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  1. I'd rather you send a digger to dig a hole outside the deed, that destroy houses, dig down deed walls, mine down to token pit, and drain.
  2. Everytime I look at the forum, it's McLovin complaining about something.
  3. What you are saying is not "alt abuse". People are paying premium to play the game within the rules. Just because you think it's unfair to your kingdom doesn't mean the rules should change. Otherwise, to make it more fair for other kingdoms, mechanics such as unraidable capitals, unable to embark on boats and horses with enemy in local, and others could be instituted, but to the point of making the game undesirable to play for everyone.
  4. It doesn't make sense that we don't want to merge? How about...we are free thinking people that play the way we want within the rules of the game? Besides, we are not the ones complaining. Look at the OP.
  5. Nope, because the hole can be filled and the digger easily killed, by enemy players, tower guards, spirit templars, kingdom protective animals, and wild aggressive mobs. If you are saying because the digger can be in a place where no one is and do digging undetected, then the same can be said that it's worse that an enemy kingdom can field a large number of players and raid (destroy houses, dig down walls, mine down to token, and drain) an enemy deed that has no one online or 1 or 2 avatars. So, it boils down to doing stuff uncontested in any specific place on the map and not enough players pvp to change that.
  6. Help what? Help keep players from trying to counterbalance your kingdom, which currently vastly outnumbers all others combined? If it's a non-prem alt, they can't see local list. If it has sub 20fs, they are very easy to kill. If it's prem, then subscription money is going into the game to support it's operational costs. All this suggestion does is hurt the game imo.
  7. After reading your post after the selfish one above, I think you are afraid people will catch up so you are arguing against it. You are just as likely to gain additional affinities as anyone else, so no reason to think you're excluded.
  8. Well done on the affinity changes. Seems balanced and thought out.
  9. yes
  10. I'll pickup the rare ornate fountain if you want to cod me something.
  11. According to the link in the OP, you are not bugged. If you go to that website and start typing in "r", "e", etc, repairing will become an option, and the same process for weaponless fighting.
  12. cod mask of ravager to me plz
  13. I don't see what Wimble did wrong. Not only did he ultimately give the account back, but he tried to do it immediately until he could sort out his finances. You can't say he stole horse gear and gems, the two most commonly consumed materials in PvP, due to horse deaths and spell casts. People should secure their items if they don't want them to be of public use, especially being a brand new Chaos kingdom with new players from Epic and immediate PvP with Ebo. In other words, LoA leadership put him in that situation by giving him public access to the gems and horse gear at a time when it was needed.
  14. @Zenity Your friend must have been a great guy. Have you considered moving the memorial underground to a reinforced safe mine on deed or behind deed walls, instead of it being out in the open? Maybe no one currently has plans to go bash/catapult your new fences around it, but what's to stop the new people in the future from doing it?
  15. 5s