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  1. Error: JAR resources in JNLP file are not signed by same certificate here (Launcher gives this message and stops). (?)
  2. Off westcoast Xanadu, when crossing over to Deli. Came across a lot of creatures not belonging there. Of course a load of horses, but also trolls, hellhounds, bulls, spider, lion... up to pretty close to border and healthy, in other words they spawned there.
  3. Sounds good Bloodscythe (And actually this was the second I / my other character Chayra found - or in reality, that I let tap me on the shoulders, they know I love pets ) I'm sure Nestangol, who organizes everything (great!) will contact you for further details, but he's off to sleep now.
  4. Can you care for an animal which is in a locked cage (in other words, can you put a new carefor on a ven 'on the spot', as soon as it crosses a serverborder and looses it's current carefor)? Anyone tried that yet? Else servercrossing means nothing for all those ven's people have kept for ages on other servers, waiting till they could take them across - they will have to remain on the server they are on after all, despite that long wait.
  5. A problem indeed. I would love it if there was a skill that would only go up in a natural way - so not by grinding and by staying at just one place turning circles to see who gets to 100 first. But yeah... results in everything taken, nothing left for newer players... maybe the 'renewing' part takes a month or so?
  6. Maybe a combination of both. Deliver to wagoneer - wagoneer always waits 1 day before doing the delivery. During that day the delivery can be taken over by players (as described above) and if no players turn up in time, the goods will still be delivered after the 1-day wait. This ensures that delivery will happen, still gives a chance of players being involved making themselves some money doing it, and still gives incentives of doing deliveries yourself in the first place because of the day inbetween (unless players/deliverers jump in), always making deliveries in person a faster option if so chosen. (Edit: and if a player took the job but hasn't delivered meanwhile, the wagoneer gets those goods back (magically, literally going after it would probably breed griefing), player who was on the job gets nothing, and the goods get delivered by wagoneer. Gets that big trust-issue out of the way perhaps.)
  7. The tile which you destroyed on the bridge that then disappeared completely: did that happen to be the most NW-tile of the bridge? (Not that I have any 'theory' that makes sense for you around that question; just that I often find NW-corners are 'deciding' for all kinds of things - so just a wild hunch really).
  8. I just collect 200 without looking at the quality (they usually come out at somewhere around 60 QL averaged at the end), and put them in the icebox and the shelf just above that. If some are gone out of the icebox along the way I just fill it up again from the shelf above it. Up to now I have always had to empty out the full icebox and about half a shelf's worth reserve still left (most with around 40-50 damage on them) when a new winter starts. And just collecting 200 without throwing most out is a quick job (luckily, because it's indeed a bit of a bore to do - but the 5-10 minutes it takes this way, I can live with that).
  9. I can't escape the impression that something must have slipped 'out of order' with at least some animals hereditary lines. Take this horse for instance (one of my earliest on Xana, but she gave the right info not too long ago still so 'the slip' must be new or newish): You smile at the venerable fat Ebenwar '(BRC)'. Horses like this one have many uses. It is being taken care of by Voeno. She is very strong and has a good reserve of fat. This creature could use some grooming. It has fleeter movement than normal. Her father is an old brown cow. Rare creatures coming out of the pipeline
  10. Hunting for pelts

    Wildcats (weight 0.8 kg) Lions and dogs (weight 0.6 kg) (not 100% sure on the number, but I think it's this - inbetween the other two anyhow) Rats (weight 0.2 kg) Seeing it's best to never take a pelt out of your inventory (because decays as soon as you do so), the weight-aspect can be important. Rats are most often seen underground (though they do spawn above also), the others mainly above ground, don't spawn often in caves though they can of course also have wandered in. And yes, hunters living in the south are condemned (or allowed, depending on viewpoint ) to become nomads. Start looking halfway up Xan though, there are area's with a good amount of critters there too, at least in the west-half (not sure on the eastparts as to where the line is above which they become well-possible to be found - the trek of all that lives tends to be in northwest direction so the divide-line might be higher up in eastern parts). I find you don't really need to go all the way to the northcoast though. And if hunting is your future: then it might be a good idea to aim for a knarr as soon as you reach the needed skill for sailing it. You can get where a rowboat can, and your hold is large enough to take along a forge, an oven, perhaps a cart, and lots of tools (plus enough space for storage in crates of meat, parts, cotton and whatever you need for whatever you are working on). This enables you to also raise other skills while 'nomadding along'. (And if you travel overland go for a wagon at some point, you can load a whole lot in those too - just go to an area you want to be, park the wagon and horses on a green spot, and do the hunting on horseback from there).
  11. Got a Bloodcoffee today, first time I've seen a name with coffee in it (and it isn't even a white horse, as you might expect with such a name - it's (old) black so kind of close to fitting)
  12. Happy Easter!

    Put it in a safe place outside deed (like for instance in a locked cart in your perimiter). That way those who want to collect can collect and those who want it to pop can get it popped - best of both (egg-)worlds...
  13. If you know who owns those stables, can't you simply ask him/her to get to the same server as where the building is and blow it up from his manage-list? Or was it not built by that prior deed-owner himself? (sorry not quite clear on that)
  14. I can't remember ever seeing conditioned pheasants either. I do remember mountain lions having conditions which don't exist anymore. Perhaps in some hidden corner someone still has one of those too.