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  1. Glasshollow Public Market and Harbor

    IF they don't want you there, don't spend yours money there, if they allowing you to spend yours money there but but not allowing to take purchased goods with you it's a theft or a scam, and both are not allowed in wurm by gm/rolf rules ??? if gm allowed these people to scam on you than report that gm and he/she shouldn't be gm anymore( i live it to you) my advice is...move as far away as possible from that people, your not first and not last who will be blamed and will loose as long as they got support, there is plenty nice places and nice people, if they making you unable to pickup horses, than you should report it to gm and request money back or ask nicely any (friendly un-releated-gm) to move that horses for you out of a deed....more luck in a future, less drama, stay away from "bad-unfriendly" people and have fun in wurm:) so don't worry be happy...buy somewhere else
  2. Rift 10/11.08

  3. Rift 10/11.08

    yeah only like 1 yr ago hehehe
  4. Rift 10/11.08

    not so far if you go by tunnels, 20-30mins from you
  5. Darq Passage Canal remodel

    no worries , thanks anyway for trying to help:) atm im removing middle tiles veins so will be easier to sail thru good is here is mailbox so i can post myself new meals hehe Thanks to Finndar i got newly imped picks, so i'm back to speed veins removal, thanks Finndar :
  6. Darq Passage Canal remodel

    I'm there already, mining iron, but my picks sucks ;/ well i won't imp em today as i got 5hrs fatigue left me only, but will hv to reimp to 70 on my own for tomorrow
  7. Monastery of Gods

    What if someone is fo priest, as we know fo is releated with nature... so fo should run naked isnt it? just kidding...good luck with project:D
  8. Eastern Canal Rework - Phase 1.2

    Hi there, do not want to be rude, but wasn't it to be a good idea to keep it all of it in one thread opposite to making new one for each few tiles mined out?
  9. Darq Passage Canal remodel

    I'm neraly done with my tunnels for now, and i will be moving to Darq Passage, gonna remove rest of veins, was thinking about rising roof and lowering floors for all boats too but awaiting for Wurmhole answer as i dont want to screw someones ideas, what i really need as i'm not a talented smither ...nearly 8yrs playing wurm and im not able to make good pick hehe ...so yeah not a joke i need some nice person to imp me like 3 picks to 90q or around so i can speed it up, i got 3 picks im using and the higher is now 72ql
  10. yoyo, mister master, im going to work on darq tunnel in short time, im going to remove rest of the veins, rise roofs, lower floors, made west entrance, pls contact in game about details if and what:D

  11. Rift July 30

    you better come back or i will dredge few 100s tiles here and there:D
  12. Eastern Canal Rework

    what ql iron is there?
  13. Rift July 30

    For these coming by boats through Fogshore Tunnel i made a map to avoid going around lakes/roads For these coming from north, best way is to park by fortress and follow highway south, its only few minutes from there
  14. hello, someone is desperately looking for lead fo crystal rune 5%repai loss 5%speed:D

  15. Sermons at Xanadu

    Hi guys, sadly but will be ending this sermons, no new people, no interested people in staying online, people want to log for their sermon and that's all, i'm staying here to help guys who already preaching but that's the all, it were nice weeks-months since we start in November last year, but nice things do not last forever, thanks everyone who were here with us, grats on faith you gained, thanks for sharing yr presence for others and wish you a lot of fun with yours 100 faith priests:)