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  1. Have you tried to dye it...if not, try yellow or something, make it pretty
  2. Just thought I should mention that shields don't work like other skillers... I've noticed a lot low ql shields be call skillets for some reason...
  3. How much for the Cavalier
  4. Nope, it's just for show...
  5. If it did have a cape, it would be awesomeness...
  6. Cod glimmersteel lump to Mykoal
  7. I bought 2 for 35s just the other week...and someone else was selling 2 for 34s that same week... with all the bones out there, anyone willing to buy a bone, now all that's left is to get those that want one, but could never afford much...
  8. 1g1s
  9. Ouch!.... Throwing away 20 silver after not wanting to void Rocklobstar's 50 copper upbid when he tired to hop into the bid war during the snipe timer extension... Wogic...
  10. I'll take all your glimmer
  11. You can add Mykoal to your list of impers under Weaponsmithing
  12. Don't worry, he doesn't seem to be using a club...
  13. I though the statues go in an order of rotation... *Bumping to bump*
  14. Well, part of that is that the same Kingdom wins too often...Once a new kingdom wins enough to change the color, it goes back to RED...I would be great if the Kingdom got to choose the RGB...