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  1. Happy birthday!
  2. Sickle, iron QL_16 CoC_99 3,2s Hatchet, iron QL_14 CoC_99 3,2s COD to Cambriaa please
  3. It took me nearly 2 hours to receive the email to reset my password but I'm happy to see some new security changes for us
  4. +1 I had no idea they didn't count!
  5. Thanks snow! Great little tool, its been handy!
  6. Great stuff! Very excited for underground bridges! The Linton rework looks very nice
  7. File, Iron QL_81 CoC_95 2,0s CoD to Cambriaa please
  8. skillers

    Scissors c97 CoD to Cambriaa please
  9. skillers

    I'll take the 2 rakes : 90 coc and 91 coc CoD to Cambriaa
  10. Fullhouse pizza x2 please! CoD to Cambriaa
  11. +1
  12. WTB 1 Merchant Contract - PM me in game or here Cambriaa
  13. Windqueen!
  14. I'd like to order again. 10k Garlic to F14 on Pristine - Deed Greywolf Harbor Thanks!