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  1. Greetings, Creating this in request from support ticket #170438. Faith switch did not change alignment. Trying to get a marks refund so i dont have to grind -180 alignment . Posting to see if this is a faith switch bug. Last time i used transfer [roughly a yearish ago] it did do my alignment as well. Thanks, Iohn Tridents Cove
  2. +Rep. I live close by and am in alliance [Iohn]
  3. Greetings Wurmians, We are currently looking for pickup 1 or 2 dedicated blacksmiths for our village. Discord is a must. We are all on nightly and a tight knit group of about 7 people. Our blacksmith left us last night and are looking for a replacement. Perks: Awesome group of friends As much iron as you will need [#1 priority is keeping you stocked up] Dedicated blacksmithing shop already created Message me in game at Iohn
  4. https://imgur.com/Ikan9u9 . half a silver? alot of worse ql then i thought
  5. Got a bunch of stuff to clear out. Willing to give good discounts in bulk Lady of Lake HOTA Yule Reindeer x3 Fantastic Dragon Fang Statuette x2 Rare Swordsman Statuette 2 Backpacks full of Gems Supreme Forge Supreme Oven Rare Forges x2 Rare Ovens x2 Rare Kiln Dreadnought Banners x5 Lunchbox Sleep Powder Hell Cart setup for 35khm travel with friends Longsword MS100 C83 LT80 N102 We also have a nice unfinished deed for sale (willing to give away for cheap if you buy items) Also have my account im taking offers on. Wanting to make the jump over to steam with some pals and willing to let it go for a fair price. https://www.niarja.com/universes/online/clusters/freedom/skills/Reemus I want to be fair and i want my stuff to be used within wurm still. Im wanting a total of $110 for everything so i can buy a year of premium and some silver for a new character and starting fresh. I currently have ~20 silver for sale as well.
  6. Please add Autumns Hallow in the S8 Grid. https://imgur.com/a/0pFCdX9
  7. +1 dev work needs to fix pvp, players will come back and new ones will stay
  8. Bump / we found where we would like to move. Accepting offers! Get a great deal at a good price ready to sell.
  9. WTS Valley Hold Current upkeep is under 4 S per month 90+ days in coffers P9 Xanadu , great natural location with direct ocean access main building alone is 11x11 and 9 stories tall with 8 bridges connecting them Asking 1 Gold with no rare or materials, please PM me obo prices including rares and tons of materials Currently have dedicated bedrooms, become a Xanadu power house today! Pics Below, almost everything will stay (we are moving not leaving) unless included with the deal https://imgur.com/a/rP40iVW
  10. Sounds awesome! we will provide enchanted picks and lanterns
  11. Thank you everyone! wanted to give some status updates as we have been cruising! we are now through the first mountain!! We are working on getting the ability to summon people. Check the main forum post for some photos. Edit: Summon Priest is on the way