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  1. Maes Knoll

    Just wanted to let know in any case Mimiga is a new Maes Knoll deeds owner, from now everything there belongs to him, thanks everyone
  2. please close

    well..i just hope devs will remove your post like they removed mine, fair should be fair, anyway my deals aint your problems, have a nice day, now im expecting some nice dev will remove your ugly post as they did before with mine and please close this thread Hello! I am the "egotistic person" Qdalty so fondly talks about! i cannot find your nickname in my post, that's interesting, and its again same way, turning words around depends on situation heh , anyway im off for today
  3. please close

    Well things changed, today i met with Emohobo, the guy who wanted to buy my deed, and...i'm not selling, we decided to team up and work on projects i had here and perhaps few more in future, it does mean i won't leave, tho im backing up from social life, forums, gonna be laid back and casual player from now. Thanks everyone for offers on my deed/priests, yeah it does mean i won't sell my priests too so i'm loosing a lot of money but well it is a game, sorry for trouble and good luck in wurming And thanks for everyone who sent me good words, thanks for backing me up from making really big mistake on selling my chars i was working 5 years Anyway i still think "someone" is an egoist peron but i won't say his name, don't want devs to remove my posts
  4. well i decided to keep my main for now, and still got priests, but atm im out of xanadu and public life in wurm
  5. [Plz Remove.] ty

    GL guys, sorry for trouble and thanks for staying with me at my place for so long:) And thanks Aroma for taking over:)
  6. still waiting for some guys to come and take a look around, but i wont sell it for less than 25% mats value
  7. well ...i need to say that imagination of some people offering me 5s is amazing...i will make it easier, upkeep on both is around 26s + hota + all mats + 2 knarrs+wagons+nearly 500 large crates and whatever more, but offering me even less than upkeep is quite "nonsense" as faster i will disband it to get back upkeep money than sell is for 5s...a little more seriousness guys please , fair offer will be considered;/
  8. if you are? should be was not am ..that's the problem hehehe...kidding... anyway lets go back to selling my deeds:D
  9. please close

    it's forgotten please devs to be fair close and remove this thread, i got enough of this
  10. its reward for been nice ;p...kidding
  11. Best is to come and check, there is as well off deed grape plantation above formly with 1k+ bushes
  12. you shoud, it went cheaper than you can imagine ?
  13. My main deed here, it will take time so please wait:) on deed is tar, sand, moss, clay tiles, never had time to make peat but peat is close by deed by the road like 50 tiles from the token, fruit yards with most trees in the game as i was grinding with my priests there, lake, highway connection thru tunnel to the Greymead, MK tunnel just behind the corner then Ageles to the north-east, Fogshore tunnel by the lake to the west and Darq/Fraggle to the south, 99courier mailbox, rare guard tower,2 knarrs, some sailboats, few wagons, large carts, best is to come and check seriously its too much crap i collected in 5 years,1 rare forge, 8 smelters 80ql+, few forges, ovens
  14. Maes Knoll Temple incoming with around 320+ large crates some logs, dirt, fsb with some vegs, bsb with some mats, 178 support beams finished and 277 unfinished. 2 buildings, some pics below