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  1. Few more towers for the map. Thank you Dale. https://xanadu.yaga.host/#2232,4161 Brantnapier 754 https://xanadu.yaga.host/#2179,4253 Kaytie98 (Guard's of the Edge.) https://xanadu.yaga.host/#2029,4227 Aachan 298 https://xanadu.yaga.host/#2087,4121 Flugler 234 https://xanadu.yaga.host/#2032,4095 Crocus 890 https://xanadu.yaga.host/#2139,3946 Hanover 730 https://xanadu.yaga.host/#2468,4237 Whane 642 (Built April 2019) https://xanadu.yaga.host/#2499,4176 Limb 962 https://xanadu.yaga.host/#2369,4263 Whane 18 (Built Oct 2017) https://xanadu.yaga.host/#2405,4170 Whane 106 (Built May 2022)
  2. First of all, thank you Dale for keeping map updated. Also thanks for everyone contributing locations. I would like some correction about guard tower location(s) in M10/M11 area. The important one is Calimdor 874 If you go to spot where it is currently listed, you can't actually see the tower because of landscape and trees. You might be able to spot a guard, if you are very lucky and look right direction. Correct location is: https://xanadu.yaga.host/#1503,4427 Calimdor 874 The other three are already easily findable being next to highway and pretty close to correct. The only thing is if for some reason someone wants to pinpoint their current location using those towers. Being on correct sides of crossroad etc. makes it easier. If you wish to place them in exact spots I list below correct locations. https://xanadu.yaga.host/#1635,4823 Annalise 946 https://xanadu.yaga.host/#1629,4711 Harthim 434 https://xanadu.yaga.host/#1629,4555 Harthim 290
  3. Well, I've been using my neighbors wagoner to move things between my deeds, sometimes because it was not a hurry, sometimes because it was more convenient than sailing alt over, thinking he got the full amount. Several times it was a borderline thing where using wagoner took more time, but not critical amount and I only ended up using wagoner because of this false impression of him benefitting 100%. Now I know better and will probably only use it when I feel really lazy. Other times I can just go and put the coins in his token directly so he gets what I intended.
  4. I have multiple alts at one goal left to fulfill the tier(s) on purpose to use sleep bonus in most effective way. Though, being alts, I'm ok even if I lose some of the gains there, for those that have their main in similar situation it is more important to know. And while I can now run the new client very easily with about as many clients I can fit on my screen, less than year ago my old computer had serious trouble running even two, so I can sympathize the requests for maintaining older client in some form. Even that old computer wasn't that old or underpowered. Of course people with newer computers are more likely and able to spend more money in the game, but playerbase here is largely older and more conservative with buying new machines (generalization, I know, but seems to fit my observation). Is there a way to add more options to downgrade/downsize (not sure which word to use) the client to keep it functional on older machines as well? I guess the term minimalistic UI that was used above would fit. Edit: Having looked at the thread specifically about issues with new UI, it seems the problems are, hopefully, more about settings and overall function of it. So it seems actual performance issues are less than they were before? At least I hope so. My own first encounter with new UI was not positive and before changing computers, it was simply impossible to use it. Last months it's been very good for me. But I would hate to see someone forced away from game just because issues with client. So still hoping lot of scalability there.
  5. To add to my earlier post, I tested making baits with full inventory and my earlier assumption/memory was correct. You get no skill gain for wasted bits. There was very tiny skill gain still, but I discovered it comes from inventory having space for 1 item after you "open" 1 space by making the bait. If you hold fish in container inside your inventory and make bait from there you don't get even that because no space is produced to make the bait and 100% is wasted. My alt had 46,80 skill in fishing before the test and after making 20 perch into bait while clearing inventory to have space got skill up to 47,01. No sb, no coffee, butchering knife was ql26 (no idea if that was good or bad or meaningless for the result) with woa93 and coc96. No affinity food used and nutrition was only 86 at the time of test. ql of Perch was 52.5 taken from fsb and that made 27 fishing baits per action, so I can also confirm that skill in fishing does not affect amount of bait you get, it is based on ql (which equals weight taken from fsb) of fish used. In any case, if you wish to grind fishing by making baits, make sure you have way to dump the baits so you can get skill gain. edited: added underlined the thing I forgot to write, skill gain was less than 0,01 with full inventory wasting 20 perch but as soon as I cleared it to get baits produced, skill gain was the mentioned amount.
  6. Well, for raising fishing skill with net, don't forget you can also use those small fish as well to raise skill further. Make fishing bait from small fishes. (sardines are not good except very early, roach gives more bits and perch the most, ql also effects the amount of baits produced per fish and therefore the skillgain as well) Enchanted butcher knife is extremely helpful, but you do get good gains especially at lower levels of fishing skill. And it still works even after 70 skill. Plus sb and maybe caffeine to boost. You will create lot of baits and they will flood your inventory in few actions. Now I'm not sure if you get skill gain for the discarded pieces in case your inventory is full. For some reason at first try it seemed to me skillgain stopped if inventory was full already, but I'm NOT sure and can't test it right now. IF you do get skillgain even with full inventory wasting the bits, it is very good way to gain skill in case you have thousands or even hundreds of small fish, basically could buy perches and make your way to 90 fishing spending some hours making baits. I always made baits next to cart with lot of barrels there and just dropped them in barrels. Those baits work well for deed enchant bonus when you dump altar full and sacrifice. No exact numbers to give now, but I think 100 bait in altar is about as good or better as 20 rock shard. When I did fishing grind on my main to get over 70, I could forget about deeds (plural intentionally) bonus for long time after.
  7. The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Pastor in less than ten minutes. Thank you for buying.
  8. As title says. Available potions listed below. potion of butchery ql 82,09 4,7s ql 81,44 4,6s ql 71,34 4s ql 68,33 3,9s potion of mining ql 95,20 4,4s ql 92,86 4,3s ql 79,83 3,6s ql 79,06 3,6s ql 76,46 3,5s ql 72,75 3,4s ql 70,43 3,3s oil of weaponsmith ql 96,64 3,2s ql 95,93 3,2s ql 95,02 3,2s ql 93,09 3,1s ql 83,17 2,9s fletching potion ql 96,63 3,2s ql 81,86 2,9s potion of woodcutting ql 95,87 4,5s ql 86,63 4,2s ql 73,05 4s ointment of tailoring ql 91,80 3,2s ql 87,39 3s ql 83,28 2,9s ql 81,29 2,8s ql 78,60 2,6s ql 76,33 2,5s potion of leatherworking ql 95,42 3,5s ql 85,57 3,2s ql 74,95 3s ql 62,62 2,8s potion of ropemaker ql 91,05 4,4s ql 88,61 4,3s ql 79,21 4,1s ql 73,30 3,9s ql 69,18 3,8s ql 65,51 3,7s potion of carpentry ql 98,05 3,4s ql 95,49 3,3s ql 94,80 3,3s ql 90,62 3,1s ql 85,99 2,9s ql 85,14 2,9s ql 84,55 2,9s edit: Best way to reach me right now is either responding to this thread or forum pm.
  9. Yes, I have the same thing. I made a well on my other deed long ago just because creating it was a mission at the time. There is a water tile somewhere, but I forgot exact location, so never bothered to move the well there. After last update it is showing as sack icon. Dropping even tiny amount of water into it makes it appear as well again. And removing water makes it sack again. So kind of intended feature? As fountains and such are supposed to have different graphic now based if they are on water tile or not. But would be nice to have well graphics updated for on-water and off-water then.
  10. For someone who said "I don't really like to argue" I guess that was only half-truth. You don't (just) like to argue, you love it. I'm done with a troll. As soon as I find a way to put you on ignore you'll make the first one on the list, congratulations. Certainly best for me and any innocent bystanders. edit: Found it.
  11. I am really starting to think there is a language issue here. Maybe. Ekcin's clarification is step in right direction so at least people reading the first post may start to think options instead reading it as takeover after x amount of time (as the title says). But it is still not clear on what is "deeds which would disband without the villagers keeping the deed up". If it means the same as quote below, why can't it just be said? The other quoted way is clear. Deed reached the point where it would normally disband. Mayor no longer owns it anyway. - > At that point some mechanic kicks in that prevents immediate disband because villagers have declared to keep it going and it changes to democracy. If you wish to change game mechanic, the clearer the suggestion, the better. Doesn't matter if it is language issue or what ever. Game is played globally and people need to understand the rules.
  12. Thank you. Though I did notice you still have no mention there about this suggestion only kicking in after the actual upkeep has run out. That I see as key for the whole thing as the only way to make sure mayor really has left and other people can have right to continue.
  13. I was responding to the suggestion. Not your post. And Sheffie is the first one in the thread who mentioned: "However, if you modify the proposal to only kick in once the upkeep has entirely expired " You know, in that post you liked. And which had been going unnoticed by several people responding to this thread, myself included. Which is why I responded to her later, even more clearly presented post. If you need some sort of credit, yes, you were first to use the word escrow. As for Ekcin, maybe you could add information to your original suggestion post to make it easier for people to understand your intent? Because it is clearly been read literally as written by most people now, myself included. Only minority seem to be able to read the intent of the post correctly.