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  1. First of all, thank you for good work all devs and especially any and all optimization. Secondly, I guess I'll take this chance and snipe in some advertisement on my recent project. My excuse is, it is for public use and I can't find any better way of making people aware of new opportunity (I'm bad at advertising and rarely speak in chats.) Also I know there are people who only read Valrei international and skip lot of other forum posts, especially if not directly related to their own server. So to put it simply it is two canals, connecting Hammer Lake on Xanadu to smaller lake (which I call Little lake, as it has no commonly accepted name) to west of it. (If you are not familiar with Xanadu or lake names, first canal starts around M11 towards west) Then longer canal connects that lake to ocean at west. Hammer Lake already had 2 canals in existence, so in that way it is only one more passageway to ocean. But the Little lake had no boat access prior to this. Also, the existing 2 canals before this were not accessible for deeper than knarr passage (at least to my knowledge). So this combo of new canals also opens up caravels etc. entering/exiting Hammer lake area. I hope these will be beneficial to other players. - Nestangol
  2. I'd like to have West Hammer lake canals added please. First one is from 1721, -4834 to 1296, -4833. Second canal is from 1033, -4738 to 311, -4736 Passable by any boat (first canal will have caravel drivers poking their head through the ceiling, sorry about that, but fully passable). No cart or wagon route. Also I'd like to have my 2nd deed, Hermit's Rest added to the map. It is located at 1271, -4799. Settlement of Liss was almost at same location, but has been disbanded long ago. - Nestangol
  3. It has finally come time for me to open up my big project for public use. Wooden mine doors are still in place but have been set for Freedom Kingdom to be able to pass. This is actually 2 canals. First one goes from Hammer lake to west, into the Little lake. From there second canal goes all the way to the ocean. First one is roughly 420 tiles long going from 1721, -4834 to 1296, -4833 on community map. Second one is roughly 720 tiles long from 1033, -4738 to 311, -4736. Below is picture of the locations. Both canals are passable by any boat. Driving carts or wagons is not possible, but given locations, there would not be much, if any, need for such. For easy passage it is advisable to stay close to north wall of both canals. Canals are 3 tile wide (with only 1 tile wide entrances), but only north lane is completely cleared of veins and lowered for any ship. In the future I will take out veins in middle lane as well and possibly southern too, but that is not a high priority (all walls are reinforced, and since you can pass through with any ship it is time for me to take care of some other projects). Also anyone is welcome to hack out the remaining veins whenever they wish. For people going through on caravel, the shorter eastern canal unfortunately has your head peeking through the ceiling most all of the way, but the longer western canal is better height (somehow the ceiling does come lower in 2 locations, where you will have you head through it for short moment). Some history: Some pictures: I hope these canals will be good help for lot of players and maybe open up the shores of Hammer lake and the Little lake for some more viable deeds. - Nestangol
  4. Sorry, too tired to post whole thing. But had 2 char hit by this bug still. Inside mine in Xanadu. Stable client. Mining happily for few hours with no problem. Suddenly some rock shard piles disappeared on alt's screen. Alt got stuck. Relogged alt, main (standing on same tile) was fine to continue mining and seemed unaffected. When alt relogged back in, main got dropped into water (which is way below mines current level) and stuck. Relogging main, both char are fine. Previous cases (right before you announced you had possible fix, so i did not report them) my issues started with breaking or revealing rock salt and/or sandstone tile. Again this case tile that broke, revealed sandstone. There is also graphical world distorting effect visible every time I have encountered this bug (3 or 4 times) Unfortunately no screen shots of it. Edit: With this effect i mean, it looks like tunnel has turned 90 degrees down. Where leveled open tunnel should be, there is cave ceiling that heads down to the bottom of the sea thrusting it's way through the floor. If you get closer to it, it looks like that individual tile makes tunnel down, but you can't walk there, as game just gives you you are teleporting message.) This effect has happened within 40 tiles of actual character being stuck. Today was first time I saw that effect on next tile as stuck character. Also, are you aware/has anyone else reported on "bermuda triangles". In other words areas where things disappear from view very often/almost all the time, where relogging fixes it. What I mean is, you see altar or mailbox from afar, get closer and it is invisible. If you know the right tile and persistently look for the right spot, you can still click the item to use it, but it does not appear visually in client. I have found couple places where that happens almost all the time (above and below ground). If Dev team is interested in details, contact me ingame, i'm very often online. Another thing standing out. When I get hit with this bug, my alt no longer sees the light from my main characters lantern (usually my main only has lantern going, so when bug is about to hit, my alt suddenly is in dark cave with no light, but still obviously next to my main, mining same rock wall (both chars mining actions lead to correct amount of shards inside rock shard pile at the tile) Almost like game considers those characters to be in different worlds, even though they mine same tile. Before first fix for this bug, I brought my alt to my main, in hope I could have my main embark the cart driven by alt to brake the "freeze", but it did not work, as my main could not see the alt&horses&cart at all. Even though alt was able to see my main and even the light from the lantern my main was carrying.
  5. I don't usually get involved with "politics" of games and I frankly don't care who is who and the big yahoos in the game. Still to me this case sounds like the usual old-timers and/or big-time players walking over someone smaller than them. And that is something I don't like. I read the original topic, when it was posted and now this after-math as well. My problem with this whole thing is: the guy who was accused of stealing unique was never one who found it. He was called in to help pen the unique but instead of helping ended up owning it and distributing loot to whoever he pleased. Now in real life, imagine you need some help to buy yourself a house or move your car and the guy you asked to help, ends up owning it. You think they were friend? You think they were a decent person? Me, I'm no saint, but if I had ever unintentionally caused a problem to someone (like accidentally penning the unique), I would go out of my way to repair and repay it. Even if the offended party was being a ######-head about it. I don't see any of that attitude in this case. Only excuses to avoid any consequences for stealing. And people who go along with it are no better themselves. Sorry, I know I piss off a lot of people with this and doing it with my main character will hurt my game, but still. If you protect a thief, you are not any better than the thief themselves is. I can understand standing up for your friends, but if they do something wrong, you help them to see the mistake and correct it, not help them to hide or benefit from it! - Nestangol
  6. Thanks for reply. I rechecked wurmpedia and there is entry for blue dragon. No blue drake or red drake. New change? or just wurmpedia outdated? edit: Nvm, I see the info above my post now.
  7. Bug fix: Fix to prevent most unique creatures from spawning inside a deed. New dragon types use a different spawn mechanic and may still spawn in a village. Pretty sure this does not mean we got new dragon types just now. Hatchlings? or what is this referring to? I've only played this game 2-3 years and can't really recollect new dragon types. Then again, I don't usually pay attention to them unless they park at my backyard.
  8. Thanks Shrimpiie for organizing this. Not at all sure I will attend this one, but if so, can help with some skills (bs, cas, js, carp, maybe fc, masonry. but don't list me as I can't guarantee attending) The question I have is about Archery competition. Not being hawkeye myself, I'm wondering. As we have separate skill for short/medium/long bows. Is there/should there be separate competition for each type of bow? Or does it not matter? Or if it does matter what your skill in type of bow is and there is only one type used, which one is it? I'm asking just for the sake of clarity, as that is the one competition I will definitely not participate in, too dangerous for poor by-standers if I did, lol.
  9. bees

    Well, I'm just now reading some of forumthreads I should have read before. So it seems, I cut my honey and wax production by planting flowers close to my beehives... But doesn't matter too much. This was one of those projects that took way too many hours (as there was absolutely no beehives anywhere near me (no, did not climb every mountaintop, some of them could still have hives) and took lot of hiking to find the ones I got) for no gain until yesterday. Right now I'm just happy to have the hives at home and IF they survive winter, will concentrate more on beekeeping next Wurm spring. But in any case, thanks JudusX for your comment, it did get me to read right stuff, now I know better.
  10. bees

    The wild hives I checked did have small increase in wax and honey. Can't say about domestic hives of course, since they are too new.
  11. bees

    Just an update, as I did previously report my beehive turned out empty when transported to deed. I did manage to bring 2 beehives successfully to my home(s) yesterday. From same area as unsuccessful attempt earlier. Also my third domestic hive next to busy beehive in the wild had been occupied (could not bring it home yet, as I was just riding past and you need to load active hive, but will try today or tomorrow). So, a good sign for the update having fixed the issue. Of course I could have just gotten lucky this time, as the problem was not hitting everyone every time before. But anyway thumbs up from me, hopefully the issue is now solved.
  12. bees

    At least in my case not possible. My bees disappeared at the last few tiles of the way. They were still there when I loaded the hive into wagon. That last stretch took less than 2 minutes inside my own deed. And I have only 2 neighbors, not close and they don't have any hives. (And just in case, not even possible to have migrated anywhere along the way and game just not telling me that before unloading last time. Because whole trip was wilderness, not anywhere close to any deeds or hives at any point of trip.)
  13. bees

    I had placed sugar in my built hive several days before, just to see if it made any difference for migration. Now that you asked, I don't think there was any sugar left when I started transporting it. But there was honey and beeswax. I didn't note down the amounts as I didn't think it would matter for moving it. But the beehive had 0.45 honey and 0.2 beeswax after unloading it last time.
  14. bees

    Well. This wild beehive I found next day after update. Today, the bees had finally moved to my domestic hive (wild hive ql39, domestic ql52). So off to home with it. And this is what happened: [12:58:35] You ride on the wagon as the driver. [13:03:03] You finish loading the active bee hive. [15:10:56] You finish unloading the active bee hive from the wagon. [15:11:23] You board on the knarr as the captain. (note: no sailing between servers, just short distance inside Xanadu) [15:11:32] You finish loading the active bee hive. [15:34:37] You finish unloading the active bee hive from the knarr. [15:34:41] You start to load the active bee hive. (loading it into my wagon) [15:34:45] You finish loading the active bee hive. (so it still had bees there when finished loading) [15:36:41] You start to unload the empty bee hive from the wagon. [15:36:41] You finish unloading the empty bee hive from the wagon. I have found 3 other beehives in wild as well, but all of them in awful travel from my place. 2 of the 3 are noisy, so i'm having domestic hives at them now, hoping for 2nd queen migrating, so if this bug hits again, at least wild hive would still be left for another try. - Nestangol
  15. So there is one more chapter for this Dragon slaying. So here is the story of what happened behind the scenes and why. When the time came for slaying, I was sick. I had fever, headache and was extremely tired. But so many people had already arrived and more were on the way, so canceling or postponing was not an option. Of course I could have handed reigns of running it to someone else. Probably should have. But while I have no problem admitting mistake and correcting it, I do have a problem admitting I'm too weak to do something. Quitting was not an option. And I still felt confident I could do it just fine. Apart from starting to be real tired when I finished list of slayers at the gate permissions (and didn't notice Vannin was not supposed to be on the list), things went fine until the end of actual slaying. Great people helping with things and adrenaline kept me clear-headed enough. After that I had serious brain meltdown. Frankly, I barely remember anything from that on. Re-reading the logs helped to remember more. Anyway, I still think the way I was going to do loot rolls, would have been good, IF it worked the way I planned. I had planned to put it on spreadsheet on googledocs and share the link so everyone can see. I could have updated it live after every roll. Very fast and neat and no need for rolling numbers again (as you see, 5,6 and 33 were all rolled twice, requiring re-rolls if everyone was kept in the pool). Below is a little screen shot how it should have looked. Second post in this thread has the link to whole Correct list of loot. But as it goes Mr. Murphy intervened. I was very happy, how little lag I had and how smooth my computer was working. Until I tried to open spreadsheet. I found out my computer refused to open or close anything. I had accidentally left forum post of slaying open, so I was able to update the post there, but that was all. I didn't dare to try rebooting, not knowing how long it would have taken. All-in-all, I decided I can do it with pen and paper while I keep rolling and posting the results. Which normally I could do very easily. I'm an old tabletop-rpg GM, occasionally a player too and have been playing around with this type of thing pretty much all my life. Should have been very easy for me to do. Turns out I couldn't get things right. It was very weird feeling of almost like not being there at all and not understanding what was going on around me. But by then I had already started rolling by my original plan. So I didn't see that I could go back to drawing from the original list of 40. Which of course I could have, after figuring out who was the number 33/39. But, well, I guess you get the point. Logic was not really with me anymore, I just tried to get it done right the only way I was able to focus on. Complete tunnel vision. So I rolled the numbers and then checked the list. After all time spent on it, I was sure I got it right. I mean, I checked it at least twice...maybe three times, who knows... And I never make mistakes in things like that. So I believed I got it right and announced the winners, gave things to those who were still there and mailed the rest. But somehow I made not just one, but altogether 3 errors. Luckily, these errors should be easy enough to fix. I will be sending replacement items to those who should have won with the drawn numbers, as soon as I get my hands on those items. (Tooth for Helorn, Hammer for Thorgot and Water skin with source should have gone to Wulfmaer) Those who got items instead of these three, please keep them. I'm trying to reach people involved myself, but I may not be online much and/or at same time with them. So if they can pm me on forums, that might be best option for now. While this was mostly about having a community event and great experience for everyone, I do feel it extremely important to get the loot right. Truth is, without loot, not so many people would go for unique hunts or rifts. We need to keep it always clean and fair. In any case, for me this dragon slaying was absolutely the best experience in Wurm Online so far. (Also the worst after slaying, but well... no permanent damage done, so it's ok.) As final words on this, I'm posting this so you'll be able to see what happened from my point of view and someone else running their first slaying might be able to avoid mistakes I made. (Always name backup person to take over if you can't continue.) If I ever find another unique, it will be public event again. Thank you everyone who helped and special thanks Evening for the extra gifts for loot. -Nestangol hmm, another edit. I did also have this issue of dragon skull that was accidentally rolled for Vannin who was not supposed to be in loot list. So I have come to the decision of keeping it for myself (given that I originally claimed I would roll one item for myself (which I did not do back then) and the usual custom of finder/organizer usually taking the first pick anyway, it seems fair enough.) All in all, I don't want to drag the issue of loot any further, so I'll keep it. Hermit's Hunting lodge was always meant to be permanent deed, not just for the dragon. (Deed will be disbanded so I can move it a little, but then redone.) And I have few ideas for the skull already. Need to test if those ideas can be done.