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    Oh, Baloo, I like that!!!! also the idea of hydrangea bushes

    YAY thank you Farmboy!!!!!

    HI, back again. So now we have many things that have been asked for, including the bridges, animal cages, putting things on surfaces, annnnd … new horse colors ALL OF THEM WONDERFUL!!! THANK YOU. My turn now, please my Dev friends, please, go and redo the floral options in Wurm. New and more realistic bushes, no more sticks with a red dot, or upside down pink cones. Maybe a whole new flower garden skill, not necessary, but okay. Seeds for the flowers, window boxes, flower beds with no ugly box, that has more dirt than flowers in it. Flower garden tiles and edges. flowers on walls, flower arches, pinks, purples, reds, blues, .... COLOR MY FRIENDS, COLORS!!!!!! Just go nuts with a floral fantasy!!!!!!!!! As always, thank you for your time.

    Still wishing for this whole flower gardening skill line thing, wishing, hoping, asking. It would beautify Wurm, and make me very happy. Purple, pink, blue, yellow, orange flowers. "pretty bushes", arches, window boxes. flower gardens, nice borders, flower trellis, with actual flowers. okay done whining for November.
  5. Gardens, flowers, bushes, seeds

    This is not a new topic, I have been here making this suggestion for years. Could we please have more and MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER choices for landscaping. Wurm is way too green brown and gray. Flower GARDEN TILES. Planters that are NOT UGLY BOXES, that have sparse little flowers in them. Oh, and planters that don't die outside, .. RAIN CAN TAKE CARE OF THEM. Square planters, round planters, large medium small, stone, slate, marble, wood, clay. And again the rose "bushes ?", they are sticks with red dots, or those upside down cones of pink things. How about, ….. Window boxes, wall climbing roses, arbors with flowers, mounds of flowers hanging on walls, flower tiles with LOTS of flowers. And …….. seeds from flowers. A wonderful new skill!!!!! flower gardening, beautify Wurm. We are not all here to fight and get dragon armor. It would also be great if there was a way to change the color and texture of the interior walls, like wallpaper, or paint. Maybe curtains, this game leans very heavily toward the masculine, but there are many women in this game. Not that women ONLY want to decorate, or that they don't want to be fierce fighters. But I am one who fits that decorating type … I don't want to fight, I want to make gardens, and build and decorate. Again, I have been asking for this same thing for 5 years now, couldn't you please make this a lovelier Wurm? Okay, that is my rant for this month, I will very likely be back again.

    Back again, can you please make new or better flowers, bushes, arbors, flower beds, gardens, and give us seeds. We need more for those of us are here to create spaces. I don't want to kill, I want to decorate, please and thank you. I am truly leaning toward leaving Wurm soon, there is just so much that can be done with what is here.
  7. flowers, seeds and bushes

    HI, back again to whine about the lack of flower seeds, it would be so very nice if flowers gave 3 seeds like veggies do, and would love to have MANY MORE floral choices. New more realistic bushes, just more and better EVERYTHING florally speaking. PLEASE
  8. flower planting

    Thank you for that change, it does make a difference. Now, can we please get seeds from the flowers, like we do from veggies, you know 3 seeds per. Thank you
  9. So, along with the overhaul of the flowers and bushes, how about some nice white picket fences. Yes, that would be lovely .. thank you. Make it so.
  10. Low Brick and Iron Fences

  11. ceilings roof

    Now see that is an awesome idea, things in wurm could be very pretty, .. please ENKI, and other WURM over lords, please work on the aesthetics. thank you, thank you very much, … elvis has left the building
  12. ceilings roof

    the flower thing is that I complain a lot about the lack of flower gardening things, it would be nice if you could really do something with the flowers, and even get seeds like with the vegetables. I want nice rose bushes with roses, actually all the bushes are just plain ugly but for the lavender. Floral arches would be nice. Floral hedges. Or as someone else suggested .. meadow tiles. I am not a fighter in the game, I like to make nice places, pretty things. there are many women/girls who play this game who like to make things pretty, not all .. but some of us. There just isn't enough. So that is the flower thing
  13. ceilings roof

    Is it possible to make a one story building have both a roof and ceiling ? when you have a dividing wall, the wall doesn't meet the roof, and looks stupid. oh, and FLOWER OVER HAUL PLEASE, FLOWERS REDONE.. thank you.. thank you very much.
  14. Xanadu Community Map

    If you would, … please add Glenlivet at 7570 -3466 thank you