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  1. So far we are enjoying it! Greetings Hawkeye
  2. Going to try out the server looks like fun
  3. Close plz :)

    Closed server.
  4. Close plz :)

    Thanks, When i get back from vacation we will have a small clean up and hopefully some new updates!
  5. Close plz :)

  6. Lovely map! Goodluck
  7. close plz

  8. Close plz :)

    Forum post updated with new images!
  9. Close plz :)

    Event was a great succes so far!
  10. Close plz :)

    Wack a mob event starting today join now to participate!!
  11. Close plz :)

  12. Close plz :)

    Fixed: Merchant bug and event mod! Update Wack a mob event is comming this weekend Saturday10th to Sunday 11th of August! Location: Event Area Time: Between 9 AM Saturday (CEST) to 5 PM Sunday (CEST) The event will repeat a few times over the weekend and a broadcast message will be sent How to get there? Use the huge ball portal @Dragons Lair (Spawn) What will needed? Normal armor and weapons a bit of cotton. What can we expect? In the event Area we have an altar of Anubis, this helps to generate random mob spawns, but these mobs, when killed, will drop some special exclusive items which can also be rare! These mobs will spawn in waves of 15 What mobs will spawn? Typically you will see Wolves/rats/lions and goblins Why are we doing this? This event is an opportunity to get some nice Fighting skill and crazy items that are event exclusive! How do I leave? Use the same portal to port back to the spawn area Rules: 1. No luring/picking up someone else's drops. 2. if a mob is attacked leave it alone for that person to kill. 3. Enjoy the event as we are going to spawn in alot of tiers so everybody gets a chance to kill plenty of mobs. 4. If anything happends cal a GM for help. And Finally! Please give us your feedback during and after the event, did you like it? What did you like about it? What would like to see next time? Thanks Dragon Isle's Staff
  13. True just asking Thanks though
  14. Hi Cuddles, Is it possible to have a chance between rarity's on drop each tier? Like 0,1,2 the dropped item can be common rare or supreme? We currently are using it as a big event different mobs and drops. Just curious if it was hard to add?
  15. Awsome mod ty fot sharing and makinh Nice for events.