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  1. fishing bugs and others

    a rod with 2 reels! wondering if we can fish 50 fish at the same time
  2. Do you like the new fishing system?

    we had some threads about rollback but staff says will never back
  3. quit all afk systems

    actually freedomers fight more than pvpers, and at least not attacking who cant defend with an knarr full of alts
  4. quit all afk systems

    is the same, you get the same resources at end, one fish, one shard, one dirt/clay/tar, and dont have the stupid click game that not works most of the time or stools get high damage... leveling is even worse than fishing you can level until ranout of stamina or have the tile full, what happens first, also no minigame for start...
  5. so the official reason of new fishing system is quit afk system. quit everything other afk systems, yes this is a game about timers, timers make you go afk most of the time, specially long timers like leveling in high slopes. quit them. No more timers! We dont need queue of actions, because also is a type of afk system! Also fighting is a afk system too, let us click for swing and guard/parry!
  6. Old fishing system back!

    how about quiting leveling then? you can start the action and if the slope is high enough will run until ranout of stamina, that is even more afk system than fishing or even better quit all the queue of actions that is afk system too
  7. more uniques roaming unhabited areas of xana? 2s alts for drain drops...?
  8. Catching big fish after update!

    gather rune affect the fish ql?
  9. More Time Please

    dont think so, never happened before except one time for prizes
  10. More Time Please

    you probably know that is imposible finish goals in one month, specially for new accounts/alts. i could finished them on my alt on xanadu, but i want in my main account, even if xana was easy goals compared with the main (175kg fish, repair 6250 walls, 5k litters of wine, plant 200 hedges) i completed all but fishing and lockpick (not so hard) but fishing update screwed the grinding for the goal
  11. sure, after the pop up shows, you back to wurm you search where click, fish gone