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  1. We need a better one-handed weapon for piercing. Swords do less damage than mauls and axes (I know, at the expense of higher parry), but don't pierce all of the time since they can also slash. Maybe the shortsword can be reworked as a dagger with 100% pierce and modified damage (higher damage when behind target) and much reduced parry.
  2. +1 You always have great ideas and implementer of the first public cooking affinity spreadsheet. Keep up the good work!
  3. You haven't even played this game a year yet. Have you grinded any skill to 90? Don't be so selfish in your own experience in the game and look at it from the perspective of people who invested all that time and effort to grind to high level within the freedom framework of the game.
  4. I would gladly take a hit to med and stamina in exchange for all other skills to be fairly converted upwards.
  5. If many epic players have been on freedom for a long time, then there will not really be NEW people to play with and get to know on freedom. In summary, freedomers will not receive any skill adjustment when portaling to epic meaning more time grinding with less skill, while epic players will take a small hit and then have 3x all the way back to original skill level. I fail to see the fairness in it.
  6. "ensuring that the transfer skill adjustments are fair to both sides." Will Freedom skills increase when porting over to Epic?
  7. Epic and Freedom are same skill gain, many people playing on Epic again, Epic wants to keep skills......sounds like no merger is needed then. Epic has been revitalized!
  8. What, that you want the thread closed because what Freedomer's are saying is true and you can't handle it? Why close the thread when we can keep an open honest fair dialogue going?
  9. My understanding is that there is currently an exploitation situation occurring on Epic. You can gain free skill by portaling over to Epic now from Freedom, grinding low level skills to mid, then after the update, portaling from Freedom to Epic, the higher Epic skill will overwrite the low one, then portaling back to Freedom and taking a small hit. The resultant skill gain will still be higher than if skilled on Freedom only.
  10. It invalidates the time and work we invested in our skills. I have 90 nat subs, the Rainbow Maker title, and I wear that title with pride because I know not many people have it. It means I spent a lot of time and effort grinding that skill and now someone from Epic is able to achieve that same result with much less time and effort spent, i.e. free skill gain? Transferring 1:1 is an insult and directly goes against the grinding principle of this game.
  11. Many in the forums are saying they want fairness. I can think of two ways in which the merge can be made more fair: 1. Budda's formula needs to be more accurate. It currently seems to calculate more skill than it should after reduction for the lower skill levels. After performing simple botanizing comparison with 1.0 skill level avatars on both Epic and Freedom recently, the Epic avatar still had higher skill gain after reducing it through Budda's formula. When I enter my current 25-40 skill levels from my Epic account into Budda's formula, the result seems higher than what it should be as an equivalent on Freedom. 2. Freedom avatars need applicable skill gain increased when transferring to Epic. My Freedom leatherworking is at 95.67. If I spent 50 hours skilling to that level, then a formula should be used to translate that to 50 hours of skilling leatherworking on Epic.
  12. It's not "just like". The time Epic players spent was less to reach the same and higher skills. The answer is simple though, just keep Epic and Freedom separate forever.
  13. Just keep Epic and Freedom completely separate as it is today. There is nothing wrong with the way it is.
  14. How about an in-game vote for these Freedom/Epic changes?