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  1. Where did I say I was against any goals? Please stop saying falsehoods and spreading propaganda.
  2. It's not about that at all. It's about providing viable solutions to real world problems and proving that: 100 rifts = great end-game goal
  3. I'm glad to provide some suggestions that work for me and for other people that I've seen do the same. Hopefully this will make your Rift goal completion journey easier/faster. 1. Look on Niarja for a day/time that you can attend. 2. If the start time (or up to 1 hour after it starts) is not possible to attend, then sail well before it starts when you do have some time and build a simple 1x2 locked gated fenced area. You can use this fenced area to temporary park in later during the rift if something comes up in RL and have to afk. 3. Bring a tent in case you die, so don't waste time trying to run back to the Rift. You can hitch your horse to it while waiting for the Rift to start. 4. Log in when you can and kill mobs/burn hearts and strive for at least 25 points, which is very easy and fast if either just target what others are fighting or burning hearts, both for 1 point each. If all you did was log in and burn hearts in wave 4 solo and close the Rift, you will receive journal credit. Wave 4 = takes 25 hearts to close 5. After the Rift is finished, ride back to the fenced area and log out, if no time. Can always log in and travel back to deed some other time. I am literally following those steps for tonight's rift on Cele. I have my avatars parked at the Rift in a fenced area ready to go, and will arrive home after it starts, but should have enough time to gain 25 points.
  4. It is very common for people to make small protected fenced areas right outside the rift area. When I have to step away, that's where I stay. I've seen a lot of other people do the same. So when mom yells down the basement, park in a fenced area.
  5. You thinking it's a bad goal is subjective. I think it's a great goal, also subjective. It's right in-line with the other lengthy goals: imp 100K times, perform 500K actions, get a skill to 99, etc, all skills that should take time to complete. People can find time for Rifts if they really want to. They cycle in time and day and only last around 1.5 hrs in SFI. Rifts on Epic home servers stay open for a good while. From experience, Serenity's is around 2-3 days. Niarja says the others are >2 days. There are opportunities for everyone in SFI. Edit: You can literally show up in the last 20 minutes or so in wave 4 and earn enough points (25?) to complete the journal goal.
  6. -1 Do not remove it. Time consuming? Yes. Difficult to complete an individual rift? No, it's very easy and fun with a group. This is part of the final journal entry for non-priests to complete to earn the coveted cape. Since it can be thought of as an end-game goal, it should not be accomplished in a short timeframe.
  7. Year of 1100

    What were the prizes? Congrats to the winners!
  8. Hi Kadmint, You can see the exact number of the "Improve items 100000 times" achievement by hitting "Esc", then click on "Tools", then "More", and then "Achievement Window". Click on the "Name" column to sort alphabetically, then find "Improve".
  9. Once you accept that anything, good or bad, can change in the game, it's much more fun. For me personally, once I accepted the fact that I lost 100's of dollars in fountain pans, marks to switch to Fo then have LoF almost immediately nerfed, lots of money on many trader deeds for draining (though to be fair the long-term investment return was positive, albeit small), my game experience has been much better. It doesn't matter if anyone agrees or disagrees with any changes made. What's done is done and the sooner you accept it, the faster you can get on to enjoying the game. Unless it's enough to make you quit, in which case, thanks for all the fish. Or you can become a dev and be more influential in the changes that you want made.
  10. Unless anything has changed, gold provides a 10% bonus and the example is wrong. 10% of 100 is 10, not 20. Also, I thought the size of the map affected the range formula. If so, there is no mention of that along with the applicable formula per size.
  11. This month's Marks store skin has basinet helmet as the target item. Do you mean next month, January?
  12. [09:30:51] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. thx post updated