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  1. Personal Goal Vendors

    If they do re-open, I would not trust them. When I started on the Epic Serenity home server, I joined a new player friendly village. While out looking for pvp with Frank's village, which was part of the alliance, Frank sent me a village invite. We had been talking about joining together to found a deed on Elevation to be closer to whatever pvp could be found there. I accepted the invite and he started laughing on Discord saying I fell for the oldest joke in the book or something. I had doubts that maybe he was not sincere, but was hopeful that we would still play together on Elevation. The next day or so, he kicked me from his village saying that he never intended for me to join and that he didn't know if he or his friends would continue playing on Epic due to low participation. Long story not trust these guys. Luckily, the original village re-invited me back and I rarely see players from this alliance village online, and I play just about every day.
  2. I have a Giant Walnut charge and would like to trade for any other tome charge, except red cherry. Plz pm me if interested.
  3. I'm looking to trade one charge of white cherry for one charge of any other tome, except red cherry. Plz pm me if interested.
  4. Rare huge axe bundle

    This bundle includes one rare huge axe with high-level enchants, 11 random QL mend runes, and 2 coupons for free WS imps to 90. The coupons can be used on any weapon item and ownership can be transferred. The winner will receive the private codes for the coupons, which must be provided when redeemed. The mend runes are included to remove 20 damage at a time at a cost of 2 QL, and is recommended over repairing the axe which may drastically reduce QL. The mend runes have a percentage success rate and, thereby, may fail. To supplement this, 2 free WS imps to 90 are provided. Finally, the winner may choose any non-moonmetal rune to be attached before delivery. 10s start may consider buyout no reserve
  5. multiple wins on same avatar?

    Is this possible for everyone?
  6. WTS mid-level PVP avatar - sold, plz close

    sold. plz close
  7. White tome+cherry

  8. Goblin Leader

  9. White tome+cherry

  10. White tome+cherry

  11. Friendship Bay Summer Impalong (Friend-A-Long)!

    Bring bloods for free mixing! We have a lot of source salt.
  12. WTS mid-level PVP avatar - sold, plz close

    Actually, I raised longsword and lms to 90+ and meditating to 70 for full shield of the gone.
  13. WTS mid-level PVP avatar - sold, plz close

    Bump....reduced price....will consider trade for tomes.
  14. 250 200 silver or euros - may consider some trading for tome level 11 path of insanity, so full shield of the gone Smeagain priest with 86 faith Comes with sailboat, 80 ql plateset, longsword, and shield no premium no comments plz, this is not a PC not discussion topic
  15. WTS Rares and other bits

    Plz cod rare short sword to me.