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Found 26 results

  1. This is for sharing screenshots from Wurm Unlimited, specifically heavily modded content such as textures and models that would vary from vanilla Wurm. Show off your mods, designs, and artistic flair! To add an image, click insert other media > insert image URL. If uploading multiple pictures, try to place them inside spoiler tags to keep it tidy.
  2. Just wanted to shares these two pieces of jewelry I created tonight, I'm so proud of them and I wanted to share the moment with you all (Left Picture) shows me with the mushroom one on. I didnt get a pic of the one with the hearts one yet but im sure I will eventually, thanks for looking!
  3. New post with my new elemental style heart necklace / photo effect play.... I really enjoy doing photo edits and sharing them, thanks for looking P.S. Colors on the heart represent the elements (red=fire / green=earth / dark blue=water / light blue=ice / pinkpurple heart=air)
  4. Hello all! I have finally finished all the elemental pieces in the dragon eye series I have been working on and wanted to share each piece in this thread and ask "Which one is your favorite?". Thanks for looking! "Fire" "Ice" "Water" "Earth" "Air"
  5. Newest piece I finished last night called "Dragon's Eye" colored pencil/oil pastel on 11x14 paper.
  6. I just wanted to share this new and unique art I just created. Aquatic Dreams IOriginal watercolor painting done with derwent watercolor pencils on 9x12 watercolor paper, other mediums used were acrylic, artist pen, and colored pencils.This piece is an underwater/aquarium dreamscape that was inspired by and based off of one of the artists past dreams.created 3.5.2022 / finished 3.6.2022Artwork done by Jaclyn Quigley Aquatic Dreams I (Panoramic Style)Original watercolor painting done with derwent watercolor pencils on 9x12 watercolor paper, other mediums used were acrylic, artist pen, and colored pencils.This piece is an underwater/aquarium dreamscape that was inspired by and based off of one of the artists past dreams.created 3.5.2022 / finished 3.6.2022Artwork done by Jaclyn Quigley
  7. I haven't really done artwork like this before, but I have a few art projects I am working on I am also making a custom t-shirt with some summer inspired artwork but its not shown here, just felt like sharing, Thanks for looking! "Summer Vibin Pineapple"Orignal painting done on 9x12 paper. Summer inspired artwork.Medium: Derwent Watercolor Pencils & Black Artist's Pen.Surface: Watercolor Paper Created: 3.4.2022
  8. (created 1.10.2022, finished 1.13.2022) Presentational Video Here:
  9. I have successfully created my first 3d model using blender. I'm really happy and proud of this because I have liked 3d modeling and animation stuff for a while. Showcase turntable animation (Material View Mode)
  10. I have been into 3d modeling for some time and I have toyed with blender as well as some other programs and have recently got to working with blender again and learning from tutorials, working on a couple pillows and cute little potion bottle for valentines day. Thanks for looking!
  11. New Artwork! Flying Phteradactyl (Black) colored penci on 9x12 paper, 12.25.2021
  12. New Artwork! Dragon Horse, colored pencil on 9x12 paper (12.22.2021-12.23.2021)
  13. Hydra (12.20.2021 - 12.22.2021)Pencil and ink on 9x12 paper
  14. New Artwork! Canadian Lake Freighter (Mississagi)colored pencil on 9x12 paper | 12.8.2021 - 12.21.2021
  15. Just thought I'd share my various artworks of dragons since they are my favorite creature!! This one reacts to blacklights as you can see below I painted this one years ago Just a simple black dragon, stencil style Just a simple blue dragon stencil style Just a simple red dragon stencil style Just a simple yellow dragon stencil style Crappy picture but, I painted this dragon few years ago I call this one Reflection
  16. ok so, other than a wurm lover I'm also a huge horror lover, specifically Scream/Ghostface (im sure some of you are be familiar with it), I grew up watching it and it holds a place in my heart. This is something I digitally painted using a program called ArtRage. I hope you all enjoy! Thanks for looking! The title is "Ghostface Kills 2020"
  17. Hello everyone, as many of you know, The Crusaders have had to replace their artwork due to a copyright claim, as explained in the PSA below posted a little over a week ago: In light of this, The Crusaders have decided to host a public community-wide poll on our PMK artwork. Since a large amount of the Wurm player-base has purchased and/or acquired our kingdom merchandise, we thought it was only fair that everyone would have a say in what direction our artwork will head. Below are four different options that, after meticulous designing and revisioning, The Crusaders have decided to post up for public vote. Each design was placed into Wurm Unlimited in an attempt to give a fair representation of what the final outcome would be in-game. The Military Tent and Tabard has yet to be designed, but one will be created in similar style to the winning Kingdom Set. I hope you all are just as excited to vote on the artwork as we are! One of each Kingdom Item will be given out to a voter at random, so be sure to vote in the poll above! Below are the choices: Kingdom Set #1 Kingdom Set #2 Kingdom Set #3 Kingdom Set #4 We are also giving the chance to vote on a mix. If you would like to see various portions of these PMK items, please vote for I Would Like A Mix, and mention which below! The Winning Design(s) will be selected to be added, but slight changes may be necessary to ensure proper aesthetics in-game. Again, thank you all for your patience and support while we go through this PMK re-skinning, and we hope you enjoy having your opinions heard! Polls close in roughly a week from this post, about 6PM Central US on 03/20/2019. - Xallo / The Crusaders
  18. matter resolved...
  19. I love the looks we have of many of the floors and roofs, from the top side. However, from underneath, it is very rough and unfinished looking, like you would only have in a barn, or crawl space in a basement. I would love to have a few choices of finishing treatments to apply to the underside of the roofs and floors. Plaster, fine carp, detailed stone work, repainting, etc. Maybe when starting the floor of a certain type (such as Stone Slab), you then have to choose an underside finish: none, plaster, box wood, beams, logs, clay tile, marble, mosaic stone, etc. For plaster and the wood options, should then be able to paint the plaster (also between the beams) to really liven up the insides of our houses. Would need to add extra materials to complete. Might also want to make it a stand alone option that could be applied to existing ceilings (roofs and floors), so folks don't have to rip and replace.
  20. So I have one of these fancy medallion's which is a random prize from the hunt of the ancients but when you put it on there is no graphic for it on the body, like you would have with a silver or gold necklace. For something so special it should show up when you are wearing it, or really there is no point to having this bauble in the game.
  21. Hello \o/ I'm Cake, a newb who joined looking to live the fabulous life of a peasant or something. I'm an artist irl so I thought it would be fun to get back into medieval-style work, something I've done before and enjoyed quite a bit. Here's a 'tapestry' I drew which took forever. I noticed some old medieval art up on walls in-game already. I kind of wish I could do custom banners in Wurm, but it's understandable why this feature isn't in place. So this thread is going to be sort of an art-journal, documenting my serf, what she looks like, does, the village, etc. I hope you'll tune in and enjoy! PS, I absolutely LOVE Wurm's music, 'In Your Eyes' is my favorite.
  22. I've been toying with some ideas of late as to making a small comic out of Wurm Online. Are there any artists out there interested in this concept and wouldn't mind exploring it further? This is just a for-fun project, so no hassle or anything like that. Hit me up if you're interested, or if you have artistic experience and would enjoy creating a comic.
  23. Well with the new bridges put in place lets post up some screenshots of how we are putting them to use. (i will upload a pic of mine here once it is done)
  24. Fanart Roundup #1

    It's time for our first ever fanart roundup! We've collected some of the best art & written stuff from this month to showcase here and across our social media. Artists/writers are listed alphabetically. We ended up with a lot of written stuff for #1, with a lot of it being of a really impressive quality. ************************************************************* Corvan Although this wasn't published this month, I really enjoyed the story from start to finish and felt that it was worth making a tribute to on roundups. I'd like to search out and post more old work every now and again like this. I'll start off by just posting an introduction to the story. I'm going to formally gather everything up into one story and do some very basic editing, currently the story is spread out across 3 topics. Watch out for it in #2 - it deserves the attention! One Man Outpost Introduction In the middle of the lands, by the Whitelight and the Altar of the Three, stood an outpost. It wasn't always an outpost though. It was once a village but the name of the village was lost long ago, in the early years of the first people of the Jenn Kellon lands. It was once a ruin, of falling tall stone walls, broken houses and infestations of various creatures most of which were dogs and black wolves. But one day centuries after its fall a single man walked into the ruined settlement and began to rebuild it by himself. The walls were repaired and improved beyond what they once were, houses built, forges and ovens made, paths paved. The one who rebuilt this place was a man named Corvan. Corvan was a man who prefered the peacefulness of being alone. For many annoyed him and he was doing no good with where he was. So he set out on his own with a cart and what ever he could stock it with. For many years now Corvan has lived in this outpost all by himself maintaining it and keeping the general area clear of almost everything but a few creatures. In all the years he has lived in this area, various people have walked unknowingly to their deaths. Corvan told them to leave and they did not, so they were killed, their heads cut from the bodies and put on stakes near a road as a sign not to leave the road. Corvan also did not care for the war that was going on, but he still prayed to Magranon every day, and yet even with his sinful deeds, Magranon accepted his prayers and sacrifices. Why the god accepted them, Corvan may never know and honestly liked it that way. His reputation has grown to be a ruthless social outcast. Which is probably true, or is just misunderstood. But this is his story and his life. ************************************************************* Docterchese A little bit of siege-inspired non-rhyming poetry. I couldn't resist the temptation to get involved The Prison Locked: by day, by night, Smashing at the doors. "Food, money, your wife, your life. There is no rest for the wicked." Days upon days of Fear, frightfulness, Cowering as they come Frantic as they leave. You could call them bullies. Pinning down a small town Looting whatever they can Things they don't require But instead, we call them Enemies. ************************************************************* Gumbo The latest article from Gumbo's brilliant Wunion newspaper. The Wunion Famous Freedom Farmer Found Fraudulent It's never a good thing when someone that everybody knows, gets caught using a device that isn't permitted by law. Today unfortunately, is that day for Blahsonson. The spooky rumours and speculations have always existed ever since the Weeping Angels deed first showed up in the Crystal Lake area. Stories like statues mysteriously moving around doing the farming of the crops in the middle of the night, or the genetically modified three legged chickens spotted dashing about the local countryside. For many months the Wunion has secretly been spying on the now infamous farmer in an effort to put an end to the scuttlebutt. On the cusp of a huge announcement from the deeds mayor, we've found out how Blahsonson was really able to tend so many crops, with seemingly so little effort. You'll be shocked by what we discovered. A call was placed for a rather large amount of his goods to be delivered to a distant deed. Knowing the farmhouse would be unguarded, it was the perfect opportunity to investigate. Inside the barn we found nothing out of the ordinary until I accidentally stepped on the head of a rake that was propped up against the back of a large cart. The odd thing was that this rake didn't flip up and hit me in the face... like they normally do when I step on rakes. This rake, and a few others were bound to the back of the cart with wires. There were also a couple of springs jammed in between the rakes' shaft and the cart. Apparently Blahsonson had invented some sort of self farming cart. All he need do is hitch a couple of horses, ride up and down his fields, and the attached rakes would groom all the fields automatically. Well I say we form a mob, go back to his home and burn it down to the ground for practicing witchcraft! (or we could politely ask him to help us all make one of these carts, either way is fine by me). ************************************************************* Rosedragon 3 pictures and a sculpture: pictures created mainly with Adobe Photoshop for drawing & colouring. Sculpture was (I assume!) made from sculpting clay. The Weaponsmith's Wagon "Gather around on Freedom Market, ladies and gentlemen, because Gumbo is here with his exquisite high-end weapons!" Lau's Smokey Invention "As thick black smoke cover the entire village, one would wonder if it is new weapon deployed by the enemies. The culprit though, is Lau the engineer. Excited with his new ballista invention, he doesn't realize that his fried fish overcooked on his always-hot-oven9000." Happy Wurm Halloween A special festive commission! Lava Fiend Sculpture Playing around with sculpting different objects, and this Lava Fiend turned out the best. ************************************************************* Zwei Zwei has been working on a currently untitled story. We've been given the first chapter to read! "A follower of Libila was subsequently chosen as a demi-god, instead of creating a double image, this new being is allowed to roam freely upon the very planet that she was chosen to be upon. As the darkness unfolds around her, she learns that she is not only a simple demi-god, nor a pawn to Libila's blacklight cause, but rather the split-manifesto of Libila herself. Little does she know of who she'll encounter, legendary beasts, whitelighters, and even the chosen emperor await her as she roams the stretch of land. Searching for a purpose that does not outweigh her." Prologue Soft Hands, Rough Start The gentle hands of Libila that caressed around me upon joining the blacklight was a feeling no other deity could provide. I felt at home in the loving embrace of the dark goddess herself. I was all but tempted to leave, and held only close. I closed my eyes, kept silent, listening only to the sound of the earth whizzing by me: the sounds of deer being startled, spiders hissing, and trolls growling were all a thing of the past. I opened my eyes to the view of night. Valrei was high above me in the sky, and Jackal to my left. I looked down at my hands, my hands were scarred with black ink, or was it truly ink? I couldn't decide, but it did not matter. I was an incarnate of the blacklight, birthed by Libila. Chapter 1 The first impression I stepped forward, I felt my feet hit hard rock, and in reaction I looked down. My eyes widened momentarily as I noticed my position. At the peak of a mountain. No wonder the land that laid before me was so easy to view. I continued my steps.The crumble of the gravel at the peak underneath my feet made a distinct sound, telling me blindly where I was. I turned, and noticed far in my vision was a black light, a different hue from the darkness of the sky. “Home,†I smiled. I twisted my head, the noticeable light to the far north, the white light shown high into the sky. I thought for a moment too long, and all I could feel was my fist burning. I shook my head, and continued to move. I came to an edge, I could not simply walk down this slope. I readied my feet, and did something unusual, a jump. I stood back, and launched myself forward. Flailing as I did so, I landed a few meters down. A rough landing as my knee took the most impact. The pain was severe to me, and all I could do was attempt to stand, dusting off the rocks that made an imprint in my skin. I groaned, and continued to move. I paced my movement to avoid misstepping as the pain was stinging me harshly, almost forcing me to my knee in the process. I stepped slowly, and silently down the mountain. I had nothing of use to help me climb, and for the life of me If I had them I probably could not use such tools to help me either way. I finally came to a cliff edge, this was the end of a small rock like road I had followed halfway down the mountain, far beneath me was water. A sudden drop off. I stepped back some, and looked around. Was there anyway else? I couldn't believe it, I began to run forward. My feet shaking furiously from the pain that came sneaking into my circuits from my bloodied knee. As I came to the edge, I launched myself forward. My body gave out, and instead an imperfect backflip was created that sent me flailing and flipping to my possible death in the water below. Time seemed to move slowly during these few moments. I could see a small trail of blood follow after me as I went almost head-first into the lake below. I hit the water with a loud thud, my body numbing instantly due to the shockwave of pain that quickly overcame me as I felt water surround me. I couldn’t breathe, my air was knocked out upon impact, and I slowly floated down towards the lake-bed. Bubbles and blood trailing slowly after me. As I reached the lake-bed, I tried to straighten out, forcing myself to the surface by floating. Moving through the blood cloud left a sizzling sensation against my eyes, and took much longer than I expected, but alas' I had Finally felt the cold wind beat against my figure as I reached the top of the lake again. I laid floating silently for what could be deemed minutes. I was still numb, my knee stinging with enough pain to bring down an elephant. How long was it going to take for me to finally move? Slowly my body came to its senses and fulfilled its duties of actually moving. My muscles tensed gently, and my feet slowly pulled under me in the water, up-righting myself. I looked around in the water, watching silently in the lake. Finally I made my move. I swung my arms forwards as I began to paddle my way to the shore. My feet touched the sand, I then skittered up the shore, and fell into the grass that awaited me. What a comfortable feeling, maybe I could have just slept here if it wasn't for the severe pain that has been enveloping my leg since the start of my rebirth. I took the time to finally examine this damaged muscle, my eyes silently observing the scab that already began to cover the wound. It was a devastating rash, something you’d get from getting dragged by a horse for torture. I knew the water of the lake did very little in cleaning the wound, if anything I was more likely to be infected, but with my own perks as a child of Libila, I knew this would not hurt me in the end. The Path of Insanity… I stood up, looking around for some grass, and possibly something to adhere the objects I needed in question together. It would be kind to have this healed anyways. There were sounds all around me, as if the night-life was awaiting my entry. Croaks from frogs, and crickets. Squawks from crows and birds that found the night as comfortable as I did. I could even hear a deer in the distance. Why were they awake? I shook off the last of my numbness, and began to walk. Every step was filled with hellish like pain that kept me from moving at the best of my ability. I finally came to a tree that seemed different from the others. An odd one out of the birch forest I walked in, a willow. I stayed there, watching the darkness of the night creep around me. I looked closely at the willow for a while, seeing if there was any uniqueness apart from the fact it was located in a colossal birchwood forest. To my surprise there were notches in the wood as if someone were ready to cut down this lovely pinnacle of wood-groove beauty. I let my nail dig into a notch, pulling the bark clean off, and then looking for sap of some sort. I was keen to remember my need to prepare a healing cover, as if I let this problem go without the attention it needed, it would cause my travels to become all the more unbearable. If left unattended I would probably be bent over like a hunchback with my left hand pressed against the wound like I was attempting to hide a bad vampire’s bite. With this in mind I continued my small quest to pull grasses, and weeds from all around me. After a while I had a nice stockpile of grass and an assortment of goodies that were needed to address my ever present wound. I examined the willow once more, and took it upon myself to stab my nails into the bark, pulling a fair amount off the side. A jackpot was struck, and the gold was called sap. I pulled the substance from the tree, and wiped it against the grass I had previously harvested, holding the strands together. I sat down cautiously, and took two pieces of bark that could hold sturdy, and placed them on either side of my knee. Turning my leg towards the ground I pulled the grass strands around the bark splint, and used the sap as the glue to adhere the splint all together. Finally my knee was tended to, but I couldn’t move. The sap was not yet hard enough to be able to hold everything together if I thought to move around. I think it was about time I had some shut eye. Afterall, it was certainly a painful experience. ************************************************************* So... that concludes the first roundup. I'd love to see more people making more art - don't be afraid! Get out your pens or paintbrushes or maybe even sing a song (if you feel brave!) I'll be posting the next one on the first weekend in December, with promises of more art and stories as well as Corvan's One Man Outpost story fully collected up and posted. What do you think to the monthly format? And what do you think to maybe including some mini-competitions? Honourable mention: Jberg's Wraith Gif If I've missed anything, please say so below and I'll put it in the main topic. Specifically, Boombza told me he had something in the works but I couldn't find it/am not sure if it was posted.
  25. Pardon the horrid pic ql, will post better later after final draft is finished and colored (: