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  1. What do you look like

    all thanks to Guest Loganmom lol
  2. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    i plan to be there to quietly watch everyone from the corner like a creep
  3. What do you look like

    If i was a catfish this would 100% be the photo id use
  4. WTS Various Potions For Sale

    MY BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ONE of the best sellers ive ever met 10/10 Rolf himself buys from him.
  5. What do you look like

    I miss you all... so here's my cat
  6. PriceCheck/Offers Darkravager

    gunna miss yuh bud
  7. What do you look like

    it looks like youre watching me sleep, but i give consent.
  8. Why nobody pvps in wurm.

  9. CLOSE All done :)

    Starting Bid: 2s Min. increments: 1s Sniper protect: 30mins Buyout: sure I guess *Bag is included* (Not Going to sit and open all the dropdowns nothing is super low quality or anything) Lmao sorry for the flint and steel I left in there.
  10. WTS Still going to spam this in trade chat but thought I'd bundle it all on a post for fun. The prices some pretty cheap some normal. Supreme pickaxe 17imbue 35s Supreme Tin shovel 77botd (unique GM item) 35s Bag of keeping 75s Valentines 1s each (3x) Yule goat 1.5s Spyglass 2s 4,000 quality worth of gems for 16s come get them 8,500 dirt 5s
  11. It's a beautiful Nogump with a purple light. Starting Bid: 5s Min. increments: 1s Sniper protect: 30mins Buyout: I meannnnn daddy's gotta eat, if it's enough to get me a nice lunch. *Batteries not included see stores for more details*
  12. WTA Purple NoGump Hota (Close es overrrr)

    Purink/ Pinrple
  13. WTA Misc Potions (CLOSE)

    someone had the time and money- Auction done babes
  14. supreme / fantastic item "crafting"

    -1 Spamming rares is easy if people know the correct way, this is a terrible idea for that reason(i love him) but people like oblivion will have a fantastic ever hour. He had 35 rare pickaxes within a short period.
  15. sold please close

  16. Locate Soul range on Epic

    No its reasonable to have to be within range -1 -1 -1 -1, this change was a very good one.
  17. delete

    slam dunk

    Starting bid: 60s Sniper 30 mins Buyout: idk if you have enough i guess Min. Increase: 1s 94 Quality [00:16:26] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [85] [00:16:26] A single bronze rune of Libila has been attached to it, so it will gather resources at a higher quality level (10%) [00:16:26] It has been imbued with special abilities, and it improves mining max ql [100]
  19. SOLD FOR 3 SHEEP AND A COW Major Crafter Can fight pretty decently Just the Character, I was planning to sell items separately, and some items not at all. I'll still have a backup toon to play on. 2 Sorcery Items White Cherry Spell granted: Rust Monster (Attacker's Weapon Takes More Damage) Resistance: Water 15% (Decreases Water damage taken by 15%) Weakness: Disease 10% (Increases Disease damage taken by 10%) Slime of Uttacha Spell granted: True Strike (Next hit is 100% Crit) Resistance: Slash 15% (Decreases slash damage taken by 15%) Weakness: crush 10% (Increases crush damage taken by 10%) [16:46:53] You have premium time until 23 Apr 2018 04:26:42 GMT I guess roughly 2 months still prem You have 27011 karma, how would you like to spend it? 82 Meditation Path of Knowledge You have a total of 81 titles. [16:46:53] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of the Wurm, week 4 of the Raven's starfall, 1034. That's 1622 days, 20 hours and 4 minutes ago. [16:46:53] You have played 331 days, 7 hours and 19 minutes. [16:46:53] You have been premium a total of 3 months until Dec 2013. [16:46:53] You have been premium a total of 36 months since Dec 2013. [16:46:53] You have been premium consecutively for 28 months since Dec 2013. For More Info PM me if you want to buy it, offer me a price. Account was banned one time for something dumb, thought id note it as an honest seller. (literally affects nothing, I just choose to inform you.)
  20. Celebration Map

    HEy add me to the map please, im right at T9 Bottom left of it on the rock portion! [20:18:55] The settlement of The Sandwich Club has just been founded by Beastwolf.
  21. Tunnel Project Southwest Steppe

    ill be over to help

    Probably just Grumpyman, and barely play but when Im bored watching netflix @Goldfinch
  23. Wood Type Feedback Thread

    Pretty cool, i like that even the bulk bins etc are wood types.
  24. still broken, have a long bridge mateys. HELP