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  1. Well that was the plan... but at the price it cost me for just one crate, 30 crates just seem out of the means...
  2. Red Dragon, 5 of them if you got them... Mykoal in game
  3. Yeah, so I'm looking to buy tea leaves. Mykoal in game if you see me online, otherwise you may PM me your price and how much you are willing to part with.
  4. Have a safe Holiday everyone, and merry Christmas... Mykoal
  5. hello, I tried to send a sickle blade to the nickname Mykoal, it didn't work, most likely that you are playing on old servers?

  6. Last Post Wins

    How long till we decide a winner 🏆
  7. So what's the respawn time again? asking for a friend... Okay, maybe I didn't word it well enough but all I was suggesting was to cut out the only reason private slayings are made private and that's the shared hide/scale...more people there are, the less everyone gets so it becomes a big deal and if it was a set amount it would just be like the other slayings were it's not a big deal...Dragons and Drakes spawn more often than the others... This game is how old and the market is still not flooded with sets...Ehh then again, can't think of another game that endgame gear can be bought on day one for 80wurmbucks...I'm not ever sure why any of you are worried about a's pretty much dead, just no one has pulled the plug on it yet...Not saying my suggestion is perfect, but as it sits now a lot of people aren't happy, a lot of people don't use the forums, a lot of people have came into the game and quit once they saw the ###### show...If someone want's to spend their money on alts, that's just more money for Wurm to use to get better...
  8. when did I ever ducking say i wanted hide? I have two hide sets, a scale set more than enough hide to make another set and almost enough to make another scale set... I also have seryll chain, seryll plate, adamantine plate, glimmersteel plate, and I don't know what the duck you are talking about... I bought a great number of my things, with silver that I bought from Wurm, not a player...Which reminds me, I have not yet finished turning the glimmer set rare...