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  1. Even better, make them impable, as all newbie tools. we need more weapon variety, and newb will benefit of some extra skill imp the tools
  2. new players will not take part of "end game" inmediatly as they start to play, so what is the point of add things for them there?
  3. The Wurm Economy Problem

    Wallmart is so expensive for you, lets go to a 33 iron store (?)
  4. Ride bisons

    Let us ride bisons and use large saddle in them. Make the bison great again!
  5. Chaos Tabards on Freedom

    +1 to tabards, also screw "economy" let us make all items of all kingdom or transform all items to freedom design
  6. Valrei International. 057

    paper mario strikes again (?) at least not selling it as feature
  7. Passenger Carriages

    make them 8+ people instead or let us move ships with people using transport
  8. Why nobody pvps in wurm.

    lets make and transport pmk things to freedom for money!
  9. Patch Notes 6/APR/18/

    so we cant complete items in 99 or 100 piles anymore...?
  10. if modifying the select bar, can quit the disembark button from there or at least move from next attack button
  11. yes, only in pvp servers, to make sieging more interesting
  12. Valrei International. 056

    please, please, let us tease shrimpiie, bring different colours crabs
  13. Thank You - Developers & Staff members!

    i entered thinking in niki is quitting...