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  1. Ritual of the Sun

    I need the goal on my Mag priest, Togiodi, when it's rdy.
  2. A New Elevation

    Is the portal from a home server to Elevation one way only at the beginning? No preference, just curious.
  3. A New Elevation

    I am more or less neutral about this specifically, but at a high level, removing too many options might make the game less appealing. For this, there is the option of level 9 path of power as a temporary counter. Elemental Immunity Gained at level 9 You get the option on your Body (in your inventory). This will make you immune to elemental damage (fire, ice, acid and water ; natural or spells) for 30 minutes. This includes immunity to lava and drowning. It has a cooldown of 18 hours.
  4. Close

    I honestly don't see you staying no matter what happens. I remember when you invited me to your deed on Serenity, said I fell for the oldest trick in the book, and then kicked me out. You said you were tired of playing and wished you could raid and steal from your own home server. I don't see how someone who thinks and acts like that would stay longer than a week or so on a new server when the core issues are still present within themselves.
  5. Dig strange bones from tar

  6. Give Epic The Map It Deserves

    I wonder what the cost is to implement and maintain a new Elevation type server? Release and Pristine were added to the Freedom cluster, followed by Xanadu, so adding new servers can and has been done. I would like to think a new additional Elevation server would increase player populations, but after Affliction and Elevation, it's hard to see it being successful long term.
  7. Give Epic The Map It Deserves

    I support a new Elevation map, but if existing players wanted to keep old Elevation, I support that as well. Nothing contradictory about that. That's the problem, and the real reason why this game is failing.
  8. Keep old HOTA on Ele

    The reason you are saying this is because you are part of BL and win the old HotA uncontested every time. Of course you want free moonmetals whenever possible. How about, instead, remove all HotA and the depot temporarily until a new acceptable Elevation map is implemented.
  9. Epic Portals 10c Each Use

    +1 if 10c is deducted from Ayes' player accounts every time someone ports and pays, until Ayes runs out of money and then ports are free to everyone.
  10. Give Epic The Map It Deserves

    -1 to removing home servers I would agree to this only if the players suggesting to remove home servers will agree to have their skills reset, lose all of their inventory (including merchants), lose alts, and lose their PvE deeds. It's easy to tell someone else to give up their hard work and effort, but hard to sacrifice your own, eh? +1 on new Elevation map only
  11. A little extra info. The timers were from two completely different accounts.
  12. New HotA System

    Possible bug - Conquered two camps that were 12 tiles apart around the same time by two people. During looting of both, when the first one was looted, it stopped the other one from being looted with the standard message of must wait 24 hours. Both camps were never previously conquered. The second camp was about 3 minutes into the 5 minute looting process and automatically stopped with that message exactly when the first camp finished looting.
  13. New HotA System

    We need a twitter message for when a camp despawns due to decay.
  14. Slaying of Goblin Leader(aka jim)

    Great job hosting! Was fun.
  15. Yeah, thanks. I submitted a support ticket and was going to request that action.