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  1. Not sure if im in the right room... just want to thank you for the carpet changes!
  2. Yes!!!! table cloths, table runners !!!!! again .. new things for decorating our worlds. We are not just fierce fighters. Some of us have a need to satisfy our creative expression. Wall hangings, colorful carpets, table lamps, so many things would make our world more delightful.
  3. All for this and being able to dye anything really. We so much need new things to make our world a prettier place.
  4. Your announcement has given me renewed hope. Also, you said you will be doing a deep dive here in suggestions, so here I am again. The "meadows" suggestion that was posted some time ago, where you can PLANT a tile with a "meadow", it becomes flowers where no trees grow unless specifically cultivated and replanted. Could also be a tile that has Multi-colored flowers instead of just one color flowers. Open fields, beautiful. The constant fight to keep trees in check, it's just so time consuming. Landscaping trees, shorter, pine type maybe Can we have window boxes with flowers, much like the flower garden thing on the tile edge, which by the way would be nicer if you could change the wood to some stone, maybe or even paint JUST THE WOOD. Windowpanes would be great. Stained glass, even greater! Wouldn't mind white picket fences. Garden gates. Flower garden tiles. Wall paintings Interior walls, can we have plaster, and paint that plaster, or maybe just white... I could live with white. interior ceilings that meet the walls when the roof is put on. okay ... think I am done for now..... but ................ I will return.
  5. Decorations, Decorations, Decorations. Dying things .. big YES to Seriphina's Dying suggestion. There are so many of us who are not here to kill, kill , kill , but to make our game world, and more the more options the better our little world.
  6. Besides this new meadow tile, i would love to see a sunflower tile, again no trees can sprout and ruin it. Sunflowers could be used for food and oil .. what ever.. but they are also nice to see in a field.
  7. I would like to be able to dye pretty much anything you want to dye
  8. YES!!! What Wilczan said, he put it better than I did. Being able to make meadow tiles. I agree also with Dale the good, the constant fight with trees over growing an area , its just so time consuming.
  9. YES!!!!! this is what I have been saying... fields are nice... yes yes yes alll for it please !!!
  10. This is true Tristanc, .. but steppe is not at all lovely and full of flowers.. and .. its a bit crunchy . None the less, I appreciate the reply
  11. See Wilczan's post about meadows , it is a much clearer and better idea than mine, it would achieve the same goal of lovely open spaces and help with the fighting trees all the time
  12. DannyUK , I totally agree with you. The rose bushes are like sticks with red dots. The rose vines... pretty much same thing, .. more sticks smaller dots.0 And the Oleander, what is that about? I can understand that they leave fewer wildflowers growing what are open fields. But there could be a whole new skill line of flower gardening. Making tiles what have flower mounds, or flower groups? Sunflowers could also make oil, flour for baking and maybe you could plant whole tiles with just Sunflowers and NO TREES could grow. Wouldn't mind if the flower boxes had more flowers in them either. OR.... if you make garden tiles off deed, they could make the wild areas prettier and again NO TREES could grow! I am not against trees .. I like trees, but I also like open spaces. The game seems very geared toward fighting and the equipment for it. I am okay with that, but it would be great if attention could be turned toward aesthetics.
  13. I am not for or against this, but It amused me because the chickens used to be very stationary, for a long time they seldom moved. Then it was changed, and it was amazing that they no longer were like chicken statues.
  14. I am back asking for the seemingly impossible again... for a while I felt it was hopeless, but I cannot help but try. Still looking for more options to decorate my world. Could you possibly give choices in the flower boxes? Instead of just the old wooden things, maybe they could be made from all the stone varieties, slate, marble etc.?? Stained glass would be great, or even the option of windowpanes on the windows. The option to dye, well ... anything. Window boxes with flowers. Arched garden gates with flowers. Garden tiles with flowers. Sunflowers Being able to plaster and paint interior walls. Fix ceilings so the roof meets interior walls. Same stupid stuff I have been asking about for years. .. and years. My interests do not run along the lines of cool dragon armor, nor do I care about bear hats, and snowmen heads. Just more options to "fancy" up my fake world. Okay that is about it, thank you all for your time.