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  1. WTB 25s [Purchased]

    Looking to purchase 25s, PM me either on here or IG w/ the same name.
  2. Major issue with rude people

    Some people are just introverts and prefer to stick to themselves. I wouldn't consider that rude.
  3. Buoys

    I personally think that they fit in perfectly.
  4. Compass-Friendly Sailing

    So it would only read instantly when on a boat and not on land? I'm all for it for the qol, but it doesn't make much sense logic wise.
  5. ReWeathered Landscape

    +1, would help clear up some land for new or even old players looking to deed.
  6. Compass-Friendly Sailing

    +1, although there needs to be a balance otherwise there is no point in high ql woa compasses.
  7. [Duplicate] Recipe name changed?

    Ah, well that is unfortunate.
  8. Bumping this. Hopefully the devs can find a solution.
  9. Back when the new cooking system came out, I discovered one of the named recipes: I noticed today however that the name has apparently changed, and now says "Yakyuk's nutty meat stirfry". I took a bit of a hiatus so i'm not exactly sure when it changed. Did the names/recipes get reset when the "affinity fix" for cooking was implemented?
  10. Valrei International. 074

    I'm stoked for the new water. Although it has very little gameplay impact, going from the flat texture we currently have to that is going to be amazing.
  11. Cobblestone Texture Change

    +1 to new textures, -1 to replacing the current
  12. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    Sign me up for carpentry. Also a room in the inn if they're still available!
  13. How much better Wurm could look

    Ew... As an option I certainly wouldn't mind, but this is far too saturated and not even close to realistic.