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  1. Are trader moves restricted to the same server?
  2. Will the King's coffers still have money in it for non-trader activities, like killing mobs, etc.? if so, will it be more money? Or are King's coffers going away?
  3. I ran Hinbert over just to check out the deed. There was never any attempt nor plan to drain it. You shouldn't propagate lies if you weren't there.
  4. The camp was conquered and owned by Panda. My alt did not simply find/conquer a camp. I found the camp beforehand with my main fighter, cleared the area of mobs, set up in a cave and waited to trap, jumped out and surprised/killed Theshawv, hid again, ran the alt out to draw Panda fire, so I could pounce again, or stay hidden if too many, since there were 5 others online besides me. I stand by my initial reply. It is not possible for a new non-prem avatar to run out and find/conquer a camp (unless the camp spawns literally right outside a starter town, which I've never seen). If anyone thinks I'm wrong, then go out and prove it first before replying.
  5. Said from a Panda/TC player. Funny thing is that TC, at least, used alts. So you are saying any player who used alts, your own kingdom members included, are garbage players. GG
  6. There is no such thing as alt abuse. It is a subjective, dynamic measure of an account that TC/Panda uses to complain after lost events. The same way they complain about priests being overpowered, enemy PMK using exploits, Trebs being too powerful, etc. Losing in PvP results in lost time and money. There is no "satisfying and engaging PvP experience" when you lose real life money. You could lose hundreds of euros in drake, scale, rare items, shaker orbs, etc. You have to spend the time imping all of your gear over again or buying new gear. In this case, Eva lost a resellable HotA statue and 6 Kg of Glimmer and 6 Kg of Addy. I don't even count the medallions as having value. I used to be in Panda. I personally sailed with Eva and sold HotA statues for her personal benefit. So you see, I'm dismissing her premise because it's yet just another excuse for making a change that will benefit her and not the community as a whole. When you have time, read this egregious thread. It's a completely different viewpoint of hers when I was in Panda and we were fighting TC. I remember her telling me how the TC leader, McLovin, made her cry when she lost her scale set. Then, when WU pushes her back to the brink of extinction, she completely changes her feelings towards TC. People should not make suggestion threads that just benefit them. It should be for the community as a whole.
  7. Sure, Ciray, I'll answer your question directly, but you are not going to like my answer. It goes with what I said about life cycle. TC ruled the server for a while at it's peak. Then WU brought TC down to it's end by constantly defeating in fights, to the point where you all stopped leaving deed. Eventually, all of your players quit because TC could no longer win. Then all of WU quit because there was no more competition.
  8. Cowardness is suggesting restrictions you meet that others don't in an effort to exclude them for personal gain. Why not say 31 body control? Hell horse speed dominates over normal horses and makes a huge difference in hota and pvp. Is it because you don't have 31? It's very subjective to say 30 body strength and 50 fight skill is the minimum for end game content. While brand new players might think that, older players most certainly will not. Why do you or anyone else care who does hota and how? Because you are in Panda, and your kingdom lost today, your kingdom mate Theshawv got killed, and Eva complained, that makes you biased. Because you lost, you are crying about it. Theshawv was out looking today. Eva was out looking, because she capped Cappa Cat outpost in the Center. There were others online, so presume could be other Pandas out looking. Yet, one coward from Freedom outplayed your whole kingdom and won. Of course you are going to complain. You have to find some way to handicap me to make it safer for you all to venture out into the server again without fear of getting killed or outplayed.
  9. Have you ever conquered a battlecamp, much less even been to Chaos? How can you say these things if you have not done both? Are you aware that because of the almost non-existent population, mobs are very densely packed in many areas? The server is very large at 16 x 16 Km, which is 4 times the size of Release. Battlecamps can spawn anywhere on land. Where would you run alts to exactly? Boars, Hyenas, and Gorillas are aggressive and have a longer aggro range than normal mobs. If you are Freedom, the default kingdom, then if you visit the SouthEast part of the map, it is filled with enemy towers and guards that have a pretty decent aggro range. To top it all off, you may have to fight against other players, after all it is pvp. I would suggest you create a new non-prem avatar and find and conquer a battle camp. After that, your post will have the experience to back it up.
  10. Pvp has a life cycle. You can blame the ending on alts, priest changes, game mechanics, or whatever you want at any time the situation does not favor you. But, if you look at all of Chaos throughout it's history and also Wurm Unlimited pvp servers, there have always been beginnings, peaks, and endings. Hopefully, we will be fortunate enough to experience a new beginning either on Chaos or the new Steam pvp server, if there is one.
  11. I don't think players from the same Freedom kingdom on Chaos should be able to kill other's hitched horses inside any starter town. I can see how it's acceptable for HotS because of their theme.
  12. I disagree. You can easily ride over and kill the non-prem player. Besides, it takes 4 camp conquers, that are spread all over the map, to win. It's not like a non-prem can evade mobs and find all of the camps and conquer them. You are just upset personally, because I outplayed you and Theshawv, and whomever else might have been online at the time. Just because you're the last kingdom on Chaos doesn't mean you're going to have it easy, at least not until more TC start playing.
  13. It's probably just personalized marketing. Previously accessed content is advertised to you personally. Other people see whatever they've searched for or product sites they've visited.
  14. cancel

  15. Premium payments do. When owners of accounts stop playing, Wurm makes no more money off them from premium. When owners of purchased accounts pay premium, it is income for Wurm.