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  1. @Darklords Was this fixed? Valrei @Valreimoon · Sep 2 Libila will rule both heaven and earth and may promote an ally!
  2. Just because you experienced something negative doesn't mean it has to stay that way. This game changes (ostensibly for the better) all the time.
  3. Hi Elentari, The context of Valrei International 040 from 2017 was only to remove player gods from the board, not remove them from the game. A player could still become a god. Later in 2020, Valrei International 093 removed player gods completely. There is no mention of removing the ability to become a god. It seems like removing this "reward" was missed?
  4. Please allow abdication by willing transfer of the crown.
  5. Same with using pendulums to find champs, traitors, or battle camps. Using keybinds to switch views is very helpful. Right before I fight mobs, I switch to 1st person, position myself within proper distance, then switch back to 3rd. Keybinds make it fast.
  6. Did you have any focus before attacking the troll? If not, then there should not be any bug. Anytime you focus something new, and you have no active focus level, then it starts the focus timer over. With the listed mobs, except for the spider, I can see how you would kill them before even being able to focus. Spider also, most likely, with you being a veteran player and high FS, etc.
  7. Scenario ended with no tweets of tome, lump, or fragment rewards, but instead this: Valrei @Valreimoon · 3h Libila will rule both heaven and earth and may promote an ally! Isn't this part of the old player god reward system?
  8. Can add in a check to not reduce skill if the target tree is the mission tree.
  9. Enki's post assured the community of impending bans. Will Enki's "The Gallows" thread be updated with the results?
  10. 86.35ql sent, sorry other sold.
  11. Thanks Shenji and team! You all did a great job hosting!
  12. not a bug

    yes, that was it, ty