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  1. Thanks for the event virus and all the time and effort put forward to this event. Not only to make it fun for all , for the new players coming in to see that there not alone in wurm . I think that this was a much needed event in the time of the crazy drama in this world.
  2. Hello found this odd little bug in wurm va burying lots of corpses in one area , got over 100 stack of items threw bury seems to have overwritten the 100 stack
  3. Repeat is also bugged after hitting wrong item to repeat caused investigate to get stuck , and would not switch back to farm.
  4. PMs do not work unless person is friend . Otherwise can't send pms said player was offline and they said something in gl-freedom
  5. repair on none repairable item clay pot after heated
  6. don't know if this has been put up or not filter bulk on human does not work correctly still shows tools not bulk items in stacks after clicking on filter bulk
  7. WTB Rare Hatchet with Gather rune added to item
  8. Dominated troll will stay online after an hour after owner logs of of game tested this twice to make sure that this was correct . Troll will stay online even after priest has gone offline but troll still visible on local after priest went offline . [20:14:25] Magscrazydare left the world.https://imgur.com/a/Fz48JD4 Picture is after an hour of owner logging off
  9. oops miss post ignore did not see starting bid.
  10. Very fast service and great person to get your stuff safely Imped !!!. Sending over a rare shovel like an imp to 90 ql and a 90 coc cast please ty
  11. The largest crab ofcoarse Jackel !!! Them crazy Huge crabs and there black shells !!! to bad we could not take them home lol