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Found 10 results

  1. Valrei International. 054

    the Hat in Chat - Emoo Hi Everyone! It's been another fortnight, and we're looking at some huge new things coming to wurm, things that improve ease of play, broaden your horizons, and generally make life ingame a little easier, so let's jump in! WU Beta Last news we stated the WU beta would be released shortly, and sadly, it's been a little longer to come out and for that we are sorry. There's a few technical reasons, owing to the fact WU and WO do run differently, some systems aren't crossing over, and dealing with conflicts, and we know this is frustrating waiting for it, as it is for us getting it out. With the WO update coming we're able to apply a little more time to getting the WU beta ready and out, and hope it is very soon, I've been popping in a few servers around and checking out all the awesome works, and I can't wait to see how the wood shaders bring them to life. Drag to container I'm sure absolutely everyone has had to move items between containers in the past, so I don't need to go into detail how annoying it can be managing big windows as you shuffle it all. Reducing the amount of windows needed open is one focus of ours with the new UI works, and we'll be introducing a new feature within the next update Normally to drag items into a container, you will need to have the window of the container with the items in it open as well as a window of the recipient container. With this new feature, you'll be able to drag items directly from the window of the container with the items in it onto the model itself, it will then place the items inside the container This should make moving bulk and other items around much easier, and less windows clogging up your view! Metal types With the work on introducing shaders for wood types, we began to expand our horizons in ways the new shader system could be used, as well as some long term projects we've been wanting to implement for some time, and next update, they'll be here! We'll be introducing shaders for metal types as well, from silver to gold to steel and bronze, metal weapons, shields, tools will all have the shade of the metal used to make them. but there's one slight problem! Most metal items are limited to either just iron or steel, or very limited in terms of metal choice, which renders the shader system a little less effective.. but not anymore. Coming in the next update, we'll be introducing the ability to craft many metal items from any metal, rather than just iron or steel. Be it a bronze hatchet, a brass rake, a copper halberd or lead great helmet, you'll be able to create your custom items and show them off! Some items such as nails and ribbons, as well as altars will still only be craftable using their current recipes however. Now not all metals are created equal, alloys such as bronze and steel are naturally better than soft metals like copper or gold, so with this system each metal will have specific bonuses and penalties, from resisting damage, to being quicker to repair or improve, and various other factors. We'll be revealing the specific details with the update, but we are keen to take your input on any ideas of what you'd like to see each metal do too, so feel free to leave some ideas in case we've missed them! Mission adjustments We've been following mission completion rates over the past few months, and will be making some changes based on it. Firstly, we've noticed high difficulty (6/7) missions are not being completed as often as the mid-range (3/5) so we'll be reducing the required amount of items and participants at high difficulty. We’ll also be reducing the chances of a mission advancing to a higher difficulty upon completion, which will keep missions within that sweet spot of good rewards and completion rates, but also making it easier if they do advance to the higher stages. We'll also be increasing the amount of creatures spawned for slaying missions, namely the champions that are required, these creatures will age and die fast once the mission expires though, to avoid too many roaming the lands, but caring for them will avoid that if someone wishes to collect them *cough* We'll also be addressing the issue with freedom missions not expiring after 4 days if at less than 33% complete. Bear in mind this is for multi part missions, tree missions and traitor missions will still be open for the full 7 days. Epic skill adjustments We've been monitoring a lot of feedback from Epic, and it's clear that stats gain is too low, in the next update we'll be increasing the gain from characteristics to make getting PvP ready much more quick and smooth. I know it's not exactly been a lightning fast process, but we are working on a few other aspects to improve getting new players PvP ready quicker, as well as encouraging roaming and active play on Epic. It's no easy process, and I understand many are frustrated with how bugs impact pvp more harshly than pve, but we will be working on improving that over the next few months too. Heave ho! With the introduction of the placing system, many players were curious about the ability to place larger objects, and we’ll be bringing this in in the next update. It will work slightly differently to placing smaller items, as they use the inventory to essentially pick up and drop. Upon ‘placing’ the large item, a timer will begin to push the item into the exact position. While it may take a little longer than placing smaller items, it still works with the exact same precision and ability to fine tune. Shader adjustments In the coming update we’ll also be adjusting how dyes act with wooden items, if any item is dyed the wood type will not show, meaning an oakenwood cart dyed the same shade of blue as an orangewood cart will look identical. This should help return the vibrancy of dyes as well as make it much easier to colour match! Preview work We'd like to thank everyone who has tried out the Preview client and reported issues. We've identified a few issues with the new libraries and linux/Mac Operating Systems, so we'll be tackling those before the client goes fully live. In the meantime, keep on using it and reporting any issues you see! All of this and more is coming in our next update, slated for the 8th of March, so I hope you’re ready for it! Until then though, stock up on metals, make plans, and don't forget to tell us what bonuses and penalties you'd like to see for various metals, and as always, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  2. Valrei International. 046

    “They always tell you that the trees in these old forests can talk, but what I want to know is how to get the damn things to shutup!” - Sir Harold deep in the whispering woods Hi Everyone Another week down, and I hope all our American Wurmians have had a nice Thanksgiving yesterday, with plenty to be thankful for hopefully! With that out of the way, Christmas is almost upon us, with carols, trees, and tinsel about to fill every single shop window, and all the last minute shopping to do (I've totally done mine... maybe). Mission stuff Finding traitors can be tough work, so one of the changes to the mission system is the addition of being able to find traitors via lurker in the dark pendulums. That's not all though, given the relative size of Xanadu and independence vs the smaller servers, the range of the pendulums will scale according to what server you're on. An 80 cast on Deliverance will give a power / 2 radius (so 40 tiles each way with the player in the center), but an 80 cast on Independence will give you 80 tile radius , and on Xanadu will give a whopping 160 tile radius. This is designed to make hunting traitors much easier, but also applies to lurker in the woods casts for finding champion creatures too, with these casts also naming the creature it locates as opposed to referring to a mysterious "presence". Extended Freedom missions To help with completion, Freedom missions were extended to last for 7 days before expiring (I missed the patch note for that, my bad!). However, if the mission is not past the 33% mark after three and a half days, it will expire after 12 hours from then, meaning missions don't stay unfinished and drag on. A new addition We had a brilliant idea, one that we were amazed that no one thought of ever! We were so blown away by the genius of this idea that we rushed to make it and get it into the game, all the while patting ourselves on the back for thinking of it completely alone without suggestions, check it out below! Just kidding! A long desired feature is finally coming to a horse near you, and they look amazing! I know suggestions sometimes take a while to go from the board into the game, but on behalf of the dev team, I'd like to thank each and every one of you who puts in the time to suggest what you'd like to see in the game, or comment on other suggestions. Many good things have come from there, the feedback on each one is hugely influential in shaping the end result, so keep up the good work! Community Content This weeks video is a player made trailer for the Wurm Unlimited server World of Wonders, which is a really unique approach to a Wurm Unlimited server. It's a really cool trailer and certainly shows off some novel ideas!, what WU server do you like playing on? What makes it unique for you? That's it for this week, we'll be releasing an update with some more changes and fixes too, expected next week, so keep an eye out for that. Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  3. Valrei International. 039

    Vynoras Grace - Killin U softly - Steam HI Everyone! So... the wait is finally over, and this week we announce what the new skill coming to Wurm Online is, and we do so with the factional fight brothers! We sat down with them this week and went through the ins and outs of the new skill, talked about its inception, and just what you can do with it. So go ahead, watch, I'll wait. I really hate listening to my own voice... Anyways, some of you sneaky Wurmians already guessed it, but in-case you didn't, the new skill coming to Wurm is Archaeology! As shown in the video, you'll be able to find fragments of items across the lands of Wurm. As you search you will find remnants of ancient, long forgotten deeds and also learn a little history about the deeds and those who occupied them. That's not all though, one secret we kept is that there's another skill coming, one tied to Archaeology, and that's Restoration. Investigating will only yield small fragments, and you'll need to work on them with a chisel and brush to identify what they might be. once you've worked out what the fragment is you'll have to piece together multiples of the same fragment in order to restore the item to its former glory. Some Wurmians have been bragging that they have uncovered seemingly insignificant relics, but closer examination of some of the restored items have has shown some very unique properties, as if they've been blessed by the deities of Valrei themselves... That's not all though. Preliminary explorations on long past deeds have included reports of as yet unknown items. Could these scattered fragments be relics of ancient Wurmians? What others could there be? Mysterious statue pieced together by exploratory Archaeology team on Celebration- Unknown date of origin Random Enkounters. Has there been something strange in your neighbourhood? Is your roof mysteriously shiny? Does that creaky door no longer make that telltale sound? Is your broken wagon shiny and mended? If you answered yes to one or more of these, you may have been a subject of a random Enkounter! In his desire to see more of the world, and strike fear into the hearts of more Wurmians, Enki has begun a series of trials, appearing in random places all over the Wurm world. Whoever finds him, and completes the tasks he sets out, receives whatever is in his pocket at the time (They're weird pockets, I once got a breath mint, two tickets to the 1992 Superbowl, and the second half of "Gone With the Wind" on Beta-max) Keep your eyes peeled for anything strange, and carry a broken engine part at all times in-case you need to distract him and run! WU Beta The Wurm Unlimited beta was launched this week, with the new rendering client like Wurm Online, and everything up to and including the last patch. We'll be working on a few issues raised over the weekend, with the live launch planned for Monday, 9th of October. So make sure to get everything ready! Community Content This week is the showcase of a new trailer for the Wurm Unlimited server of Wyvern Reborn! a great trailer showing off some features unique to the Wyvern server run by Sindusk, an awesome modder and host. I've poked my head in on the new server, and I have to say, horned ponies are OP! Check out the trailer here, and if you're looking for somewhere new to check out, definitely check out the server. That's it for this week, there's a lot to digest and I'm sure many of you are already planning adventures across the land with the next update. We're gearing up towards a massive end of the month, with loads more to still show, including a full overview of the new Valrei system and much much more. Until next time though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  4. Valrei International. 042

    “There are basically two kinds of people in this world. The living people, and the dead people. So what the hell is that?” - Sir Wheatley at the abandoned village of Trese Save the date! Today we are nearing the very end of the wait until the launch of the major update, including the valrei overhaul, epic skill system, transfers, wagoner, and a few more things! What are they? You'll just have to wait and see… On November 2nd That’s right, we’re getting ready for the major launch next week and it is going to be huge, incase you've missed anything coming we have Two new skills - Archaeology and Restoration Really cool wagoners Overhaul of the Valrei system Launching of the new Epic skill system Lots of tweaks, balances and fixes More Additions and Surprises you’ll have to wait and see, K?. That's not all though, there's a ton of minor changes, fixes, and balances coming out with the update too, and we'll be including all of those on the launch of the patch notes. Premium adjustments One thing we'll be introducing with this update is a few new options to premium purchases ingame. First time premium cost Ingame for new players Currently, purchasing premium from the shop or ingame gives the same bonuses, with a referral and 2 silvers cash back for your first time purchase. We’ll be adjusting this system so that if your first purchase of premium is from in-game it will only cost a total of 2 silvers, however you will not receive any of the referral or cash back bonuses. This means that the initial hurdle of earning first time premium is reduced drastically, and while they don't get the referral and 2 silvers, they can earn future coins as a premium player, as opposed to needing to earn 10 silvers as a non premium. Purchasing first time premium from the shop will still give the referral and 2 silvers back, along with the usual sleep powders. Please note - This only applies to your first time purchase, if you purchase your first time premium from a token you cannot get a referral when purchasing from the shop later. 15 day premium option We'll also be introducing an option to purchase 15 days of premium from a token for 5 silver. Meaning if you don't have the full month to play, or cannot find a referral, you can still buy in small increments! We hope these make it a bit more flexible for both starting out and paying your way ingame. Valrei showdown So with the addition of the new valrei system, fights between gods will be a lot more interesting! When gods meet, they will duke it out in a smaller board, and you can review old fights to see how they went! This was taken prior to the removal of the player gods from the board, so ignore nathan, he did not fare well in the fight. Libila is quite the powerhouse, with strong range and spell abilities, though a little weak in melee, the other gods all have their strengths and weaknesses too Community Content This weeks community content is the Summerholt Fall Festival! The NEXA alliance has been hard at work preparing for an awesome festival, with games and competitions, and of course, imping! One competition is already underway (an awesome idea might I add) and may be filled at the time of posting this, but that doesn't mean there's not lots more to do, including a horse race, musical chairs, and more! The event runs from the 10th of November until the 12th and you can check out the full details here: We'll be busy this week as we get it all in order, and we're definitely as excited as you all are (maybe even more so!). I know you're all keen to get your hands on these changes, but until November 2nd, you'll just have to keep on Wurming! Oh, and have a spooky halloween! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  5. Valrei International. 041

    “Look kid, if you keep poking that..that...whatever that thing is, it’s eventually going to wake up and eat you.” - Sir Landon prior to the Samling incident After last weeks news, we've spent the week working on the changes coming to epic, as well as ensuring that the transfer skill adjustments are fair to both sides. We spent an awful lot of time running those calculations (millions!) and seeing the results was pretty cool. This week won't be the huge reveal that we did have planned, as those have taken slightly longer, and we want them in and tested prior to revealing it, but I have some exciting news for you this week anyways! Epic transfer recap To recap the end result, epic accounts will transfer to Freedom with a reduced skillset. Reduced skills will have 3x skillgain until they return to the same level they were on epic however. A player has put together a total skill dump converter, allowing you to see what your epic skills will be after the transfer to freedom, check it out here: Bulk movement Another thing coming with this update (there's so many things!) is the ability transfer items between bulk containers without constant clicking! Moving from one container to another will trigger a timer, that moves as many as you can carry each second (ignoring 100 item count, just weight limit). This will surely make Shifting contents of bulk storage a breeze (and save those wrist injuries!) Wagoner info As we revealed a few weeks ago, the wagoner will be a Wurm Online exclusive NPC, that handles delivers between players using the highway system on each server. There's a lot of detail to go into with how to use them, so our awesome developer, Tich, has taken the time to write up a handy guide for you all! It's still a work in progress, and could change before release, but we'll make sure to reflect any changes in this document before that! Community Content This weeks community content is the impalong with the fire and sand alliance! Today is the first day, so get on down there and take part! There's games and competitions, as well loads more to pass the time, I plan on dropping in and watching some people die, and maybe even getting my steel and flint imped, it's getting pitifully low... Check out the full details here, and I hope to see you there! That's it for this week, I'll be back next week with more news and teasers of whats coming in the next major update. Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  6. Valrei International 036

    Another awesome picture - Kasumi Greetings Wurmians! We've been hard at work this week with the new big features coming, which aren't yet ready for big reveals, but don't worry, there's still plenty to share! Damaged goods One change coming in the next update is a more visual indicator of damage in your inventory. Items with greater than 0, but under 20 damage will show in a light yellow, with items higher than 20 damage having a darker orange. This option can be disabled in the settings, but should help a lot with reminding you all to repair your tools before you lose them! Tree collisions There's been an ongoing thread (and debate) about the tree collisions. and after the improvements to the width of the blocking trees, we'll be reintroducing them into the game. We've reworked how the collisions work and they've been on test for a while as well as Wurm Unlimited, so we know they function quite smoothly and shouldn't get players stuck like the old ones. Expect this to come into effect next update, so sharpen those hatchets! Corpse permissions A long requested feature is a way to protect items on branded mount corpses. When a creature died any items on it could be looted, but no more! With the next update when a branded creature dies, the corpse can only be interacted with by those people who had ride/lead permissions on that animal prior to it's death .People without permission cannot take, open, butcher, bury or move the corpse. Due to the way the corpses work this will only last until the next reboot, so if you do lose a mount, be sure to collect the gear before the next time the server goes down! Fosters Farm This weeks community content is the return of Emoo and Fosters Brewery, with a timelapse video of the creation of his farm. That's it from us this week, and this is just a fragment of what's in the works, and I look forward to sharing it all with you soon! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & The Wurm team.
  7. Valrei International. 031

    San Fazenda, Deliverance - Kriet A short news this week as we prepare for the next update, expected to land this Thursday, 17th of August. Which will see the release of the new highway system to the live servers! Unfortunately the animal crates won't be in this update, as we're still working out all the issues with crossing borders, but crate racks will be in so get ready to store! Highway testing and learning If you'd like to get a better understanding of the highway system the test server is open to all players, and a GM or dev will happily help with resources or tools if you require, just jump in IRC and ask! During this week we'll also be handing out deed settlement forms for building and connecting highways, so if you want to understand the system, now's the time! Map dumps This introduction will have a huge impact on travelling in Wurm, and we also said to time with this update we'll also be releasing map dumps, which will be coming out on the same day or by the weekend. During testing we used a special map dump to map out highways on the test server, and we'll be looking at the possibility of including a dump like this in our regular map dumps, showing an overlay of highways and how they map across the server! (the deeds would not be shown) Blossom rebuild We've had a whopping four entrants to the blossom rebuild proposals, making it one of the most popular ones (if not THE most popular). We'll be organising it for a vote some time next week. Whitefay didn't get any proposals, but that's okay! We'll revisit the contest down the line and see if there's any takers then. Community Content This weeks community content is the latest Factional fight video, where they discuss their thoughts and ideas about what we have coming to Wurm, what do you think about their ideas? How would you like to see the proposed works come into the game? That's it from us this week! Of course, with the highway system out we begin to look at the other projects we have underway and will be looking at sharing more with you on this in the near future, until then though, keep on wurming! Retrograde & The Wurm team.
  8. Valrei International. 029

    Winterscape - Jonydowy Hi Everyone! Another week down as we work on our many projects coming to fruition, I know I'm excited for the cages and something that hasn't been announced yet, but that'll have to wait until it's closer to the release date so stay tuned for more news on that. This week we'll touch on a few upcoming events and competitions! Blossom and Whitefay redesigns The proposal entries for Blossom and Whitefay redesigns are up, so if you're interested in submitting a proposal, get a team together and get cracking! The proposal threads can be found here: Wurm fanart ingame! Starting next Tuesday, the 1st of the month, we'll be launching a competition for you all to submit entries for a new tapestry design. The rules will be pretty straight forward, with original works or ingame screenshots required (no copyright material!) and one entry per person. A decent resolution must be used too, but we'll make sure it fits properly. The winner will receive a supreme version of their tapestry when it goes into the game! Weekend highway testing We'll be looking at setting up some scenarios for testing the new highway system this weekend, providing materials to build and form your own highways, as well as use the routing system. We'll also be looking at some events on the test server utilizing the new system and the ability to win some prizes in the live server! Midsummers event, last weekend! Don't miss out! This event finishes up at the end of the month, so this is your last chance to get in there and get the awesome Mask of Rebirth as your prize! I've heard there are a few maps floating around, so if you've been waiting for a guide to go through, now is your time! Community Content This weeks community content keeps in line with the highways coming, and showcases an amazing highway built by Shyruban, along with help from many others. I personally love the moss as the border, it keeps the sides clear but also green! The full details of the highway as well as a few screenshots can be found here, it looks awesome! That's it from me this week, I hope to see many of you on the test server getting ready for the highway system coming, but until then, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  9. Valrei International 027

    Esert Sunset - Joelle Esert Redesign with the Fire & Sand alliance Hi Everyone! Retrograde here with all the news and happenings on the dev and team side of Wurm. There's quite a few exciting things in the works (and some LONG LONG LONG desired) but alas, I cannot tease them just yet, I cannot wait to see them come in, so as soon as I'm given the green light, you'll know all about it! So lets get into this weeks news! Shatterproof potions The shatterproof potions which came with the rifts have been somewhat buggy for a long time, but with the last update they were adjusted and should now work correctly, providing 4-5 protections against cracks when channeling, and 1 protection against a shatter, the full details can be found in the last patch notes, but one bit that was missed was that it can be applied to any item, NOT JUST WEAPONS. So enjoy! A new Lead Chat Moderator I'd like to say a big welcome to our new Lead Chat Moderator, Idony! Idony has stepped into the role after the departure of Shrimpiie and will be working with the Community Assistants and Chat Moderators as they do their work. I look forward to working with her and the CA/CM team in the future Freedom epic mission building Based on feedback about fears of epic mission buildings being deeded and griefing issues stemming from that we'll be making a slight change to how ritual missions generate. Previously, and up until the introduction of this system, ritual missions generate from a total maximum pool of 18 buildings (3 temples, pylons, foundation pillars, spirit gates, shrines, obelisks). These are the ones that are completed as part of a mission requiring it. From the next update, ANY mission building off deed will be eligible for a ritual mission to generate on it, they will no longer need to be built in accordance with a specific mission. Again, this applies only to PvE ritual missions, chaos and epic will require the 18 and block deeding as usual. Unstable client work Unstable works continue, with more focus on improving performance and those crashes, with the memory allowance upped with the recent version. This might have been noticed by some as their client usage went up above 2GB, but this was due to giving the client more breathing room to work, which performed well. Some had some issues however, so we'll continue to look at those. More work with shaders in on the way, with this awesome comparison, can you spot the difference? Upcoming starter deed makeovers This week has seen proposals for two new starter deed makeovers, with blossom on Pristine and Whitefay being looked into. We'll be opening the proposals for Blossom some time this week in the Pristine subforum, and the whitefay one will follow shortly after, I'm keen to see what you all come up with, so get together and work out a proposal! Community content - I'm a star! This week saw the release of the Factional Fight episode starring me! I went through the midsummer event with the brothers and answered all of their questions (well, most of them, I can't tell everyone who my favourite dev is now, can I?) There's also a little teaser about something big upcoming, what do you think it is? I'd like to thank the Factional Fight guys for having me, and for all their work contributing to making Wurm as enjoyable as it is, I know I was hooked on their videos early on in the game, as I'm sure many of you all have been too, so thanks guys, and I'd like to also say Brian totally needs to start the videos with "Hello! How are you?" Right? Right. That's it for this weeks news, We'll be back this time next week with all new info, but until then, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  10. Valrei International 025

    Strongbox, Serenity - Blart Step right up Wurmians! Another week down and more news for you all, let's jump right in! Midsummer madness It's been an awesome week with the midsummer events, many of you got lost, scared, and some even went insane, which is about par for the course of any of our events! I'd like to thank you all for attending and hope you all enjoyed it, it'll run until the end of July and then we'll look at dismantling it, so make sure to attend before then and get your mask! Forum upgrades As many of you will have noticed we had some performance updates with the forums, hopefully eliminating the double posting and extra threads. We also included two factor authentication, which will provide even greater security for accounts on the forum moving forwards. While hopefully the larger issues have been resolved, we'll continue to work on tweaking the forums to ensure they are an enjoyable and easy experience for all (Not including the posts!) WU Beta Wurm Unlimited is here! With all the bridge textures and underground changes, they mark the next major update to the game. The beta will run throughout the week and we'll keep an eye on any issues raised by those running it, before launching the live version, so stay tuned for that! Cave exits Some players asked about the ability to pave cave exits, and while the answer was that it was unlikely, it did get some cogs turning. With a bit (lot) of work, I'm pleased to announce they will be coming soon! There's a bit of work still being done but cave exits will be able to be paved! Cooking rarity and affinities As you all know we ran the in-game poll on cooking affinities, and the results were extremely close. With a difference of less than 1% of the total votes. Being such a close result, we have decided to go with keeping rarity affecting affinity on both cooking systems. This was the slightly favoured result and avoids those who have spent time learning their affinities on rare+ cookers losing that time spent. We appreciate everyone taking the time to share their thoughts on it, and will continue to use in-game polls for important issues such as this in the future. Community content I spend a fair amount of my time on YouTube watching Wurm videos, and the other day I stumbled across one, Riddles explores Wurm online. It's an amusing series that I hope continues, because I certainly enjoyed the first three, catch the first here: That's it from us this week, I hope you all have a great weekend, and as always, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.