus on... not to mention you have countless amounts of dragon and drake scale just watch the pvp videos of everyone running around in scale in pvp... while not as defensive as moonmetal... it is highly mobile which definitely makes up for it. there won't be tons of moon metal to flood your freedom markets... in fact there will be more pvpers that will NEED those resources increasing their demand... but not changing the supply... this would increase the price not lower it... What i would like to suggest is like Rocca is saying... if we could somehow change the skilling system to match freedom from this point on... so no matter where you play... your skills follow you... play on both... grind on both.... the ITEMS would be kept separate.... for epic... is there a way that we can lower required stats needed for things? or say when i imp something... give me the same timers and skill gains that freedom would get... BUT imp like 5-10x more at a time... meaning the creation of items would be much faster and less grindy... then you could enjoy more pvp and less downtime for replacing gear. less people saying i can't come i don't have armor/weapon/etc... with action timers being the SAME you wouldn't change a lot of things like siege and building houses or even building dirt walls... but you could vastly decrease the time it takes to replace gear and that would be more pvp friendly... and if we are getting same gains then we could transfer back and forth to freedom anytime... id much much prefer something along these lines rather than an increased skill gain in general. Anyone can help in pvp skills low or not but giving them the ability to ride the mounts and replace their items would get rid of a lot of fear people have with losing their gear and those items would still be on epic not on freedom. when they come back to freedom they can still go to chaos where nothing has changed... all the same mechanics on freedom/chaos would be exactly the same... just more people with skills to contend with. eh. just my suggestion on the future of skills for new and old people alike.
  7. Some Epic Things

    My only question now is HOW this is going to happen exactly... personally i would prefer that during a server down all the skills are automatically configured.... all of epic is immediately changed over and freedom during the patch. otherwise I'd have to ask.... will there be a dialogue box when stepping through the epic portal that says "do you wish to merge skills"? i don't think you should have a choice really as to when if we are changing the entire skilling system. it should just be server down... patch update... skills are merged... and then that permanent freedom merge each time is eh... I'm supportive of that i just wish there was a way that we wouldn't trap the future epic players into this skill gain gap again.... i wouldn't even mind if there was a command to swap skills individually love to keep my mining at 60 on freedom personally.... and digging at 78 and woodcutting at 57.... so i still have a little room to catch up to freedom players that have high stamina... but i aint complaining im happy with budda's latest announcement. and nocturnes... faith isn't transferring. basically.. do i need to be on epic when this patch goes into effect.... i'd hate to be on freedom when it happens and miss the merge lol. for now im staying on epic til i hear otherwise ;P
  8. Half Merge... VICTORY my friends! ;) i ran out of likes today ;) so sending you a pm for such a cool msg ;)

  9. Some Epic Things

    I'd like to chime in as one of the few... and i do mean FEW people on epic who actually skilled OPTIMALLY.... this means 1 ql coc tools... and using maximillians skill calculator to adjust what i skilled and how i skilled and while my account might mirror some of the hardcore grinders on freedom... i AM a hardcore grinder on epic... and the skills i have took insane amounts of hours... and i've leveled skills on freedom and can honestly say over half this stuff is silly easy on freedom... my friend heard about this and is asking me what skills he should try to level really fast on epic and i looked at the list and said basically nothing... cos every single skill can be done more easily or profitably on freedom. Told him to do stealing. cos thats a lil harder on freedom. Seriously though. so many good comments on here i ran out of my 25 likes. I do feel that stats are pretty nil... and im gonna get ROYALLY screwed no matter what... i stayed on epic 2 years more than i wanted because i felt "trapped" and i was ASSURED by devs... by Gms... i think even keenan and buddah had chimed in MULTIPLE times... in group discussions... on forum posts... in news updates that there would be NO MERGE EVER... i personally asked enki multiple times to swap me over secretly even and he told me no... alas this year i gave up and spend ALL of this year on freedom.... and just finished about 3 months straight mining rock for body stats (about 1 stat per week) which seems fast enough to me... and over 40s on pan filling from robz to boost my mind logic to near 50 and hfc over 90.... and soul stats up there too... spent 2 weeks solid doing taming and all that is gonnaa get wiped away with this merge... not ONLY are my skills on epic gonna get nerfed hard but now im gonna get kicked in the balls and told that ALL this year on freedom was for nothing and that i wasted about 100 silvers to help skill up on freedom... all for nothing... and then body stats... are a joke... my stamina is gonna drop to 39 i think with this formula... and im already at 35 almost on freedom... 27-35 in the last 3 months... so now... 5 years of HARDCORE grinding... PLUS the 10 stamina boost we got for not having stamina on mining or cutting... and im told that in virtually 3-6 months i can achieve the SAME stamina on freedom that it took me 5 years to get? and while i did skill OPTIMALLY unlike most people i did PLENTY of digging for tintagel... for my massive elevation deed.... for Yorkshire... and Khaleesi's... hell.. for just about 20-30 deeds probably... i was digging dirt for dozens of deeds... and i dug THOUSANDS of clay.... for all the building i did... which was the vast majority.. i was the #1 mason on serenity when it came out and went around and built more guard towers than anyone on JK and MR in the first month. its all i did.... on top of this i mined out 1.2 million.... yes... MILLION rock while on serenity. had to watch it all decay cos there was nothing to do with it.... and for ALL that mining and digging i got 10 stamina??? cos they didnt want ppl on tar to get nothing? and then now im getting it nerfed again??? to take it to freedom... and the sweet spot they are talking about... ask led... i'm using his rare 95 ql pick with 90woa for the SPECIFIC PURPOSE of not raising my mining up... so i can bask in stamina gains.... in the time it took me to go 27-35 stamina on freedom... my mining went 52-60 ;( i couldnt stop it anymore than i already had... yes my stamina was going up almost as fast as my mining... but now im gonna have over 90 digging and mining and about 80 woodcutting ;( my sweet spots will have passed and i won't even get much additional stamina.... 99.972 platesmithing on epic... is from 1.5 years of doing nothing but plate... by the time i finished it i realized i could have EASILY gotten 20-30 other skills to 90. i'm actually okay that i get to keep this along with my carpentry.... but the fact i hear freedomers crying about it... sorry... but no... you get to level plate smithing by imping a few dragon pieces with leather... or with charcoal making (easier on freedom) and metallurgy (easier on freedom) to pump out high quality steel to use... which is a lot harder to make on epic.... ive done it on both i already know... It takes me roughly 200 hours to get a crafting skill to 90 on epic and roughly the same to do it on freedom. the difference is that the start is easier on epic... but the ending is easier on freedom... and by ending i mean you dont climb a parabola into the sky in terms of difficulty and challenge on those skill checks... even if epic gets half the skill checks.. they are much worse because of the difficulty. on freedom its like a linear line and its so clearly visible. how hard is freedom? let me explain another few examples.. I tamed a pig... yes a PIG to almost 58 taming on freedom in a week or so... a pig at 30 on epic makes you want to pull out your hair... you need harder and harder creatures and different food types and from 70-76 i fed THOUSANDS and thousands of meat to a hell horse... had to get my ass kicked doing it... the thought i can keep leveling possibly to 70 or 90 even off a stupid pig on freedom... are you serious??? i made 100 of each item on freedom... to grind on... then these were decaying so fast... that i had to imp them to 20 so they wouldnt insta poof.... getting my items... (only 100) to 20 i netted about 40-45 skill in each category... on epic i would have 100-200 items at about 40-50 ql to get the same skill. (ive done it tons of times) my repair is 58 already on freedom i get about 1 point per hour with sleep bonus on... its not even slowing down yet.... i just hit 75 today on epic after 5 years of playing on epic and repairing THOUSANDS of items i was grinding on... i literally had a wagon i made of nothing but leather belts and bags filled with meditation rugs just for repair... i even had over 1500 clay flasks at one point when i was lower... it was INCREDIBLY harder than freedom to level that skill even in a drunken stupor... cos not only do you deal with the difficulty but you deal with action timers being faster... so you need much more stuff to repair which means to decay.... I will admit that on epic you can make items incredibly fast and high ql with few caveats in that realm... but we arent talking about transferring items. we are only talking about skills. I heard someone talk about too much moon metal and dragon armor? again... are you kidding me? chaos has everyone in dragon armor... not epic. Dragons only gave a lot of items out in the first year when you killed them... they were dead FOREVER... it was a one time thing... oh... and you couldnt imp or repair without dragon hide on epic... which meant no... you werent gonna use it normally it was for decoration. Unlike freedom... then when they did start to respawn you were lucky to get .02 or .04 per dragon /drake.... they just increased the drop and ability to imp with metal/leather a year ago... AFTER the population was so dead that we couldnt even kill a dragon... don't believe me? watch niarja.... i think bl just killed 5 the other week from what my friends tell me... but serenity has all their uniques as the other servers are heavily populated as well meaning we don't even have those materials in vast quantities... Moonmetal, over the years we do have a lot... how often do you get something? about every 20 valrei creatures will drop 1kg of it.... these creatures are relatively hard to find as they only spawn with missions being completed and these new changes will have them spawning even less often... not to mention they are kinda deadly but now are spawning randomly on the map instead of all in one place (which made them deadlier) we do have reward metal for hota and there are some camps that give it too i think but its not in a vast quantity as you think. most pvp is still done in regular good ole fashion steel. and if you are with the big pvp groups they usually will supply you with the loot from dead enemies. It is relatively fair for the most part. this being said... each kingdom has their home server to rift on... rifting on ele would be extremely dangerous in high poulation envrionements... but on freedom you have atleast 7 servers you can participate in rifts basically all week every week and have had that ability for almost 2 years? anyone who wants moon metal should already have it. I do have mixed feelings about the one time thing from epic to freedom and a (as much as you want) xfer from freedom to epic... this means that if you want to level up or grind it should be done on freedom and the ONLY grinding you would want to do would be for pvp... this means i will be staying on freedom to continue leveling up skills whereas if i was able to level my skills on either server whenever i could then make items used for pvp and live on a pvp environment as well as travel to freedom whenever i want and not feel trapped... I'd actually prefer to just get rid of the variance in skilling completely. do a 1:1 transfer and then make skilling be exactly the same on either side so no one is "trapped"... this would not only encourage me to possibly stay on epic (adding to the population and helping new people out or gearing the ones who want to pvp) but would encourage others to come over knowing there are people that will grind for them. Most pvpers from what i have seen do not like making their own houses or dirt hills or armor and weapons. Most just want to fight and kill. I also agree there is a huge gap between a new player and a vet in terms of what they can do... riding a hell horse (though i do not like them, ugly things)... is pretty essential in pvp and should be available faster for new people. you would run out of your first 2 months prem without ever being able to ride one. I find that while having some achievable goals for later on in the game when you grind up as rewards... to be fulfilling... but not on pvp... its the opposite on pvp... if it takes you a year to be on par with someone stronger... and knowing that they will have had a whole year more to get even stronger... it is sad. People are already told they cant pvp or come to join on stuff because they dont have 70 fs or dont have 50 weapon skill or shield skill or a body stat number... (which i dont agree with... i think new people should be allowed in every fight and can always help serve a purpose needed, even if its only bait to confuse and take out horses) Most of the pvp changes ive been watching seem pretty fair to me and i like them but there are other issues... Loot... for newer people (especially those that dont like to grind their gear back up).... many dont have the skills to actually re equip themselves... or make a new boat to participate in pvp excursions... some even struggle with just simple food and water and trolls.... when they have items they can go around and look for a fight... hang in groups and have a blast.. ive listened to many groups have a ton of fun going to EMPTY deeds with no one there... they get anxious and weary and feel they might get ambushed... its exciting for new people... but the moment they die and lose their gear... and the more time they feel is vested in that gear... the bigger impact it has on them... the next time they dont want to join a group if they think they might lose their items or boat... they think about how it might take a week or two just to get back to where they are now... the more casual the gamer the worse this is. ive brought up the loot issue many times to many different people and trust me... its not a personal issue... again i have 99.972 platesmithing on epic... i have most of my skills high cos all i do is grind... i make hundreds of plate sets and thousands of arrows and saddles and belts and shields for people.... i have no problem re outfitting myself... this is about NEW people... i've seen too many people quit over the issue of not being allowed to join a group cos they are viewed "dead weight" or they quit cos they can't replace their gear in a timely fashion... or they quit because dragons are running amuck and they can't even find safety in the starter towns... or they are labeled a "spy" and have to put up with inner kingdom drama and being killed on sight because people simply don't know who they are... it is exhausting and frustrating to see dozens of new people to the game... or new people from freedom getting discouraged and i wish there was a way to provide an easier way to comfort these people... even an NPC that would give you 50ql plate if you lost yours (unimpable/sellable/etc) so even naked they can atleast equip plate for pvp and have some basic tools replaced. hammer/chisel yea yea they can scrummage the rock tiles and get branches and make crude... use kindling+woodscrap to make a fire instead of a forge that needs flint n steel... i get it... i do... and i love it... on FREEDOM... but on epic where the goal and focus should be pvp... you shouldnt make it so hard on new people. Our first few weeks on serenity when we got hit by raiders they only looted the first body or two (thats all that would fit in the rowboat/sailboat or be carried bfore making them too heavy... but they made sure to loot everyones flint n steels. it would make people quit ;/ literally. they cant light the forge to reignite and allow them to replace their armor and tools. they couldnt make a fire to cook on... they didnt know that they could make a fire with kindling/woodscrap to begin with as they only used flint and no one told them and wiki was hard to navigate. The tutorial has been chopped down and now you can completely skip it on new characters which sometimes people do thinking its a new game and they don't need to do a tutorial... but then they get discouraged by the learning curve and quit... every argument i have generally is about things we can do to make people come to the game and stay... i'm tired of seeing epic and freedom fight over crap. it just causes more people to quit from the drama or feeling "gyped" if you played with hundreds of thousands of people you wouldn't care what happened to bobs skills or if he got a full transfer or not... he'd just another cog in the wheel. We care so much here because we are so few and we have such competition... anyone who knows me on epic knows i have always provided lodging and food and items for free... taking donations if people want to give them but i've always fully equipped anyone who needed it with the time i had to spare. On freedom those that do know me probably think i waste too much money throwing it all around and having too many deeds.... too many premium alts... spend spend spend... i'm not hurting the economy there at all.... i've not even sold hardly anything... I think i sold the supreme items i bought for 20s from that nira or niru or whatever it was... the gm auction... but besides that i dont make items to sell. I have always played on both epic and freedom. I've been on exodus for over 5 years. celebration over 2 years... xanadu since it opened... still have a fully built deed practically there... i have 2 deeds currently on exodus... 4 deeds on pristine.... making a new deed this month on inde. and this merge the way it stands is already gonna screw me out of an entire year of freedom play.... but its still better than nothing considering without it i would have just lost 5 years of playing on epic because a bunch of strangers that don't interact with me are mad that some stranger they don't know is gonna get skills... but these skills arent created out of thin air... ive probably played MORE than most of you... i've spent on average well take a look for yourself... [22:53:25] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Sleep, week 4 of the starfall of Fires, 1018. That's 2174 days, 17 hours and 18 minutes ago. [22:53:25] You have played 1020 days, 10 hours and 30 minutes. thats almost 47% of my time... thats on average about 11 1/2 hours per day... yes literally HALF my day in wurm... for the last 6 years.... and you think that is somehow unfair that i should come over there with my skills??? most of the people playing on freedom right now havent even been playing 6 years... and most of them don't have over 1000 days IN GAME.... i also have 100 faith priests of vynora/nahjo/fo.... my nahjo was 100 mag before convert... thats on epic.... oh ... AND freedom... yes i spent months doing basically nothign but sermons to get them to 100.... and working channeling up as i can too.... i've had only 3-4 deeds on epic... over 20-30 on freedom... that i personally owned and worked tirelessly to terraform and build for citizens... and i find it pretty insulting when i hear these freedomers talking and not knowing anything about epic. i have more experience on both clusters than most people and if those freedomers want to come to epic i might have to start pvping again for the most part we want people to play and interact... with this change you can sit at home on freedom doing what you do best... but when you want to pvp you take a simple epic portal and pop over to your cities war town and help out or go on a hunt... great for defense... where you dont even have to travel... you just get a whisper... hey come help... yay... excitement! or nah... not tonight... whatever... no sailing all the way to chaos and then saying how do i join a kingdom? who do i talk to? i dont know anyone? you can already be part of a side here and just fight... with little attachment to your items and yet tons of skills to make stuff happen.... i think that part is GREAT.... but to say it shouldnt go the other way is insulting. also. it would indeed encourage the exact same trap for new people that stay on epic or skill on epic later on which is not what we want. you don't really want freedom to come here and then stay here you want them to flow like water back and forth helping with pvp and population but also doing their own thing on their own deeds.... on a side note... my epic portal on exodus decayed away tonight and i had to run to esert and the huge canal south of esert that had kawopij's name all over the bridges... i thought was pretty amazing been atleast a year since i went through there... my first town of farmville can't even be recognized now. its beautiful good work! More advertising this game would also help +1
  10. 70s is super low.... anyone else get cracked up at the picture saying "small chest" i always knew beast was a tiny lad
  11. I like Evening's Quote Soooo I saw this picture and though to myself wow thats pretty... new building types or something... then realized nope... we can already do that in game... Beautiful building and Kingdom Flags
  12. Remember the original models for JK MR BL ? before we had armor and clothes showing? I would love an outfit that makes me look like the old Lib or MR. Maybe "costume" that you apply to your "back" slot.... and just instantly reverts me to an MR BL or JK. Dont even worry about animations and all that... this is about going old school i mean if i have to stand on horses to pull it off... i will! 6 smiley faces were slain in the making of this post so people didn't remove my post for trolling because of too many smilies.... (shrimpiee)
  13. And the Winner is... This is amazing I'm liking a lot of these but i would vote for this one
  14. I did Thank you well i think the shrines are pretty cool some of my friends have pushed them hundreds of tiles away to have them on their deeds.