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Found 29 results

  1. We are hosting sermons at Heisenberg Shores located in F15 on Harmony. We are now on the highway system, so route to us and join the fun. New and "old" priests grinding your skills, all are welcome! Rules: When you arrive contact Princessoftrainwreck, Slipinjimmy, or Budfo and we will provide you with the link for the spreadsheet. Respect fellow priests. Join in any open spot or at the bottom of the list. Leave your toons logged in, no "hit and runs." Keep it fair for all. Please start your sermon on time within 5 mins. If you are late, skip your turn, and go to the next open spot on the list. Spell casting and meditation are turned on for all visitors. There are 2 meditation rugs available with 100 CoC that are open for anyone to use. The rug near the tower overlooking the water is in a special place on the Path of Love. We now have a Visitors' Larder. There is food for you to eat. However, the top shelf is for personal food only. Please rename any personal food, so nobody else will eat it. The larder is located at the rear (west) center of the building. Far away? We have a couple priests who can summon you to our deed, if you like. Contact Slipinjimmy or Princessoftrainwreck in game if you have any questions.
  2. House Of Debois sermons is open! We welcome everyone to come on over to [S, 16] on Harmony for sermons of all four gods! I will do my best to fulfill any reasonable requests! I have six subscribed characters on deed to guarantee prayer resets! Keep in mind this sermon group is temporary and will only be active for a month or two. Discord: Rules: 0.) Be kind and respectful. Using the monastery is a privilege. 1.) Wait at least 5 minutes from arrival/login before attempting to sermon. 2.) Call out that you are about to sermon 1-5 minutes before sermoning. 3.) Post faith gains from sermoning in local. 4.) Avoid alignment-changing activities while using the monastery. Sermons require that you have not had an alignment changing activity in the past 30 minutes. 5.) After sermoning please wait until the next sermon or one hour before leaving. Whichever happens first. Feel free to message Lydriik with any questions.
  3. Hi all We are organizing sermons in Q12 area, border with Q11. The deed is Slightly out of Tune, next to the shore. If anybody is interested just come by, we are already several people gatering daily doing sermons and we are looking to increase numbers. The area has all altars and we can organize any facility anybody needs, just let us know. For any info you can reply here or pm Garginim
  4. Join our Discord! Hello! The Eastern-West Coast Alliance of Harmony would like to invite you to our Sermons at Rogue Monastery. The sermons will be performed at the Rogue Monastery, located at I-11 on Harmony. We expect to have the location open and available for Sermons in the following days. We also have plans to host crafting stations for the participants. However at this time we are still under construction. They will become available as we build! We expect to have the location available for sermons in... What are Sermons? Holding a sermon is yet one more way in which a player may gain faith-related bonuses. This involves holding a service and preaching to a group of nearby listeners. By preaching to 6 or more listeners, the priest can have their prayers reset in addition to gaining a faith bonus of .02 for each active listener. This is the best way to get your priest faith up in a reasoably quick manner. Players are encouraged to use Wurm Assistant to track sermon and alignment changes. You can find Wurm Assistant's latest version here: What do I need for a sermon? You need an altar and a statuete of your deity. You must also be a priest and have premium paid. How are your sermons done and what are the rules? Rogue Monastery uses the pvp sermon system with a few twists. There are no sermon queue or lists. You may sermon at any time available as long as the following rules are followed: You may only claim a sermon "spot" for a maximun of 5 minutes. Upon logging in you must wait 5 minutes before claiming a sermon to ensure your spot is not claimed. If you dont sermon in the 5 minutes following your claim, you forefit your sermon and must claim again. Before sermoning, you must claim your semon spot and wait a minimun of 1 minute before you sermon. This will allow time to coordinate with others and avoid 2 people from sermoning at the same time. You may not claim sermon spots for a time in the future. Only the current time can be claimed if not previously claimed by a player. Others deciding to priest can make their intentions known, but no real claim can be made unless you are ready and able to sermon within 5 minutes. Valid claim is attributed as first come first serve. In the event of 2 or more players claiming at the same time, the decision of who obtains the claim can be decided by a /random (higher wins). After sermon, you must stay online as a listener for at least 1 hour and 5 minutes (1:05) before logging off. If you cannot meet this requirement, don't sermon. After sermon, you must copy / paste your sermon faith gain in local. No sacrificing allowed. Channel grinding must be done with passive regen. No arguing. Take your personal issues to pm. Bickering parties will be asked to leave. If you encounter an issue, bring it up with a member of Rogue Monastery. No animals in the Sermon area or in the farm at monastery grounds. Any questions regarding the rules, contact me via Discord. I will help settle any player disputes. Note: To the extent possible, please do not log off your characters at the sermon location. The more people available for sermons, the better it is for everyone. At the moment I am providing two accounts for Sermons that I intend to keep logged on at all times. Please ping me on discord if they fall and I'll log them back in as soon as possible. If we get good numbers, I'll prem more accounts to assist with sermons.
  5. Jolly Rogue Sermons (On Hold) (Due to a series of unfortunate life events.) A'Hoy Mates, My name is Leander, and It would be my pleasure to invite all priest to join my alts Leonder & Edwardteach at my Monastery for a Sermon Group. The sermons will continue, and be continuous, as long as there are enough priest to get faith gains, or I run out of energy to do it. During my festival there will be the option to stay in the monastery or move to the community workshop, really just depends on the priests in attendance. My hope for the sermon group this time is to be self propagating, and something for the entire Wurm community so any new priest can join and be able get their priest goals. Location where I'm at My deed is named Jolly Rogue, it is located on Xanadu at S15 (Summons are available upon request). On the community map the coordinates are 3521, -7123 (Jolly Rouge Retreat). Sermons Sermons can be held every 31 minutes by a different priest in a queue list explained below. announce your sermon at the 1 min mark to allow those who left the monastery to work time to return in time to be a listener When done with your sermon update the queue in the local chat with the "/me chat command", in addition, post your faith gain with the "/me chat command." The "/me" gives you yellow text so it's easy to find. Example: [02:11:45] Leonder WL Sermon starts in 1 min [02:14:11] Leonder [02:13:35] Faith increased by 0.0459 to 68.5993 [02:15:13] Leonder WL @44 free free Dahlia free Khalifa free leonder (ALWAYS be sure to post your name at the end of the queue.) the @ is the Minutes on the hour of when to do the next sermon. use WL= White Light BL=Black Light at the beginning of the queue. (Since the removal of the BL PMGs there is less need for this however to keep things straight in large group i will continue the separation of the queues like this.) The Libila alter has been moved from the Monastery to a safer place for the BL followers to pray and sermon For a preacher to gain faith from preaching, you need at least 6 valid listeners. Sermons reset the prayer counter for the preacher if 6 valid listeners attended. Because of the 30 min alignment cool-down, sermons should fire off every 30 min, but never less than 30 since the previous. Every time a priest preaches, his max prayers for the day gets reset and he can pray another 5 times (every 20 min) for faith ticks. Cool-down is between your sermon is 3 hours. so have something to do it that time (and pray). More info on The Rules see the village message board by the monastery door in-game Have fun be friendly. help your fellow priests out we're all here for the same reason. Do not log out please, if at all possible to ensure the max faith gains for others, there are benches to take a seat on and afk, However I do understand the strain keeping your PC running all the time so we won't hold it agents you if you do. No Sacrificing or Listening to confessions, they negate your valid listener status. but if you need to for whatever reason there are alters in the community workshop also this is a place for libila followers to hide from WL sermons to save alignment. Your spot will not be saved, NO Exceptions,If you log out while in the sermon queue for longer than 20 minutes you will lose your spot in the queue line and will have to wait for the next free spot. NO Exceptions! You Will be Poked a lot, If you are afk and it is your turn to sermon someone will pm you to remind you after that the queue will wait for no longer than 5 minutes before moving on to the next person you will lose your spot in the queue and will be put to the end. Talk to a Deacon, if You have any Questions, concerns, or disputes pm me Leander, Edwardteach, and Leonder or a Deacon of the monastery a trusted friend or a villager of Jolly Rogue. (deacon list can be found below) Wait your turn, if you have recently come back from extended AFK, or logged back from extended rest, DO NOT assume you will be next to preach, (unless you are returning from afk at your sermon time.) Look for the queue in local chat then ask if you may be added to any "free" spot or the end of the queue. Update the Queue Yourself, do this with a "queue correction" with your name in the free spot or at the end. DON'T expect others to do it for you. Monastery Dress Code, there is to be No heavy helms, shields, or weapons equipped while on monastery grounds, wearing armor to help channeling skill gains is ok, but this is the only exception (this is a place of peace, and I like to see people get into the role-playing spirit it just makes aesthetic more fun.) NO Animals there are to be no animals allowed inside the monastery yard. (they can be parked in the graveyard between the monastery and community workshop.) You Look Hungry, and Sickly Remember to keep up on your CCFP nutrition and hydration. (to keep from getting sick.) there are CCFP and filler meals in the larder DO NOT take them ONLY eat, please. Personal Space Keep some distance between you and other people, please, there are only 4 alters now so this shouldn't be too much of a problem. Sermon Times, Sermons will be continuous as long as there are more than 7 people logged in, to continue (this may allow the sermons to be 24hr), however in some cases due to low body count, Sermons will shut down around 2:00am Eastern US (7:00am UTC) and will restart the following day when enough people log back on. Cooldown Tuesday, this is the designated day of rest for us it will be the day that everyone is able to shut down the priests and let their computer cool down and rest, so starting at roughly midnight Easter US (4:00am UTC) everyone will be able to shut down their priest or take them home for 24hrs the restart of the sermons will work exactly the same as sermon time rule above. First come First Serve, When relogging for the new day the queue order will be on a first come first serve basis. Deacons a few trusted people i have named as Deacons they are my representatives to handle problems that arise or settle disputes if i am unavailable. (the deacon list is posted here and on the village message board.) Things to do while not Preaching Beds: In the monastery in each room, you will find a wardrobe and a large chest to use if you wish I will attach a lock to them and allow you perms on the item to make sure your things are secure while your visiting. Meditation: There is a love tile on the raised area behind the monastery, a knowledge tile in the sand not far from that. (i am currently looking for the insanity tile) Crafting: I have a spot for crafting anything, as well as raw materials to do so. (i have had issues with this in the past, so if u craft something in the monastery out of mats i have provided then that crafted item stays in the monastery.) Cooking: cooking is very important, and is encouraged. (however, I do try to keep the larder filled with free ccfp food and fillers mostly provided by donations.) Farming: you're welcome to farm any of the upper fields on Jolly Rogue if you wish. Casting: there are BSBs and Spirit houses to practice casting dirt and courier. there is a station with things for mend casting and a couple of boxes with free creation ql items that can be for other types of casting. Archaeology: there are lots and lots of dead deeds around Jolly Rogue, feel free to go do some investigating. The Monastery Discord Server Schedule Be sure to follow this post to keep up to date, and if there are any changes. Donations Donations are completely voluntary I'm not doing this for profit, they do however help me provide the community a facility for activities like this, and in the future the pirate festival and Impalong noted as the blue box on the calendar. anything can be donated, coin, raw materials, crafted items, and skills are the most valuable. Donating coin can be directly deposited into the settlement upkeep at the token. (this is what the coin will be used for anyway.) If you donate a large amount of something or a high ql something will receive an "Elder" benefactors credit here and at the monastery in-game. I am also gathering things for the pirate festival now. so donations of any kind will go to that, i am in search of prizes, bulk 75ish QL imping mats, and sacables Elders Thank you to the following people Deacons Trusted members of the Monastery.
  6. If anyone is interested in attending Libila sermons, there will be a regular event happening on Independence. All Libila followers and priests welcome. For practical and timing reasons I would like any priests wanting to conduct sermons to let me know beforehand so we can do this in a somewhat orderly fashion. If you don't let me know beforehand then you can still do a sermon but would be added the end of the list. Proposed time: Sundays at 23:00 GMT (15:00 PST / 18:00 EST ) Location: Temple of Libila, The Grand Steppe just north of The Four Oaks In-game cords: i/21 Community map cords: 49x / 27y
  7. Sermons at Xanadu

    Hello guys decided to change 1st thread to make it more ...normal We are preaching since 14th November 2017, it's running 24/7, i'm able to cover affy food for priests whenever i'm online, as well can support resources for skill grind if someone wants to do something else (that's dependent on my resources ), meditation rugs with coc and special tiles ( problem can be power tile as long as someone wants to climb around), and much more, bring your priests, followers, incoming priests and lets preach together. Local map how to get to us, by land, by water, or by extreme sports ways
  8. ~ NEXA Market & Sanctuary ~ Newly remodeled! North East Xanadu -Located East of Summerholt on the highway Coastal deed reachable by water from the North and South/East Waterways Run by NEXA alliance, in a very friendly populated local. Vendor Spaces Available!!! Stop in for your tools, armor, decorations, horses, bison, enchants and more.. Don't see it? Ask! Sermon Schedule (Subject to change) Currently taking a break until 9/25/17 with a lack of preachers & vacations coming up - see you when we are back!! Closed! (send Mello or Aniceset a pm if you would like to stop by with priests - Mello will be running them) Stop on by to see us!!! You can keep busy by shopping in the market, fishing, crafting or just nibbling on our high quality meals! We have it all set up and ready for you with in sermon reach for max gains! Don't have a priest but want one? We have Nahjo, Fo, Mag, Vyn all available for conversions! MAP
  9. TL:DR - [22:06:43] <Persy> [23:06:26] Faith increased by 0.2400 to 53.4847 (And that's with 2 priests here). I've seen some requests lately on the forums from priests looking for a sermon group, so I decided to start one! I invite all WL and BL priests to come on down! When: effective now Where: Pilot Point T22, Celebration (or X38 Y47 on the Celebration Map) What is a sermon good for: Faith gains and resetting your daily prayer count back to zero for additional faith from praying. How does a sermon work: Once you have reached your 5 prays for the day a sermon is used to reset your prayers. You can preach every 3 hours with a min of 6 listeners to reset your prayers. Once finished, you have 5 fresh prayers on a 20 minute cooldown. I'm not at 30 faith yet should I attend?: yes! You are able to pray which benefits you as well as us and once you hit 30 you can be converted and join the rotation. What do I do between sermons? We ask that you do not log out if at all possible. We are kind enough to leave ours running idle for you. Going AFK just let us know our rotations are set up to allow you never to lose your spot!! Not going AFK but bored? We can help!! I will offer some basic mats for you to kill time and gain skill!! Why attend your sermons vs another? Not only to we offer a min of 6 listeners constantly I will also personally offer imping services (as my time permits) and affinity meals to my visiting priests to maximize their channeling skill gains. How Rotation works: *DISCLAIMER* - The sermon rotation will be maintained by me or a delegate designated by me. For any complaints or concerns about sermon order or any other drama you forgot to leave at your deed, these issues can be addressed to me privately. As no highways travel through my deed, I reserve the right to KoS unruly visitors at my discretion. Questions just pm Booskii or Wargasm here or in game Hope to see you there!!
  10. and were dead again, seems we lost a few to another group and the rest followed Hello Pristine and other fellow wurmians, I am pleased to announce Sermons on pristine are re-open to the public! I've also recently completed the new and improved church, including additional altars for the new god "Gary." New Church Photos: - Basics - All my Priest are at 100 faith now. I normally keep them around to count as listeners but I've mostly turned over rotation management to the active priests. We use a simple tool based on a google doc that combined with a script manages rotation perfectly well. Most of the time its as simple as clicking rotate, and copy and pasting the next roster into chat. So please feel free to contribute and help keep the rotations going as often as possible, there are almost always enough afk listeners (except during events etc...) to keep rotations going. This sermon group is mainly operated by volunteers to keep cycle going as much as possible, please dont hesitate to chip in some time posting rotation, put in your fair share and help the next person do the same! The rotation itself is pretty simple, priests are placed in rotation, every 32 minutes another priest gets to sermon, assuming there are a sufficient number of listeners you will get to sermon approximately every 3h12m hours. The more listeners we have the better faith gains are. PLEASE make sure your paying attention, you will not be PM'd or notified in any way other then the timing announcements by the sermon manager in local/team chat that its your turn to sermon. If you cant make sure, set a timer. You will have a 3 minute window to sermon, if you miss it, you are skipped until the next rotation, unless there happens to be an empty slot farther down the rotation, and then only if the sermon manager approves. If your AFK when it comes to your time to sermon, you will be skipped once and bumped back to the next empty position if there is one available, if not you will be skipped until the next rotation, if your skipped twice, logout, or leave local you are removed from rotation. Black lighters, your welcome to join us, but your expected to participate as a listener regardless of your alignment gains unless you provide another character to add to gains for everyone else, if your not willing to, don't bother coming. Also if you bring more then one priest, if rotation is 6 or more, you will only be given a single slot until it thins, when it does just ask for the empty slot. - Rules - 1. No sacrificing of ANY ITEMS unless its a scheduled channeling grind day. However you can slow cast spells with standard favor regeneration, or vessel/drain gems. You also have drop rights on deed for the purposes of using public forges etc. DO NOT trash my deed, clean up after yourself, i log everything if you continually leave a mess you will not be welcome to stay. 2. Conversion can ONLY be done immediately after a sermon as it will interfere with the next sermon, and ONLY once the sermon manager is notified and aware they need to adjust the timer. 3. No healing yourself, others, or animals while anywhere near the church, this will also interfere with the sermon timing. 4. No switching spots or changing the rotation unless approved by the sermon manager, and all affected parties. 5. All Priests should be on a team together, team channel is for sermon related info only, so you know what you NEED to pay attention to. Please keep normal chatter to the local and other such channels. 6. Do NOT take meals out of the larder, even if you put them back it will prevent anyone else from eating that meal. There is no reason to remove them at all. Eat directly from it! 7. No ringing the bell unless its to notify of an impending sermon! 8. Account sharing will now be treated as alting, as such you will only be giving one slot for all characters under your control to share. Which character sermons is up to you. Abuse will not be tolerated. - Location - Dragon Beard is located around U17, on the south side of deed, near the ocean, access by sea from the south or from the bay highway to the north, at the end of the highway near glengary there is a new bridge going south across the bay called "Dragon Collar Bridge" that leads directly to deed. If you coming by sea you can dock on the south side, the church is directly ahead. From the west, follow the highway around the bay till it ends at the marble road, take a right up the hill, straight back down to the the south seaside tier. - What is provided - There are a limited number of secure rooms and pens for long term visitors, and there 4 legged companion, with storage in the rooms. High Q Meals, Meditation Locations (Please repair the rugs after each use!), Horses to Groom (usually), BSB's for Dirt Casting, There is also a designated AFK area on the second floor so you can be out of the way but still present to provide addition skill gains for the preachers (I am sure they will all appreciate it). If you have any suggestions or idea's id be glad to hear them. Can post them here, Forum PM me, or in game as VirusMD Come one, come all, to the Dragon Beard Church of Obligatory Worship! The truth is in the Cake.
  11. SERMONS XANADU, H17, MAES KNOLL We are looking for more priests, listeners or just lost souls, each person from each religion is more then welcome, at the moment we got only vynora and nahjo altars, but would love to have different as well:) Our staff (as you can see on our nice screen) won't let you down and will make you happy and fit Free meals, free water, free beds (building under construction), free statuettes, free fishing rods, access to Path of Love and Path of Knowledge tiles, free cave for bad attenders, and many many more attractions at our place Access to us by cave tunnels from n-e and from west coasts, or by land from Greymead, highly recommended to stay at the lake shore - unless you love to run without stamina with a lot of "friends" behind your back , and of course through Selkie Lake for hardcore swimmers - our staff will take care about your body and..belongings..for small fee We start last week with 4 premiums to get here <Kasimir> [11:53:31] Faith increased by 0.2400 to 41.3577 see you soon fellow wurmians Please remember, we are not able to put everyone coming in into queue if there is too many people, it's very time limited You can be removed/got less chances if you : 1 - are constantly going afk for over 5mins when you supposed to preach 2 - switching off after your sermon/sermons 3 - rude attitude - will result in KOS with 4mins timer to leave, after this time you will be removed by templars/guards Please read this rules before coming in
  12. Looking to join a sermon anywhere in freedom in a month to two months time for 2 toons. Also looking for a Nahjo conversion.
  13. We have Built a New church @ Wild Goose Farm's at S 9 and would like to invite you to our first service Sat Oct 22,2016 7:30 pm Eastern time USA Everyone Welcome. All Priest can preach. Thanks.
  14. So as the title says our good friend and alliance member has allowed us use of his deed for this. It will be hosted at Fight Club deed which is M18 on the ingame map.. and 38x 38y on the Indy map. There will be meals and water available and Statuettes for casting. Also available, a merchant to change up your many iron coins to coppers. All are welcome.
  15. We are proud to announce the beginning of an organized sermon group located just east of Summerholt at the Summerholt Market. The market is accessible via land or sea and has a chapel toward the water side where we will hold our sermons. The Summerholt Sermon Sessions begin Thursday, May 3rd, at 1930 (7:30pm) Eastern Time in the ole US of A. (GMT -4). Feel free to gather ahead of time and start when 7 or more participants are ready. We are hoping to cater to a world-wide audience so that once us Yanks go to bed, the Aussie, Asian, Russian (Spasibo!), and eventually the European players can continue the awesomeness. Let's get into rhythm! Sermon Rules: All Participants: There are limits to what you can do while waiting your turn. (i.e. You can't perform actions that cause alignment changes.) Be prepared to wait long hours for your turn. Preachers: Priests of any religion are able to hold a sermon. (Sorry, no followers can preach.) Once you give a sermon, you must wait at least 3 hours to sermon again. Listeners: Within the group, you will spend most of your time as a listener. A minimum of 6 listeners for a sermon are required for the best faith gains and for the prayer/faith per day reset mechanism. Valid listeners are: Priests or followers of any religion with premium accounts Priests or followers that have NOT had an alignment change in the 30 minutes from the last sermon Stand within 4 tiles of the preacher. Not aboard a cart or wagon. The List: A list will be maintained at all times to determine the order of the priests giving the next sermon. Once you have given your sermon, you will be placed at the end of the list. As a preacher, you must wait at least 3 hours to sermon again. The person controlling the list must be present and not AFK to help manage the sermons. You must pass the list when you are logging out or AFK for more than 30 minutes. The Countdown: Once a sermon is completed, the next valid sermon can be done in 30 minutes. The person managing the list will also need to keep track of the timing for the next sermon. As preachers, it's up to you to track that you haven't given a sermon in the last 3 hours. Notes on Alignment: Sermons will cause both the preacher and listener's alignment to go up. If it doesn't go up, the listener does not count as a valid listener. It is then very important not to do anything while standing around waiting the might cause an alignment change. Valid Tasks for Waiting: Emotes, Talking, Channeling?, Other things that more seasoned preachers will post below.
  16. I propose a new item to be placed on Traders: the Congregant Contract What It Does The Congregant Contract is a nodrop item that, when activated, leaves a "Congregant Doppelganger" exactly where you were standing when you logged off. This doppelganger counts as a listener for sermons held in range. When you log in the doppelganger vanishes. The doppelganger is as attackable as a regular player for both PvP and PvE purposes, though they drop no loot and can be resummoned after being killed by logging in, activating and logging out. So keep your pet lava fiends fed, or your sermon party could be wiped out all the same. Advantages It still requires a subscription to work, so no loss for Rolf. Support the sermon party even when you are otherwise occupied. Support as many accounts as you desire on any computer, it's the server doing the work after all. Even if some are NPC placeholders, a nice full church just feels right. Price 20 silver feels right to me, since the person buying the Congregant Contract get's no direct benefit. It only benefits others.
  17. Have food and all that. You know how it goes. We are at The Mahasattva Bodhisattva i8. That yellow square in the picture.
  18. Hi, I'm running a sermon group on my deed Dirty Mike and the Boyz at S/T 12/13 in the SW corner of Xanadu. I provide a public crafting house that is open to everyone who attends sermons. Please note it is PUBLIC and anyone added to the writ can pick up anything you drop there, so please keep any valuables you have locked up in a boat off deed. I will supply some materials for the public crafting house but if you plan to make use of it, please bring and donate your own materials. Sermons will be held on my deed just outside of my walls, in the public crafting house. I will also provide meals at 88+ QL. If you have any questions, please PM me in game on Mikesandy or Irobotnik. Please post here if you are interested in joining this sermon group. Available facilities: - a minimum of 3 listeners per sermon at any given time of day - 3 altars (Fo, Vyn, Mag) - a forge for smiths who plan on working here while waiting for sermons - a floor loom for cloth tailors - a spinning wheel for cloth tailors - a public bsb for low QL mats - a public bsb for medium QL mats I will get prem on two more alts soon so I will up the listener count accordingly. Please add me (irobotnik) as a friend when you get here so I can add you to the writ. You will not be able to pick things up otherwise.
  19. We are holding sermons with 7 and then 8 prem players present - the faith skill gain has been .100 only each time, no matter who preaches. We have tried all standing on 1 tile, makes no difference. What is going on here?
  20. Hello all, First off sorry about slingAspell not happening. Further plans are to be made at a later date to have something really special for next year. Location: South Xanadu NW corner of U17 in game map: I'll be holding a large sermon for some time open 24/7 come anytime you like. You can bring supplies of your own or order some to here. All three altars will be provided along with several different locations. There are a few fun things to do and as always I'll try and be the best host possible. Thanks Zalifear. Ps PM me in game on Zaz or Zalifear for any info.
  21. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sermon Static at Sand Asylum x9 y23 Release _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Start date : Running Note : Food and drink provided. Optional 1 - 2 hour intermission per 24 - 48 hrs or as needed by the group while maintaining rotation. All members will need to be in range for each sermon every 30 minutes. Group members will need to remain logged on to allow others to preach. Available Resources : Gold & Silver altars. All members will have access to the Cart Park, Workshop, Kitchen, Fishing and Farming on deed. Group Size: 7-9 members Group members determined by length of availability. Message Eberhelm or Mooji in-game if interested
  22. map -> Revelstone, at x38 y26, is hosting sermons. Bring your priest and accelerate your faith skill gain. Revelstone offers a safe, fenced-in altar area, with an adjacent grassy holding pen for mounts and is very close to the ocean with a boat dock. Everything is on-deed with a spirit Templar guard.
  23. Hello Recently, there have been at least 2 posts on the Deliverance forums about priests starting sermon groups. Additionally, my 2 priests have been trying to get a regular set of sermons to increase their faith gain. This is proving difficult as there are no rewards for listeners. I propose that listeners get some reward for listening to a sermon (if you wanted to look at it Wogically, they would get something in RL) something like: Increase skill gain for 10 minutes. "You mind clears from the sermon and you can now gain knowledge" (or something) Rewards similar to the priests spam praying i.e iron coins, mushrooms, gems I am sure there are many other ideas that could go with these options. I think this would promote more community interaction and offer a reward to those in the community helping the priests in the area and stop all priests congregating in one spot. Thank you.
  24. I am looking to see if there is any demand for sermons in the south region. I have a church with the 3 altars and a mag priest (Nicholson). I am located on road south of Crestkill in the middle of the south so it might be a good location for all. Town name is: Stay Off The Grass 21x 46y If you need directions let me know! Have pens available for your horses and rare gurd tower with 6 guards for protection if needed. Can start as soon as I get anough priests here. I have access to 50ql meals if needed also. Thanks to Jaytee. Might be able to provide tranpotation on a case by case basis also. Please let me know if you are interested or have any better ideas. You can contact me here or in game (Cijifan) My time zone is (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) Priest intrest: more than anough followers intrest: Same