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  1. hope champ horses like in WU
  2. i saw something like Description: Libila asks 1.0 of you to perform the Ritual of sun at the Lamentations Way. It is located in the southwest regions. Rewards: 30m sleep bonus for the person who completes this mission as well as 500 karma split between participants
  3. I can see many people using 2s throwaway alts for drain hide and scale drops... more unique drama upcoming! 15days prem for 5s is nice, but could be used as 2s one
  4. i can see a lot of premiums accounts for unique events to drain drops of scale/hide from now...
  5. if you need your drug, you would bought WU when was 1buck
  6. this is the thread to blame ping complain about the drop? non prem at momeny, probably that make it even harder if drops
  7. Make the sickle great again!
  8. we have portals in wo, go to epic and check
  9. make a new toon and try to build a row boat i ll use a chronometer
  10. probably dont want get burning making great amount of bulk stuff
  11. bump
  12. +1 please
  13. OMG enki is trying to kill a babyseal!