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  1. would be great if the collar kept it from becoming wild again .. but not just the cats.. dogs too
  2. Back …. again.. asking that you please make new and better flowers and bushes. You know, like..rose bushes with things that look like roses, and not sticks with red dots. Window boxes with flowers, the flower boarders with more flowers, less dirt and something nicer than the ugly primitive wood, maybe stone. Flower gardens, flower tiles with more flowers. Then the Stained glass. It would be great in the arches, or skinny windows. Really any windows. A new skill line making colored glass . Also new gardening skill line. AND .. please please please .. can we just get seeds from flowers like EVERY OTHER GROWING THING IN WURM, WHYYYYYYY NOT? As always, thank you for your kind attention, have a fine day, .. wash your hands.
  3. I would love this, and being able to breed the dogs, and have the different colors and hair. all great ideas
  4. +1 please anything to change and decorate.. please
  5. +1 love this idea, and maybe the animals could be different colors, please, maybe????
  6. +1 YESSSS totally agree, why not ???? I think there are a lot of things we should be able to dye. let us be creative.
  7. +1 new choices for design are always good
  8. Thank you Virus, .. Fortiden really wants the stained glass too. It would be really cool looking in the arched windows .
  9. PLEASESSSSSS flower seeds... garden tiles .. garden edges, gate arches with flowers, bushes with flowers that look like flowers, maybe just put roses that look like roses on the trellis, and .. and … and..STAINED GLASS WINDOWS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GIVE ME SOMETHING ELSE TO DO. oh . and inside walls flat and whitewashed? oh, be able to dye the rugs .. that would be great. please and thank you
  10. Yes Neko, just open holes. My friend made this really cool long hall, with arches at the top, I saw this and thought how much better it would be with stained glass in it that just open stone arches.
  11. It's time again to politely request you work on the entire Floral bits of Wurm. Once more, could we please get bushes that look more like bushes, roses that look like roses. garden tiles with flowers on them. Sunflowers in the form of a whole tile might be nice, and if you plant them trees cannot grow. Arches with flowers, window boxes with flowers. And as always .. what seems to be the easiest of all, .. flower seeds!! Also, stained glass, being able to color the windows in the stone arches would be very nice. other places too. Would like to be able to make the interior walls plaster and then paint them. okay that's it, see you in a month or so when you do NOTHING about it. I know youre busy making stabby fighty stuff. We do not all care about that. oh hey .. just thought.. a fish pond might be nice.. okay done. I know you really don't care, …. experienced at being ignored.
  12. Yes!!!! growth stages, would be great. This could be a whole new skill line. And I think it would be much more useful than the Achaeology, .. well, to be fair, I just don't care for Archaeology. But, still.. a whole new line!!!
  13. Hello It's me again. Thank you for the "toon view", I like that. I don't care about RMT, I never sold anything but horses .. a few years ago, and quit, they don't have that much value. What I do care about are, .. Flower changes, flower tile changes, bush changes, ceiling lights and stained glass. Basically it would be great to be able to get seeds from flowers, as you can with EVERY OTHER GROWING THING!!!!!!!! WHY NOT THE FLOWERS??????? Examples …. PUMPKINS have SEEDS, ROSE BUSHES have SEEDS, OAK TREES have SEEDS, WHY .. WHY CAN WE NOT GET SEEDS FROM FLOWERS????? Flower boxes, can we have those? Trellis with real looking flowers, bushes that have flowers, not red dots, please. Gate arches with roses maybe. Garden tiles, with flowers. Sunflower tiles maybe where trees cannot take over. Annnd Stained glass, please please please. If someone could at least say to me .. …… well, we are thinking about it, …...…… That would be like the greatest happy thought you could share, .. even if its a lie. I now have 3 decent sized deeds and run more than 3 toons, been here for years, this all should count for something...………… and I am NOT the only one who wants this, … I know people. Okay .. that's it for rant this month. As always .. thank you for your kind attention. Me, NOT bobb
  14. I read all the new things, and again ….. sigh. I am not against any of it, but it still ignores what I an others who are not pvp or fighters in general, have been wanting. I have asked over and over again … flower seeds.. how difficult is that, you already have a "seed" system. You know that the white dotted flowers do not grow back, its been that way for stinking EVER. New and better flower bushes. floral gate arches, rose bushes with ROSES on them. Flowers, window boxes. Flower tiles or garden tiles. Sunflower tiles, .. or other nicer flower tiles where trees cannot grow so the constant fighting back the tree growth can end. Sometimes I cut down a tree, and when I look down another has sprouted in its place!!!!! Stained glass would be a wonderful addition, it fits the style of the game … is it difficult to do it? Can we maybe plaster walls, and then paint them so the inside of every home is not the same as the inside of every other home. oh, and more furniture variety would be great, and more rugs. There are many players in this game who just want to make their world, could you please give us more to work with? Thank you once again for your thoughtful consideration of my suggestion and request.