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  1. I did receive body, but no body str, control, nor stam on one avatar and none of those on another. Both avatars had similar play time/effort.
  2. sold

    bump....prolly cheapest drake set ever, don't miss out!!
  3. I specifically mentioned Jackal mobs, not Rift mobs. From Retro: This thread is for feedback on the Rift and Jackal mob AI update and general feel of the new rifts in general. So leave your feedback below! Even if the AI behavior is the same for Rift and Jackal mobs, because of the focused smaller scale, the Jackal issue highlights the broken mechanic of the mobs freezing in place and staying focused on one particular player when slightly out of combat range. As far as the Rift mobs, imo the problem is with player coordination, not mob power. You could encourage players to setup tents in one area (for example North of the Rift) while attacking/retreating in a different area/direction (for example South of the Rift). In other words, tell retreaters not to cross player camps. I've also seen where players don't focus on mobs close to the WM first, but rather spread out and attack all of them. So far, I've always seen success with the "divide and conquer", but this methodology results in taking much longer than necessary to down the WM and makes him harder than he has to be.
  4. I have not noticed any skill transfer nor Jackal point increase. Should skill gain before this update have incurred any skill transfer or Jackal points?
  5. Jackal mobs are so easy to kill. You can "freeze" them in place, where they don't move, and then slowly back away from the one designated target until just out of combat range and they will continue targeting you while everyone else kills it. Ogres are the exception in that they have a long, 2 tile, frontal aoe kick. However, those occur infrequently and can easily heal between them.
  6. 2 sleep powders
  7. After months of working on all of the tasks to complete the priest journal goal "Benediction", all I had remaining was to create a gold altar, which I thought would have been the easiest. However, it has caused me alot of grief. My priest avatar, Balatyn, has always been a priest and had no skill in jewelry smithing. When I attempted to craft the gold altar using 80+ ql gold and a rare 91 ql large anvil, the option was red with a 0% chance. So, I decided to imp bowls for a little skill and took faith hits and eventually depriested. The journal goals for priests, "Dedication", "Approbation", and "Benediction" did not disappear from the Journal when I depriested. They stayed visible. When I crafted the gold altar, now as a follower, the task did not turn green. It stayed white, indicating that it was not yet completed. So, I figured that the task could only be completed as a priest and decided to try again after I prayed back up to 30 Faith and priested. While praying and waiting for Faith to increase from 20 back to 30 over the course of some days but before priesting, I teleported over to Jackal to play over there. As soon as I ported over, the task completed and I earned the title "Divine". I was already a priest on Jackal, but did not craft any gold altars there. Since then, I have repriested on Freedom and have logged on and off a couple of times, ported over to Jackal and back, and I still do not have the Divine title on Freedom. I've done some research regarding similar issues and have seen in Oblivionreaver's reply to one of them that while the sleep bonus and items stay on the cluster of completion, the abilities, which in this case is +5 spell power, is enabled on all clusters. While I can see that is the case for increased Faith prayers for the "Approbation" goal because I've experienced it as a follower on all clusters, I'm concerned since I don't have the "Divine" title on Freedom, that I don't have the +5 spell power ability either. Can staff confirm when Jackal completed goal titles will be transferred to Freedom and if the abilities transfer, as well? Elentari asked back on June 3rd, which is over 4 and 1/2 months ago for staff to confirm if bonuses transfer and there has been no confirmation. Oblivionreaver said it does and he knows alot about the game, but can an official staff member confirm it as well? In this thread, Retro said that titles will transfer "at some point", and that was over a month ago and they still do not transfer. Is this still the plan and the Steam work has put everything else, including this, on the backburner? I can see that titles transfer between Epic and Freedom, but not Jackal and Freedom. I hope Retro did not just mean between Epic and Freedom and title transfer has been completed. Here are some oddities I've noticed that would be either bugs or just bad game design: 1. The three priest goals should have disappeared as soon as I depriested, but they did not. I could close and reopen the Journal countless times and the three priest goals remained in the list. For all other tasks and goals, the Journal window is dynamic and updates in real-time whenever progress is made. This leads me, as a player, to rely on the accuracy of the current progress of the journal window. The player should not be made to log out and back in to see the real status of the Journal when it dynamically updates for seemingly everything else. 2. There should, by default, be some small chance to craft a gold altar with 1 skill. Or, the task should be to create a stone altar, which with 1 masonry skill has a 35% chance with material qualities less than 60. The bowl has a 38% chance with 1 skill and 70 ql metal and rare 91ql large anvil. So, in summary, it is possible to craft a stone altar with no skill. 3. The reward description is not clear. It could be communicated more clearly with parenthesis around what is applicable and where. for example Reward: (Talented title and Increased Max Sleep Bonus on all clusters) (6 hour sleep bonus on cluster of completion). 4. Goals completed on Jackal do not transfer the title to Freedom.
  8. Everyone is invited to a public slaying on Release this coming Saturday, 10-19-19, starting at 3 p.m. Central US time (GMT -5). Slaying the Forest Giant will give the title "Giantslayer". When slain, every premium player in local will receive blood. Mixing Forest Giant blood with source salt will create a potion of Woodcutting. Loot will be rolled among all participating slayers that are listed on the Niarja Slayer's list. (To be fair to all, please limit one roll per real person, not per avatar. Attempting to use more than one avatar per person to roll more than once may result in disqualification.) LOCATION: J12 ingame map / Y21 X15 community map - West of Spawn Lake in the desert. Map: Hosted by: Togiodi, Alikin, Agentqwarty, Willow, Ultradude, and Earltetton
  9. Just cleared a beacon and saw this plant with high damage. This is becoming very common. Please change before all mats disappear. [18:26:55] This rare plant doesn't seem indigineous to the area. Ql: 74.8051, Dam: 89.2598.
  10. Thanks Keenan. In all technology, outages sometimes happen, updates sometimes don't. Really appreciate this update and all you do to make Wurm better.
  11. close

    Up My loss is your gain.
  12. I was thinking that a lost affinity on Epic would not be lost when porting back to Freedom. However, gained affinities would port back to Freedom. This would make it an incentive, rather than a gamble.