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  2. I have several tin veins on/around my deed that you are welcome to mine. PM me if interested. I'm at L22. There is a big copper area at G18.
  3. Maybe a compromise would be to have old skin fragments drop in treasure chests. This would reintroduce them but at a slower rate. It also would help the market by offering new products for sale.
  4. 4G It's dyed black, but can removed.
  5. I always thought that was what the cat was for, but I like cats, so does not seem like an appropriate dislike reaction.
  6. sold

    Sounds good. PM Galatyn when ready to sail.
  7. sold

    Yes, she's still available. Adolescent now. [10:00:46] Her colour is molten. Release - L21 on the shore
  8. 3s for the rare mallet
  9. HLLmart

    Darn...was thinking about buying one of those beautiful wagons.
  10. Well, cotton for healing only. I can't make strings out of mine. For PvE, all you need is a good LT weapon. For PvP, it is quite useful. But what is that, like 5% of the Wurm population maybe? In those terms, it's not really that useful to the majority.
  11. Well, this by the game's definition is cheating. Cheating Definition:* Obvious abuse of any exploit, bug or other method of gaining skill/items that is not as intended. Punishment: Varies on a case by case bases including permanent ban and loss of skills.