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  1. Remove the limitations of reactions on forums!
  2. its called rift but with out the buildings (?)
  3. talking about "toxic" actitude. Unique have an easy fix, dont let theme enter on caves and server wide reward for slain, so even if the same groups get them everybody get the drops. Removing tomes and bones would be a nice idea too
  4. QoL dont mean make the game easier! is the same actitude than here with "etiquette". Just more protection to the same folk, nobody else can get the uniques because not part of a group so no chance of know when will be the hunt. the groups hunting only vets and alts, only if you get lucky get blood from public slays usually the drops are reserved...
  5. That precisely why rift mechanic and hunting ettiquete hit you in the face and let you outside the hunt. I claim the unique, but is a rift so only my group and i are alowed to hunt the mobs and get enough points to get drops!, you cant even watch why? i claimed it so you need leave local!
  6. problem with that and "hunting ettiquete" is we dont want you to participate on it, we can kill them with our group thing... I say go even futher, make the drop server wide, like dragon was slain, the king is pleased everybody get rewarded with 5 days of upkeep and the blood, for drake and dragon add the hide/scale drop also server wide.
  7. if have better idea, just write it down here, the thread is for that
  8. Shrimpiie uses splash! is not effective!
  9. @Pandaletmy thread went to suggestions and this one not? are almost the same!
  10. they can, is called mind stealer, use it in a weapon and give it to non prem, start killing animals and see what happens
  11. again is opinion thread not suggestion. im not asking make this changes im saying what i would do with wurm and asking other share their opinions
  12. rolf already tried that and failed miserably
  13. is relevant, many thing like disinformation or not communication between media and dev team will be solved with some of last points. So an intended feature promised on media could be tracked with the tickets and can we see if really planned or just smoke and mirrors