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  1. I have asked for flower seeds before, but didn't explain, you have veggies that give you MORE than ONE seed, but when you pick and replant a flower, you get ONE flower. --simplification -- pick 1 flower, get 3 seeds stained glass for windows, and large arches. interior walls that you can plaster, and the ability to dye the plaster with color dying carpets window with panes window flower boxes sunflowers dogs with variety Fighting is not my reason for being in Wurm, it's 7 years .. still here, still asking.
  2. Please add, Glenlevit 1020, 1702 and Onyx Rest 1095, 1587
  3. I am not sure.. but just in case, you should know that you do not have to tame a horse to lead it, you can own it long before you can tame it, just take a rope and click .. lead.. its yours! But you likely know this by now
  4. Back again, still looking for any indication that the "decorative" aspects of the game you mentioned in the notes would include, the maple, and chestnut, they just do not look like real trees, reminds me a bit of the old croc, and calf models from way back. Also, the "rose bush", .. stick with green and red dots. That is not what they look like, Google .." rose bush " .. you will see what I'm saying. Oleander bush, there are many images of different types online, but not one of them looks like a cone. The lavender is nice. Gardening could be another whole skill line, making garden tiles. Sunflowers, could be decorative and useful. How about a choice of materials for the flower boxes, instead of wood, maybe marble, stone, slate, copper, or brass, and perhaps more flowers with growth, as they are it seems a bit heavy on "box" and dirt , but light on flowers, Gate arbors, and window boxes. Center hanging lamps. Stained glass, could be a whole skill line. Clear leaded windows. Maybe even the arched doors, you could fill those with leaded or stained glass. I will be back again in about a month, asking for the same things, but rewording it. Thanks for you time.
  5. I and some others are wondering if spawn problem on Harmony is being worked on, the only live wild animal or mob I have personally seen in 3 days is a dog. Just wondering?
  6. I totally agree that there are no wild horses, or bison to be found, I search almost every day. I thought that the spawn thing was going to change.
  7. My deed is Glengarry 795 , 935 ... as far as I can tell, my in game name is Rexthewonderdog.
  8. is there something happening right now that i cannot get launcher to load?
  9. I like this idea, would be great to have a sleigh.
  10. oh, Oblivion, thats where they went
  11. Platya, I also believed that to be true, so I planted them on my deed in a field and waited for month and months and a few months, nothing ever grew, experimented by leaving just dirt next to them, and grass, there was no spontaneous white dotted flower growth. Ayuna, that is my favorite time to hunt for them, just did that recently for all the days of autumn, for hours and hours on two different servers. ... 1 .. that was it. 1 what i really want are flower seeds, and new garden options, tiles that look like flower gardens, window boxes, gate arches with flowers, sunflower fields, trellis' with flowers not red dots, rose bushes with roses.. not sticks with red dots. the lavender bushes are more what i would like to see. also .. again.. stained glass would be great too
  12. knowing that they are supposed to be rare does not make me any happier, they are almost non existent. So.. yeah