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  1. 10s starting bid increments 1s each buyout 17s privates allowed
  2. You know when you have a good night going along the woods when you find this .
  3. ty for building the boat and in the wood asked for !
  4. Well there should be a display for all unique little items, though that is why they added the place item ability on the game so people could display items such as archeology statues and such . Yet I don't think it would be a bad idea to have some uniqueness to our own little houses . Yet everything has its own uniqueness in wurm.
  5. 2 curved shoulder pads to darrellbeaugez
  6. Oooh nooo I have to win ooh wait fails !!!!
  7. When You know your just having to much fun with decoration and doing crazy things . My diggers want to dig a peat tile. My miner want to open my tunnel !!!
  8. Being someone who loves fishing this has to be something like my fave . You will know when you see it .
  9. My biggest player impact is the group I got in from the start. Yuri is great and so helpful, warlock what can I say . He took a week of his precious time to help terrorform my land. Fairy for have a keen heart and her crazy colors. Eli she was the one who got me into the game. Earl who showed me the wonderful rare statues. These people showed me greatness of wurm. Also tell st abby that his chateredral is turning out very clean and nice looking. All the amazing builds I have seen on wurm!
  10. Well said I love the community and the game play , yes I have become a merchant in the game to do so. Yet I find it fun going to places trying to get lost to stumble onto the next treasure I may find along and adventure along the road. Often I find myself at awe at the crazy parts of Wurm online. Even though I have just started this game there is so much tension in the air. It seems that people think they have to battle over things when stuff can be figured out and if people worked together rather then fight over the little things wurm is great. Were it helps is when you can get into the community and find people that have played this game for a long time. If anyone wishes for fun they should stop trolling over little things look at wurm and get into a big community project. I love the little alliance I am part of so many helpful people playing that brought me up as a new player were I once was digging. Then building the dirt right back up because I was tabbed playing wile they were all laughing and getting a good kick out of watching me do the same event over and over. That is what makes wurm fun the odd things the unique events , not the fact that everyone plays in a different way. We should all treasure our own time and find something unique that passes our way and also if you ever find yourself in release bloodscythe your welcome to come by and I would stop everything to give you fun without really thinking about my little wurm body dying and loosing skill . Pffft to that is half the fun !
  11. close found
  12. Agreed color is needed in wurm for the unique sandbox experience called wurm !!