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  1. Can we move the mission structure Sacrarium Of Island to 424, 311 and also move Long Home Of Strength to 386, 290 Add: Mission structure Trophy of Fallen at 394, 278. (The same named mission structure currently on the map at 492, 288 may be the same one I am wanting to add but might have been listed in the wrong spot, but I am not sure) Guard Tower Adysan 202 (Sanctum) at 405, 308
  2. Mission Structures: Song Sanctum 470,507, Vault of Cat 354,432 and Long Home of Dreams 685,384 Also the Mission Structures Demon Spear and Jump Needle are slightly off. Demon Spear should be 523,532 and Jump Needle should be 544,532
  3. Mission structure Square Remembrance 880,749