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  1. Same when taming champ brown bear
  2. He talked of the family highly and was a close friend to myself I missed his company when he stepped away recently and will smile and laugh in remberance of the good times rather then morn. You all are in my thoughts
  3. Sadly this is one of the names the community knows as a "avoid this area/business" name and now you know as well. Nothing can be done Same with the deed i held there also Sorry Dear this happened to you, but at least you did not deed before experiencing this issue
  4. She stalled the arrinment by requesting the body cameras so I have two more court dates before a possible arrinment ...though there is not helping her out of this. So far I received 127$- loss of use for my car... 2400$- my cars value ...according to her insurance As far as a settlement I won't receive that till I'm done with court and treatment which will be late July and my lawyer who gets 33% I am sure will aim for the moat possible from her insurance
  5. off to arraignment more new soon! i lied they managed to push it back again :/
  6. What are you paying for the coal its self?
  7. Ill offer 5s only because im wearing one and it needs a partner Mail to Booskii if you like
  8. Same! Thought this was my mouse but restarting seems a temporary fix for me till it happens again
  9. Hi budda do you think this will help those of us who time out when idle for a very short time?