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  1. I don't ever have to move to forge or cook....I feel like we all win now
  2. Ooooo.... kindling... I want to burn things...
  3. 20s rare bone...
  4. Hey Tred, a quick look at their event log will clear up any confusion... If anything, we'll have to check on it and has a GM fix the mine heading off deed...
  5. Last Post
  6. +1 Maybe have it be put in the cape slot, so it can finally be used...
  8. Calm down... It's a great account, sure... but really if we are being honest here, PC on an account really is subjected to opinion of what someone would really pay, if given the opportunity to buy... I doubt it he offered you his account for the lowest 1000e, that you would jump on it... Anyways Torreto, nice stats man... That WSing looks like it hurt! Bump
  9. 2.4s
  10. 50c
  11. Sure, I'll take it
  12. Lol sorry I just now realized that this wasn't an auction... COD to Mykoal if you still have it...however, I'm sure you were already messaged
  13. Dasampfer, has the guy selling the other rod reply to you yet? If not, might want to hold off laughing in someone's post...
  14. 22s Sorry to do this last minute, however I'm going to have to withdraw my last bid...