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  1. Yassssss, Thank you!
  2. Allow us to use concrete on a slope comparable to our skill level. Similar to how you can dig up to x3 your digging skill, maybe have it tied in to another skill such as Miscellaneous but at x2 the skill.
  3. As Flubb has mentioned I didn't word it as well as I could have. I am asking for the option to allow us to plant them in both the center and corner of tiles.
  4. [00:21:58] The roof is in the way.
  5. Gonna keep it real simple why I don't PvP. In no particular order. Outdated and boring combat system. This has to be my number one. Loopholes and exploits that took years for someone to step in and put a stop to Toxic and entitled community Risk of losing more money than I would like to (Some kingdoms certainly help out with this, giving out gear etc.) Low population, not only the PvP side but Wurm in general would lead to a stale experience Not enough Reward>Risk, at least for lower level players looking to jump in Keep in mind this is all my personal opinion, and I'm sure I'm missing some points.
  6. So why should it be limited to PvP? If the argument is "PvP should be rewarding" or "There needs to be a reason for people to PvP" I can tell you right now sure as hell that isn't going to fix anything or draw any new players in. It's been limited to PvP for a long time now and has done nothing to help.
  7. Joined: Dec 23, 2014. Last Seen: Dec 30, 2014. His reign will never be forgotten
  8. No problem! I've been looking for one as a centerpiece so just keep me posted.
  9. 35s
  10. That's LiF: Your Own, which has been out for a few years now. There is also the MMO which has another 1700~ people on the NA server, and probably around the same in the EU server.
  11. Yea, that must be it.... I didn't realize Christmas was 2 months long.
  12. Basically anything. Even mortal online has better PvP, and that's saying something.
  13. Retro said himself, the client is more modern and resource demanding than it once was. You use to be able to run 35 clients once upon a time, but things have changed. To be honest I don't even see the point in that, there is no way you can efficiently manage that many clients at once unless you are multiboxing which is against the rules.
  14. I stopped there.
  15. +1 to being able to load it.