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  1. Some change for traders could be not give money but get increse the taxes paid to upkeep, lets says to around 60-80%, dont move to buy special things is nice (we dont even need move for tar, clay, sand or other things). Even if money from trader pools goes to rare coins probably everybody can get them (still people with more skill will get more easily)
  2. WTB convert to Afterthoughts (?)
  3. look like a bull##it like fishing will be happen again
  4. supposing traders are removed, wondering if half of the deeds on freedom will gone because are trader deeds and probably lot of cheap silver on trade because reimburse
  5. but that take time and effort, is easier get one alt per starting town and check it every few days, and not even need deed nor prem
  6. you make it sound like is your alt... i wondering how much money trader make, maybe i put one on the future who knows, and guessing how much of those money goes to sell for IRL money, money dont disappear unless you get banned, so the money goes to somewhere... I never said anything about ban the alts like finn, but not againts ban toons only for drain public ones, there is a forum for suggestions (even if devs never consider any of them)...
  7. There are so traders in all starting towns, without count the trader deeds, also there are alts draining them in both starting and private ones. I not gonna lie, i do the same, is nice get some coppers even travel to visit ones (talking to you drake peak one), is good find things on them like rare recipes or gems for a few coppers/items. There are many alts draining in alll starting towns, in every server and cluster, yeah i saw some on chaos and epic too. So how much money they are getting on trader deeds? i guess it varies from server and population, they arent allowed on xana, but other servers have low population compared, jackal would be insane amount until first reset... Im considering put a trader on my deed, but there are some around doubt can be posible have one there... Let suppose there is only one person, there are many alts i guess they are like 4-5 real persons visiting all servers, wondering how much money is going to silver sales because doubt is going to upkeep or pay prem ? Example of alt draining traders on pristine: https://imgur.com/Bo8T3i9
  8. we need a new window for achemy/ns and maybe one for cooking too
  9. and bring vynora back to missions!
  10. drek retro, post all the info in ONE TOPIC...
  11. we got portal to another cluster but not between islands like on epic....
  12. hunt server? hope we cant deed there but build
  13. cod the scythe to tamat