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  1. how many restarts for xanadu? its getting annoying
  2. 9th week bump
  3. Holy priests do not use lamps, we shining with a holy light:D
  4. bump [20:40:12] <Goodnight> [15:40:03] Faith increased by 0.3800 to 52.4708 still here, still high, tho sometimes we got no free spots, we got 1 BL priests only, so there's more spots for BL priests, more spots late night and early morning GMT time, other than that it's really busy almost everyday, and weekends its "completly overcrowded"
  5. Thanks, i hope you were not another one running to the lake to drink a water:D
  6. jokes from sermon...this 2 guys made my day...noo..not a day but a week [07:08:42] <Qdlaty> lol ok again bcoz i cannot stop laughing [07:09:05] <Qdlaty> Blood do you want to tell me that you been running to the lake every time to drink?:D [07:09:21] <Ayahwaska> not every time i have a bowl on me i fill [07:09:24] <Loggy> I was too! until i found the fountain out back [07:09:31] <Qdlaty> hehehehe [07:09:33] <Qdlaty> lol [07:09:37] <Qdlaty> rolf [07:09:47] <Ayahwaska> loool q you're a riot man [07:09:52] <Qdlaty> i think i need to copy it and put on froum:@D [07:09:55] <Closedpools> ya lol [07:10:34] <Ayahwaska> what can i say i'm a considerate guest [07:10:39] <Qdlaty> but Blood your here like 2 weeks now?:D [07:10:40] <Ayahwaska> i don't go poking around [07:10:50] <Closedpools> you're a good man ..... [07:41:38] <Ayahwaska> i have rune on my bowl holds more water [07:13:38] <Qdlaty> Closed so you didn't know we got 2nd floor? [07:13:48] <Closedpools> yeah for like a week lol [07:14:19] <Qdlaty> lol and how the hell what were you thinking that were are all other 15 ppl hiding?:D [07:14:24] <Closedpools> i kinda was wondering you know.. all these people in local.. but where were they? i assumed in a mine [07:14:46] <Closedpools> and i always saw you on this floor! lol [07:14:48] <Qdlaty> you guys both are on forum thats the best joke of the week:D
  7. friday's bump [13:02:15] Levin [07:02:07] Faith increased by 0.3000 to 88.5855
  8. Hi there, no idea what to say, i don't like to use others to work on my projects, mostly we praying and preaching here, if someone would like i could support materials to grind some skills, other than that i'm just surface mining with my main at one of my projects with a little help from guys here, it's nice to have extra listeners but like i said it's not my intention to use others for my personal goals If you want to come and help with an extra listeners or this bloody surface mining its more than welcome, but even this i'm not in a rush as i'm mining with skiller pick for mining skill
  9. bumpy ..some spell casting at our sermon [22:30:46] Foureyes casts 'Rite of Spring' on an altar of Nahjo. [22:37:35] Buddha casts 'Holy Crop' on an altar of Nahjo.
  10. bump, still preaching and we've got free spots
  11. It's not only snowballs, some constructions, items etc took damage as well, i made 80ql chain stone fences, 9 got average 0.12dmg, 3 got 0dmg, and 1 got 0.13dmg, it happened after client update during overnight, as well brazier on a deed took 0.22dmg, i understand that fences are offdeed/some in perimeter tho 80ql fences taking damage in few hrs is kinda weird, marble brazier repaired in past to 0dmg now had 0.22dmg even its on a deed
  12. Today we had special visitor ..gm Astarte
  13. and new record [21:58:32] <Closedpools> [15:58:22] Faith increased by 0.4474 to 60.1962.. kidding as its from 0.1 skill gains setted up so it was only 0.4000 as only 20 listeners present during sermon:D
  14. ful house 19 premed chars
  15. bumpy new record today morning [10:42:26] <Closedpools> [04:42:14] Faith increased by 0.3887 to 59.6813