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  1. Hi guys, sadly but will be ending this sermons, no new people, no interested people in staying online, people want to log for their sermon and that's all, i'm staying here to help guys who already preaching but that's the all, it were nice weeks-months since we start in November last year, but nice things do not last forever, thanks everyone who were here with us, grats on faith you gained, thanks for sharing yr presence for others and wish you a lot of fun with yours 100 faith priests:)
  2. everyone is welcome even ..bear's heads
  3. Hi there, plenty of priests passed through in last 3 months, now is less people, but mostly there is reset, some parts of the day is less people online, sometimes people crashing and getting dc'ed, but for someone who wants to rise his/her faith even 0.10 every 3 hrs is better than 0.10 (or even less depends on skill level) per day, and if everyone keeps theirs chars online as long as possible more people will benefit, for now i got no personal reasons to grind faith as all of my priests are 100 faith, i just decided in the end of January to re-prem some of my chars for guys here to help them get reset and reach their goals, it was in January, now we got middle of March and we are still here. About faith gain average these days we've got between 1.2-1.6, sometimes less and sometimes more, but for someone who is above 80 or 90 and wants to go to 100 it's like to be or not to be. But the most important is that we are still here and we are still running. Someone's told me in November, that these days everyone can create new chars for a month for 2s and make their own sermon, that's true, but Wurm is multiplayer game, it's an open environment, preaching with others, meeting other people, exchanging with screens of our creations in the game and much more ..i think it is what Wurm is about. When we start, this sermon supposed to be only 1 month for few of us, i mean my inland neighbors, but it changed into an open event, over 20 people told me they would come if it was stable sermon, tho only one person from those 20+ came to us and was with us over 1 month, even after reaching 100 in faith. Whoever wants to come, he/she is more then welcome to come and stay as long as they want
  4. hey hey, just come back to us, we are still here, maybe its not 0.3-0.4 like before but still its nice and guys preaching:)
  5. we are coming in 3 ppl this time, with fo priest well i hope so hehe
  6. [20:06:20] Buddha casts 'Rite of Spring' on an altar of Nahjo.
  7. we are looking for 1 more nahjo to do RoS cast tomorrow around 8pm gmt, i mean Monday minimum 40 faith as we got 3x100 priests, and if someone wants title "enlightened" from casting RoS 50+ channel is required
  8. bump
  9. i hope this can help
  10. we are connected by road to The Fortress, but not with catseyes, as well we are at MK tunnel, so access by boat is possible too, from our place to Fortress is short walk, 5 mins without and 2 mins with trolls, depends how lucky you are:D
  11. lets repeat... [22:15:30] Buddha casts 'Rite of Spring' on an altar of Nahjo.
  12. i'm giving early warning about nahjo RoS cast today tonight, so if you got nahjo and you want 0.10 mind logic and 5hrs sleep bonus don't be surprised you missed it
  13. ok then, looks like we are back to the game, as long as we got minimum 7 premed chars 24/7 it should be fine, we offer safe place, this time all doors even the one not connected to the building are locked(looks like trolls can bug bridges and got inside), farm if someone wants to grind farming ( gonna extend it), fruit groves for forage/botanize/forestry, meditation tiles, meditation rugs, high ql food (if possible we can make affy food - priest affinities like prayer/religion/channel etc), around 50 animals at my main deed if someone wants to do some ah grind (can cover brushes with average 70-80coc), and much more if necessary i got no more priests as all my priests are 100faith so all what is here is for everyone who is coming in and everyone is welcome as long as all is nice and smooth
  14. Hi there, i'm sorry but mostly sermon is heading to the end, most players gone, only few logging time to time, no new preachers, a lot of got their faith to 100 or level they wanted, i still got here 4 premiums but only for max end of march and no longer, only if there was any miracle happened and more people came in ..but so far its less and less
  15. and one more [15:25:00] Donitayo [16:24:45] Faith increased by 0.1880 to 100.0000 gratz