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  1. High chance for teeth, and maybe small chance for rare bone?
  2. Allow a minimum size graveyard to spawn skeletons as aggressive mobs. It's a great model, why not make more use out of it?
  3. Similar to changing tile types (e.g. sand to clay), create a transmutation liquid to apply to a tile to enable it to be a water tile. This would be nice to be able to place auto-refillable fountains in center of courtyards or near forges.
  4. I see population on the server page, but am unable to log in. It says "Connection denied: <The server is currently not available. Please try later>" I've tried several times over the past several days.
  5. Will the number of cared for slots increase?
  6. thx [17:48:30] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  7. WTS 0.34 Kg of red scale for 17s that's 50c per 0.01 Kg
  8. sold - plz close
  9. 220
  10. 205
  11. This isn't about being slightly useful or game breaking, it is about this being an unintended exploited container. Fountain containers, also identified as such, were consequently removed from the game after people payed many silver for them. This satchel should be removed now to be fair to those players and also to protect any future players in case it is removed later.
  12. Yeah, I agree with you....just seems like I should not be able to enchant someone else's stuff either, without having it in inventory first.
  13. I was unable to dispel an item and later found out it was because I was not the owner (i.e. last person to have it in inventory). So I tested and found that I can enchant items for which I am not the owner, but not dispel them. This may not be a bug, per se, but doesn't seem right.
  14. Fountain pans were a similar type legacy item and were removed from the game. Many people lost money from buying them and being removed.
  15. solved