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  1. [Done] Death

    Death penalty 4th bullet point Exceptions. I guess it can be hard to see, it wouldn't be a bad idea to move it more in the opened rather than under the pvp text.
  2. Name and Shame: Oblivionnreaver

    What ever happened to it's a game. I mean is this EvE??? Where is the raw helping community I grown to love and one of the reasons why I still play. To Shame people because they broke a rule in a game, in a group that he was invited to 2 month prior, on a 1 in million chance. I would keep it to, and probly never use it, or do what he was doing and sell it to pay for deeds and future public slaying that he is known for... I am shocked we are not shaming all the other private groups with way less then the p/r group. When there is 15-20 slayers, rather than the p/r 40 slayers When will this thread be locked and deleted? Shame for calling someone out...
  3. For some who played WoW, when your driving down the road and your mains are alliance and see a horde, what do some people do. Well for me I drive past and yell FOR THE ALLIANCE... as i get the finger and yelled at in orgish. Same with pokemon go, I'm a team valor, and cut off team mystic usally. Along with other stickers on my side window. Off topic, when newgrounds was a fresh flash website. New members were sent stickers of the famous tank along with there website. I got many people to search it due to having it on my bike and gameboy color. Some might know newgrounds for foamy the squirrel. Anyways, if members could purchase or even get rewarded for being prem for x amount of months/time be sent these decals. I would put a wurm sticker on the car along with a freedom flag and probly JK also. I'm not sure if it was wurm or another game I'm thinking of, but for a boost in revenue and a table centerpiece there was a 5" 3d printed statues which sold for 30-50 usd. Things like this would be free advertising, and let the gamer show his pride in the game by showcasing it. Ps, decalgirls com dos custom bulk work, just need to have the copyrights in your name.
  4. Metallic liquid preventing Enchant decay

    +1 to making them more valuable/wanted I only found 1 liquid so far between 2 toons and never see them for sale.
  5. Linden Trees

    +1 to bamboo.. would make for cool semi see threw tile boarders. A bamboo cup for on the go camping trips. And like you sayed practice swords or dualing swords
  6. when i use the website on my phone it is really hard to navigate or read patches from there. if this is intended then please delete my post
  7. glass

    seen a post from 2008... on there they even sayed its been asked for before....
  8. Release Rift - 3:37pm 11/25/18

    almost where last weeks was, thats nice
  9. glass

    Always a +1
  10. What has made you hate Wurm?

    i dont say i hate, but dislike some features in the game. 1st, this is not EvE, stop buying skills (accounts) mass producing crap just to cash out once u made your 200-500% profit. yes we all would like free money from a game to pay for dinner, a movie, date night, bills, or even another hobby... i had my fun in calypso then realized its a game, not a investment with small outcomes. why would you not want to help a game by buying subs and silver on the shop page. its annoying to hear some say they got this account or stayed home all month to grind a skill and can now pay for there sub, priest sub, alt sub, there deeds and have some left over to pay for there cell phone bill....... speaking of, why can people buy and sell silver for 1 euro but the website says it 1.3-5 euro. i want to support the game and buy silver at a reasonable price off the shop, not support someones pocket. 2nd, during warm weather days i play for maby a hour if i even get to play due to work meaning over the years i am still considered a noob, if i want to pay for my deed, do i spend 2 weeks making crates and 5k bricks or enjoy the game and the grind. soo new players going wow, a whole universe based on all players. maby i will build some things and hope to sell it, so they get bored of the repetitive newbie grind for silver rather than build and explore and enjoy the land. when they ask for some help they are told to buy this and that if they choose to be faster and to sell items that are already under priced and overstocked the market. its hard to have a players market when the 5-10 year accounts keep switching hands to keep the market flooded with skillers and high end items. least when a new player comes sailing past i usally offer some basic things. might not have casts on it but still. 3rd, wagoneers, i can see it being good for xan but other than that no... what happened to preparing your cargo, getting the maps out, reading the wind and heading out to see the terrain along with other players and there projects. the "plot course" is nice tho, going from pri to exo without planning a whole days voyage is nice. 4th, and final... fighting... [combat flashed]....w.... ..left... ..... w..... w......head...... a.......center... Aged spider is dead, r.i.p. that was a awesome battle, i like how you just stood there and stared at it making sure you was within range... least runescape i can select attacks and interact with fighting. {{edit}} goes along with i must be 70 fighting to do any event... took me 2 years to due {{edit}} i still love this game and will probly play till server shutdown but still... the community is pretty good except for some of the elitist who think its there job to do everything like missions, slay private dragons, and keep market stocked) the impalongs and micro games i really enjoy. nothing that i encountered had a player-base like this one let alone this kind of sandbox feal. i will probly take week breaks from time to time but i can never let this game go, its awsome.
  11. Leaning items

    i love how we can drop<place items. can make a table look nice with plates and food or items and skulls. one thing that has been annoying is the backpacks, i never layed one down like ingame, usually i put the bottom down but im getting off topic now... i would think this idea would only work within structures for many good reasons but first. when we place a item i would like another option to lean item. when you get home from a fishing trip it would be nice to lean them in the shed rather than throw them on the floor or in a container. for a nice roleplay aspect i would like to lean my pickaxe on some crates getting ready for the huge operation. the rafts laying on the floor holding fragments, why not lean some up against the wall. barrels, must they all be upright except when on a shelf. most larger tools and items i would like to see them lean. over time it would be odd but cool to make a statue or "art" stacking items on other items. if anyone is familiar with "a tale in the desert" they have a art item, where anything you own can be put within this 1 tile zone making pictures or animals or even a tool made by that tool but with 100 of them. the reason i say it would be indoor only is it would be cool but odd to see a tent made of rafts randomly in the woods, or some using them as blinds from archers when approaching a enemy. im sure this is not really needed but would add more decorating in general, along with haveing a woodworking shop look like one with saws and other tools leaning on a table waiting to be used.
  12. Valrei International. 073

    First few to retros deed gets free rare lib statues??? Cant wait to see the new horses, good job guys, keep the excitement going. No Turkey (like the E bunny use to be) that runs around and drops pies or something. Grats to the winners of the contest and hope more try this round, hope the competition is fierce.
  13. Mini Games

    This is a good idea, I dont know many who use the puppets and yoyos from the toy making skill. We already have the skill implemented, even if it's a place only item, like to setup a table, place tiny statuettes for chess, or iron/copper coins for checkers. We just need a game table. It doesn't have to be a popup like trade. Dice would also be a nice feature, when placed they "roll" a random number. Card games could be harder as they would need to flip and probly have a ingame menu for them. But it would be nice to collect cards or play something while we wait for events. I always like the fallout caravan cards, collect randomly, trade and play. Just thought of this, make dominos, can be played on any table or floor... made from marble.
  14. Glass/Green Houses/Glass Blowing Skill

    Yes, sayed it before, I wanted glass for wurm since i played a tale in the desert. It could open up a lot more options to building, tableware, spells. I like the potion bottles, like a shards of ice spell but in a bottle using maby items combined. Please get glass, even if it cant be seen threw. Shrimpii even had Hope's for glass back then. Let's do it already, we made bridges and skyscrapers already.
  15. Calling all Xanadu peoples

    The only reason I noticed it cause I was thinking of doing something similar just not with those kind of words. With today's society I'm surprised someone haven't flipped out and made a huge deal about it, I just wanted to bring attention before someone lost there stuff. Thank you for judging others who see this as un proprietary for a public game even thought some ingame items have been deleted cause of word.