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  1. wts one set of green drake hide armor has a rare glove has no cap i'll throw in a random hat no charge i am entertaining offers though i was told to seek the 125-150s range
  2. i demand you bring me something as well but i dont like popcorn so just guess at something tastey thanks you rock
  3. you beautiful person you i believe this puts it at 2pm est tomorrow i wish you all the best
  4. i need a pic i still ahve no idea which skin this is lol i probably want it, i'm easily suggestable for fancy bling and custom items i think this is it? pretty cool looking that'll open a helmet hmmm
  5. i still seek the distant skins
  6. beee umpp feed the beastling
  7. once again i am asking yuou for your skin
  8. sell me skins please hurry i am <insert meme suffering> this popped up pre loaded and ready to go. im not one to just repeat but nice nice i'll take it and those skins please thanks
  9. sell me skins please hurry i am <insert meme suffering>
  10. random rage fits from sugar od could be a feature you know becuase diabetus