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  1. Thanks Keenan. In all technology, outages sometimes happen, updates sometimes don't. Really appreciate this update and all you do to make Wurm better.
  2. close

    Up My loss is your gain.
  3. I was thinking that a lost affinity on Epic would not be lost when porting back to Freedom. However, gained affinities would port back to Freedom. This would make it an incentive, rather than a gamble.
  4. It would be an incentive for more Freedomers to try/play on Epic.
  5. Are you speaking directly to McLovin?
  6. You are just saying this because we recently raided/drained most of your deeds, and you're scared about being wiped off the map, so now working with TC to bash your own towers and convert some frontline deeds for protection of Sheer Panda. There's nothing wrong with that per se, but I don't think this suggested change should be implemented because the intention is not to help the overall PVP community, but rather to more easily protect your kingdom from WU without conceding deeds or land owned to TC. It's purely selfish.
  7. I logged into a Freedom server, ported over to Desertion, and now I'm stuck at the "Failed to connect to new game server" every time I try to load a new client. I don't see a thread warning not to portal over. I guess this is it. Don't portal over.
  8. Can ride a horse and load into wagon/cart. Will come with sailboat. No transfer available. 150 s/e
  9. If you lose skill on Epic, you have to increase it back to it's original value, cross to Freedom, then cross back to Epic and it will be your Freedom value. So if your Epic FS was 89.25 and it dropped to 89, just skill it back up to 89.25, cross to Freedom, cross back and it will be 93.
  10. Change it to where the uniques do not drop anything. Drake/scale/tome bits can be given as rift, mission, or journal rewards. A similar reward system already exists on Epic. Today, I was asked by GM to leave local of a pen deed because some other player was supposedly harassing. When following up on this, I was told that all players were asked to leave local to prevent any drama. This is the first time I've seen where players cannot hunt or be in local of a deed. If they see you in local, they will paste Enki's directive telling players to leave the area. [12:41:20] <Enki> So... as it stands, if you are not part of Odynn's capture party, then either leave the area or make an arrangement with the capture party to be in on the kill [12:41:50] <Enki> all loot except the bloods and drake/scale pieces shall remian with the capture/kill party! [12:42:11] <Enki> so if you want in on that drop loot, then make an amicable arrangement [12:42:22] <Enki> otherwise get the hell out of dodge!
  11. close

    plz close