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  1. I had a great time at Scarborough Faire. Talk about "It's a small world" ..... When I first started playing Wurm back in 2013, I founded my deed on Release and soon after a neighbor moved in right next to me and has been a neighbor to this day, and we met in real life for the first time at the Faire. Turns out we both live in the Dallas, Texas area. Anyways, I went to check out the armour shop for a plate imp. When a black drake suddenly appeared out of nowhere and started chasing me. So, I found an old friend, Sir Chopsalot, to help me slay the beast. Turns out, the black drake was attacking many people in the town, so they threw us a parade in celebration for slaying it.
  2. Yep, ours is almost identical to that. I looked through that website at the performers and recognized many of the same names/acts. I really like how visitors get into it and dress the part. Some outfits look really cool.
  3. rat

    I was very good friends with Necroe for a long while, until one embarrassing situation where he manipulated and lied to me. Three years ago, there was dragon drama on our server, Release, where we felt like Bibi conspired with Whykillme and kited away a dragon while my alliance was trying to pen it, which caused much tension between us and Bibi/Whykillme. Very soon after the slaying on Bibi's deed, there was a public TK slaying on Xanadu by Bibi and the same group, and were told no tome dropped. Afterwards, Bibi was pm'ing with Necroe (as they were friends also) and Necroe was pm'ing me telling me that their group secretly got a tome off the unique and that she got a charge. I believed Necroe and posted a public accusation against Bibi, which turned out to be false. She had purchased the charge from Wurmhole and the whole fiasco made me feel foolish and betrayed. Though, as much as I dislike Necroe for misleading me, it's my fault. I wish I would have handled it differently and pm'd her instead. Here's the forum post if interested. Scroll down about half way.
  4. @Wargasm Sorry to hear about your experience. While there are great medieval crafts that can be purchased, there are also incredible shows, fun games, and a very entertaining social environment by seeing all of the people dressed up. Hopefully the next time you visit, you'll have a better experience.
  5. Anyone from the Dallas area in Texas going to Scarborough Faire this year? If going tomorrow (sorry late notice) let's meet up and I'll buy you a beer and/or pretzel. Send me a forum message.
  6. rat

    Shouldn't Dagobert be pursuing this instead of the people who greatly dislike Necro? It doesn't even seem like Dagobert cares. Poor Dagobert. Even if he shared his account, I hope the allegations are not true. If so, hopefully he will get his hat back and the buyer his/her money.
  7. Hey Moonpoppy, did you play Jayy (or some similar name) on Sklo's challenge server named Dungeon?
  8. Please like my reply in the below post. I hope more people join this server. It is great fun!
  9. Now's the perfect time to PVP in a worry-free environment where only skills, strategy, and teamwork matter. Try out Sklo's challenge PVP server and enjoy the real essence of PVP! Scale and moonmetals are plentiful and skill grind is completed in no time. The focus is truly on PVP. Yesterday, after looking at my logs, I was in a 46 minute fight that stretched from a dense forest to a sparse steppe. It was very intense and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. It is true core PVP without the fear of losing skills, investing precious time catching up to other's skills, or having to afford expensive moonmetal weapons and scale armour. The server only lasts until March 31st, but there is no rush. You can catch up to everyone's skill in almost no time, less than a day for many 90+ skills. However, every day missed is an epic missed PVP opportunity.
  10. I disagree. The goal is to have fun pvp'ing using strategy and skill, not the gear itself. Therefore, if one person has it, then everyone should have it. Otherwise, remove moonmetals and scale, altogether, in round 2. So far, I'm having a lot of fun. Was just in a 46 minute open field battle, which was very intense. Can't wait for more.
  11. Is it impable?
  12. I'd rather you send a digger to dig a hole outside the deed, that destroy houses, dig down deed walls, mine down to token pit, and drain.
  13. Everytime I look at the forum, it's McLovin complaining about something.
  14. What you are saying is not "alt abuse". People are paying premium to play the game within the rules. Just because you think it's unfair to your kingdom doesn't mean the rules should change. Otherwise, to make it more fair for other kingdoms, mechanics such as unraidable capitals, unable to embark on boats and horses with enemy in local, and others could be instituted, but to the point of making the game undesirable to play for everyone.
  15. It doesn't make sense that we don't want to merge? How about...we are free thinking people that play the way we want within the rules of the game? Besides, we are not the ones complaining. Look at the OP.