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  1. Happy birthday and thanks for all the slayings you do.
  2. Nah. Just can't let this slide away this easily. This throws away too easily the opinion of players who were disgusted at the below-par publicity. Some now claim this was just "let's play", no journalism and whether person doing it was any professional or not. We are told we should not criticize him as he is only amateur/reporter off-duty... Well, fine, but, there is roughly two ways doing "let's play" online. * 1. You know something about a game already and state your understanding and expectation upfront, so people can understand your angle to approach the game. 2. Completely new and not knowing anything about said game. Now first option means you have some knowledge and ability to research about the game. Also ability to put things in scope and understand something about the game. Second means and requires(!) that you approach the game with open mindset (doesn't hurt in first case either). Sorry, I don't see this person succeeding in either case. He seems to have some knowledge about wurm but refuses to understand what he sees/reads or to research basics. Usually in life if everything and everyone around you seems to be somehow wrong, isn't that a clue you should maybe consider there is something wrong about how you are doing things? Maybe see if there is a different way, instead of keeping bashing your head against the wall? Then again, it is easier to jump on soap-box and blast away...And internet pays per clicks... I'm glad I don't need to work with that person and probably live in different country. He reminds me of two comic strips. One has a kid dropping some garbage on the street and father scolds him: Couldn't you just walk two steps over there to drop it in that bin? Kid points at his feet and responds: But it wasn't right here! (Sorry, don't have copyright to post picture here) The other comic is one I drew long ago. There a ram keeps headbutting a concrete skyscraper. Repeating: Eventually he will yield! Next picture shows post-apocalypse world with concrete building collapsed and ram's skeleton next to it. He was right after all... (And sorry no picture of that either, couldn't find it) Then again, internet is full of games and full of people trying to make a few bucks by writing/blogging/playing/streaming them. Some are professional and some amateur, some are excellent and some awful and the whole mix in between. This probably got way more publicity than it should just because people felt insulted on the poor performance of his and on supposedly trustworthy platform. On the other hand it just shows how much people care about this game. If it meant nothing, people wouldn't pay attention to trolls. *(Usually for any "let's play" it is better to do it as streaming or recorded video, because then people can easily follow what you are doing and experiencing things along. When written, they have to trust what you are telling, which leaves huge gap for (mis)interpretation. Also your responsibility to provide information is exponentially bigger than with video. You give the picture. When writing, you describe it all and any truth or untruth there is your making.)
  3. [04:42:54] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Though, the shield had some damage on it, which I repaired, so will arrive at 57.99 ql. I hope that is ok.
  4. Delivery set. It is sent by my alt Pinmaethor. (I had some problems on returning from drake slaying and my main is still not home, sorry for delay.) Thank you for the order.
  5. Insisting on killing Warmaster probably comes from the journal goal Picking up speed (one you get the choice of affinity from). There is that "Slay each rift creature". I don't actually know if it means you must kill warmaster also, or only all the other types. I've always gotten it done without paying attention to that detail. But if warmaster is needed for the goal it would explain people's "need" to kill it. If someone could confirm whether warmaster is needed for that part of journal or not, would be nice.
  6. It is there, try looking at coordinates directly 2620,4215
  7. To encourage the original post. At least some use out of this has come again. Without this post at least some would have been left out. Ritual of Sun was cast today and after discovering the possibility I tried contacting everyone on the list as to my best ability. Chabuduo was the only one I found from the list here. (But I tried far beyond this to find interested parties as well.) And I hope in future people doing Rituals will check this post too. Congrats to all involved for being one step closer to finishing the journal goal. For the record, my alts involved in this cast Gwanunig (in Tolkien's Sindarin translates as Twin (closest word to alt I could find)) Pinmaethor (in Sindarin translates as Little (Pin) Warrior (Maethor)) - Nestangol (Mayor of Northwind Cove, owner of Hermit's Rest, Maker of West Hammer Lake Canals etc.)
  8. IIRC we have 10 "regular" trees and 4 fruit trees (lemon, apple, orange, olive) we can make planks out of. (And I'm likely to have forgotten something) I have not played around with different wood types for a while, but if all of these have separate look, Malena's picture above does not even have all choices shown yet. I'd really appreciate someone of dev team showing/confirming us all the choices. (And yes, I'm glad I was too busy irl to use skins yet.)
  9. I have set up wagoner delivery to your forum name. If that is not correct, please pm or post here the correct in-game name to receive and I will set a new delivery.
  10. This is kinda old project at M10 on Xanadu, connecting my deed to highway. I actually finished it last December, but never bothered too much with screen shots and always planned to get better pic before posting, but what ever...First picture is from above the crossroad. Second is seen from lake towards same spot and 3rd is the only pic I found showing things more or less before I started (It looks pretty much same, but plenty of mountain, especially dirt layer is already lower than original there). So this was a project I started after opening West Hammer Lake Canals (I'm on purpose saying opening, not finishing, as they are not a finished product. I simply concentrated mostly on other things after opening (and took 2 long brakes from game), as they were passable by any boat as is. Polishing will/is happening over time). Now for this road, I'm well aware I could simply have made a tunnel from Hermit's Rest and connected that to the highway going North/South at M11. But I had done so much tunneling, it was time to do some surface mining then. Besides Hermit's Rest needs a Grand Canyon. Also Hermit's Rest is still mostly unbuilt as a deed, because I wanted to have the road done before committing to any other terraforming. So huge changes to be expected in immediate area in next half a year - 2 years.
  11. Hmm. I feel like I really need to defend Ekcin's point here a bit. (in case I have understood it correct, at least, but I think a lot of people are missing his point). 100 rifts is not the only time-gated goal you can't do by yourself. Personally I'm not concerned about the Rift goal, I can do it eventually. The times differ so over long period of time it can be done (frankly, if I really wanted, it would be already done, there's been enough opportunities, I just didn't take them all for various reasons.) The one's I can't do SOLO (at least in reasonable time) ALSO include 250 mission goal * and wear enchanted scale armor (armor you can buy and/or borrow, sure, but try doing it literally solo, just to back up the claims of journal should be able to be completed on your own...but if simply paying your way to finish journal is a thing, I guess we can suggest to put token-of-journal-finishing in the mark shop?). 250 missions at least on Xanadu does not depend on what you do solo. It depends on what is available when you are playing. Easy missions are done fast and close-to-impossible ones linger. Log in at wrong time and you are out of luck. Sounds pretty much like complaints about Rifts to me. I've been playing this game a lot and always participated on missions that were possible to do when online. Still not done with whole 250 of it. Maybe I've been online at wrong times or such? Of course I could also travel to smaller servers to see what missions there are and finish it that way. But wouldn't that be the same thing as people complaining Rifts's not being there right when they want to play? 20000 creatures killed. Mm. well. If you live in northern Xan or one of smaller servers, just leave your char (equipped well enough) outside for hours and come back for creature count. Southern Xan, try the same and for few hours you've had one cow look at your mighty fighting monster and walk away. Things are just not equal everywhere. For good or bad. * Of course literally, missions can be done solo, but practically it's not only up to what I do when I play: it depends on other people too, since you are never the only person that can do missions. Most of time these ritual and give x-item to avatar or kill x-traitor missions just hang there until they expire and easier missions appear - And these easy missions get done in minutes or couple hours, so if you were not online at the time, you are out of luck or you can go hunt for that one traitor monster on Xanadu. Good luck finding it. And for anyone who claims Rift is too random time and too random location should agree these missions are also impossible to do. At least I hope so, for some consistency. To sum it up: If there will be changes to 100 rift (btw I'd be fine with lowering the number as well) there should be similar changes for other things too. At least if anything should be doable solo, in somewhat similar time.