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  1. Ew... As an option I certainly wouldn't mind, but this is far too saturated and not even close to realistic.
  2. As do I, but from what I've heard there are some pretty decent rewards for doing so and those can be hard to ignore...
  3. And this is why I will never invest any time into a WU server.
  4. Agreed. Removing the ability to do something simply for the sake of "balance" is silly, especially when that balance could be achieved in a much more sensible way.
  5. There's an actual reward for finishing the goals? Devs, is it really that hard to let us choose our goals? I refuse to pray to RNGesus to hopefully make something fantastic.
  6. It quite obviously does not mean any of that.
  7. Looking to purchase 25s give me a shout on here or IG - Budzilla
  8. -1 Allow us to place things on tables, bookshelves etc. first.
  9. Was at work all day... Looks like I missed my chance?
  10. I'll buy 25 if you still have some left.
  11. -1, i'm all for windows and the likes but a fully glass house? No thanks.
  12. -1 I'd rather just see them increase the odds, at the very least for fantastic items. Or give us an actual way to complete the personal goal.
  13. +1 but,
  14. Not only silver but premium cost as well. To be frank, the cost per month is absurd for what the game is; They are charging nearly as much as most AAA developers do.