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  1. Valrei International. 086

    look at those shadows, very nice... ps first sounds like a really cool event but im a little confused, its it like invite a npc kinda thing or the more people we bring on a boat the better? cant wait for the fun-fest this July, good job dev teams on coming this far and doing so much. not a fan on the legendary solution tho, dont get to play much as some but still. the people who are able to play all hours of the day usally get the unique, as they overplay the game and im fine with that. would rather see a no deed or a server wide short term reward system.
  2. Wsa silver sales and safety

    i personally was never a fan of supporting players and there real life things, would rather spend the extra on a secure trade and support the game i play. Entropia Universe has a very secure and profitable way of trading money for ingame currency and vise versa. with that system the selling of accounts and currency for real world money is banned and only going threw the company is acceptable. with WU being close to WO, i can see people creating currency and items to scam more people, if the game gets more players that is. i do have to agree with wurmhole, make silver cheaper in store and better bundles. like most sayed before, check your sources, references, and forum account, hopefully its a known player and not just trying to cash out and take what they can.
  3. just noticed this myself on xan the other day. used a large cart, disembarked on 2nd floor near my ramp. had to embark it on 1st floor where the horse got pulled threw the floor. the 3rd tim i disembarked, it stayed on 2nd floor.
  4. Valrei International. 085

    another val, sweet.. ps, first have fun camping, is that like a VR wurm game? the invasions were also really fun, i hope to see more gm driven events.
  5. WTS Super Cheap Mailable Items

    ingame pm. ordered some yule reindeer, fast easy delivery
  6. Valrei Invasions

    i jumped in my boat and rowed as fast as i could. these val creatures were really fun to battle. the stream was amazing, i made a account just to like and follow, since im not a fan of the website. would love to see more events like this, so much fun. shrimpii needs some more armor apparently. really cant wait for the next one
  7. Server is nice and peaceful. I poked my head in and it's done really nice with alot of things and events planned for the future. Worth a look with all the mods and new map.
  8. Valrei International. 083

    Party that keeps dragon on on indi....
  9. Impalong page?

    came back in 2 hours and there should be a page by then.
  10. I'm a fan of #3. But that #4 wagon looks pretty exotic. Gratz to TC for getting these new designs out and letting the community picking. Cant wait to see what wins
  11. Fair game play hits a new low

    Start making them public? Stop penning them for personal gain so you and your group can reap the perks... soo much freaking drama over a dragon, dear God it's a game... stop playing WuEvE online, I mean Ev, i mean wurm... who cares... make them public, shame for separating the community to just your friends... If there should be a change, make a dragon boss at the end of every rift...
  12. And yet I'm sure the map still has 2 "H".
  13. W. S. A. Independence lag

    Hopefully the restart wont kill more animals. buddy had a tamed champ die on restart. Goodluck on the transfer and long term goals about this matter.
  14. The Quest!

    What road?
  15. The Quest!

    First.... Decoded. [21:34:38] You enter The Brotherhood.