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  1. WTS mid-level PVP avatar - reduced price

    Actually, I raised longsword and lms to 90+ and meditating to 70 for full shield of the gone.
  2. WTS mid-level PVP avatar - reduced price

    Bump....reduced price....will consider trade for tomes.
  3. 250 200 silver or euros - may consider some trading for tome level 11 path of insanity, so full shield of the gone Smeagain priest with 86 faith Comes with sailboat, 80 ql plateset, longsword, and shield no premium no comments plz, this is not a PC not discussion topic
  4. WTS Rares and other bits

    Plz cod rare short sword to me.
  5. Personal goals - Original goals are still valid

    There's nothing confusing about this. If you complete an original personal goal before the rerolled one, just wait for server reset. Don't waste time on the rerolled goal.
  6. This is just some info that if you are close to completing an original goal, go ahead and complete it and wait for server reset. Here's what happened to me: "Become Magician" was replaced with "Repair 6250". I started on Repair, completed Magician, my personal goal window still showed Repair, completed Repair, personal goal window showed Repair was completed. Then after server reset, personal goal window now shows Magician as completed, and Repair is gone. Submitted a ticket and was confirmed that original goals are still present when server restarts and if not completed, then changes to whatever was rerolled. If completed, however, then shows as completed and re-rolled is gone.
  7. Can travel to your deed or host at mine. I'll bring the 1 item needingcasted and all of the chopped veges ready to go. Hopefully will be an easy silver for someone and a good cast for me.
  8. Rare and Supreme Gear for Sale!! CHEAP!!!!'d
  9. sold

  10. sold

  11. wts imbue potions

    sent, thx
  12. wts imbue potions

    1.5s each
  13. sold

  14. Friendship Bay Summer Impalong (Friend-A-Long)!

    Put me down as a floater meaning if any one skill is needed at any time, I can help. For example, if many want weapons imp'd and there becomes a waiting list, then I can help in that area until there is some other need. Also, with 50 alchemy and 90+ nat sub, I can mix bloods and make dyes if mats are provided. I'll also bring a 95 channeling/100 faith Nahjo priest for casting or linking. If there will be an Epic portal available, then I can gain sb with that rather than a bed if those might be limited due to the amount of volunteers.