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Found 9 results

  1. Adds containers for fuel as an addon to your forges/kilns/ovens etc. Refills the heater when the fire is about to go out fuel Storage. Does NOT take logs but anything else that can burn. NEEDS to be put on the same tile of the heater item. After setting it up you need to open the feeder once to add it to the database. Then you can set the temperature at your leisure. model done by Axeblade, coding help by bdew. Thank you, you two! Requires agos server mod launcher and server packs and http-Server to be setup correctly.
  2. simple, same way the token prevents you from selling enchanted items, prevent fueling forges with enchanted tools or at least add a warning window, so if you for some reason want to get rid of your supreme mallet, you can still do it but not on a mistake
  3. Sindusk has tested and verified his data updates to Wurmpedia. Can close this thread. I have noticed that Wurmpedia page for 'fuel' ( has been updated by an account named Sindusk on 3 Aug 2020 (thanks CA help remind me of Wurmpedia page update area). The values/amounts of fuel has been changed quite a bit. Sindusk did not provide any references for the changes. I suggest you guys would change it back the way it was, until some sort of verification for Sindusk's new information has been hammered out. Personally, Sindusk's version looks better, but still. Having random unsubstantiated changes to Wurmpedia should be limited, I think. Thanks for your time, TeeeBOMB
  4. Living on a mountain has made me enjoy looking down on the world of wurm. It all looks so tiny and those huge industrial blights no longer seem so huge. Wurm was designed to be seen from the sky! The trouble is flight would be a horribly overpowering mechanic in PvP and probably opposed by "lockdown deeds" as I fondly call them on PvE (people who make a deed and then lock it down like a fortress). It's a mechanic that would change the way wurm was played. The biggest opposition was when the enclosure rule was in place, however now that is no longer in place.... Onwards to hot air balloons. Requiring several high level crafting skills : Canvas Balloon :- 50 Cloth Tailoring (Cloth squares and cordage rope) Portable Stove :- 50 Blacksmithing (Steel) Finely Woven Basket :- 50 Fine Carpentry When constructed requires all 3 skills to be improved (making maintaining one a team effort or something for skilled players). Hot air balloons are limited in the weight they can carry (QL of balloon * 3.5 with a person counting as 100 weight, meaning a minimum QL of just under 15 is needed to take off) and are heavily influenced by the winds. A new mechanic in place for regional winds would provide a way of navigating with a hot air balloon (above a certain height every 1kmx1km area has a different wind direction). Essentially meaning wurm has 2 wind layers, the lower for boats (consistent and constant) and the higher for balloons (changeable and tricky). When a balloon enters a new wind zone a message pops up saying "the winds here are different, they seem to be blowing from the <direction>" Hot air balloons are very tricky to pilot, requiring 30 mind logic. Hot air balloons can carry up to 1 pilot and 2 passengers (if of sufficient QL). To take off and maintain height they require fuel. Can hold 10 units of fuel, each unit gives 10 mins of flight (allowing for 100 mins of constant flight). Valid fuels include charcoal (1 unit per 0.5 weight) , tar (1 unit per 1 weight) , peat (1 unit per 5 weight), moss (1 unit per 10 weight), wood scraps/branches (1 unit per 10 weight) and olive oil (1 uni per 3 weight). Material type is cloth. PvE Only : When flying over deeds fuel is not used and cannot land without permissions. This is to prevent people being trapped on deeds and to maintain deed privacy. The PvP Nerf : Can be shot down with arrows, very easy to damage in the air, guard towers automatically shoot arrows at balloons belonging to hostile players. Since archery is a major PvP skill I can't see many big settlements being easily ballooned into unless they are very careless.
  5. There is a definite problem with the mechanics of using a still. I understand that the distilling process takes time, so I have to ask myself why there is no way to stock a still with sufficient fuel to last for longer than 1-2 hours. While I enjoy playing Wurm, there's really no way that I, or most players, can realistically be expected to remain in game 24/7, no matter how much I may or may not want to. Just as unrealistic is the expectation that players are able to log in every 1-2 hours to keep a still fueled. I think it's odd that forges and ovens will stay fueled for many hours, even though most activities using it only last for a short period (not including mass impings and grinding, of course), but a still which, by nature, must remain lit for a very long time burns out very quickly. So, my suggestion is that a still be coded so that it will remain lit for a longer period of time when properly fueled, such as 10-12 hours. This would allow for real-life necessities such as work , sleep (I know, I know...sleep is for the weak...), going out to a movie or dinner, and all the other mundane nuisances we play Wurm to get away from.
  6. During the usual discussion helping a new player with fueling a fire, especially explaining the difference between putting fuel into the fire's container and activating the fuel to Burn, something occurred to me. Why not let both actions fuel the fire? Any item of the right type is destroyed inside a fire container, and that item is lost anyways, so what's wrong with letting that item end up fueling the fire as well? Offhand it seems like it would help remove some confusion and help make gameplay more intuitive. Not to mention immersive. EDIT: Confirmed to already be the case, at least with campfires. Updating the wiki accordingly.
  7. From what i have gathered there is some kind of bug that is causing some candelabras to stay lit forever while others do not. (both on and off deed has been reported) Here is the suggestion i posted that brought to light the issues with a link to an old topic on this very thing. While you are looking into this i think the players would like them to work like lamps on deed and be managed by the guards like all the other lights.
  8. Hi there! I have some olives for sale: 5000 olives - 1.5s per 1k or 7s for all of them If you don't want to spend time on making olive oil I can offer 45kg of olive oil (small barrel) for 50c. I live in Hussars Haven [36x, 45y] on Deliverence. I can deliver anywhere on Deli for small fee (depends on distance). North Exodus and South Indy (coastal area) as well. My ingame name is ArcherPL.
  9. I think that now we have to keep an eye on lamps and street lamps that a fuel indicator of some sort would be nice. So that when examined it will tell you approximately how much fuel is left or how long the lamp, fire source ect will last. Can we get some GM's or DEV's to answer this as nobody has a clue on how lamps actually operate. Would be nice to see if tar or oil is being used. Which raises another question. If I filled lamp with tar and put oil in halfway, is it now full of all oil or all tar? or does the tar get used up and then the oil? (player confirmation)