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  1. Graz for find and very much thanks for making it public. Dragons and drakes are so rare for public ones (yes, we all know the reasons, no need discuss that again) just wanting to say special appreciation for this. Personally not sure if I can be there or not, but will try.
  2. First of all, thank you for hosting this event. Secondly, reading your first post, about the name Kappa here is a link that can explain some of it. I have been gm for old-time table-top-roleplaying games and few of them were drawing from japanese mythology. I came across the Kappa back then and while link above is not hugely detailed it explains the basics much better than I could. Just in case anyone is interested. My best wishes to Lunalong event.
  3. Developer Posted October 31 They will still graze if they have no food in there trough. If there not hitched to a hitching post they act as normal. -edit: that was a post on oct 31 patch notes, so according to this, should work the way you hope for. Haven't made one yet myself, but I tend to believe developers word on how things work.
  4. I have tried with vpn (tried a few locations including Sweden) and it doesn't help. Overall, it would be strange if vpn really did have any effect on this. Also thanks Finnn for trying to help.
  5. And the problem is back. Still no changes of any kind in my end, but now I'm getting this Error opening connection to patch server every time I start the launcher.
  6. It works for me again. No changes on my end, no vpn, but suddenly it just works. I have had no problem with anything else either, so hard to track down any reason.
  7. Same problem. It happened first time yesterday, but I was able to log in couple hours later. Today, fails every time I try to log in.
  8. Location of the newest Rift. For opening time, check This is mostly flat slightly terraced area with plenty of trees (there was a deed at the location couple years ago). It is literally on my backyard, but It's very unlikely I'll be there myself (partly because of time and partly because I'm currently non-prem and wasn't planning to premium quite yet). But if you need something for the rift, pm me and I should be able to get an alt provide stuff there. Northwind Cove is my first deed and should have most things you might need (except horses). If you come from north and follow highway through the tunnel, continue towards Two Silvers and then turn east on the paved road, it will turn back north to the edge of desert. Or you can just follow road visible on the map and take straight south to eastern edge of desert. Easy access either way.
  9. Just a notice. You can sail almost next to the rift. The tiny lake/pond you can see northeast is accessible from the canal tunnel. At least it was last time I sailed through. There is deed there though, so you will not be able to load/unload things like creature cages at the pond. But if you are leading horse you can just sail there and ride to rift.
  10. Please add Northwind Cove 2314, -4212 Mayor Nestangol This is not a new deed, but since it is now connected to highway I guess it is time to add it. Below is picture of map for the road. It goes north through the mountain, connecting to existing road and then catseyed to join Hellhound Trail highway. Edit: Changed picture for better clarity. Blue line is the tunnel. Light grey are above ground. And the catseyes go to north/northwest when meeting the older road.
  11. For the first part, I know and agree (I made West Hammer Lake Canals for the community and never expected or received any silvers for them. As side note, those are still work-in-progress. I will ask for heritage site once I've polished them, but don't expect that in less than 2 years, I have other projects in front since those canals are quite passable for the purpose, just ugly). Then again things were made for community. Community can love them or hate them. It's just how it is. Most people don't even think of telling you how much it means, or don't even know it was you who made stuff. That doesn't mean they don't appreciate, they just don't know who to thank. For me when I saw so many people travelling through the canals, few people told me they would not have settled where they are without them etc. That was the reason for making it and reward enough. And for what it is worth, I have enjoyed your projects Thorin (Fraggle rock canal especially) and you have my deepest gratitude. And I'm sure I'm not the only one. And the question? to me: I agree that reward for uniques should go more towards ones who contribute or invest at least something to slaying. Just saying it is not that hard or dangerous. No matter how you look at it, when there is plenty of people to slay unique, individual risk is minimal (unless you pen it or tank and of course the one who penned it paid some silver unlike everyone else). So even with requirement of hitting unique there would still be plenty of alts getting reward for almost no risk or invest just swinging around. I don't have proposition for better system, but we certainly need one. So my nomination for next Wurm-Nobel goes for one that can get solution for making uniques more public and rewards more fair. (The award will probably be given in 2029 for best attempt so far.)
  12. That is typical for any part of life. There will always be those who take the easiest route (reasons vary, lazyness can be one of them, greed maybe good second. I could name lot of other things too, but let's just leave it there.) Unfortunately we can't fix life and we should not stop things just because someone else might benefit if we drudge on. I do not like people just free-riding on other people's hard work, but since we can't fix it is not the reason to stop. I'll quote my wife: "You can design any perfect system, and ruin it by adding people into it."
  13. Just to point one thing here. Lot of people have more than one character able to fight uniques. I looked up random report at niarja. The unique had 15 or 16 slayers. Out of those I know for a fact 9 char belong to 3 players (3 per player). The rest almost certainly same thing, but not 100% sure. I personally could bring 3-5 (depending on your definition of) decent enough fighters to fight uniques (if my poor laptop could handle more than 2 char at same time now). So this limitation might not help that much and might just make it more difficult for real new(ish) players. Still requiring more than just being in local would be better than current system. (ps. Doesn't the character need to be premium to receive blood/scale/hide?) But any suggestion that promotes public slayings over private gets my plus1
  14. --- Still not sure exactly what you are proposing. But still seems exploitable by multiple alts running around. Not sure how many people would bother though. So maybe not a big problem. ---- Removing loot would be ok for me personally. But yeah, realistically thinking, with no reward we (not would or might but will) have small attendance. Especially if it comes with possible death (loss of stats). So there has to be reward with uniques or everyone will just let them roam free hoping it doesn't hit their backyard. And with reward always comes some drama. So agreed here. --- For rifts most people are ok fighters, but there is no way (nor should there be under current system imo) to limit bringing alts standing around or having people otherwise in local. Especially if you would still get reward for being in local for the unique as with current system (blood/scale/hide), people would start bringing alts, just in case unique pops up. That would screw up current rift mechanism at least afaik.
  15. I agree with first part, but those under your more code intensive changes, few points I'd like to address here: 1: For helping finding uniques warping could be useful. But, it also makes it more difficult to arrange slaying, be it private or public. At least unless there is some sort of timer that allows you to know exactly when it would warp. Nothing like announcing public slaying in middle of Xanadu, having them travel hour(s) from server border just to discover unique just warped out (would be classic if it did it in middle of fight though:) and nobody has a clue where it is. 2nd point: Not sure what you mean with actively travel? Do you mean it would give indication if you are close to unique? That could, especially on smaller servers, still be used to spam characters running around just to see that message in event. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you are after here. 3rd: I kind of like this idea. Bones/tomes could then be like scale/hide. Up to you to decide if you hold on to the stuff to (very) slowly gather enough for making one. Or simply sell/buy the pieces to get what you want. BUT, the downside then is no "guaranteed" price for whoever pens the unique. At least from point of view of public slaying, you'll end up just paying silvers for the happiness of slaying. Some of us will still do it, but I totally understand it making private slayings even more of a thing. - So to promote more public slayings I would vote against this part unless tweaked in some way. 4th: Would be fun if enough attendance is tweaked right. In some rifts it would have led to lot of carnage, dying and screaming, followed with rampaging unique in more or less known area. So depends how well balanced this would be.