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  1. I wasn't looking to reinvent the system... Just to add a simple feature, perhaps similar to the /suicide functionality, that resets your religion
  2. I was converted to Vynora over 2 years ago, on a character that doesn't use the religion features of the game. Aaaand every. single. day. "Vynora does not accept that action" Its obnoxious and i'm tired of clicking the unfaithful button. I was told a long time ago if I do unfaithful actions long enough Vynora should kick me out of the religion, I don't know if this is true or not, but it has never happened. There should be a way to renounce your god.
  3. Doesn't have to be identical to rock, nor a replacement for existing gravel, just a decorative alternative
  4. It would be cool if they introduced additional types of fishing with the new types. Spear, net, etc. Similar to Runescape
  5. Would it be cheaper to buy bulk meals? What did you sell each pick for? I assume a couple silver
  6. Close

    No worries, consider my offer open if you don't get another.
  7. That is an impressive collection of rare picks
  8. I was recently using gravel to pave a piece of my deed where the rock tiles transition to grass. The color difference between rock tiles and gravel is fairly drastic. It would be nice if we had a darker gravel that is more similar in color to rock tiles. This would provide some nice variety in line with all the recent material and building updates. Solution: Tar can be applied to gravel tiles to darken them, similar to floorboards. The existing gravel texture could be used, just darkened / color matched to rock tiles. Optional: This could also act as a sealant and provide reduced decay off deed, again similar to floorboards.
  9. Close

    1.5s for the woa99 trowel?
  10. Do you have a minimum job size for traveling to coastal pristine? My jobs will open in patches as terraforming makes them available. How many stories can you build? Bridges? Price for paving? LMK thanks
  11. I will take the ships, I am just south of you m25. Pm me in game when you're on