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  1. Bump Still trying to sell ^^
  2. [18:50:18] Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [98] [18:50:14] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Sorry for any delay my good chum. I was just about to head home when i got your reply ~Stock change and additions~ Original post shall be editing to reflect this as well
  3. Happily cod that for ya mate! I'll be at work(wurm station) in 2-3 hours if that's okay ^^
  4. Bump / edited original post
  5. Out preparing for rift, Expect delays Sorry for any inconvience
  6. Got some stuff I'd like to sell to cover prem time for myself. Epic doesn't pay the bills like freedom does xD SP standard 1Silver each Shoulder Pads - Offer Seryl - Offer Yellow Potions - Offer All rift mats - Offer -BlackAvuli
  7. New RNG

    Only way this could be done, is on a WU server. Atleast it would only break one server, instead of the whole framework
  8. Steamy

    Heya everyone! Just wanted to see if anyone of you great ppl would be inclined to add me on steam ^^ I know this may be boardline blasphemony, but occasionally I need to mix it up and play something else. Just get's a little boring to play everything solo when all I enjoy are multiplayer games xD Steam - Kuro Avuli
  9. New Player!

  10. PVP Guide for newbies

    I can attest for the difficulty of living in chaos alone. On a good day, you don't die and slowly get things going. On average it's tough to say the least. Not easy making all your own gear or having to scavenge for replacements from dying. I have to avoid conflict until I've made a stash of gear armor+weapons. Can get quite expensive to buy everything ><
  11. New Player!

    It's a for life thing
  12. PS4 PVP

    I gots a ps4. Mainly just rock fallout, but I do have a few decent MP games. Dark souls III being a favourite. Some others like 7dtD. Feel free to add me AsnoComandante Damn psn won't let me change my name! I'm not Spanish! Hahaha Great videos btw ^^