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  1. Yes!!!! growth stages, would be great. This could be a whole new skill line. And I think it would be much more useful than the Achaeology, .. well, to be fair, I just don't care for Archaeology. But, still.. a whole new line!!!
  2. Hello It's me again. Thank you for the "toon view", I like that. I don't care about RMT, I never sold anything but horses .. a few years ago, and quit, they don't have that much value. What I do care about are, .. Flower changes, flower tile changes, bush changes, ceiling lights and stained glass. Basically it would be great to be able to get seeds from flowers, as you can with EVERY OTHER GROWING THING!!!!!!!! WHY NOT THE FLOWERS??????? Examples …. PUMPKINS have SEEDS, ROSE BUSHES have SEEDS, OAK TREES have SEEDS, WHY .. WHY CAN WE NOT GET SEEDS FROM FLOWERS????? Flower boxes, can we have those? Trellis with real looking flowers, bushes that have flowers, not red dots, please. Gate arches with roses maybe. Garden tiles, with flowers. Sunflower tiles maybe where trees cannot take over. Annnd Stained glass, please please please. If someone could at least say to me .. …… well, we are thinking about it, …...…… That would be like the greatest happy thought you could share, .. even if its a lie. I now have 3 decent sized deeds and run more than 3 toons, been here for years, this all should count for something...………… and I am NOT the only one who wants this, … I know people. Okay .. that's it for rant this month. As always .. thank you for your kind attention. Me, NOT bobb
  3. I read all the new things, and again ….. sigh. I am not against any of it, but it still ignores what I an others who are not pvp or fighters in general, have been wanting. I have asked over and over again … flower seeds.. how difficult is that, you already have a "seed" system. You know that the white dotted flowers do not grow back, its been that way for stinking EVER. New and better flower bushes. floral gate arches, rose bushes with ROSES on them. Flowers, window boxes. Flower tiles or garden tiles. Sunflower tiles, .. or other nicer flower tiles where trees cannot grow so the constant fighting back the tree growth can end. Sometimes I cut down a tree, and when I look down another has sprouted in its place!!!!! Stained glass would be a wonderful addition, it fits the style of the game … is it difficult to do it? Can we maybe plaster walls, and then paint them so the inside of every home is not the same as the inside of every other home. oh, and more furniture variety would be great, and more rugs. There are many players in this game who just want to make their world, could you please give us more to work with? Thank you once again for your thoughtful consideration of my suggestion and request.
  4. I forgot, I and another player were talking, we both think it would be nice to be able to plaster the inside walls, maybe even do the same on the outside walls like stucco. So we didn't have to look at the stone or wood inside. OH and being able to paint it. also the new hitching posts, would be nice to paint those.
  5. Hi again Devs and all others ~ Here I am AGAIN, pleading for flower/garden overhaul, or just additions. I would love to be able to get flower seeds. Would also like better flower tiles, more like actual garden tiles, where trees cannot plant themselves. Maybe Sunflower tiles, to make fields of sunflowers, that must be planted, so they don't just plant themselves all over Wurm. It would also be great to have better bushes, like rose bushes that have roses on them, or rose trellis that has roses on them. Please don't tell me that we have them, .. what we have are red dots. Window boxes, garden arches, flower edges without the ugly wooden boxes. Might even help if we could paint the ugly boxes, or the flower pots. Better and longer lasting flowering trees. How about bougainvillea vines, morning glory vines. Wall ivy, so many many things you could do. It can be a whole NEW SKILL LINE, like you did with archaeology, only this would be cool and useful. Next, stained glass, and leaded glass. You know they had that in Medieval times. We could fill in the small slot windows, or the stone arches, that now are just open spaces, could be color!!!! or maybe just plain glass panes. .. again NEW SKILL LINE .. glass making. Then the last thing, I know nothing about this stuff, but .. how hard could it be to make it so you can place a ceiling lamp. I have been in this game for more than 6 years now, (granted my skill level doesn't look like it), I have NO interest in pvp, and seldom fight anything more than a troll or lava fiend because it does not interest me. I want to keep making my Wurm world, but there is just so much I can do with the rather masculine oriented décor, clothing, and floral options available in Wurm. So, okay that's about it for this month's whining and complaining, it is very likely I will be back sometime next month saying pretty much the same things. Thank you in advance for your kind attention.
  6. I agree, also the hanging lamps, seems easy enough. But the idea of large glass windows in the stone arches, or even the wall slits, would be great, it could be a whole new skill line, making colors and leading.
  7. I forgot, … it would also be great if you could add lights that can hang from the ceiling. Maybe table oil lamps.
  8. I am asking again for new content for those of us who like to just make our fake world nicer. Could you please look at making flower seeds, and better flower tiles and fields of sunflowers, tiles where you can grow a flower garden with no trees popping up. And, I was looking at the stone arched walls, if you could fill them with large stained glass windows, they could look very medieval grand, like in great dining halls. Stained glass windows in general, would be nice. Then the walls of houses now, very rough, it would be nice to be able to plaster them, maybe make them a color, or just white. window boxes, gate arches of flowers, rose bushes with roses, not sticks with red dots. A new gardening skill where you can plant gardens or house boarders. Please please please look into this type of content.
  9. Thanks to everyone who gave it a go with helping me today
  10. BTW it worked i am in the game... i do not have to quit wurm ... i can cut down trees and dig dirts.. thank you OBLIVION
  12. i have done that with Java more tims than i can count today.. how do i .. exe launcher?
  13. Brash, I just followed that video, for as much as i could, there was no Jre, as he had on his computer, so I did the other steps that were available, .. no change. .. sad, I am going to have to leave Wurm after all this time
  14. thanks for trying to help, but i have done that too, nothing happens at all. but thanks again for trying