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  1. Thanks to everyone who gave it a go with helping me today
  2. BTW it worked i am in the game... i do not have to quit wurm ... i can cut down trees and dig dirts.. thank you OBLIVION
  4. i have done that with Java more tims than i can count today.. how do i .. exe launcher?
  5. Brash, I just followed that video, for as much as i could, there was no Jre, as he had on his computer, so I did the other steps that were available, .. no change. .. sad, I am going to have to leave Wurm after all this time
  6. thanks for trying to help, but i have done that too, nothing happens at all. but thanks again for trying
  7. Batta, I am trying to get in wurm online, not the unlimited, I was just pointing out that the improvement was that i could get to shop, when before i couldnt even do that. Brash, the game was working fine last night, i had 64 bit, and 32 on my computer, then when others were getting back in the game after the update, I still couldn't, one person said he updated Java and got in. So, I updated Java, I couldn't find the download for 64, it is a pain to find it, .. so I downloaded 32 bit just to get back to the game, I figured, .. it ran on 32 bit for me many times, ... when i tried to log in, the launcher came up and it let me in for about 1 second, then crashed, .. I tried again, .. it did the same. That is when i decided I had to find the 64 bit, and i did. I have now put that on my computer over and over, restarted my computer over and over, I have been at this for hours. I get the same message. Java says I have successfully installed it after i do the whole thing. I asked my son, he says its a permission issue, that i should give all the computer users permissions, but they all have them already. I am on windows 10, I hate windows 10. I was in game last night, and every day for several weeks ... i have not had an issue in such a long time, that I cannot remember when I had an issue. But after the Update today. ... well, I think after 6 years in wurm i am going to have to give it up, I have 2 premium toons 3 deeds and hate to leave them all, but I have no idea how to fix this. I need step by step help, I am not computer literate.
  8. I have no idea what all that is up there, the override.. stuff, I am not computer literate just now, i went back to your homepage, and hit play again, nothing happened, but the shop came up for me, that wouldnt come up either, not sure why that was. But still it won't play
  9. nope, just tried to log in .. then someone in the forums said they updated java and it let them in so i updated Java, that was the brief moment that it let me in then it crashed. I tried over and over, I restarted computer, i took off and put on Java about 5 times, I tried both bits, 64 and 32, nothing, just says it cannot find a Java home.
  10. Since the update, I had problems getting the launcher to work, for a brief second I was able to get it to go and got into the game, the poof!! Since then, I get a message that says it cannot find a Java home, I updated, added, removed .. did 64 bit , did 32 bit, did all i can think of, starting and restarting my computer, NOTHING .. tried to get in through the main page here, hit Play, NOTHING. what is happening, and how can I fix it???????????
  11. got in and got kicked right out and now after updating Java, .. I get the message, can't find Java home, it will not load, nothing. I am getting more and more annoyed by the minute. Why cannot this game EVER do a big update without causing HUGE problems for people. And I do not care anything about this whole Jackal thing at all, so its just made me lose a day I paid for and now all this aggravation for something I am not the least bit interested in, thank you Wurm
  12. Has anyone gotten into the game? And has there been any response from the Devs on what is going on?? .. Do they know the game has been down for hours???
  13. its the launcher I have been using for EVER , its the "details" I get when I try to launch and cannot, .. but as I say, now its all clear, except for the line 15 from the bottom, not sure if the word "platform" belongs there, .. but I can't be sure.
  14. that cleared it up for me