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Found 5 results

  1. Cape Nevermore is a private farm near the Isle of Unicorns at N-19. While it is not a public location, we have a great vendor in Sonata, and can send things via courier as well. Check out our wares. If you'd like something sent to you instead of picking it up, please contact Siminary or Reaperith Cape Nevermore Market Vendor Locations Sonata Ironhaven Farm Market (O-19) Delivery by mail or Wagoneer Pick-up at Cape Nevermore (N-19), Sonata, or Encore Discount on multiple items Buyer pays delivery charge included in grand total price. IRONHAVEN FARM MARKET (Look for the big pasture of Unicorns. We're not on the highway yet. It's slow going. Will trade labor for goods) Purchase key for container or stall from the vendor. Use key to open the container to take the items from it into your own (You may take the crates with you or empty them after unlocking) Drop used key into bucket in front of vendor. Items available at Ironhaven Farm Market (O-19) Animals Available Items available in Sonata Items available but not on a vendor (CAN BE MAILED. PM SIMINARY): MTO: Made to Order
  2. Hey guys, I asked a bit of info in Freedom the other day about which market is currently considered the most active, and the replies I received were not really informative at all. So due to this, I would like to run this poll. Feel free to discuss as to which public market you consider being the most active. Thanks Dok
  3. Esteron Public Market Directly East of Esteron Spawn on the border of Q/R 25 Esteron Market is now open to the public! Come place your merchant! Current Features: 31 merchant stalls currently available. Mailbox with Courier (86)One dedicated horse vendor slot -Filled (regularly stocked)Guard Towers on each end of deedTemplarHighway from Northern public docks to Esteron SpawnHighway from Southern Esteron area (ship parking available around Southern Comfort S24) Nearby ship and small craft parking available: Q25 just off the NW perimeter of MorrowindQ/R 25 border at Shanti Market Pics: (will grow over time) Please PM KryoKitten or Khalija here or ingame for assistance as needed. PS: Fellow merchants, please feel free to update when you restock!
  4. Welcome to and Water Seven is easy to reach by South Pristine [17] empty Marketstalls available! status: atm set to Public (-everyone can place ur merchants atm) and looking any merchants for weapons, armors (chain & plate) Open for Merchant places. contact: IG - Bratokar / Terraluna or over forum. a sea view: the 1th district of Market- and Sermonplace: for all Altars ready for sermons (Fo, Vynora & Magranon) the 2nd district of market with 10 stalls and the shipwright area is under construction we hope, we see u soon. ur Shining Valley Alliance and Water Seven.
  5. Original Thread: Well due to personal reasons it appears that Lotus will not be returning to Release. So I have decided to purchase his old deed Lotus Landing. Now it still needs some attention and work and that will be a work in progress, so I will continue to work on the deed for the next couple of months. Some news about Lotus Landing: -It has one of the better locations, at least IMHO. Its fairly central to the map, yet still coastal and at the end of a road from Sloping Sands. One thing I am committed to is maintaining the water front as a public market. Right now there are still four merchants up with stock, and a fifth merchant should be arriving soon. There are currently 7 empty stalls. I will start working on the several incomplete stalls soon, as well as filling up all the spaces along the water designed for stalls. It appears right now there is space for 24 merchants along the water. -The name is going to change. And I think I am going to hold some sort of a contest to advise me on the choice of the name. Final name choice is mine however. -I believe in free trade. I don't care who puts a Merchant up or what prices they charge. Even if I don't like you, you can put up a merchant If you got a problem with that, great. Then just go somewhere else. That's fine by me. Just don't bother posting about it here, because really, I don't care -There is an excellent sermon site, that I initially helped Lotus design. I intend to eventually finish the Sermon Building, and in the meantime will leave it open for folks to stop by and use the altars, and eventually host sermon groups. Right now it is fenced and the deed has two Spirit Templar's so its about as secure as you can get short of me locking the gates, and then you couldn't access it anyway -It's my deed now. I bought it. I pay for it. I call the shots. If you don't like how I run it, or what I am doing to the deed, that's fine. But again don't bother posting because I don't really care. Just take your merchant somewhere else. Eventually the public trader will be closed off. Its not going to happen anytime soon, so plan on taking advantage while you can. And again if you don't like that, just see the above about my deed, my rules -I play pretty casually, so improvements are going to take time. I am going to handle this market deed in a casual manner. If you want to come and set up shop, fine knock yourself out. If not that's fine as well. One thing I will do is post a Merchant Deed Advertisement in the market area with the current merchants available and in general what types of stock they hold. -That's about it. Welcome to the Grand Reopening of Lotus Landing. Changes to follow and hopefully it will be a work in progress