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Found 23 results

  1. The venerable scared white dragon as been claimed and trapped in my mine. Short event for public slaying! TODAY! 23:00 in Germany (UTC+2) is 21:00 in UTC - thanks timowi,2539 The easiest way is to move from EAST to my Deed "Myrtana". Would be nice, if you write a comment if you wanna join and with how many alts etc. Thank you and see you later!
  2. Heya :) Intro and Background When traveling to rites on other servers myself, finding a spot to land on and pray at sometimes was a hassle. At other times I needed undeeded space for unloading or access to the highway. I had therefore been thinking about how cool it would be to be guided to such a landing place as close as possible to the server border. I then happened to settle right in the middle of Cadence's east coast (and to go on a break from being on Defiance), so here we are, let me introduce the Cadence East Coast Public Marina located at L25 as well as the Cadence East End Artificial Island located on L26 ... Note: Map is modified from the online version at - see notes below. Marina (L25), Highway, Sea Lane If you imagine an equator where Cadence has its largest dimension from east to west, then you have the spot where the distance from border to mainland is the smallest at the east/west side. In the following I'm talking about the east side only, for now. Where that line hits the mainland, I've built a little marina for public use. It isn't much or spectacular, but I hope it is fit for its intended core purposes: provide a short and easy to find way to reach the shore (and a place to leave your boat during your stay) provide altars to pray at for rites (as close to where you enter as possible) provide access to the highway system for wagoner/travels (route to "Cabin In The Woods" if you are returning on land) provide a free bed for the traveler in need View from marina building over wagoner waystone to the east So it's on that equator line (my approximation only!), therefore shortest possible - if you manage to arrive on the equator and are coming from the east. The easy to find I'm trying to address by using buoys forming a sea lane from the marina up to the servers border. We won't get this on the map because the community has had no interest in such in the past. So if you think things like such a sea lane or a marina should go on the community map, contact the makers and let them now. Visibility of the buoys depends on graphic settings and while I almost see too many of them with the highest setting, I can barely see the next from the previous one when running the lowest setting. It should work okish even with those now. And it's only a straight lane after all, right? ;) Artificial Island - East End (L26) / Welcome to Cadence and Goodbye again! This is the end! The east end. There are like 40 tiles difference between from where you leave Cadence to where you re-enter it on the sea. The following picture shows the Cadence East End artificial island right after loading into Cadence when entering from Harmony/Melody. You need to be moving on the according latitude (approximately on the equator) to hit it like this of course. East End Artificial Island at the server's border You will find altars for all 4 gods there to do your rite prayers. You can also use it as a place to summon people that you are fetching from Cadence or alike. You will need to climb into the building if you land in the water (also happens after summons), so try to make sure you have some stamina! The exit to the other servers (approximately 40 tiles) is marked by white buoys after the red/green ones of the sea lane. But you will start getting warnings about leaving right after you pass the buoys on the left of the screenshot. This is also on undeeded land but completely covered by the building. I'm not sure yet where to go with it from here (a light house might be nice), but so far public permission is only to enter. Let me know if you got needs or ideas. To come ... This is what I expect to be further doing on this: I will work on completing the sea lane. Done I will make some screenshots and make this post "nicer" Considering this done for now, too. Can always do more, but ... In an edit I might also elaborate on how much cooler it would get by having something similar (in whatever style) on the east/west coast of Harmony/Melody. Just in case some people would share the vision and be looking for a project anyways maybe (like a Call for Participation for server-connections). I will probably play around a bit with some decorations at these places I will try to improve the highway connection (it only leads to the north currently and is far from optimal if you are going south or even just want to continue the equator to the west). It has a tunnel to get through that mountain ridge (which is rather slow otherwise), though. In doubt turn where you need to go after the tunnel. This was done, probably by Ninacadence whom I have seen working on those a lot (Thx!). Always more to do there, though ... That reminds me of: I will see that I get the highway onto the map. Not sure about the marina and how something like this (it's not a deed) is handled - will check and see ... Highway is on the map now - at least the first parts. Asked about sea lane and marina but got a no as an answer. I am further considering to make a little artificial island right at the server border to make rite-tourism even shorter (having the altars there). I actually started it already, so am rather positive this will happen. Done I might be able to offer some kind of summoning service to the marina at times as it starts in my deeds perimeter. Unsure how to "possibly shape" that. For now ... if that would help you (having a summon to there), feel free to hit me up in-game. I will expect you to bring me at least 100 favor worth of cordage rope for any summon, though! And of course make sure I'm around before counting on this in any way. Request for Comments If you feel this is a shitty idea, please let me know with your reasons and I'll consider aborting/demolishing it. I heard some people wouldn't even want grid co-ordinates to be labelled on things, whereas this aims at the opposite - allowing travelers to easily find where they are to help them get where they want to. So I would expect at least some kind of disagreement amongst you. If you have ideas for improvements, please let me know those and I'll consider them. If you wanna do anything on your own and need permissions on the buildings or so, talk to me about it. TL;DR If you are visiting Cadence for a rite or for wagoner delivery, you might want to consider these places. You need to manage to come from the east approximately at the middle of the map to profit from the placement. East End artificial island for just prayers or summoning, or follow the "Equator Sea Lane" buoys to be guided into the marina where you can pray, sleep, travel, unload, wagoneer, get summoned away or whatever else it is you do. Deed for routing from inlands is "Cabin in The Woods", the marina itself is on un-deeded land right next to that. Enjoy! Jindala
  3. Gravity Falls presents; slaying of the Mano-taur. We need YOUR help to slay the Mano-taur; this testosterone filled, smelly rage beast has been terrorizing the road to the Mystery Shack! Help us make the Mystery Shack a safer place for our guests. We've asked him to leave nicely and he just keeps yelling about man stuff! Since the Mano-taur [Forest Giant] has decided he doesn't want to leave willingly, we'd like to see you all for the slaying ASAP, this is an immediate call to action. The wind is great! [For now *knocks on wood*] [09:58:28] A gale is coming from the west. Please Join us at Humble Cove on Xanadu at L13 Ingame map. Or community map coordinates here:,4102 This guy is NOT in local of the boats, he is about 3-7minutes up the road on foot, bring a horse or a cart if you need it! Loot Conditions: Private [Grunkle stan is pretty broke], please join us for woodcutting potion bloods. ***This is not a Stanlee slaying, please don't bug him! He rocks our socks off but don't be a pest, ty***
  4. Me and Laval were setting up for the upcoming rift and kept getting attacked by Greenish Trolls. So I went after their king. Saturday May 22nd at 9PM Central a public slaying will be held and you are invited! The location will be disclosed 12 Hours before the slaying (Noon Central), however it would behoove you to land at "Dune" or "The Old Folks Home" and be prepared for a 10-20 minute inland ride. Huge thanks to Ajana, Taikee, and Rhunenfor their help!
  5. Props and thanks to Alytharah and Borstaskor for finding it and deciding to share it with everyone! :)We were tasked with the organization, it is already secured and penned.It's free for everyone to attend, as we insisted on, at least the butchering products will be be given to Alytharah, since she found it!The location will be disclosed about 10 hours before the slaying takes place.It's on Cadence, kinda inland, not in local but not too far from a point that you will be able to reach with a knarr!Since it happened before, and i think it's not a bad practice, be sure to redirect any donations or hide that you don't need to keep back to Alytharah, and NOT to me or Davihh. Please, once we will open the gates DO NOT enter with carts and wagons. Thank you Location: the deed is called Beginning, M20/21, it is east of Tranoas Red: where the deed Beginning is located. Blue: where you can park with a knarr coming from south (Corbitas and caravellas will not pass through the canals). Green: where you can park if coming with a big boat. See you later guys
  6. House Of Debois sermons is open! We welcome everyone to come on over to [S, 16] on Harmony for sermons of all four gods! I will do my best to fulfill any reasonable requests! I have six subscribed characters on deed to guarantee prayer resets! Keep in mind this sermon group is temporary and will only be active for a month or two. Discord: Rules: 0.) Be kind and respectful. Using the monastery is a privilege. 1.) Wait at least 5 minutes from arrival/login before attempting to sermon. 2.) Call out that you are about to sermon 1-5 minutes before sermoning. 3.) Post faith gains from sermoning in local. 4.) Avoid alignment-changing activities while using the monastery. Sermons require that you have not had an alignment changing activity in the past 30 minutes. 5.) After sermoning please wait until the next sermon or one hour before leaving. Whichever happens first. Feel free to message Lydriik with any questions.
  7. ATTENTION, ATTENTION! We want to announce you that 11.02.2020 at 20:00 in GMT+1 we are slaying Goblin Leader. Slaying is public what means almost all the loot (excluding goblin war bonnet - reserved to the one who found it) will be rolled between slayers that hit/miss/glance, so please remember to hit and step back to give other players chance for loot. UPDATE: Slaying spot: Meet point at Eriador - M/L23, Deliverace. More details one hour before slaying. Feel free to come and help us with your swords, axes, mauls or any other weapon you're wielding. Also welcome all others to stand by for the blood (mining potions). See you there o/
  8. Age-confused White Dragon Hatchling has been caught and there will be a public slaying. Come everyone for the hide and blood and to remove a menace to peaceful folks. Chayra is the one who found it, and wanted to make it a public event. Thanks go to them. I helped to pen it and will arrange the slaying. Location is west of Vrock Landing G12 on game map. Close-up below Area marked as Boat parking is definitely inside local area and you should also (but I'm not guaranteeing) be able to park anywhere inside that bay and still receive hide/blood. Altars etc. area Has now 4 gold altars that can be blessed for deities as required. They are intentionally low ql to decay faster in case local population doesn't like them. Slaying area itself is surrounded by a fence with one red gate at southeast corner. Gate will be opened to everyone once Dragon Hatchling is teased out. Above altars to the east is small pen with few free horses. Age-confused you ask? Well while initially: [03:17:54] The venerable white dragon hatchling moves in to attack you. It must have found a fountain of youth in the cave we penned it in. Because a bit later: [19:24:06] The The young white dragon hatchling is in front of you very close. Below ground Edit: Well, today: [23:11:00] The The aged white dragon hatchling is ahead of you to the left pretty close by. Below ground Nevertheless, it shall be slain. We provide altars and saccables for volunteer priests to cast Summon soul. Thank you for Bloodscythe for offer of helping with Summons. Bone is reserved (and possibly skull). But as always every premium player in local at time of slay will get piece of hide and a blood. - Nestangol Mayor of Northwind Cove owner of Hermit's Rest
  9. Hey yall, would like to invite every1 to come and slay the Pristine Goblin Leader on sunday... His blood can be used to make mining potions and it also gives the Fearless title if u never slayed one and manage to land a hit on him The loot is private, but its really close to water so u dont even need to walk the alts out of the boat Will post the location saturday in the first comment!!!
  10. Hello yall, we got the Goblin Leader in Pristine and we wanted to invite everyone to attend to the slay. Your welcome to try to land a hit, maybe gain a title if u dont have it yet and ofc get the blood to make some tasty mining potions Its not in local from water, meeting point is at Clay Harbour in J 14, we will then proceed from there to the slay site. Meeting Sunday night for me in:
  11. People of Exodus, Everyone's favorite PVP Kingdom-in-Exile has made a new friend. A venerable black drake of a friend. Unfortunately for him, he's slated to be killed in a ritualistic manner this Saturday. He understands that Wurm is like that sometimes, and he's cool with it. In thanks and recognition to the people of Exodus for their warm welcome to our Kingdom, we offer this slaying to the public, under the terms described below. We encourage any and all Wurmers to join us. Freedomers, Trader Drainers, Sermon Alts, Current and Ex-Chaos friends and enemies, and everyone's aged fat dog are welcome to tag along. We may even open up a channel in our VoIP for the slaying for anyone that wants to come hang out. *Please note this is not our dragon. Copyright complaints should be directed to Nadroj Fighters: 70FS, 70ql weapon, 40 weaponskill, armor on during fight. Competent healers are welcome too (competency to be determined by one of my delegates) Bystanders: All are welcome to come watch the fights and get free blood/hide! Our alt pen will actually be in local of the unique, which is helpful. Loot: The dragon bone and Valrei tome (1% chance of drop) will become property of Mol Rehan. For the remaining loot, we will do a number of /random rolls equal to the number of items butchered. Each winner gets to choose 1 item. Limit 1 item per person. Each individual Dragon Meat will be treated as a separate item. There will be unlimited slots, one per RL person. Every fighter who is signed up with qualifying stats and gets on the twitter kill list will be given a raffle slot. Everyone is welcome to attend to get blood from the unique. (You need to be in local range, and be a premium player) Rally Point: Exodus- S11 coastal. The coast is in local of the fight, so BYO Alt Boat. Arium refused to build the alt pen and has been summarily executed. Sign-up Sheet: Time: Saturday, January 28 6pm US Eastern
  12. There's been requests for public slayings of dragons. So when I found one, I wanted it public. So here we go. In middle parts of Xanadu. Plenty of travelling for everyone, but there is a dragon in the end. Loot will be public rolls for all of the fighters. (I will roll one item for myself and all the other loot will go for slayers.) Participating in killing will require 70+ fs. Preferably fighters would sign up in advance too. Blood and scale of course for everyone premium at the vicinity. Location is at M12. So preferable way for most would be by boat through the canal at SE end of Hammer Lake. Prepare for long sailing from server border. That is a true Xanadu sailing experience There's plenty of room for boats at coast and it seems alts would be within local from the water. The other way is by horse. There is side road starting from Linton - Lormere highway (if coming from Lormere direction it is after Crater of Dawn Farms. Highway turns north and next time it turns west, there is fighting doll and now green lamps to show the side road to east. From Linton direction you'll see the doll and lamps going on when road turns south). I'm adding temporary gravel road for last part. All places you need to turn to different road from the highway onward will be marked with green lamps on both sides.) edit: corrected directions. Going to pen some wild horses for those arriving by boat. Not sure on amounts yet. But there is often big herds of horses swimming in the lake anyway. Food etc. will be available for those who come early. No beds yet, but looking into that as well. Just depends how much time i have to actually play. ----- Some more info to the above. While to participate in actual killing 70+ FS is the only requirement, as it can be verified by wearing the title (mercenary). To be able to actually wound the dragon, you should also have high skill in your chosen weapon, recommend at least 40+, the higher the better of course. High ql weapon (2h) at least 70ql. High ql plate armor preferred, but at least 70+ chain armor a must. On loot: items will be rolled randomly. I will roll one item for myself from all available loot. Rest of loot is randomly rolled among the slayers. Every person may win only one item/charge. So any item with multiple charges will only be given one charge per winner. As it is impossible for me to guarantee the passing of item from one winner to another for their charge, I'm suggesting following: Any multiple charge item will be put up on an auction at forum and the sales amount will be divided to the winners. Two possible exception for this: 1. if someone makes an offer after the drawing of winners and can pay the amount in cash AND every one of the winners agrees to the price (one person disagreeing or unreachable (logged out/disconnected/afk forever...) means, no deal and the item goes for auction). If deal is reached, then the money will be divided for the winners of the charges right away. 2. If all the winners of a charge know and trust each other and would rather handle the item themselves than auction it: If every winner of those charges confirms separately and publicly that they agree to that and all together name the person I should give the item to, then fine with me. The item is then handed to the named recipient with full responsibility of the item. But again one winner not agreeing or not able to confirm their agreement, means no deal and item is auctioned and silvers shared to winners after that. Making sure I have list of loot to be shared and all candidates for it may take some time, especially with all the lag included in unique slayings. So expect some delay after fight before the draw for winners can commence. --- Finally to add. Original intention was to arrange this on weekend, but last weekend would not have given any time for people to prepare. Next weekend and couple after that, I cannot guarantee being online at a specific time. So this Thursday will have to do. Welcome everyone, slayers and watchers. - Nestangol
  13. hello again we just open new view point for public on sand cliff check it out its awesome.
  14. The Summerholt Community Alliance Presents upon all whom are willing White fat Dragon Hatchling Slaying Excluding Our alliance here is the public Twitter Feed List I will Roll out 10 Rare Items And List Numbers And Items Mailed. Thank you all for attending. [20:37:14] Vortexxx rolls 2/37. Rare File [20:37:15] Vortexxx rolls 4/37. Rare Clay Shaper Oak [20:37:16] Vortexxx rolls 18/37. Rare Leather Adventurer's Hat [20:37:17] Vortexxx rolls 33/37. Rare Fo Puppet [20:37:18] Vortexxx rolls 3/37. Rare WhetStone [20:37:19] Vortexxx rolls 23/37. Rare Spatula Oakenwood [20:37:21] Vortexxx rolls 37/37. Rare Mag Puppet [20:37:22] Vortexxx rolls 28/37. Rare Lib Puppet [20:37:23] Vortexxx rolls 24/37. Rare Awl [20:37:24] Vortexxx rolls 26/37. Rare Rake expect COD SOON and TYVM for all whom attended. ( LOCATION ) SMALL EDIT The Boxed Staging area on this map is now the alts fenced in area ) staging area will between dragon and there via posted signs etc cant miss it ) Main Tank / Puller: Vortexxx Secondary: Tank / Puller : Mistvengery Main Healer: Valadrim Meeting Spot / Location : Summerholt Market / Summerholt Updated Time: 7pm CST Friday May, 27th Finder- Jive Trapper: BigBuoy, Greensteel, Egbert and there alts ( good job you guys ) Founder has Decided to keep the loot Private... However Blood and Hide For all whom Attend... Location to be posted shortly before fight Timer Subject to chance plus or minus a few hours depending on weather and alliance schedules -Rules & Requirements- All Fighters: 70+ Fight skill Required and at least 40 in your weapon skill and a 70+ QL weapon in required in order to land a hit. ( 2 hander's seem best ) however you do not need to land a hit or get on the twitter feed as this is private loot. but if you want credit for the kill please have the requirements. back up once you land a hit. you will be warned during the fight to back up. please refer to fight rules. Fo priests who can cast Light of Fo are welcome to sign up as well. Bystanders: Everyone is welcome to show up for Blood and Hides. If you want to swing at the dragon then make sure you read the rules below. there shall be a designated spot for alts to be parked near by for safety ! Fight Rules: to allow as many people as possible to get credit for the kill, Fighters must back up once landing a single hit. ( please watch your combat logs ) no more than 3 hits Failure to do so will be black listed from all future Summerholt Community Alliance and there affiliates future public events. ( excludes Main Tank and Secondary Tank ) AT EVENT RULES: SHALL BE POSTED BY MAIN TANK / PULLER AND HIS SECONDARY TANK / PULLER AS /ME in Local future rules to be added at event extra note- 60+ fighters may be allowed to join the fight but if your unable to make a hit within the 1st quarter of the fight please back out. and stay out until we call for the final push. this will also be based on attendace if there is room for everyone this will be fine. I may have extra rares to roll out so please make the twitter feed or combat logs.
  15. Shadow Lands is now open, come enjoy a Wurm experience in a custom map with increased Skill gain and Action Speeds! Thanks to Xallo, you can experience a custom 4096x4096 map. You can see the map in Xallo's post here. Keenan brings us the Stat Gain Mod to help balance core stats with the increased Skill gain. The Stat Gain Mod can be found over here. Beyond this the server is just a simple 100 Slot Wurm Unlimited Server, but I would love to see it grow into a wonderful community Server Stats: Server Name : Shadow Lands -- PVE -- SG 10x - AS 5x -- Host^Oriss -- Max Players : 100 Map : Custom Skill gain rate multiplier : 10.0 Core Stat start value : 25.0 Fight Skill start value : 20.0 Overall skill start value : 1.0 Action speed Multiplier :5.0 Max Creatures : 20,000 Aggressive Creatures Percentage : 35% Breeding time Modifier : 7Hr Field Growth Timer : 7Hr Minimum mining hits required : 35
  16. Signup thread is now up: This is not a signup thread, just a heads up that it has been found and that we plan on doing a public fight on Sunday September 20th, probably at 9pm central EU / 3pm EST / noon PST. All loot will be rolled including the crown and tome charges (if they drop). A proper signup thread will follow in a few days, so no need to sign up here.
  17. Countdown to the Fight: Hunt Date/Time: Thursday, 9 April 2015 2:30 PM CST (Please be there 15-20 minutes prior) Fighters: 70FS, 70ql weapon, 40 in the appropriate weaponskill, wearing armour during fight. Bystanders: All welcome to come watch the fights and get free blood! Loot: We will do a number of /random rolls equal to the number of items butchered. Each winner gets to choose 1 item. Limit 1 item per fight per person. Valrei items are considered to be 1 item per charge (three raffle draws instead of one, more loot to share!). Meat/eye/teeth are rolled also rolled as 1 item. There will be unlimited slots, one per RL person. Every fighter who is signed up (two hours before the fight) with qualifying stats and gets on the twitter kill list will be given a raffle slot.. (*edit* We are not responsible if Twitter does not list you) Everyone is welcome to attend to get blood from the unique.(You need to be in local range, and be a premium player)Signup Sheet - Be sure to post on this thread to get your name added. Rally Point: Bashkin's Wharf, J11 Pristine *edit* The Signup for this fight is now closed, with 92 Players possibly attending. Good luck on the loot roll all
  18. I'm working with the other residents on a sermon site at Wilburh's Hinterlands, where E11 and F12 meet on the Xanadu map, halfway between Glasshollow and Vrock Landing. We also have plans to convert the area into a successor to Release's former Wyvern Academy, and we're working on a strategically-placed set of crafting shops for students to use while they listen to sermons in progress. Once completed, we expect that the site will be especially useful for both priests and students needing to be converted to a religion. Given recent events (RIP Leonard Nimoy) we'd also like to put some nearby open space to good use. If you'd like to honor someone who has passed away, we're accepting donations of statuettes to place around the sermon site as memorial. Just name the statuette based on who you're memorializing, and bring it to us so we can find an appropriate spot for it on-site. We only ask that memorial statuettes be limited to one per person to be memorialized, so that we can conserve space and have room to honor as many as possible. For the statuettes themselves, we'll accept any type of statuette for display, including dyed statuettes.
  19. Countdown to the Fight: Hunt Date/Time: Saturday, 7 March 2015 2:30 PM CST (Please be there 15-20 minutes prior) Fighters: 70FS, 70ql weapon, 40 in the appropriate weaponskill, wearing armour during fight. Bystanders: All welcome to come watch the fights and get free blood! Loot: We will do a number of /random rolls equal to the number of items butchered. Each winner gets to choose 1 item. Limit 1 item per fight per person. Valrei items are considered to be 1 item per charge (three raffle draws instead of one, more loot to share!). Meat/eye/teeth are rolled also rolled as 1 item. There will be unlimited slots, one per RL person. Every fighter who is signed up (two hours before the fight) with qualifying stats and gets on the twitter kill list will be given a raffle slot.. (*edit* We are not responsible if Twitter does not list you) Everyone is welcome to attend to get blood from the unique.(You need to be in local range, and be a premium player)Signup Sheet - Be sure to post on this thread to get your name added. Rally Point: Moonshadow Shipyards (disbanded) X18Y5, T15 in game map
  20. Fighters from all servers welcome. A deed will be planted, so please pitch in if you have some cash to spare. Post in this thread if you'd like to join. We need a butcher so also post here if you have high butchering skill. PM Mikesandy for details.
  21. As sterlingdragon has done for Release, I am hoping to do for Xanadu.I have a powerful server hosted in our datacenter and I have been running a mumble server for a bit now for other games so I am offering it to the community to use and if it works well here I have no issue with opening it to the entirety of wurm. For those of you who are not familiar, Mumble is a low latency, positional VoIP system that has very low resource usage and a good reputation for having high voice quality. You are welcome to use this server for other games all I ask is that you stick to the appropriate channels so we can keep the cross-game chatter to a minimum, if you do not have an appropriate channel, or would like your own private channel for your village or kingdom feel free to PM me, all members of the channel will need to be registered with the server for access to said private channel. CM/GMs and other community staff are welcome to help administrate the wurm sections of the server, please PM me to set up access if you like. The software you need is here: it is cross platform so no matter what you play on you can get connected, they're even working on a phone app If you need help learning how to connect to the server there is a nice guide here: Our server's address is ( is also the site that I run for our minecraft servers /shamelessplug ) The port is: 64738 If you want to know how to register yourself on the server, allowing you to enter private channels you have access to, you can follow this quick guide here: Currently the server is at a max of 100 users, this is not a hard limit and can certainly be increased if the server has popularity. Please enjoy and let me know if any of you have issues, PM is best as I get emailed for it and it generates an alert for me but you can reply here as well. Mods feel free to sticky this as you like, I appreciate it.
  22. Welcome to and Water Seven is easy to reach by South Pristine [17] empty Marketstalls available! status: atm set to Public (-everyone can place ur merchants atm) and looking any merchants for weapons, armors (chain & plate) Open for Merchant places. contact: IG - Bratokar / Terraluna or over forum. a sea view: the 1th district of Market- and Sermonplace: for all Altars ready for sermons (Fo, Vynora & Magranon) the 2nd district of market with 10 stalls and the shipwright area is under construction we hope, we see u soon. ur Shining Valley Alliance and Water Seven.
  23. Welcome to and Water Seven is easy to reach by South Pristine the new Sermonplace: (Fo, Vynora & Magranon) the sermonplace : 1st Marketplace is protected with high iron fence gates, medium hedges and with a Ql 50+ guardtower, exactly for sermons, our place and priests are waiting for other priests and follower, and have 4 innertiles range for fishing after the sermonstime. we hope, we see u soon. the priests from Shining Valley Alliance and Water Seven.