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  1. And yet I'm sure the map still has 2 "H".
  2. W. S. A. Independence lag

    Hopefully the restart wont kill more animals. buddy had a tamed champ die on restart. Goodluck on the transfer and long term goals about this matter.
  3. The Quest!

    What road?
  4. The Quest!

    First.... Decoded. [21:34:38] You enter The Brotherhood.
  5. The letter K

    I wonder if I sHould bump this from page 11 to page 1. since it's only a letter. still annoying to looH at when I open up maps. Hing Hong, u Hnow the big gorilla...
  6. Valrei International. 076

    Ohh yeah, first for the year, epic
  7. Wurm on ads.google.com

    I like the idea, I know I always sayed wurm needs more advertising, even if it's a cheesy idle farming mobile app that is based on WO. I would like to help but looking at your picture, the description would need to talk about wurm, not advertise a market on a advertisement ment for wurm online. Other than that, you have me on board since I already annoyed my friends and family enought about joining.
  8. -1 i dont have any special named items, but im sure if i spent alota time on wurm, learned the ropes and applied to be a assistant or moderator, then i would treasure my items as a reminder what it took to get them. im sure i would be dumb and want a hammer called thor or a sword called Excalibur and watch them rot of a table in my house...
  9. For Auld Lang Syne

    i have to agree but completly disagree... in the warm months my IRL job takes me from sun up to sun down building many things for many homeowners. sometimes i dont even get to sign online cause i got home at 9pm and must be at it again by 7am... i have missed impalongs, public slayings, and other events. i have spent decent money on this game and havent complained. somehow someway i found a chest this morning. it will go next to my santa hat and picnic basket cause thats all i ever got. we all miss out on stuff, its life, ohh well, least you own a computer and have a roof over your head....
  10. New Year, New Map Dumps 2019!

    i dident make the stick figures yet in a random forest, too soon. ha
  11. For Auld Lang Syne

    took me 25 ish min the sail/walk to newsprings then to find it, on the edge of the perim. if your thinking alts and only personal gains by mailing it to yourself and keeping more than one then shame. what a way to suck the fun out of a pve event........
  12. For Auld Lang Syne

    found newspring, thanks for the fireworks \o/ loved the vrock party... thank you dev team ps. dos anyone know if the champagne will damage over time on a shelf?
  13. since it is a age, its been re added, but data for how long the animal lasts on this stage is still needed.
  14. added the age, just needs testing for how long a venerable lives for thats un-cared for vs cared for
  15. [Done] Death

    Death penalty 4th bullet point Exceptions. I guess it can be hard to see, it wouldn't be a bad idea to move it more in the opened rather than under the pvp text.