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  1. Still looking. Will take all you got
  2. PM me with what you got. Looking for up to 10,000 to start. Sand works too Will also consider hiring diggers
  3. Bid retracted. (Sorry IRL got in the way, wont have time to come pickup in timely manner)
  4. What part didnt you like?
  5. This feature already exists. 1. Attach a door lock to the door 2. Click door > Manage permissions 3. Uncheck "managed by building" and save 4. Set individual permissions for the door
  6. Rare toolbelt still available?
  7. I think the concept of a no-trade mechanic would be a complexity that would decrease the chances of this happening. In regards to brick sellers, I see little impact. I assume you would need permissions on a building to do this, so that negates people salvaging buildings from the wild. For the person demolishing a wall to get say maybe 20% of the bricks back (and I do think it should be limited), this is the same person who would likely make their own bricks. I would see this done in the minority of cases, perhaps someone adjusting an existing building, or someone who accidently built the wrong wall type. Whereas someone like me, would still be buying bricks to build entirely new buildings and deeds. And in this scenario I would be starting from dirt without a collection of buildings to recycle.
  8. I wasn't looking to reinvent the system... Just to add a simple feature, perhaps similar to the /suicide functionality, that resets your religion
  9. I was converted to Vynora over 2 years ago, on a character that doesn't use the religion features of the game. Aaaand every. single. day. "Vynora does not accept that action" Its obnoxious and i'm tired of clicking the unfaithful button. I was told a long time ago if I do unfaithful actions long enough Vynora should kick me out of the religion, I don't know if this is true or not, but it has never happened. There should be a way to renounce your god.
  10. Doesn't have to be identical to rock, nor a replacement for existing gravel, just a decorative alternative
  11. It would be cool if they introduced additional types of fishing with the new types. Spear, net, etc. Similar to Runescape