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  1. Bump. Still one of the most stable and fun servers around! Great helpfull community! Join in and explore the most fun mods!
  2. You actually say that wrong. Most modders fix everythign what code club broke all over the years.
  3. They did abandoned it.. as its not getting any new content. Shame to see wurm going under like this. Could have been much more.. i wonder if notch knew this was comming.
  4. No more steam updates for unlimited.. seems the game is going downhill. Wont play online no more because of them abandoning unlimited.
  5. One of the best servers ive ever played on. Well thought out. Unique in self-made mods. Very friendly staff and player base.
  6. So far we are enjoying it! Greetings Hawkeye
  7. Going to try out the server looks like fun
  8. Close plz :)

    Closed server.
  9. Close plz :)

    Thanks, When i get back from vacation we will have a small clean up and hopefully some new updates!
  10. Close plz :)