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  1. awl coc91 - 57c carving knife steel coc94 - 69c grooming brush coc 97 - 90c iron lump coc95 - 75c leather knife coc95 - 75c needle coc95 - 75c COD to Divaa
  2. carving knife (iron), BOTD84: 54c scissors, BOTD86: 66c COD to Divaa
  3. Grooming Brush C100 1s 80c COD to Cambriaa please
  4. I'd love to get 15kg of the purple dye similar to the purple lamps you have a picture up of. Can pm ingame or on forums - ingame name is the same : Cambriaa
  5. Welcome to the forums! I'll make sure to keep you in mind for the future