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Found 23 results

  1. Gravity Falls presents; slaying of the Mano-taur. We need YOUR help to slay the Mano-taur; this testosterone filled, smelly rage beast has been terrorizing the road to the Mystery Shack! Help us make the Mystery Shack a safer place for our guests. We've asked him to leave nicely and he just keeps yelling about man stuff! Since the Mano-taur [Forest Giant] has decided he doesn't want to leave willingly, we'd like to see you all for the slaying ASAP, this is an immediate call to action. The wind is great! [For now *knocks on wood*] [09:58:28] A gale is coming from the west. Please Join us at Humble Cove on Xanadu at L13 Ingame map. Or community map coordinates here:,4102 This guy is NOT in local of the boats, he is about 3-7minutes up the road on foot, bring a horse or a cart if you need it! Loot Conditions: Private [Grunkle stan is pretty broke], please join us for woodcutting potion bloods. ***This is not a Stanlee slaying, please don't bug him! He rocks our socks off but don't be a pest, ty***
  2. Me and Laval were setting up for the upcoming rift and kept getting attacked by Greenish Trolls. So I went after their king. Saturday May 22nd at 9PM Central a public slaying will be held and you are invited! The location will be disclosed 12 Hours before the slaying (Noon Central), however it would behoove you to land at "Dune" or "The Old Folks Home" and be prepared for a 10-20 minute inland ride. Huge thanks to Ajana, Taikee, and Rhunenfor their help!
  3. Blue Dragon Slaying! Takes place after the rift on independence has completed - though not immediately of course, it shall likely be exactly when the timer ends. We get that it's short notice, but I don't want to hold onto it within my deed for long, plus having been a weekend and a rift nearby, it seemed logical to do it the same day as the rift, as there'd be many people on for it and in the area already. This is at G17, via the ingame map. There's the location, the blue circle being the dragon slaying area, and the red being the rough location of the rift. I cannot for my life figure out how to get an image to directly show here, so if anyone could give me tips that'd be appreciate Ideally, arrive at Pest Harbour, then ride up the highway to the North of it, where you will find pointed signs direction you where to go from there, carts won't be necessary, just a horse. Massive thanks to Shydow and Sugarfoxx, for having the patience to trap the stubborn thing. Please spread the word about this slaying - being that it is short notice, spreading the word via in-game chat will surely boost our numbers and awareness!
  4. Blue Dragon Slaying, get your bloods and scale Bone is going to the poor guy that found it, rip tome "if any" will be going to the penning team and everything else is going to be rolled; corpse, skull, etc more details soon UPDATES: shore is not in local, so bring your carts and animals Location: horse shoe island, F22 :,527 feel free to add your main toon to the list: make sure no alts are on the sheet
  5. Venerable White Dragon was so bored that decided to invite you to last (for you or for him) halloween play this year. Location: Independence/Crystal Lake/Maple Island/White Raven Time: start on Thursday, 7 p.m. UTC Rules: just try survive. Bring army your toons, girlfriend/boyfriend, pet or knarr. Wear ur best armour, take two-handed weapon, tent and guitar. No draw. Thanks Teeebomb for help.
  6. ATTENTION, ATTENTION! We want to announce you that 11.02.2020 at 20:00 in GMT+1 we are slaying Goblin Leader. Slaying is public what means almost all the loot (excluding goblin war bonnet - reserved to the one who found it) will be rolled between slayers that hit/miss/glance, so please remember to hit and step back to give other players chance for loot. UPDATE: Slaying spot: Meet point at Eriador - M/L23, Deliverace. More details one hour before slaying. Feel free to come and help us with your swords, axes, mauls or any other weapon you're wielding. Also welcome all others to stand by for the blood (mining potions). See you there o/
  7. Age-confused White Dragon Hatchling has been caught and there will be a public slaying. Come everyone for the hide and blood and to remove a menace to peaceful folks. Chayra is the one who found it, and wanted to make it a public event. Thanks go to them. I helped to pen it and will arrange the slaying. Location is west of Vrock Landing G12 on game map. Close-up below Area marked as Boat parking is definitely inside local area and you should also (but I'm not guaranteeing) be able to park anywhere inside that bay and still receive hide/blood. Altars etc. area Has now 4 gold altars that can be blessed for deities as required. They are intentionally low ql to decay faster in case local population doesn't like them. Slaying area itself is surrounded by a fence with one red gate at southeast corner. Gate will be opened to everyone once Dragon Hatchling is teased out. Above altars to the east is small pen with few free horses. Age-confused you ask? Well while initially: [03:17:54] The venerable white dragon hatchling moves in to attack you. It must have found a fountain of youth in the cave we penned it in. Because a bit later: [19:24:06] The The young white dragon hatchling is in front of you very close. Below ground Edit: Well, today: [23:11:00] The The aged white dragon hatchling is ahead of you to the left pretty close by. Below ground Nevertheless, it shall be slain. We provide altars and saccables for volunteer priests to cast Summon soul. Thank you for Bloodscythe for offer of helping with Summons. Bone is reserved (and possibly skull). But as always every premium player in local at time of slay will get piece of hide and a blood. - Nestangol Mayor of Northwind Cove owner of Hermit's Rest
  8. The inconspicuous leader of goblin folk has been found and buried alive in the tundras of Xanadu. One of the members of the ever increasing team of public slay enthusiasts located the leader and we all had a good ol shindig penning. Great job Bipolarbear in locating the rascal.
  9. The cheeky forest giant has been found and we have it penned down, very securely.. no , we do. The slaying will be on Saturday night, aiming to make it an all time zone friendly slay. Should be 11pm UK, 5pm Saturday USA and 10am Sunday Australia. 'The Forest Giant is a unique creature that roams the forests of Wurm. The Forest Giant is armed with a 65ql Huge Club that it will use for attacking and parrying. The Forest Giant is easily recognised due to its massive size and antlers. When slain, every premium player in local will receive blood. Mixing Forest Giant blood with source salt will create a Potion of woodcutting.' The location will be up on Friday. We will roll some loot to fighters that will appear on the list abstracted from Niarja, minus alts. Pre-warning, you may want to bring stamina sandwiches and stay on climb during the fight, its rather high up.. if he throws you, it won't be that pleasant! Go up the tunnel as normal and follow the land across once up top, heading southeast.
  10. We are back in town for another public slay. Slaying will be on Friday. Location : Basically is directly east from PCG village. The deed isn't fully set up yet for the slay so please don't afk by the mine entrance. Thank you. You can sail into the lake and it will be in local for drops etc at that deed. Stick around at the end as we will roll some items from the butchers.
  11. Any suggested event which I could proclame for 4 or 5 players who play on server from 1 month ago aprox (mostly newbies on wurm). I was thinking on summon a unique, but I think players are not enough stronger... Any suggestion is very welcome! Thanks!
  12. People of Exodus, Everyone's favorite PVP Kingdom-in-Exile has made a new friend. A venerable black drake of a friend. Unfortunately for him, he's slated to be killed in a ritualistic manner this Saturday. He understands that Wurm is like that sometimes, and he's cool with it. In thanks and recognition to the people of Exodus for their warm welcome to our Kingdom, we offer this slaying to the public, under the terms described below. We encourage any and all Wurmers to join us. Freedomers, Trader Drainers, Sermon Alts, Current and Ex-Chaos friends and enemies, and everyone's aged fat dog are welcome to tag along. We may even open up a channel in our VoIP for the slaying for anyone that wants to come hang out. *Please note this is not our dragon. Copyright complaints should be directed to Nadroj Fighters: 70FS, 70ql weapon, 40 weaponskill, armor on during fight. Competent healers are welcome too (competency to be determined by one of my delegates) Bystanders: All are welcome to come watch the fights and get free blood/hide! Our alt pen will actually be in local of the unique, which is helpful. Loot: The dragon bone and Valrei tome (1% chance of drop) will become property of Mol Rehan. For the remaining loot, we will do a number of /random rolls equal to the number of items butchered. Each winner gets to choose 1 item. Limit 1 item per person. Each individual Dragon Meat will be treated as a separate item. There will be unlimited slots, one per RL person. Every fighter who is signed up with qualifying stats and gets on the twitter kill list will be given a raffle slot. Everyone is welcome to attend to get blood from the unique. (You need to be in local range, and be a premium player) Rally Point: Exodus- S11 coastal. The coast is in local of the fight, so BYO Alt Boat. Arium refused to build the alt pen and has been summarily executed. Sign-up Sheet: Time: Saturday, January 28 6pm US Eastern
  13. Young White Dragon Hatchling Slaying Bone and Skull are reserved for the trappers but everything else will be rolled out
  14. There's been requests for public slayings of dragons. So when I found one, I wanted it public. So here we go. In middle parts of Xanadu. Plenty of travelling for everyone, but there is a dragon in the end. Loot will be public rolls for all of the fighters. (I will roll one item for myself and all the other loot will go for slayers.) Participating in killing will require 70+ fs. Preferably fighters would sign up in advance too. Blood and scale of course for everyone premium at the vicinity. Location is at M12. So preferable way for most would be by boat through the canal at SE end of Hammer Lake. Prepare for long sailing from server border. That is a true Xanadu sailing experience There's plenty of room for boats at coast and it seems alts would be within local from the water. The other way is by horse. There is side road starting from Linton - Lormere highway (if coming from Lormere direction it is after Crater of Dawn Farms. Highway turns north and next time it turns west, there is fighting doll and now green lamps to show the side road to east. From Linton direction you'll see the doll and lamps going on when road turns south). I'm adding temporary gravel road for last part. All places you need to turn to different road from the highway onward will be marked with green lamps on both sides.) edit: corrected directions. Going to pen some wild horses for those arriving by boat. Not sure on amounts yet. But there is often big herds of horses swimming in the lake anyway. Food etc. will be available for those who come early. No beds yet, but looking into that as well. Just depends how much time i have to actually play. ----- Some more info to the above. While to participate in actual killing 70+ FS is the only requirement, as it can be verified by wearing the title (mercenary). To be able to actually wound the dragon, you should also have high skill in your chosen weapon, recommend at least 40+, the higher the better of course. High ql weapon (2h) at least 70ql. High ql plate armor preferred, but at least 70+ chain armor a must. On loot: items will be rolled randomly. I will roll one item for myself from all available loot. Rest of loot is randomly rolled among the slayers. Every person may win only one item/charge. So any item with multiple charges will only be given one charge per winner. As it is impossible for me to guarantee the passing of item from one winner to another for their charge, I'm suggesting following: Any multiple charge item will be put up on an auction at forum and the sales amount will be divided to the winners. Two possible exception for this: 1. if someone makes an offer after the drawing of winners and can pay the amount in cash AND every one of the winners agrees to the price (one person disagreeing or unreachable (logged out/disconnected/afk forever...) means, no deal and the item goes for auction). If deal is reached, then the money will be divided for the winners of the charges right away. 2. If all the winners of a charge know and trust each other and would rather handle the item themselves than auction it: If every winner of those charges confirms separately and publicly that they agree to that and all together name the person I should give the item to, then fine with me. The item is then handed to the named recipient with full responsibility of the item. But again one winner not agreeing or not able to confirm their agreement, means no deal and item is auctioned and silvers shared to winners after that. Making sure I have list of loot to be shared and all candidates for it may take some time, especially with all the lag included in unique slayings. So expect some delay after fight before the draw for winners can commence. --- Finally to add. Original intention was to arrange this on weekend, but last weekend would not have given any time for people to prepare. Next weekend and couple after that, I cannot guarantee being online at a specific time. So this Thursday will have to do. Welcome everyone, slayers and watchers. - Nestangol
  15. Goblin Leader Slaying 20 September 2016 at 6PM GMT Come and get your mining potion blood! Location: Northeast corner of the island at S25 (Celebration)
  16. Time: 5pm Saturday EST (11pm Central EU)-(8am Sunday AEST) Isn't it SO cute!! Make sure to check this thread for updates. Location: K11 - Fort Huntsman Outpost Meeting Point: K11 - Fort Huntsman Outpost PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS IF YOU ARE NEW TO SLAYING! Signup: In order to be eligible for loot you must be signed up in this thread at least one hour before the fight. You must post your character name if it's different than your forum name. If you're signing up friends then you must list their names. You need to be the owner the character you sign up in order to be eligible for loot (you can't use someone else's alt). Fighters: 70 fight skill, 70ql two-handed weapon, 40 skill in the appropriate weaponskill, wearing appropriate armor. You must get credit on Twitter or be active in fight log. You may be requested to put on your 70 or 90 fight skill title. Fo priests who can cast Light of Fo are welcome to sign up as well. Bystanders: Everyone is welcome to show up for Blood and Scale. If you want to swing at the dragon then make sure you read the rules below. Fight Rules: In order to allow as many people as possible to get credit for the kill the following rules apply: Fighters must back out after landing a hit. (It is recommended you use your mouse scroll wheel to watch your combat
  17. I'll be attending my 5th and 6th slaying tomorrow and it got me wondering; how can we make sure this sort of thing stays public? I certainly don't have the time to organize something like this and I wouldn't really know how to even if I had the time. I love that recently there have been so many public slayings and I was sad to hear that I missed a couple of private ones as well. I was wondering if the general population found it acceptable to allow the organizer a guaranteed share in the loot? Would this help people to be more willing to open up their mine doors and welcome in other Wurmians? Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that anyone is being stingy with their slayings, but those who are able to organize these events must be considering whether it is even worth their time since there is such a low chance of actually receiving a worthwhile reward.
  18. 5s each. Can deliver to Goblin/Drake slaying this weekend or Treasure Hunt next weekend. Or we can arrange something else. These are non-mailable items.
  19. The Venerable Black Dragon Hatchling has been located on Celebration, and the Port Benden Alliance is organizing a public slaying. Anyone with 70+ FS and good armor (at LEAST high QL chainmail or better) is welcome to attend. We will be operating under a variation of Roman's and Yossarian's suggestion for loot distribution: Everyone is assigned a number on a spreadsheet. Mayor will roll random for each item, from most valuable down to least, and the person who's number it lands on is the winner. 2nd drop goes to the finder of the dragon. Also, I believe anyone who is in local at the time she dies will receive dragon blood and a bit of hide. Any player who does not participate in the slaying, will not get assigned a number for the roll. Here is a link to the spreadsheet we will be using: if your name is not already on here and you want to participate, please let me or Yossarian know. The slaying has been scheduled for this Saturday, May 16th at 2 pm (US central standard time). This should give everyone who wants to attend plenty of time to get their equips and travel. For any questions, please PM Atheline, Yossarian, Nomadikhan, Aarbi, or anyone else in the Port Benden Alliance. You may also send me a message here on the forums. Thanks in advance for everyone's help, and we hope to see you there! *Edit* We have successfully secured the Black Dragon in a mine on a deed. The location is J14 on the in-game map, and the name of the deed is "Winter Wind." You may park boats along the coast south of New Bithynia/ North of Dutch Harbor (disbanded). There will also be signs up to guide you. And now, by popular request, I gives you timer:
  20. What's big, red and full of firemen? If you said a firetruck you were wrong! It was jimmy the red dragon! (he ate them, hence why he's fat). Jimmy enjoys long walks on the beach, running up mountains and eating everything with a green outline in local, including but not limited to my previous horse. RIP you brave steed. Thus it was decided that Jimmy simply must go. Jimmy is currently imprisoned in Dragonsreach mine and he is not happy about it in the least. In order to come and slay Jimmy, I ask that you post your name and FS here so you can be added to the mine door. Only people with 70+ fs will be allowed into dragonsreach cave. (Jenn-Kellon lemming tactics do not work on dragons) Hunt time: 25th March 2015 at 08:00 UTC (Will wait up to 1 hour extra if needed) Meetup point at N-19 Xanadu on a small jetty island thing. (red circle marker on the map) Bystanders are welcome! Stand near the mine entrance and listen to the screams of your friends and family and receive delicious dragon blood and scales. Also if you cut down olive trees in the area I will personally love you forever. (Olive trees are a plague on this land and must be destroyed with great fire and vengeance)
  21. Fighters from all servers welcome. A deed will be planted, so please pitch in if you have some cash to spare. Post in this thread if you'd like to join. We need a butcher so also post here if you have high butchering skill. PM Mikesandy for details.
  22. Scrap this for now sorry. It clashes severely with existing events on other servers. I'll find a better date next week. Dear Residents of Celebration, I write to you inform you that an abomination lurks in the south. Earlier this week, a false epiphany of the Avatar of Magranon was seen lumbering around the southern steppe, consuming livestock and terrorizing local hunters. In light of the sudden appearance of this monstrous apparition, I am calling upon all good hearted citizens of Celebration to rise up, take up arms and join me on a crusade to slay this demonic behemoth. My name is RomaN, I am a veteran unique slayer who has been involved in the slaying deaths of half of the unique creatures on the entire Freedom Isles. My service record has seen me responsible for the deaths of many dragons through to Goblin Leaders, Troll Kings, Kyklops's and even Avatars. Follow me and together we will rid the world of monsters. I am looking for at least 10 fighters. We also need healers and priests (Magranon and Fo). I will welcome any help I can get. I have a deed nearby and can ally with villages for respawning purposes if necessary. Recommended requirements for a Fighter: Bravery50+ FightingTwo Handed Weapon, preferably Huge Axe of at least 70QLProposed time for slaying: 10.00 PM GMT - Friday the 18th April, 2014 How to register your interest: Post your name, approximate fighting level and weapon. example: MonsterEater 90+ FS Huge Axe
  23. Dear Celebration militia, After the failed attempts of 5th January it's time to put a stop to this Kyklops nuisance once and for all. Everyone is laughing at us cause we still have that thing and besides, he is not playing friendly with the neighbors either! It is obvious after the mess in January than more coordination than what this forum has to offer is needed, so: All able bodies head over to - submit your info and await further instructions. Let it be known that we are not pushovers, nor will we bow our heads to this...creature For our children, for our parents, for us! Celebration, onward to glory! Thor out EDIT: The forms will be taken down on Wednesday morning (24th July) EDIT2: The email poll will be available until 27th July 23:59 GMT so please follow your email link to vote if you haven't done so yet.